Super Mario: Midnight Blade is a turn based RPG game produced and published by Fritez Franchise for the Nintendo 3DS, and the 5th installment of the Paper Mario series. It features a new system of combat featuring a large, clock-like arena featuring a mysterious clock hand which rotates during the fight; this clock hand detirmines who is under attack.


Proluge: Time in Hand

After thier 

Chapter 1: Tears of the Sky

Chapter 2: A Beast at Bay

Chapter 3: A Sticky Situation

Chapter 4: One's Trash, Another's Treasure

Chapter 5: The Fear of Stage Fight

Chapter 6: A Whirrled War

Chapter 7: An Eye for an Eye

Chapter 8 

Chapter 9 

Chapter 10: The Midnight Blade

Chapter 11 

Chapter 12: Defying Gravity

Battle System




Character Description Gameplay

As the main character, the player controls Mario and he is playable the most throughout the game. He can use use the powers of the Time Blade to make anything within a spotlight-like feild age forward or backward to thier past or present versions.

For example, if Mario uses the Magic of the Future, any sprout nearby him will grow into a gigantic beanstalk but will revert back into a regular sprout when Mario walks away. Using the Magic of The Past and getting close enough to a sprout will show it when it wasn't even planted in it's hole, giving Mario a hole to go inside. This ability can be used to solve various other puzzles and is the game's main mechanic.



Partner Description Battle Actions Effect

A professional Goomba fighter who travels the world wrestleing many different foes. But after being brutally defeated by his greatest rival, he was forgotten and has been trying to defeat him ever saince. He joins Mario when he saves him from a Prisimor that pinned him down and attempted to destroy him instead of calling it a match. Mario helps him pursue his dream of defeating his rival.

Due to his vast knowlege of the species he's wrestled, he has the ability to tattle enemies and thus adding their entire specises (not including subspecies) to the player's tattle log and reaveling thier Heart Points.


Kapps is a Kappa whom must be constantly keep his cap filled with water. Like all Kappas, if his cap has no water inside, he turns into a statue until it is refilled. His leader and colony agreed to cast a spell on Solaria and soon the world so it whould eternally rain and they'd never run out of water but Kapps disagreed saying there must be an alternative way. Beacuse of this the water of his cap is deprived from his own group and he was used as a statue, until Mario refills his cap and saves him. The two both agree to stop the storm and find another way.

Like past Koopa partners such as Kooper and Koops, he can retreat into his shell and be used to hit switches,and collect out of reach items. The shell can also be halted in place so Mario can move around before Kapps speeds off.

King Lakitut
A Cake Spike Top
A dragon dance line of Biddybuds 
Chris P.
Jestar A jester luma who balances on a Star Ball and can transform into a star bunny to open the star ball and use it's powers to defy gravity.

Time Gears

Time Gear Whereabouts Effect Action Command
Dawn Gear Proluge
Cogetto City

Dawn's Break 1
Depending on the action command, a mystious crack appears and opens which sheds light on Mario and his partner restoring up to 10 HP and 10 FP.

The sky comes into view and the player must use a hammer to hit tiny cracks in the sky. The player gets 3 hits with the hammer and the larger the crack made at the end, the more HP and SP restored.
Sunrise Gear Chapter 1
Mt. Yuki

Sky Lift 2
A mystious, atmostshphere like dome protects Mario and his partners when enemies attack. This dome can take up to 10 damage depending on the action command, deflects projectile attacks back at enemies and also protects Mario from harmful weather. 

The player must swipe thier stylist constantly upward to fill a meter with 5 stars on it. The move sheilds at least 5 damage and each star passed adds one more damage it can take.
Morning Gear Chapter 2 Early Bird 3
A strange flock of birds made out of some kind of aura will pass over and feathers will fall on Mario. If the action command is done correctly, Mario sprouts wings and creates a huge gale of wind that blows away any enemies with HP up to 8 and thus defeating them. The player doesn't obtain any star points however.
Feathers slowly fall down and the player must get the white ones to land on Mario and the dark black ones must be avoided. To move the feathers the player must blow in the gamepad's mic and the direction thier blown in depends on a directional arrow that slowly rotates but gets faster. 3 white feathers makes it so the attack can blow away enemies with 2, and then another 3 and blow away 3, then four and so on, but a black feather deducts a feather, a gold feather is worth 3.
Noon Gear Chapter 3
Silky Way
Afternoon  Gear Chapter 4
Evening Gear Chapter 5
Trick Theater
Sunset Gear Chapter 6
Dusk Gear Chapter 7
Story's End
Night Gear Chapter 8
Midnight Gear Chapter 9 Nightmare
Sun Gear Chapter 11
Moon Gear Chapter 12






For a full list of enemies encounterd, see:Paper Mario: The Midnight Blade/Tattle Log



Chapter 1

Chaper 2

  • Solaria
  • Petal Acre
  • Kappa Fortress
  • Mt. Yuki

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

  • Honeymoon
  • Starlight Treeway
  • Silkyway

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12


Refrences to Other Games



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