Notes on Enemies

enemies who's names are Bold are main story bosses, fought at the end of each chapter. Enemies who's names are in italic are main story minibosses, and enemies who's names are both Bold and Italic are optional bosses.

  • Any fire-based enemies will recover HP from fire attack but will take 2x damage from any ice moves - Vise-versa with ice-based enemies as they will recover HP from ice attacks but take 2x damage from fire attacks. Electric-based enemies will recover HP from electric attacks.
  • HP draining or stealing attacks are cancelled out if Mario has an electrified status
  • Fire or electric-based attacks will instantly detonate any members of the bob-omo species
  • in this game, you still get the same amount of star points from weaker enemies you faced earlier in the game, meaning you'll get level-ups more often.

The descriptions are from Norahl. All you have to do to activate him is tap the enemy on the Wii U touch screen or point the Wii remote and select it. This does not take up a turn either.

Tattle Log

# Image Name HP ATK DEF Location Description
Octoomba 2 1 0 Stardust Woods That's an Octoomba! Pretty much the Goomba equivalent of Metora! HP is 2, ATK is 1 and DEF is 0, there's really not much else to say since their heads are about as weak as well... a Goomba. Hence, their head-butt attack is pretty weak.
Para Octoomba
Para-Octoomba 2 1 0 Stardust Woods What d'ya know, it's an Para-Octoomba, with (and you'll never believe this) ...WINGS! ...So, yeah it can fly, meaning you can't attack from the ground with your hammer. HP is 2, ATK is 1, DEF is 0.
Spiked Octoomba
Spiked Octoomba 2 2 0 Stardust Woods Hey! Octoombas can be kinda smart! (No offense Octoombravo), looks like some genius decided to put a spiked helmet on their head, thus making the still incredibly uninteresting Spiked Octoomba! I guess that means that jumping on it is a bad idea! HP is 2, DEF is 0 and ATK is 1... Oh? ATK IS 2? Darn Spike Helmet.
Octoomboo 4 4 0 The Knowmi Octoboos! You know like, Boos and Octoombas? Yeah! HP is only 4, ATK is also 4, and DEF is 0 (as usual), but unlucky for you, these guys often come in groups, and can bring back there lost brethren to the battle! So make sure you take these guys out quick!
Hyper Octoomba
Hyper Octoomba 7 8 0 Force-Strike Valley Hey look! Recolored enemies! (insert originality here) This Hyper Octoomba has a HP of 7, DEF is 0 (as usual) and ATK is 8! Yep, these lil' fellas can charge up their power for a turn and come back with a nasty ATK power of 8!
Hyper Para Octoomba
Hyper Para-Octoomba 7 8 0 Force-Strike Valley Y'know, you'd think that for a place so heavily themed on thunder and lightning, that there'd be like some ELECTRIC ENEMIES!? Anyway, this is a Hyper Para-Octoomba! Which means it can fly... HP is 7, ATK is 8 (when charged up) and DEF is 0. If you want to know how theses Hyper-Enemies actually work THEN GO AND TATTLE THE REGULAR HYPER-OCTOOMBA FIRST!
Hyper Spiked Octoomba
Hyper Spiked-Octoomba 7 9 0 Force-Strike Valley If you ask me, I'd say that they're getting rather uncreative with these Octoombas! They need 3 different variations EVERY SINGLE TIME! And I always have to say that here we have a Spiked variation! Grrr, the Hyper Spiked Octoomba (try saying that 5 times fast), has a HP of 7, ATK of 9 and DEF of 0. Oh yeah, and guess what, IT'S SPIKED! (in other words DON'T JUMP ON IT)
Octoguy 10 6-8 0 Anchor Valley This is an Octoguy... yes, the pink ones are "guys"... haha, not really, they can be any gender! And they can also spit rocks at you which, y'know, kinda hurts... I think (how would I know?). HP is 10, ATK is 6-8, DEF is 0, oh, about them rocks; to spit them out they have to first eat them from those rocks over there, but you can attack the rocks to get rid of them instead, making this pink guy, pretty much harmless!
Para Octoguy
Para Octoguy 9 6-8 0 Anchor Valley Para-Octoguys, like Octoguys, but a little more... Para! yeah, so it can fly, whoop-de-bloomin'-doo! Stats are 9 for HP, ATK as 6-8, and DEF is 0 as perusal. I feel like I need to say something else, but we've seen this kinda thing before, and I'm sure you don't need me to tell that NOT to jump on it! Or has your days smashing your head into blocks finally started to toll on you?
Spiked Octoguy
Spiked-Octoguy 10 6-10 0 Anchor Valley Okay seriously, I'm getting tired of informing you about every spiked or flying variation of any enemy who's name has "Octo" in it. Urgh, HP is 10, ATK is 6-10, and DEF is 0 ...For some reason they can shoot spiked rocks, which somehow links to their spike helmets but... no really? WHERE'S THE CONNECTION THERE? the logic?
011 Octoplusma Plasmarha Lake
012 Elite Octoomba Galactic Path

