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This is a bestiary of all enemies encountered in Paper Mario: The Midnight Blade. There are about 80 normal enemies, 10 required bosses, 2 optional bosses 11 difficult versions of those bosses and a secerert boss in the Labyrinth of 100 Trials.
Enemy Statistics Tattle Whereabouts
HP- 2
ATK- 1
DEF- 0
That's a Goomba. Again it's the first enemy you see and we'll probably see these guys all over, especilly if you count me. I've fought one of these in the glitz pit major locker room. It mimiced my every move like a mime and then I litterately shaddered it to shiny pieces. It only took a single punch, but for some reason everyone laughed at me for protecting them from one of Bowser's dimwit Goombas. Man, I know we Goombas arent much to fear but were capable of more things then footstools. Throughout
Paper Paragoomba
HP- 2
ATK- 1
DEF- 0
Thats a Paragoomba. A Goomba with wings, I bet it took hours of brainstorming to come up with that. Seriously, I expect more creativity for us Goombas so we can finally ditch relying on that foul beast to protect us. As if it wern't obvious enough, these cowards are just the plain old with a new pair of wings, so you should probably jump up high to hit them instead of hamming the floor like you're trying to find some invisable block. Also they lose those wings when you hit them so they become regular goombas...but do you think I could pick those wings up after you jump on it. Throughout

Spiked Goomba
HP- 2
ATK- 1
DEF- 0
That's a Spiked Goomba. Apperently they havent learned anything about creativity and plastered on another tacky acsessoy onto us Goombas. Only cowards whould rely on these helmets for defence. But I will admit, they look pretty sharp in that, both in style and combat. By the way, jumping on them won't feel so good, duh, so unless you're a dinosaur, I reccomend you should use your hammer if you dont wanna get hurt. Throughout
??? HP


Wow, that thing whould've ended my game if you hadn't interrupted it. It said somthing about Timeless Realms.....Time Gears and other weird stuff like that. It seems as though it's escaped from some kind of prison, based on those chains and that weird lock on it's chest. MORE TO COME  Rolling Plains
Crystal Prison

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