Paper Mario: The Mirror of Fate is the fifth game in the Paper Mario series of games and the first installment on the Wii U. It returns to the RPG Roots of the first and second games of it's series, with only minimal references to the third and fourth installments of the series. It involves Mario travelling over the land of Refleca in order to find the seven Mirror Shards to restore the Mirror of Fate, a mirror uses to control time and space, and defeat The Clockmaker, a maniacal villain who wishes to have the mirror for himself.


Prologue - The Mirror of Fate

As usual, Parakarry comes down to the house of the Mario Bros. to deliver the mail, and Luigi runs outside to pick it up. However, Luigi finds that it’s all junk mail after searching through, and promptly throws it onto a desk while he struggles to get all the suitcases together. Luigi points out to Mario, who has just entered the room, how excited he is to go on vacation in the land of Refleca, a place known for it’s bustling cities and incredible shopping. Luigi and Mario then run out of the house with their suitcases and bustle off towards the castle.

At the castle, Toad is struggling to balance all of Peach’s belongings on him while she tells everyone what to do while she’s gone. When the Mario Bros. arrive, she is very excited and greets them both. They then make their way over to the runway, where several characters appear in cameo appearances to wave them off (Daisy, Yoshi, and Rosalina) as they take off into the sky, while an exhausted Toad recovers on the sidelines and goes to take his role as steward of the castle. Eventually, the plane lands in the capital of Refleca; Ocula City. Peach is excited and immediately begins looking around before running off into the city, Luigi, in a panic begins chasing after her, as does Mario. But as Luigi chases Peach, what appears to be a shady figure heading into a warp pipe sidetracks Mario. Mario then jumps down the pipe after him and he is revealed to be The Clockmaker, a villain bent on controlling the Mirror of Fate. Mario tries to stop him, and distracts him, causing the mirror to be broken and the shards fly away as Mario and the Clockmaker tussle. Eventually, the Clockmaker throws Mario out of the Mirror Chamber and walks through a dark portal to escape.

When Mario pops up through the ground, he is suddenly knocked aside by a bag and is thrown into a pub called The Rusty Ladle. Luigi is trying his best to fight the creature with the bag, but he is eventually thrown into the side of the pub (unlike Mario, who was thrown through the door). This causes part of the foundation collapses in front of the door, blocking Mario off from helping. The thugs in the bar try to help, but the door doesn’t budge. One of the waitresses (a Goomba) finally comes over and headbutts the door off the hinge. While Mario is in astonishment, the Goomba waitress introduces herself as Goombrianna, and she agrees to take care of Luigi while Mario chases after the figure. 

Eventually, the figure spawns a dark portal, like the one the Clockmaker used previously. Just as the figure throws the bag containing Peach into the portal, Mario arrives. The figure cackles and closes the portal before introducing himself to Mario as Alfredo, the Lord of Thieves and faithful right-hand man to the Clockmaker. Alfredo then jumps on Mario to finish him off like his brother. Alfredo indirectly explains Action Commands to Mario as they do battle, with Alfredo finally being defeated and falling backwards into a portal. Although Mario tries to follow after him, he closes the portal before Mario can react. Mario passes out of exhaustion, and is dragged inside The Rusty Ladle by Goombrianna.

When Mario wakes up, he is inside a bed on the upper floor of the Rusty Ladle being cared for by Active T. (the Toad bartender) and Goombrianna. Although Mario is unharmed, save for minor injuries, Luigi is severely hurt from being smacked into a building. Luigi promises Mario he wants to help, but Goombrianna and Active T. refuse to let him leave with his injuries. Goombrianna offers to Luigi and Mario to go with Mario in Luigi’s place, which the Bros. agree to. Goombrianna joins the party, and they decide to begin trying to fix the mirror and save Peach. Active T. offers to care for Luigi and listen for any information about the Mirror Fragments. Goombrianna thinks they should return to the Mirror Chamber, which they do.

Mario and Goombrianna head to the Mirror Chamber and notice some smaller glass shards around the room. Mario tries putting the mirror back together with what they have, but as he places a mirror fragment in the frame, there is a large fragment of light showing Koopston University (according to Goombrianna) and they think it may be where one of the Mirror Shards are. They then return to the service and find a Bumpty chauffeur named Penn offering to take anyone anywhere. Mario and Goombrianna then ask to go to Koopston University, which Penn gladly agrees to do. He then hops in his van and tells Mario and Goombrianna to come when they are ready. When they are, Penn drives them off towards Koopston University, beginning their adventure.

Prologue - Peach Interlude

Meanwhile, Princess Peach wakes up in a strange realm that seems to be decomposing as she wonders around in it. She is summoned by The Clockmaker, who holds her in place with a tentacle as he and Alfredo discuss the Mirror Shard at Koopston University. He reveals that there is a plan afoot with their “correspondents” there, and promptly threatens Peach to tell them about Mario, which she refuses to do. The Clockmaker promptly puts her back in her room following this, as she is of no use to him at present. Peach tries to think of something she can do when a small portal suddenly appears in the decomposing world. Peach has an idea and writes a letter and places it through the portal.

Prologue - Bowser Interlude

However, back in Peach’s Castle, Toad is quietly polishing a door handle when suddenly he hears a knock on the door. He quietly goes to get it and is greeted to a roar and a laugh. In comes Bowser who demands to know where Princess Peach is. Toad then insists that Peach went to Refleca, which Bowser is furious about (as they didn’t tell or invite him). Bowser then returns to his castle, and demands to Kammy Koopa they fly to Refleca at once. Kammy worriedly complies and they begin on the flight. As they approach Refleca, Bowser’s Koopa Clown Car loses control and crashlands on the street of Ocula City, sliding forward before falling into a portal, as Kammy attempts to follow but fails. Bowser then lands in a large monochrome coliseum, as the Clockmaker’s laugh echoes throughout.

Prologue - Wario Interlude

Back when the Mario Bros. and Peach landed, Peach’s airplane is being moved into a hangar. However as this happens, the bottom suddenly unfolds and out pops Wario, who promptly punches out the two Shy Guys escorting the plane. Wario then sneaks off to where Mario went. Wario wonders around town for a while before walking into the Rusty Ladle. He walks up the stairs and sees Luigi in bed. He promptly hides and witnesses the scene about the Mirror Fragments, but stops listening after knowing that Mario needs them. Wario deduces they must be valuable, and decides to follow Mario to chase after them. He cackles loudly as soon as Mario and Goombrianna have left, and stealthily follows them by climbing onto the bottom of Penn’s van.

Chapter 1 - Mario's Got Class

When Mario and Goombrianna arrive at Koopston University, they thank Penn and set off towards the school. They see many students hanging out around campus and they begin walking towards the main building when a Duplighost in glasses suddenly interrogates them, asking what they are doing on campus. Mario then decides to stay that he is a new professor, which the Duplighost believes. Goombrianna then tells Mario that she will be his teaching assistant as they go to apply for a job on the teaching staff.

Mario enters the office of the dean, Rufus (A Doogan). Rufus agrees to hire Mario if they can best him in a quiz show in front of the hiring committee. Mario then does a quiz show with Rufus and wins, so he is hired as Professor of Battling. The Professor of Illusions, the Duplighost from earlier named Professor Dupras, does not trust Mario. Mario eventually has his first class and learns of the social hierarchy. The captain of the football team, Chargin’ Charlie Chuck, is considered the big kahuna on campus, and is as strong as he is cruel to this beneath him, like Boomerang Bro. nerd, Boomerl. Boomerl is an incredible student and a very fast learner. Mario begins to respect Boomerl.

One day, Mario is walking down to the teacher’s lounge when Alfredo, who is revealed to have snuck into the school to fight Mario and keep him from getting the Mirror Shard, suddenly tackles him. Mario and Goombrianna do battle with Alfredo once more, but he suddenly jumps onto the ceiling after getting to 1 HP. However, a boomerang comes out of nowhere and hits Alfredo, knocking him out. Alfredo spawns a portal and jumps in, but not before vowing revenge and saying something big is afoot. The boomerang is revealed to have belonged to Boomerl, who watched the whole thing. Mario is forced to explain what’s going on to Boomerl, who insists that he helps. Boomerl then joins the party.