Gorah City

013 Elite Para-Octoomba Galactic Path

Gorah City

014 Elite Spiked Octoomba Galactic Path

Gorah City

Eskoopot 4 2 1 Stardust Woods That's an Eskoopot! Similar to Koopas, but with a different shell that allows them to roll instead of spinning! HP is 4, ATK is 2, DEF is 1! However, if you jump on them once, they'll flip over, dropping their DEF to naught! You really couldn't loose unless... you were REALLY slow at attacking! Like... as slow as an Eskoopot.
Esbeetot 3 3 1 Merlot City Ruins It seems we have an Esbeet-of-a-fight-here-ot! Okay, bad puns aside, these Esbeetots can cling to the ceilings, meaning they have to shook down to attack directly. However, they can be flipped over once on the ground, rendering them helpless for a turn, and dropping their DEF it 0. HP is 3, ATK is 3, DEF is 1.
Bulky Esbeetot
Bulky Esbeetot 6 5 2 Nadiri Mountains Another Esbeetot in for the BEATING! And surprisingly, they don't look much more bulky than any other Esbeetot I've seen. HP is 6, ATK is 5, DEF is 2, just watch out for that nun-chuck thing on it's shell, it can give you a really beating with that.
Electro Eskoopot
Electro Eskoopot 8 4 2 Force-Strike Valley Electro Eskoopots ey? I thought Merlon said this valley was only inhabited by ghosts! (lies...) Oh but since this is just a regular enemy, I guess that changes everything! HP is 8, ATK is 4, DEF is 2, also pay attention to those rods on it's shell: they'll activate randomly, and when they do, make sure you don't jump on them! hmmmk?
019 Stone Eskoopot Anchor Valley
020 Estroopot Chill-Outpost

Pulsar Stronghold

021 Espikot Heaven Haven

Sky Sanctuary

Dry Bones
Dry Bones 8 4 2 The Knowmi These are Dry Bones (I wonder what you'd call them if they were in water), HP is 8! ATK is 4, DEF is 2, however, they can be taken down quite easily with some little... Explosions... Man, I miss having bones...
Leafly 3 2 0 Stardust Woods This should be a new one for you Mario, it's a Leafly! (I wonder how they got that name), As you can see, they have leafy wings so they can fly, so don't bother using your hammer... shame, looks like the perfect thing to smash with a hammer... I MEAN! HP is 3, ATK is 2, DEF is 0.
Volfly 7 5 0 Force-Strike Valley Hey it's those adorable flies from Stardust Woods! Just kidding, it's a Volfly! And despite its cuteness I'm sure you're gonna stomp it's tiny face in anyway because you Mario are psych- I mean, a BRAVE fighter! ...HP is 7, ATK is 5, DEF is 0, and while it is a flying enemy, take it out quick before it electrifies itself! Then you'll have no way of attacking it for 2 turns!
Pyrofly Plasmarha Lake
Icefly Starflake Summit
Spuckery 3 2 0 Stardust Woods That's not a green-died wig that coincidently fell off in the Stardust Woods, that's a Spuckery! HP is 3, ATK is 2, DEF is 0, oh, speaking of wigs, that was no joke; these things will literally jump on your heads to attack and suck HP out of you! Boy am I glad I don't have head... actually I kind of miss having one... wait, what?
Golden Spuckery
Golden Spuckery Inner Forest
Staranha Plant
Staranha Plant 3 2 0 Stardust Woods

Thorn Fortress

That's a Staranha Plant! Just like many of the plants in this forest, they originated in this very place,! and well... facts. HP is 3, ATK is 2, DEF is 0. Also, get used top hearing the word "star" here in Metora.
Munchstar 1 1 0 Thorn Fortress Okay, I'm no animal or, plant lover, but these things are actually kinds cute! Or at least they would be if their head wasn't in the shape of a STAR! Oh wait, I like stars! Nevermind! HP is only 1, ATK is also only 1 and DEF is 0. However, they usually come in swarms and you can't jump on them, despite how tiny they are. So, they're no much, or should I say, they're not Munch-Star!
Spiky Staranha
Spiky Staranha 6 3 0 Stardust Woods