When Mario has to exit campus, he ends up passing a junkyard and seeing Chargin’ Charlie and his gang stealing metal from the piles. They see Mario and sprint away, but not before they talk about hiding the metal in the school’s tunnel-like basement. Boomerl insists that he help Mario explore the basement, as it is like a maze due to it’s large span and many tunnels.

On a Saturday, Boomerl is helping Mario sneak around the school basement network when they find blueprints for a giant robot in a dark corner of the boiler room. Boomerl sees that it’s called the MVP and is being built right under the school! Suddenly, Dupras appears after he is revealed to have disguised himself as a crow and followed Mario around. He is revealed to have been told to protect the basement network and the blueprints by someone who has kidnapped his daughter, Dulia. Mario battles Dupras and wins, causing Dupras to be knocked unconscious. Mario and Boomerl then sprint over to the football field, where it is said that the robot is being built! When Mario and Boomerl arrive at the football field, where Chargin’ Charlie begins gloating to them about how he will be able to control the school, and the world with the MVP. He then reveals that he obtained the blueprints from Alfredo, but has a power source that Alfredo didn’t precedent for; a Mirror Shard! Charlie is revealed to have kidnapped Dulia as well to force Dupras into guarding the blueprints. Charlie then jumps on a switch and summons the MVP: The Mech of Villainous Proportions! Charlie hops in the pilot seat and commands his gang to attack with him. Mario and Boomerl promptly begin to battle the mech. Charlie’s gang are knocked out easily with Boomerl’s Power-rang, but Charlie puts up much more of a fight. After Boomerl knocks off all it’s limbs, The MVP begins shooting projectiles at Mario and Boomerl. Eventually, the MVP is defeated and it explodes. Charlie and his gang are knocked unconscious when Dupras comes to tie them up. A released Dulia runs to her father and Dupras is overjoyed, thanking Mario and Boomerl for saving her. Rufus runs up and sees the commotion, promptly berating Charlie, who just groans. Rufus thanks Mario for exposing their plot, and offers him the Mirror Shard. Mario accepts and he gains the first Mirror Shard, learning the Special Move known as Diving Rain.

Chapter 1 - Peach Interlude

Peach is in the Clockmaker’s Fortress once more, when she hears The Clockmaker talking to a group of four Goombas. They introduce themselves as Goombatrol, Goombrute, Goomboom, and Goomutiny; together they are the Goomba Force! Peach is horrified to find out they are going to be following Mario to the next Mirror Shard. But she is caught by guards and returned to her room. She quickly writes a letter to Mario and sticks it through the portal.

Chapter 1 - Bowser Interlude

Bowser is waiting in the Coliseum when many Clockwork Enemies fill the crowd and Alfredo stands on a platform near the top of the coliseum when he reveals that Bowser is part of a gladiator battle! Alfredo promptly summons Bowser’s first opponent; Lightning Sledge! Bowser faces off against the large Sumo Bro. and hits him three times with a fire blast to knock him out, winning the battle. Bowser is promptly knocked out and lies down in the center of the coliseum.

Chapter 1 - Wario Interlude

Meanwhile, back at Koopston, Wario is revealed to have snuck around the university in an attempt to gain the Mirror Shard, and is furious when he finds out Mario has already obtained the Shard. However, when he angrily kicks the MVP’s remains, some fall on him, knocking him out. Wario groans before passing out.

Post Chapter 1

The staff of the school thanks Mario and Boomerl, and Boomerl is excited to continue on the journey with Mario. They see Penn, who offers them a ride back. They oblige and they return to Ocula City…without Wario. Wario wakes up and sees this and sprints after the van in an attempt to catch them.

When Mario and the party return to the Mirror Chamber and place in the next Mirror Fragment. The remaining space in the mirror shows them a large estate complete with statues and a gold fountain. When Mario describes this to Active T., he explains that it is most likely the Plode Estate; a plot of land owned by billionaire Bombshell Bill, Billiam X. Plode. Active T. explains that there is a pipe to there somewhere in the sewers that Billiam uses to export garbage. When the group goes off to find it, they find a large Blooper guarding it, which they fight. The Blooper is defeated easily, and they hop in the pipe. An exhausted Wario jumps in the pipe after them, having chased them all the way down.

Chapter 2 - All That Glitters...

Mario and the party exit the pipe and start walking off towards the large mansion. They see many servants walking around moving things and keeping everything in order. They soon are led inside the mansion by Bombutler, the butler of the household, who explains everything about the estate to them. This includes the main attraction; a fountain that spews liquid gold. Mario and the party are in awe at the gold fountain, but Bombutler yells at them not to touch it as Mr. Plode could get rather upset. They are escorted to Mr. Plode’s office.

Mario and the party are surprised to find themselves in a rather smoky area, where they see a Golden Bill Blaster behind a desk. It fires, and out flies a Bombshell Bill with a top hat, monocle, and handlebar mustache. He introduces himself as Billiam X. Plode, multibillionaire and entrepreneur. He demands to know why Mario and the party are on his estate, and they decide to tell him about the Mirror Shard. Billiam seems surprisingly knowledgeable, and reveals that he found it a few days ago and put in a glass case for safekeeping, as this was now treasure like he had ever seen. Billiam leads Mario to the case…where the glass has been shattered and the Shard is gone! Billiam panics and begins to detonate when a red alert sounds out through the facilities. Mario and the party promptly sprint outside, with a shocked Billiam following.

When they return outside, they find out the fountain has been touched by Wario. Wario is looking on hungrily at all the gold spewing out of the fountain. While Billiam has fainted, Mario and the party leap into action to get rid of Wario. Wario puts up a tough fight, but he is eventually bested and sprints away. Billiam wakes up and sees what Mario has done and decides to hire Mario to be his bodyguard, effectively joining the party. Billiam then demands that they look for whoever took the Mirror Shard, not noticing the rustling in the bushes and the blinking of four sets of eyes… While exploring around the estate, Mario and Billiam come across a hall filled with suits of armor. At the end of the hall, they find a large suit of armor coming from an ancient Samurai. However, the lights go out and the four pairs of eyes from before appear. Billiam manages to turn on the lights, and catches the Goomba Force in the act of stealing the Samurai armor! They begin fighting the group of Goombas. Although Goombrute, Goomboom, and Goomutiny are defeated with ease, Goombatrol’s wings and spiked helmet make him a very difficult target, but Billiam is able to destroy his wings and make him vulnerable to Mario’s hammer. Although the Goomba Force is defeated, they succeed in stealing the armor and sprint away. Billiam remembers that there was something strange about that armor, but he would have to find the crate he received it in in order to remember completely. They then set off for the storage warehouse towards the end of the estate. Mario and Billiam arrive at the storage warehouse, when they see a large box blocking the door inside. Billiam then offers to blow it up, which he does. The box is revealed to contain a Super Hammer. With his new hammer in hand, Mario and Billiam begin searching the warehouse for the crate. They eventually come across the crate in the back of the warehouse, where it is revealed that the armor is cursed with the spirit of a corrupt warrior from ancient times. Mario and Billiam hear a noise and have to rush outside of the warehouse. There, they see Goombrute, Goomboom, and Goomutiny, who have tied up all of Billiam’s servants! Mario and Billiam fight them, and with the help of the Super Hammer, they manage to defeat the three Goombas, freeing the servants. Another red alert goes off, and Bombutler sprints towards the fountain because of it. Mario and Billiam follow. They then find Goombatrol, the armor, and the Mirror Shard. Goombatrol then gloats on how much better of a thief he is than Alfredo, and how his plan has gone completely right. He then throws the armor and the shard into the gold fountain. The shapeless gold fills the armor, and, with the Mirror Shard infused where the creature’s heart would be, the liquid gold becomes the Unsheathed Samurai, and it takes it’s golden katana and begins to fight Mario and Billiam. Although it is a tough fight, Billiam manages to blow off the Samurai’s armor, allowing Mario to attack its shapeless form. Soon enough, the Samurai explodes, and a panicked Goomba Force escapes through the pipe. The Mirror Shard then appears from the remains, which Mario picks up. This new Mirror Shard gives him the ability Crystal Boost.

Chapter 2 - Peach Interlude

Peach is notified to the loss of the Goomba Force when The Clockmaker is seen angrily shooting bolts of lightning at them as they flee around the room. Alfredo is seen stifling giggles as the singed Goomba Force falls to his feet. The Clockmaker then comments that he is glad that the boar of the Forest Labyrinth is essentially guarding the Mirror Shard for them. Peach then sprints away to write Mario a letter, while The Clockmaker leaves the Goomba Force to Alfredo. He also tells him to finish the job if the boar cannot.

Chapter 2 - Bowser Interlude

Bowser wakes up again in the coliseum as Alfredo introduces his next opponent; The (terrified) Goomba Force! Bowser beats them with relative ease, up until Goombatrol. Goombatrol gloats about his invincibility, but he is just blasted with Bowser’s fire. The singed Goomba Force are put away and Bowser is knocked out and put back in a cage.

Chapter 2 - Wario Interlude

Wario is revealed to have hid in the bushes following his battle with Mario, and is rubbing off his wounds when he sees Mario get the Mirror Shard. In anger, he stomps back through the sewers. When he emerges from the pipe, he finds that thorns have inhabited the area. When Wario returns to the service, he turns and sees that a large tree-filled labyrinth has appeared towards the edge of the city, and the citizens are panicking!

Post Chapter 2

Mario and Billiam say their goodbyes, and them and the party return to Ocula City. When they exit, Active T. is in frenzy about the fact that a large maze has formed outside the city…and a Fly Guy journalist charged into the maze! Mario then rushes to the mirror room, and the worst suspicions are confirmed; the next shard is in the maze! Peach’s letter then arrives, telling them about the boar of the Forest Labyrinth; Trusk. Mario and the party then charge into the maze, as the thorny walls close behind them.

Chapter 3 - Mystery of the Forest Labyrinth

Mario and the party are inside the maze, and begin trying to find their way towards the center. When they try to go forward on the only currently accessible path, they discover a pit filled with brambles. They decide to turn back, but when they reach the beginning again, there is a hole in the hedge that reveals another path. They continue through the hole, and keep going on their way.

They find a small clearing at the end of their path, where they see a camo-colored Clubba with a dagger. The Clubba sees the party and asks why they’re in the maze in a thick Australian accent. Mario decides to tell him they are trying to find the journalist, but not the mirror shard. The Clubba introduces himself as Clubbis, survivalist and treasure hunter. Clubbis proposes a partnership between the two, and Mario agrees. Clubbis does not join the party however. Clubbis charges forward, cutting a path for himself and Mario.

Eventually, the two are separated when a roar sounds out through the forest. Clubbis sprints off to investigate. This leaves Mario and the party on their own, when they hear a voice calling from a nearby tree, saying they got stuck and need help getting down. After Mario whacks the tree with his Super Hammer, Alfredo falls down from the tree. He is annoyed to find Mario is the one who helped him, and promptly pounces him. Alfredo and Mario fight once more, with Alfredo defeated. Alfredo spawns a portal, and falls into it in his usual fashion, before leaving behind a large key. Mario collects it and continues to find Clubbis and the shard.

As they continue down the path, they hear the roar again, and see Clubbis sprinting towards them. He reveals that he angered the boar, which is charging towards them! Trusk rams into Mario and sends him flying into some nearby bushes, but Clubbis is slammed onto the creature’s back and carried away. Mario passes out because of the blow.

When Mario wakes up, he is in a grotto with a large chest. Since there isn’t much else he can do, he puts the key in the chest. Suddenly, out flies a brown, feminine Fly Guy (or Fly Gal, as she calls herself). The Fly Guy introduces herself as Shyper, and is revealed to have been the Fly Guy journalist who charged into the maze earlier. Shyper admits she was rather foolish in this regard, and is very grateful to Mario for saving her. She then gives him something else in the chest; Super Boots! Shyper wants to join Mario, but has lost her notepad. She thinks she dropped it in the clearing, so Mario goes back to get it. After the notepad is received, Shyper joins Mario’s party.

Mario and Shyper then notice a trail of a grey powder on the ground, and decide to follow it back to the beginning of the maze, where it ends at the pit of thorns. Shyper offers to fly Mario across the pit, as the trail of grey powder continues on the other side. Mario and Shyper make it to the other side soon enough, and continue following the trail. They then find a rifle on the ground, crushed by a large hoof. Shyper recognizes the rifle, as it was used to lure her into the chest with the Super Boots, as it was sticking out of the bushes. Trusk wasn’t the thing that trapped her in the chest. They then realize that the grey powder was gunpowder. They then try to continue towards the center of the maze.

After exploring for a while, Mario and Shyper find the center of the maze, which contains a large cave. They walk into the cave, and find Clubbis hanging from the top of a stalactite in the cave. They break him free by using the Super Boots, and Clubbis encourages them to go in defeat the beast. Despite Shyper’s suspicions of Clubbis, Mario is too busy to notice and marches in to defeat Trusk. They find the boar in the center of his cave, gnawing on a mushroom. They do battle with Trusk, and are surprised to find it is a rather frail and defenseless creature. When it is at 1 HP, the battle ends. Trusk falls over in pain, and Mario, out of pity, goes over to offer it a Mushroom. However, Shyper pushes him out of the way just in time to avoid a bullet from the same type of rifle from earlier. The rifle is Clubbis’, and he reveals his true intentions; trick Mario and party into getting the beast weak enough for Clubbis to shoot it and gain the ultimate prize, Trusk’s head on his wall. He then prepares to shoot the fallen creature, but Mario jumps forwards, destroying the floor beneath them both, and Shyper dives down after them, leaving a worried Trusk at the top of the pit.

Mario then battles the Chapter’s true boss, Clubbis. Although he is tough, Shyper’s ability to take pictures to stun opponents causes Clubbis to lose his focus, causing his rifle to malfunction and explode, leaving him to only use his dagger for the rest of the battle. Clubbis finally falls over in defeat, and is crushed beneath falling rocks from the unstable cave above. Mario and Shyper, however, grab onto a vine held by Trusk and are pulled to the top of the pit. Trusk thanks the party for defeating Clubbis, and gives them the Mirror Shard. This Shard gives Mario and Co. the ability to use Glass Shield.

Chapter 3 - Peach Interlude

Peach is once again in the Clockmaker’s base, and Alfredo foolishly leaves her door open after a round of gloating. Peach decides to explore for a bit, and comes across a lab full of hardworking Lakitus at computers. She ducks away when Alfredo and the Clockmaker show up, and a Lakitu hands them a computer chip, which will allow any piece of machinery to be controlled from the base. The Clockmaker suggests that Alfredo use the prototype chip to defeat Mario, which Alfredo happily obliges to do, knowing the next chip is in a construction site to build a skyscraper in another part of Refleca known as Neone City. Peach then runs off to tell Mario.

Chapter 3 - Bowser Interlude

Bowser is in his arena once more, preparing to fight another monster, but doesn’t notice when Alfredo slides him a strange pill in his pre-fight soup. Bowser enters the arena, and seems to be stronger than usual when fighting against the Ice Chomp. Alfredo is the only one who notices that Bowser is slowly beginning to mutate due to effects of the pill, and he will be their deadliest weapon.

Chapter 3 - Wario Interlude

Wario is shown shoulder bashing through a wall of thorns in the Forest Labyrinth, finding it rather easy to traverse. However, when he reaches the center of the maze, he finds that Mario has already left with the shard, and angrily kicks a large rock. The rock is revealed to be a resting Trusk, who chases Wario out of the maze through the holes he made. Wario then stumbles back into the Rusty Ladle and falls over in defeat.

Post Chapter 3

Mario leaves the maze, and returns to the Mirror Chamber, where he finds out that the next Mirror Shard is in Neone City, where a project to build the world’s largest building is in process. Mario then has to take a train there, which he sets off for the station to do. However, when he arrives, he is unable to receive a ticket due to the train missing a wheel. Mario must find the Rocky Wrench mechanic of Ocula City, Wracket, and get him to come to the train and replace the wheel. Wracket does so after some convincing, and Mario ventures off towards Neone City, with Wario sitting atop the train hanging on for dear life.