Thorn Fortress

Ah, Spiky Staranha Plants; both terrifying and... eh, yeah, just terrifying. It's thorns actually mean that you can't attack it from the side with your hammer, but you can still jump on it! HP is 6, ATK is 3 and DEF is 0. They're a bit stronger than normal Staranha Plants, but lucky for you, they're not as common, because... balancing.
Starhana Plant
Starhana Plant 5 5 0 Nadiri Mountains You might think this guy has the same name as an enemy you met in Stardust Woods, but actually READ the name, and you see the people who named this thing thought they'd be smart cracks, and sneak "Hana" in there. Well done namers. HP is 5, ATK is 5, DEF is 0, also, note that their bite attack can recover HP from the damage you take.
033 Putrid Staranha Inner Forest
Startaquack 5 4 0 Glimmer City (Beach) It seems natural to see these lil' guys on the beach! But don't walk up to them thinkin' their all cuddly! If you walk up to them straight on with your hammer or something, they're gonna flip you at least 20 feat of the ground, doing a whoppin' 10 damage! However, their normal ATK is 5. HP is 4, DEF is 0.
035 Red Startaquack Sparkling Sands
Starslap 3 1x3 0 Sparkling Sands A Starslap! And it's Pink! The colour of royalty! or was that red? Eh, nevermind. HP is 3, ATK is 1(x3), DEF is 0, and as the name would suggest, these guys like to slap people 3 times in a row! Also, don't these stars looks unusually similar to the ones lying around in the desert? Because, they have nothing to do with each other!
Glowkey 4 3 0 Sparkling Sands Glowkeys! A complete rare species only found here in Metora! You won't find anything like it in the Shroom Kingdom! HP is 4, ATK is 3, DEF is 0, they can attack by launching parts of their body at you, or you can take parts of their body's away by hitting it from the side... with a shell attack; Hammer won't work because Spikes. What's that? They look like Pokeys? What the crown are they?
038 Snowkey Starflake Summit
Elworm 5 3 0 Sparkling Sands Don't expect to cross a desert, even a beautiful one, without encountering some weird enemies! These are Elworms! And, no, don't bother jumping on them. HP is 5, ATK is 3, DEF is 0, and they can also do a dig attack where they're underground for a turn before attacking... cowards...
Honen 2 5 1 Merlot City Ruins You might know this one! Honen! Which means, I can't brag as much about my knowledge of the Metora Kingdom this time... but I can tell you that these water enemies have 2HP, 5ATK, and 1DEF! You probably wanna take care of them quickly, because... ATK power.
041 Cheep Cheep Merlot City
Jelpin Merlot City Ruins Hey! Jell Pens! ...I mean, JELPINS! These water enemies are a bit tricky... they can float up and down, so you can only sometimes attack them with your hammer, and physical attacks can cause paralysis. Their HP is 3, ATK is 4, DEF is 0! Also... Jelly.
Hana Dayzee
Hana Dayzee 7 4 0 Nadiri Mountains That would be a Hana Dayzee, but more importantly, IT'S PINK! ...I mean eh... PINK? WHAT IS THIS? I'll tell ya what it is, it's a right rascal with 7 HP, 4 ATK and 0 DEF, but worst of all, they can put you to sleep with their lullaby attack! Thankfully I don't have to worry about that because I'm an Inanimate object.
Amazy Hana Dayzee
Amazy Hana Dayzee 20 20 3 Nadiri Mountains I see a rare sight before me! A slightly more Amazing recol- I mean, sub-species of the Hana Dayzee! IT'S GOLD! (Just like the frame of me) HP is.. 20!? ATK is... 20!!! And DEF is 20... oh wait, no it's actually 3... BUT 20? SERIOUSLY?
Ninji 5 4 0 Nadiri Mountains Alright! Who here likes Ninjas? I'd my hand up right now... if I had one... HP is 5, ATK is 4, DEF is 0. They can toss mini-Ninja, or "Ninji-stars" at both you and your Party Member at once, so yeah, there's something you and your party have in common: you both get hit by Ninji-Star Attacks.
Kasai Bubble
Kasai Bubble 7 5 0 Kargu's Temple Hey look, elemental enemies (insert originality here), okay, don't jump on them, because you know, you might find you get a slight chill... NOPE! YOU GET BURNT! HP is 7, ATK is 5, DEF is 0, Also, these guys can inevitable burn you with their attack (on a side note, "Kasai is Nadirinese for "Fire")
Aisu Bubble
Aisu Bubble 7 5 0 Yurao's Temple That's not a blue flame because blue flames are actually hotter than red ones (DID YOU KNOW THAT?), no it's a sphere of Ice known as an Aisu Bubble ("Aisu" is Nadirinese for "Ice"). HP is 7, ATK is 5, DEF is 0, also, they can freeze you with their attacks.
Kaze Bubble
Kaze Bubble 7 5 0 Raiy's Temple You can probably notice a partern by now with these elemental bubbles, so basically, "Kaze" in Nadirinese means "Wind" (You can really see what they did there), HP is 7, ATK is 5, DEF is, yeah that's right 0! Oh, wanna guess what status effect these guys have? PARALYSIS!
Akumboo 6 5 0 The Knowmi It seems obvious to get ghost enemies in well... the underworld. Akumboo's are like (go figure) Boos, BUT WITH DEMON HORNS! Thankfully, there not those kind of horns that you can't jump on. Although, these enemies can turn invisible for a turn! HP is 6, ATK is 5, DEF is 0.
Eleboo 8 7 0 Energy Plant No no no, that's not a recolor! It... has a little lightning tail see? ...okay so Eleboo's are basically an excuse to get boos in a ghost chapter right? HP is 8, ATK is 7, DEF is 0. These guys can be a little sneaky because they can both electrify themselves AND turn invisible, but keep your eyes peeled because it's hard to actually tell when!
Hispirit 7 7 0 The Knowmi Oooh... these... things, are known as Hispirits. They are quite hideous to say the least! I mean are their lips sawn together? And where's the rest of it's face (I suppose my questions aren't valid in the underworld though), HP is 7, ATK is also 7 and DEF is 0. Oh yeah, and these guys or... girls... will drain your HP by 1 each turn! GET IT AWAY!
Fizzlit Undercurrent