Chapter 4 - Constructive Chaos

The train soon enough arrives at Neone City, where Mario and the party begin making their way towards the lot to begin looking, but they end up getting herded into a casino by the construction workers who have just finished their day of work. Mario then finds himself at a card game table with a burly Kruncha named K. Rude, who Mario ends up getting in a fight with. However, before Mario can defeat K. Rude, a Fliprus named Russell, who is the Foreman of the project, suddenly slaps him upside the head. Russell angrily berates Mario for injuring his strongest worker, and angrily hires Mario to fill K. Rude’s role while the Kremling recovers. Mario’s standard hat is exchanged for a red hard hat, and he begins work at the construction site.

Mario and his party begin helping out in building the foundation of the building in a series of Donkey Kong-esque minigames. Russell has trouble keeping the Kremling workforce in order, as they are all rather tired of having to dig the deep foundation and as a result Russell has ordered a new piece of equipment to help dig the foundation called the Drilligger 9000, which is entirely automated and will relieve the workers of a lot of physical labor. However, the night before the machine is due, Russell is kidnapped and a notice is left in his tent. Mario then goes out into a back alleyway in the city, where Alfredo has tied up Russell and is holding him hostage for the Mirror Shard, which Russell knows nothing about. Mario fights Alfredo and defeats him, but Alfredo does not fall back into a portal this time, simply falling to the ground in defeat. Russell thanks Mario, and decides that he has earned his respect, and decides to join Mario’s party after being told about the Mirror Shard. They then return to the site, where the delivery has arrived. They fail to see Alfredo lurking in the shadows nearby with a computer chip.

They begin work with the Drilligger, and it seems to be going well, having dug a suitable hole for the foundations. Russell is extremely proud of his workforce, and proposes they head out for a night on the town, which they do. Mario, Russell, and the Kremlings seem to be having a good time playing cards and drinking smoothies, but the power suddenly goes out. The smoothie machine then comes to life, wires spawning from all corners creating several tentacles. It grabs the other workers and drags them back to the site, causing Mario and Russell to give chase throughout the streets of the city. Various electronic devices have come to life and are attacking the citizens! Finally, Mario and Russell arrive at the construction sheet, where Alfonzo is sitting atop the Drilligger, gloating before slapping the lead chip onto the engine of the Drilligger, causing it to be under Alfredo’s complete control. The Smoothie Machine from earlier then attaches the Kremlings to the back of the Drilligger and the Drilligger begins digging a pit where the foundation would be, going far behind Mario and Russell’s range of view. The Smoothie Machine (now revealed to be called the Mechshaker) then fights the Bros., where Russell is able to help out easily with Ice Blocks, which cause the machines to malfunction due to them being made of water. The Mechshaker keels over in defeat, and Mario and Russell begin the descent into the Great Pit. The pit is filled with acid, so Russell’s ability to slide ice blocks to use as platforms comes in very handy as Mario traverses the underground cave, finding Swoopers and Buzzy Beetles galore. After a great deal of exploring, they finally come across a large den with the Drilligger sitting inside. Alfredo begins gloating once more, deciding to have fun with them and decides to drill them down the middle as revenge for all the times Mario beat him before this chapter. Mario and Russell then begin fighting the Drilligger 9000. Russell’s ability to tackle enemies even in the back gives them a good way of getting around the giant Drilligger to do damage to Alfredo. Eventually, The Drilligger malfunctions after being defeated and backs into the cave wall behind it, flattening Alfredo, who manages to squeeze into a portal. The Kremlings, who escaped during the battle, cheer for Mario and Russell, but Mario notices a Mirror Shard, which was in the ceiling and shook free by the Drilligger colliding with the back wall. Mario picks up the Mirror Shard and gains the ability Jade Cage. However, just as Mario is about to celebrate, the cave begins to shake and collapse. Mario, Russell, and the Kremlings all begin fleeing from the cave, as the acid splashes behind them. They finally escape the pit, and the newly healed K. Rude dumps the dirt from a nearby dump truck to fill the hole. Russell appoints K. Rude the new foreman, as he is going to travel with Mario to save the world. The Kremlings cheer, then the chapter ends.

Chapter 4 - Peach Interlude

Peach is excited to hear of Alfredo’s defeat, and the Clockmaker is beginning to be stressed, as he doesn’t know the location of the next shard. However, one of the Clockmaker’s minions sprints in and tells him that they have found the newest location; Jubilant Jungle. The Clockmaker is relieved and sends a group of soldiers, lead by Alfredo, to the jungle to retrieve it. Peach then goes to tell Mario, but the Clockmaker then reveals he was aware of her prescience after she leaves…

Chapter 4 - Bowser Interlude

Bowser, so full of himself for his fighting skills, doesn’t notice his mutations occurring, such as longer horns and increasing in size. Bowser’s next opponent, the King Bill, is a total pushover for Bowser, but he is increasing in size and gradually becoming less and less aware of his surroundings, becoming more feral.

Chapter 4 - Wario Interlude

Wario, who could be seen throughout Chapter 4 playing cards, has now lost a large amount of coins and is rather furious. He is eventually kicked out of the casino, being kicked to the curb. After limping back to Ocula City, Wario then falls asleep on top of a crate.

Post Chapter 4

Mario and Russell return to the city, where they go back to the Mirror Chamber. However, as they approach the chamber, they see Kammy Koopa looking for Bowser. They battle her due her attacking them. Kammy falls over in defeat, but Bowser is nowhere in sight. They then return the shard, revealing the location of Jubilant Jungle. When they return to the Rusty Ladle, Active T. gives them the letter, revealing the prescience of the Clockmaker’s minions in the jungle. Active T. warns Mario about the war between the Whomps and the Ukikis, and how risky it could be if Mario is caught in the crossfire. Mario then walks off towards the jungle on the other side of the mountain outside the city.

Chapter 5 - Ukiking's Jungle Fortress

After following a mountain trail across Magnifica Mountain, Mario ends up in Jubilant Jungle. They don’t get too far before they see a lone Ukiki lying on the ground exhausted. As soon as they walk over to him, they are mobbed by other Ukikis, which fall down from the trees and tackle Mario and the party. The party is trapped in cages, with Mario about to be stuffed in one, when a voice calls out for them to stop. In comes Ukiking, the leader of the Ukikis in Jubilant Jungle, who greets Mario politely. Although Ukiking seems like Mario’s ally, he pressure points him during a handshake and knocks him out, dragging his partners away and cackling madly and Mario passes out on the ground.

Mario wakes up in a hut in the middle of the jungle, being greeted by a group of JIbberjays, lead by one named Lopez. Lopez explains that they found Mario on the ground, and they took him back to their village to be healed. Ukiking has terrorized the jungle for years with his Ukiki legion, and eventually the Whomp tribe, lead by Chief Tiawhomptha, stood up to them and an all out war started. Lopez recommends that Mario visit Tiawhomptha to see if he can help get Mario’s partners back. He notes that the jungle is a difficult place to navigate, and decides to give Mario his pair of Ultra Boots for good luck and help in the jungle. Mario goes out into the savage jungle, but now has his more powerful Ultra Boots to help him.

Mario fights his way through the jungle, eventually coming across a large tree outside of Whomp Village. He then sees Alfredo and the legion of the Clockmaker’s troops near the same tree. Alfredo is shocked by Mario’s appearance, but is filled with glee when he realizes that Mario doesn’t have a partner by his side. Alfredo then pounces onto Mario, and they begin another fight. Alfredo’s new bombs put up a hard battle, but the Ultra Boots allow Mario to kick Alfredo’s butt. Alfredo calls the troops back, but vows to meet up with Mario again. Mario then enters the village.

Mario finds the village in a panic, with the chief Whomp, Tiawhomptha, angrily stomping his feet in response to Ukiking. Suddenly, one of the Whomps points out Mario, and Tiawhomptha angrily stomps over. After pointing out the similarities between Mario and an Ukiki, he angrily engages Mario in battle. After Tiawhomptha is defeated, he realizes that Mario isn’t an Ukiki, and apologizes for being so brash. He explains that Ukiking’s troops have been causing havoc all over the jungle, and his daughter is missing. Mario explains the prescience of the Mirror Shard, and Tiawhomptha agrees to help Mario if he can find his daughter, Pocawhompas. Mario goes back into the jungle, but is unaware that Alfredo and the Clockmaker’s Troops are following him.

Mario continues his trek along the trail to Ukiking’s fortress, fighting off enemy Ukikis and Piranha Plants. Eventually, he reaches a clearing, where he is trapped in a cage. Ukiking springs out with his Ukiki troops. Ukiking is disappointed to find out that it is Mario who they have captured. He decides to fight Mario right there, right now. Mario tries to fight Ukiking, but his ability to use the banana tree on his throne to heal himself makes him impossible to beat. Just before Ukiking is about to beat Mario, an earthquake goes off. Ukiking and the Ukikis flee in fear, but Mario is too weak to move. Mario is surprised to find the chief’s daughter, Pocawhompas, walk out from the bushes. Pocawhompas reveals that she went out to beat Ukiking without telling her father, but she couldn’t get into the fortress. Mario then explains his deal with Tiawhomptha, and Pocawhompas agrees to return with Mario, joining his party. Just before Mario goes back through the jungle, he is surprised to find that the bridge over the rapids has been destroyed, leaving them trapped. Pocawhompas, however, insists that this is no problem and falls to the ground, causing a large tremor that knocks over a nearby tree, creating a bridge. They cross it, and return to the village.

Tiawhomptha is overjoyed to see that his daughter is safe, but is upset with her for leaving without getting his permission. Pocawhompas explains to her father that she is old enough to make her own decisions, and she wants to free her people of Ukiking’s tyranny. After finally accepting his daughter has grown up, Tiawhomptha allows her to go with Mario to stop Ukiking, and he gives Mario an Ultra Stone in return. Mario and Pocawhompas then go off to rescue the party from Ukiking.

Mario and Pocawhompas make their way through the jungle and eventually come across the large fortress. Ukiking is walking atop the great walls of his fortress, and shouts a hello to Mario. Ukiking reveals that he has trapped Mario’s party in the center of the fortress, and promises Mario them if he can make it through all his puzzles. Mario and Pocawhompas enter the fortress, and begin making their way through. After solving a series of puzzles, they come across a series of prison cells, which hold some soldier Whomps who were sent to storm the fortress, as well as Mario’s party! Mario and Pocawhompas free them all, and Mario regains his entire party. However, Ukiking enters, clapping, revealing that the entire thing was a trap, jumping on a switch bringing Mario underneath the fortress, with Pocawhompas, the party, and the Whomps with him.

They find themselves in the catacombs of the fortress, where Mario and Pocawhompas lead the way to find the way out. Eventually, they meet up with the weakened troops of the Clockmaker from earlier, whom are all lying on the ground. Alfredo limps over to Mario, apparently having fought a beast just before they arrived. Alfredo spawns a portal after telling Mario of this, and falls into it exhausted with the soldiers limping behind him. Mario and Pocawhompas advance forwards to find the way out, but are ambushed by the beast from earlier, revealed to be Belome. Belome tries to eat Mario and the party, but Pocawhompas’ ability to cause earthquakes ends up causing a cave in at the end of the battle, creating a way out through the ceiling, which they use.

They reemerge in what appears to be a large arena, filled with Ukikis. Ukiking is sitting on a pedestal in the center of the stadium, with his Banana Tree behind him. He reveals that he knew about the Mirror Shard, and he is aware of its power. He let Mario survive earlier because he wanted to test out the extent of its power. Ukiking then holds up the Mirror Shard, amping up his power and making him more muscular and larger. He then engages in battle with Mario. Although Ukiking is extremely strong, Pocawhompas’ ability to knock over his banana tree gimps his ability to heal, allowing Mario to finally beat him. Ukiking topples through the floor in defeat, falling into the jaws of the hungry Belome. The Ukikis, furious at the loss of their leader, begin to jump onto Mario. However, the Whomp soldiers from earlier begin fighting off the Ukikis. Mario and friends are rescued by Lopez and the Jibberjays and are taken back to Whomp Village. At first, they think they lost the shard, but Lopez picked it up and gives it to Mario. Mario picks up the Mirror Shard and gains the ability Aerial Twister.

Chapter 5 - Peach Interlude

Peach still remains in the Clockmaker’s Fortress, when a loud cry of rage emerges. The Clockmaker is berating Alfredo for losing, and it wasn’t even to Mario. Alfredo is trying to cover up for his mistakes, but is sent off in punishment. Peach decides to follow Alfredo, where he ends up relaxing on a couch and watching TV. Peach ends up seeing a commercial for Baker’s Dozen, a gameshow about baking where the Mirror Shard is the prize for 1st Place. Peach then scampers off to tell Mario about the show.

Chapter 5 - Bowser Interlude

Bowser’s mutations are even more drastic than before, but he is still too self-absorbed to notice. Bowser now must fight a modified version of his Koopa Clown Car, the Koopa Clown Cyclone. It is even easier than the previous boss with all of Bowser’s mutations amping up his strength. When Bowser finishes and returns to his bed however, it is split in half by his weight. The Clockmaker observes this, and laughs evilly, pointing out Bowser’s use to them.

Chapter 5 - Wario Interlude

Wario is still asleep atop the crate from before, but is loaded into a truck. Wario is driven along a road before coming across a large mountain. The driver finds him in the back and throws him out of the truck. Wario, with nowhere else to turn, walks towards a fork in the road, one sign saying “King Blaze’s Castle” and the other saying “King Blizz’s Palace”. The screen then fades out.

Post Chapter 5

The Whomps thank Mario for freeing the jungle of Ukiking’s rule, and send him back along his way to Ocula City, with Pocawhompas with him. They return to the Mirror Chamber and return the Shard. It shows that the next Shard is in Jollywood, on some sort of TV Set. Peach’s letter then arrives, revealing that the next Shard is on the set of Baker’s Dozen, and is the prize for the winner, making Mario have to win the show in order to get the Shard. Active T. then tells Mario that the train can also take him there. Mario then returns to the train station, and gets on the train to Jollywood.

Chapter 6 - Baker's Dozen

The train arrives in Jollywood, and Mario begins to make his way over to the set of Baker’s Dozen to see if he can compete. On the way, they spot a Little Mouser trying to clamp down a manhole. When Mario goes over to help him, a thorny root shoots out of the manhole and knocks the Mouser aside. Mario battles the root (labeled “Manhole Root”), and it falls defeated back into the sewer. The Mouser, however, is not thankful, and insists that he was handling himself fine, and introduces himself as “The Great Ratcliffe” and is competing on Baker’s Dozen, with his various cheese-themed dishes. Mario follows Ratcliffe to the studio in order to compete, but Ratcliffe is too haughty to notice.

When Mario arrives, he is herded into an office by one of the many ditzy Crazee Dayzees that make up the show’s staff. They meet Guy Gulpit. The show’s host, a famous chef who is rather overweight from eating his own food. Guy Gulpit signs him on immediately, saying “experience? This is reality television!” Mario then goes to meet the other contestants, including Ratcliffe, two Shy Guys who specialize in schnitzel, and a young Blooper named Cali. Mario and Cali immediately befriend one another, as Cali is there simply to bake, as it is something she loves, instead of competing for the “shiny glass thing”, as the other contestants call it. The contestants are put into their rooms for the night, as the first episode of the show is going to be filmed the following day. Mario, unfortunately, is rooming with Ratcliffe.

Mario and Ratcliffe don’t get along well, and Ratcliffe ends up forcing Mario to sleep on the bottom bunk. In the middle of the night, Mario is woken up by the sound of the door closing, and Ratcliffe is gone. Mario decides to follow Ratcliffe, and realizes he is holding one of his cheese dishes. Mario sees Ratcliffe go up to a sewer grate, and gently slip one of his dishes down it. However, one of the thorny roots from earlier appears, and a voice within the sewer seems to demand Ratcliffe for something besides cheese. Ratcliffe, after much debate, decides he’ll get the sewer creature some “fresh meat”, and scuttles off. Mario, realizing that Ratcliffe will know that he followed him when Mario isn’t back at the room, sprints back to the room as well. Mario and his partners agree to keep an eye on Ratcliffe, as he is definitely up to something fishy.

The following day, the contestants are brought to the set to film the first episode. The challenge is to make something personal, and Mario’s partners give him the idea to make one of Princess Peach’s cakes. After a cooking minigame very similar to Peach’s cake making in the first game, Mario is ready to have his cake judged. However, the other contestants aren’t finished yet, so Mario has time to wander around. However, he sees Guy interviewing Cali, and Guy is putting Cali under tremendous pressure. Cali is the daughter of a culinary legend, who passed away the previous year. Guy is ranting on and on about Cali’s father being a legend, which causes Cali to work much faster. Eventually, she finally cracks and inks, covering her dish, Guy, and Mario. Guy is furious; shouting that Cali will never live up to her father, and most likely will be eliminated the first night. However, Mario and his party stand up for Cali, causing Guy to shove him off and storm away to wash his face. Cali has broken into tears, running to a corner behind the set. Mario follows her, failing to notice a grinning Ratcliffe from behind the table.

Mario sits down with Cali, and Cali begins telling Mario of why she came on the show. Her father was the best baker around, and taught her everything she knows about baking. She wanted to make her father proud when she signed up for the show, but he passed away before the show began filming. Cali still tried to do her best, but Guy has been making it hard with just how much of a jerk he is, and she has a tendency to ink under pressure. Mario comforts her, and the two manage to become friends. Mario then helps Cali complete her dish before Guy judges them. However, due to the reaction from earlier, Guy puts both Mario and Cali up for elimination.

That night, all the chefs are gathered where Guy (looking considerably rounder than before from eating all the food) begins to give them tokens of safety. It is down to Mario and Cali for who gets eliminated. Guy grins evilly before saying the person who gets the final token of safety, but he is interrupted. The same thorny vines from before burst out of the ground and begin dragging the other chefs into the sewers, including Guy. One tries to drag Mario down, but Cali gets it off of him, deciding to help him solve this crisis, joining the party. They then battle the Manhole Root. This root is much bigger and tougher, but they are weak to Blooper ink, and Cali can take it down easily. The defeated Manhole Root flails around for a while after being defeated, smashing a water pipe and flooding the studio. Cali is unconcerned however, as she can swim. She then suggests finding an area shallow enough to go down one of the holes in the floor. After solving a series of puzzles to clear a path, they find a hole in shallow water that Mario and Cali jump down.

They find themselves beneath the studio in the sewer. As it is also filled with water, Mario and Cali swim through the sewer. As they get deeper and deeper, they encounter many Piranha Plants and large spiked roots, as they get closer to the deepest part of the sewer. Up ahead, they hear a roar and go forward to investigate. As Mario and Cali peak out from behind a corner, Ratcliffe is revealed to have survived being grabbed by the roots. Ratcliffe shouts that he got “her” meat, what else would she want? The beast rants on that nothing she had was fattening, and that she is still hungry. Ratcliffe then tries to escape, to lead the roots in finding more to feed the creature. However, one of the roots grabs Ratcliffe, and the beast swallows him whole out of hunger. Mario and Cali enter the room, and find the beast; the Jemima Piranha, a large, obese Piranha Plant that was planted in a cake, with all the Manhole Roots sticking out of the bottom of it. The Jemima Piranha is still hungry, and as a result decides to have Mario and Cali as a snack. They begin to battle the Jemima Piranha, who is the toughest fight they’ve had yet. Although they easily get rid of the Manhole Roots with Cali’s Ink Shot, the Jemima Piranha herself is harder to take out. After getting rid of her cake by making it wet and soggy with Cali’s Water Squirt ability, the Jemima Piranha’s weak spot is exposed. Finally, the Jemima Piranha is beaten and explodes, releasing all the chefs and Guy, as well as a variety of cheese dishes.

After they escape, Ratcliffe is arrested and taken away for endangering the public, and Guy is surprisingly grateful. Although he is less than happy when the show is canceled due to low ratings, he decides to give Mario and Cali the Mirror Shard for saving the lives of him and the other chefs. Cali decides to help Mario finish his adventure, and the two get the Mirror Shard, gaining the ability Diving Hurricane.

Chapter 6 - Peach Interlude

Peach is out and about again in the Clockmaker’s stronghold once more. A down and out Alfredo is receiving a considerable berating from his boss once more after Mario gets another Mirror Shard. The Clockmaker then decides to give the Goomba Force another chance, but to his surprise the Goomba Force have already gone out and done something. They have been driving a wedge between the two kings who control the balance of Floeblaze Mountain, and this is caused them to weaken their guard on the Mirror Shard in the core of the mountain. The Clockmaker is impressed, and sends Alfredo to check on Bowser (who Peach has only now learned is here). Peach then runs off to tell Mario.

Chapter 6 - Bowser Interlude

Bowser has been moved from his room to a large cage, where he appears to almost have completely lost his mind, having become much larger and more feral, with longer hair and horns, along with red eyes. Bowser is sent out into the arena once more, but now defeats his next opponent, the Shy Guy Battalion, by simply stepping on them. It is now that Bowser passes out, where Alfredo has shot him with a tranquilizer dart. Alfredo promptly orders the soldiers to drag Bowser to the “chamber” which they do. The Clockmaker is observing this, and cackles.

Chapter 6 - Wario Interlude

Back on the mountain, the player has a choice. Wario can either go towards King Blizz’s Palace or King Blaze’s Fortress. Depending on the one you decide to go to, the king there will greet Wario. The king explains that his brother has waged war on him, and he needs a bodyguard. He then enlists Wario, who, after being equipping with armor made of either hardened Magma (King Blaze) or ice (King Blizz), laughs maniacally.

Post Chapter 6

Mario and party, now with Cali by their side, return to Ocula City on the train. They return, and find their way to the Mirror Chamber, where the Mirror is almost completed with this new Shard. The next Shard is located in the heart of Floeblaze Mountain. Peach’s letter arrives, revealing that there is a war between the two wizard kings of Floeblaze Mountain, causing the mountain to be very unstable. Active T., when consulted about this issue, doesn’t know how to get there. However, as they go out, they see Penn packing up his van. Penn reveals he is going back to his hometown at the foot of Floeblaze Mountain, and Mario explains that they have to get there. Penn is more than happy to oblige his old buddy again, and they drive off towards Floeblaze Mountain.

Chapter 7 - Two Kings on Floeblaze Mountain

(NOTE: In this chapter, the player's choice from the previous Wario Interlude affects the characters and their roles in this chapter. A "/" indicates that this role is filled by different characters depending on the player's choice. If the player chose to go to the Lava Fortress as Wario, what happens is on the left side of the "/". If the player chose to go to the Ice Palace as Wario, what happens is on the right side of the "/") The gang arrives at Floeblaze Mountain in Penn’s van, and sees the two peaks of Floeblaze Mountain. One is freezing and covered with ice, and the other is an active volcano and covered with lava. Penn notices something different since the last time he was there; there is a crack straight down the center of the mountain. He advises the party to be cautious. They approach Billbeak Village, a town inhabited by penguins and Penn’s hometown. Penn’s mother, Phyllis, greets them and offers the party some hot soup. As the party eats, Phyllis explains that for some reason the two kings who ruled each side of Floeblaze Mountain in peace are now at war against one another. Suddenly, they hear a loud explosion from the outside of the house. Mario and party quickly rush outside and find two wizards dueling in the town square. The wizard that Wario chose (being King Blaze or King Blizz) then fires a blast at the other, and Mario instinctively jumps in the way, whacking it away with his hammer. Mario’s hammer is destroyed, but the opposing wizard flees, leaving the one Mario protected alone. The wizard thanks Mario for saving him, and tells him to meet him at his castle. As the wizard teleports away to his castle, Penn rejoins Mario. He apologizes about the hammer, but he decides to join Mario and allow his village to be safe again by bringing peace between the two kings. Penn then joins Mario’s party.

Mario and Penn then take off towards the long-winding mountain road up to the castle. They soon enough reach the same fork in the road that Wario reached, and find a tree perched across the route that Wario took. Seeing no other option, Mario takes the route that Wario didn’t take. Soon enough, Mario comes across the pit that contains the castle of the wizard he protected. However, surrounding the castle is a moat of ice spikes (King Blizz)/lava (King Blaze), and the various platforms that will Mario to get down safely are very difficult to land on if Mario just falls. Penn, however, reassures Mario that he can get him down safely. Using his ability to slow Mario’s fall, Penn and Mario gently float down, platform by platform, in order to reach the doors of the Ice Palace (King Blizz), or the Lava Fortress (King Blaze). Once they enter, they find themselves in a long hallway. They soon enough see a door, labeled Throne Room, and go through it. On the other side, they see King Blizz/King Blaze, who greets the party in a friendly manner. The wizard king explains that he is at war against his brother, and he needs someone to protect him. He finds Mario’s act earlier to be extra brave, and has decided to hire Mario as his bodyguard. As part of Mario’s employment, he gets a brand new Ultra Hammer, which can smash bigger blocks and deal more damage than his old Super Hammer. Suddenly, the castle rumbles and lava/ice begins leaking through the ceiling. The wizard king asks Mario to take care of the other, and Mario and Penn leave the castle/palace together using the new staircase put in place by the king.

However, when they go outside King Blaze/Blizz is nowhere to be found, and all they see are tiny little Goomba-sized footprints in the snow. Penn finds this strange, and says to Mario that they should follow them. Mario and Penn follow the footprints to the same fork in the road. Below them, they see the Goomba Force, relaxing with a bucket of lava/ice. They are laughing about their plan to blow the mountain apart with the power of the wizard kings and get the Mirror Shard in the core of the mountain. The Goomba Force then decides to go off to sleep, and Goombrute turns on a spiked panel that protects the floor behind them. They leave their plan document out in the middle of the clearing, and Penn suggests to Mario that they take it and show it to the two kings to stop their war. Using Penn, Mario gently floats down and snatches the document without getting noticed. However, he steps on a twig and wakes up the mighty Goombrute. Goombrute attacks Mario and Penn, and then must be fought, considerably stronger than the previous fight. Goombrute is defeated with the help of Penn’s ability to pierce opponents’ defenses, but his defeat wakes up the other members of the force. Mario and Penn grab the document and run, leaving the Goomba Force behind and in a panic.

Mario and Penn return to King Blizz/King Blaze’s castle, to find it in ruins, covered with lava/ice. They enter the throne room and find two things; an Ice Power/Fire Power badge, and a note, saying that if the king is wanted alive, they have to go to the castle of King Blaze/King Blizz, and get through the almighty Wario! Penn realizes that the mountain will fall apart if balance isn’t maintained, and they have to go save the wizard king they swore to protect. Soon enough, Mario and Penn advance on towards the Lava Fortress/Ice Palace to save the wizard king! They arrive at the giant Lava Fortress/Ice Palace soon enough. And much like the other wizard’s castle, there are steep platforms spanning across a moat that Mario and Penn must float gently down. They soon enough are at the doors to the large castle, and enter, entering the chapter’s dungeon. They find a map that shows that the massive prison complex is beneath the castle/palace, where the wizard king Mario is serving is being held, and the key into it is on the top, leading them to explore the massive structure. While fighting various Podoboos/Mr. Blizzards, Mario and Penn explore the labyrinth-like castle, climbing to the top. Soon enough, they reach a large wall overlooking a courtyard. In the center of the courtyard is Wario, wearing the armor from earlier with a key now embedded in his chest. Penn floats Mario down and they walk up to steal the key, but when they grab it Wario awakens and attacks Mario, after showing his allegiance to King Blaze/King Blizz. Mario then fights the upgraded Armored Wario, who is very difficult to damage, but with the combined power of Penn’s ability to pierce defense and Mario’s powerful Ultra Hammer, Wario is defeated, falling to the ground and surrendering the key. Mario and Penn soon enough return to the first chamber and enter the prison complex below the castle.

As they explore the complex they soon enough see where the mountain is starting to split. They soon enough reach the end of the complex and see King Blaze/King Blizz about to melt/freeze a tied up King Blizz/King Blaze. Just as they are about to strike, Penn runs in and intervenes, showing them the document of the Goomba Force’s plan, and then showing them the crumbling castle around them. King Blaze/King Blizz is shocked when he realizes he was duped, and apologizes to his brother, before the two decide to become friends again. However, the Goomba Force jump in through one of the cracks in the wall, and slap a mind control helmet containing the last remaining computer chip from Chapter 4 onto King Blaze/King Blizz’s head. The mind-controlled king charges into the center of the mountain and prepares to explode, leaving Mario, Penn, and the other king to give chase.

Mario, Penn, and King Blizz/King Blaze soon enough reach the center chamber of the mountain, and Goombatrol appears, along with King Blaze/King Blizz. Goombatrol cackles and reveals that he plans to let King Blaze/King Blizz beat the snot of Mario and his party and let them die when the mountain blows up. He then commands King Blaze/King Blizz to battle Mario, leading to the chapter’s boss. Although the fight is tough, using the badge that King Blizz/King Blaze gave Mario, and the power of Penn’s defense-piercing Beak Jab, the king is defeated, and his mind control helmet flies off, preventing him from blowing himself up. Once King Blaze/King Blizz regains his senses, he teams up with his brother in order to blast the Goomba Force with a barrage of ice and fire to send them flying away. They then thank Mario for preventing them from destroying the mountain apart, and mend it with their magic. The king Mario battled then rewards him with two things; a Fire Power/Ice Power badge, and the next Mirror Shard, giving him the ability Fragment Trap.

Chapter 7 - Peach Interlude

Back in the Clockmaker’s Fortress, Peach is in her bedroom and hears the Clockmaker screaming with rage. She then decides to sneak out and see what is going on. She then learns that the Goomba Force have failed, and although they promise they’ll do better, The Clockmaker grabs Goombatrol and blasts him with a powerful electric magic from one of his tentacles, vaporizing him. The remaining three members of the Goomba Force are absolutely terrified, but the Clockmaker spares them, telling them to guard Bowser before he does to them what he did to Goombatrol. As the Goomba Force scuttle off, the Clockmaker suddenly grabs Peach with one of his tentacles, much to her horror. He then reveals to her that he has known that she has been sending letters to Mario this whole time, and tells her to send one more, telling Mario that the final shard is on the top floor of the Tower of Power, the structure that provides electricity to all of Refleca. Peach, once threatened with the Clockmaker’s buzzsaw, does so, and the Clockmaker summons Alfredo. He then tells Alfredo to make Mario’s life a living Underwhere at the Tower of Power to soften him up for his “big invention”. Alfredo happily obliges, and disappears through a portal. Peach points out that Mario has beaten Alfredo before, but the Clockmaker grins, explaining Mario won’t be fighting the Alfredo he’s fought before. He then ties Peach up in his chamber, and happily begins plotting the final parts of his plan, leaving Peach alone.

Chapter 7 - Bowser Interlude

Bowser is tied down to a large table, fitting as seeing he has almost reached the final stages of his transformation. Goombrute, Goomboom, and Goomutiny stand terrified around the table. The Clockmaker then teleports into the room, finally seeing Bowser. With the last of his sentience, Bowser finally notices his body and angrily snaps at the Clockmaker, demanding he is changed back. However, the Clockmaker simply cackles and pulls a lever, summoning a large version of Alfredo’s computer chip, which he is planning to use to control Bowser. As Bowser lets out a final roar of shock, The Clockmaker zaps him with electrical magic and jams the chip into his skin, causing him to greatly increase and size and crush the table. As the Goomba Force stand terrified in the shadow of the former Koopa King, the Clockmaker greets his newest super-soldier…the almighty Giga Bowser.

Chapter 7 - Wario Interlude

Wario limps out of King Blaze/King Blizz’s castle, before rolling down a hill in exhaustion. He then gets up and angrily kicks a rock/snow at the castle, causing the troops inside to begin shooting flaming/ice-tipped arrows at Wario. Wario sprints away, returning to Billbeak Village before collapsing in a snowdrift.

Post Chapter 7

The two wizard kings bring Mario and Penn to Billbeak Village, where the penguins all cheer for the saviors of the mountain. Penn tells Mario he is going to stay with him on this journey to the end, much to the rest of the party’s joy. Phyllis then offers to drive Penn’s van while he is on the adventure with Mario, which Penn agrees to. Phyllis then drives Mario and the party back to Ocula City, and they go down to the Mirror Chamber. To their joy, there is only one Mirror Shard left, and it seems to be located in a tall purple tower with lightning bolts on top. As they go to tell Active T. to get information, however, the lights go out. They soon enough discover that electricity is out all over the city, and no one knows why. Once they return to the Rusty Ladle, Active T. observes that the final shard is somewhere in the 100-floor Tower of Power, which provides all the electricity in Refleca. It is in the center of the country, and they simply have to follow one of its five giant wires from the electrical center in order to find it. The party all responds with enthusiasm, and soon enough they report to the electrical center and find a wire. They then begin following it, beginning their adventure to the Tower of Power.

Chapter 8 - The Tower of Power


There are four playable characters in Paper Mario: The Mirror of Fate. Although the game primarily focuses on Mario, at the end of each chapter the player briefly takes control of Peach, Bowser, and Wario. Mario also has several Party Members who join him within the realm of a chapter.

Playable Characters

Name Image Description Field Abilities
Mario MarioPMLSS Mario is a heroic plumber and the main character of the game. When Princess Peach is kidnapped by The Clockmaker and the Mirror of Fate is shattered, Mario must restore the mirror in order to save Princess Peach...and the world! Mario can use his jump and hammer in the field, which get enhanced over time as the chapters progress.
Peach PeachPMLSS Peach is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom's Princess and Mario's love interest. Although Peach has been kidnapped by the Clockmaker, that doesn't mean she can't help Mario by sneaking around and obtaining information, which she then sends to Mario by letter through a portal. Peach can mostly just walk around, though she does obtain more interesting objects to assist her as time goes on.
Bowser BowserPMLSS Bowser is the King of the Koopas, and Mario's arch-nemesis. When Bowser finds out Peach is in a faraway land, he flies there as well (along with Kammy Koopa) in order to kidnap her, but he ends up in the realm of The Clockmaker, who allows Alfredo to have some fun with him by making Bowser battle strong enemies in a large arena. Bowser's battles are like traditional platforming battles, involving hitting an opponent three times in order to defeat them. Bowser also has the ability to breath fire at opponents to hold them back and give them a steady stream of weaker attacks.
Wario PaperWarioDTT New to the Paper Mario fray, it's Wario! Unbeknownst to everyone, Wario stowed away in the luggage conpartment of Peach's plane, and wants in on the Mirror Shards. Due to Wario's inability to listen, he fails to realize what they are for and starts to search for them himself to get rich and humiliate Mario! Wario's sections involve collecting rare items in areas where Mario has already been, which give him money, which is stockpiled up. Wario is also very slow and cannot jump very high. Wario's sections are also rather short.


Name Image Description Joins In Chapter Moveset
Goombrianna Goombrianna Goombrianna is a waitress at the Rusty Ladle who is surprisingly strong. Goombrianna agrees to help Mario when Luigi is extremely injured.  Prologue
  • Headbonk (0 FP)
  • Tattle (0 FP)
  • Order Up (3 FP)*
  • Multibonk (7 FP)**
Boomerl Boomerl Boomerl is a nerdy Boomerang Bro. and a student at Koopston University. Boomerl and Mario form a good friendship when Mario becomes a teacher there, and Boomerl assists him in defeating the MVP. Chapter 1
  • Boomerang Throw (0 FP)
  • Power-rang (3 FP)
  • Snatch-rang (5 FP)*
  • Stealth-rang (8 FP)**
Billiam X. Plode Billiam Billiam X. Plode is a world renowned businessman and entrepeneur who owns a vast estate. Billiam and Mario form a bond when they make a mutual agreement to protect each other to find the shards. Chapter 2
  • Bullet Dash (0 FP)
  • Explode (4 FP)
  • Gentleman's Shield (5 FP)*
  • Billiam Blaster (6 FP)**
Shyper Shyper Shyper is an amateur journalist who is always on the lookout for a good story, even at the danger to herself. Shyper is lured into a chest by Clubbis to prevent her from stopping him in killing off Trusk. Chapter 3
  • Shy Shot (0 FP)
  • Picture (4 FP)
  • Air Lift (6 FP)*
  • Propeller Trap (7 FP)**
Russell Russell Russell is the foreman of a large construction project to build the world's largest building, commanding a workforce of Kremlings. After Mario saves Russell from Alfredo, Russell decides Mario has earned his respect and helps him out in defeating the Drilligger. Chapter 4
  • Block Slide (0 FP)
  • Tackle (2 FP)
  • Block Stack (5 FP)*
  • Blizzard (7 FP)**
Pocawhompas Pocawhompas Pocawhompas is a free-spirited young Whomp, and the daughter of the chief of Whomps who live in Jubilant Jungle. Pocawhompas helps Mario after his entire party is kidnapped by Ukiking, and sticks around after they are rescued. Chapter 5
  • Whomp Quake (0 FP)
  • Steamroll (5 FP)
  • Stone FIst (6 FP)*
  • Whimp Summon (8 FP)**
Cali Cali Cali is a young amateur chef, and the daughter of a culinary legend, who is never named ingame. Cali meets Mario on the reality show Guy Gulpit's Baker Dozen, where they team up to save they other chefs from certain doom at the jaws of the Jemima Piranha. Chapter 6
  • Ink Shot (0 FP)
  • Water Squirt (3 FP)
  • Inky Mist (5 FP)*
  • Tsunami Crash (8 FP)**
Penn PennPM Penn considers himself a charitable penguin, and as a result he loves helping people out by driving them places in his van. Laid-back, pacifistic, and always willing to help others over himself, Penn provides himself a valiant ally to Mario when he is attempting to halt the war behind the two wizard kings of Floeblaze Mountain, his homeland. Although he first helps Mario in Chapter 1, he doesn't join his party until Chapter 7. Chapter 7
  • Beak Jab (0 FP)
  • Wing Jump (3 FP)
  • Protectoral Raise (4 FP)*
  • Stealth Slide (10 FP)*

Important NPCS

See: Paper Mario: The Mirror of Fate/Non-Playable Characters

Name Image Description Location
Luigi LuigiPMLSS Luigi is Mario's brother, and his frequent adventuring companion. Luigi is injured to an extreme degree by Alfredo when Princess Peach is kidnapped, so he remains on the upper floor of the Rusty Ladle recovering while Mario fixes the Mirror of Fate. Occasionally, Luigi will tell Mario stories of things he hears in the bar. The Rusty Ladle in Ocula City
Active T. Active T Active T. is an old Toad and the bartender of the Rusty Ladle. Active T. is a kind Toad who serves as the counterpart to Merlon or Professor Frankly in this game. Active T. uses information he hears in the bar to give Mario leads on where to find the next Mirror Shard. He also cares for Luigi's injuries. The Rusty Ladle in Ocula City


See: Paper Mario: The Mirror of Fate/Bosses

Name Image Description Location of Battle
The Clockmaker The Clockmaker PM The Clockmaker is the game's main antagonist, and a malevolent cyborg bent on controlling the Mirror of Fate. He lives in his own pocket universe, where he is holding Princess Peach (who he needs for some reason). The Clockmaker's goals entail obtaining the mirror shards before Mario does so he can control the mirror when it is rebuilt. ???
Alfredo AlfredoPM Alfredo is the self-proclaimed "Lord of Thieves" and the right hand man to the Clockmaker (or at least he likes to think so). Alfredo frequently harasses Mario throughout his adventure, showing up in almost every chapter to reak havoc. He is the reason for Luigi's injuries.
  • Ocula Plaza (1)
  • Koopston University (2)
  • Forest Labyrinth (3)
  • Neone City Alleyway (4)
  • Great Pit (5)
  • Jubilant Jungle (6)
Goomba Force Goomba Force The Goomba Force, consisting of (from left to right) Goombatrol, Goombrute, Goomboom, and Goomutiny, are the Clockmaker's chief enforncers and task force. Alfredo is in constant competition to them, and they often try to one-up him. The Goomba Force are the main villains of Chapter 2, and play a major role in Chapter 7.
  • Plode Estate (1, 2, 3 without Goombatrol)
  • Golden Fountain (4, alongside Unsheathed Samurai, only Goombatrol)
  • Fork-in-the Road (5, only Goombrute)

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