Force-Strike Valley

Amp 8 6 0 Undercurrent

Energy Plant

It appears we have a Fizzlit down here in the Undercurrent! HP is 8, ATK is 6, DEF is 0, these guys will often come in groups and when they enter their "electric puddle" mode, not only can you not attack them for a turn, but also their electricity can heal the other Fizzlits next to them!
Negative Sparky
Negative Sparky 8 8 0 Energy Plant That's a Sparky! Oh I'm sorry it's a NEGATIVE Sparky! (don't make a difference to me!) HP is 8, ATK is 8, DEF is 0. You can't jump on them, but a neat trick to beating them when they're in groups, is to half the HP of one Sparky, which will double the damage you do to the others! Which works because eh... Science!
Negative Vholst
Negative Vholst 9 7 0 Energy Plant Gah, that name "Vholst" really doesn't roll off the tong! Which is weird because I don't even have a tongue! HP is 9, ATK is 7, DEF is non-surprisingly 0! Same deal with the electrifying ability however, they can also do something else in groups: Every time a Negative Vholst takes damage, the damage inflicted is restored into the other Vholsts! ...Oh crud! I forgot to say something! It's... "Shocking"! ... I am very sorry about that terrible pun, but you know me: HOW CAN I NOT MAKE THAT JOKE HERE?
056 Cleft 8 7 2 Anchor Valley This is a Cleft; I'm just gonna say, you WILL hate this thing by the end of this chapter. HP is 8, ATK is 7, DEF is 2... AND it's spiked! So, what ya gonna do? find a way to knock it over somehow! But, I dunno if Octoombravo's Grenades 'll be enough... maybe like, an earth quake or something... Random trivia! The word "Cleft" means "Without"! What does that have to do with rocks? The god only know...
057 Venger 11 9 0 Asterock Chamber Oh crud! It's a Venger... and whether that "g" is pronounced like a "j" is up to you! This spirits are essentially parts of Relmeadons body, souls that have split off if you will. The only emotions they have is Anger and vengeance, so don't underestimate them; they have some powerful curse attacks that can poison, confuse or make you dizzy. HP is 11, ATK is 9, DEF is 0.
058 Revenger Asterock Chamber
059 Swoopstar 10 7 0 Asterock Chamber Swoopstars... ah, putting "star" at the end of names just because there a variation on a species in a kingdom that just happens to worship such things... It's HP is 10, ATK is 7, DEF is 0; but what's worse is that they can cling to the celling, making it difficult to attack you directly, PLUS they can drain your HP to recover their own!
060 Bristle 6 8 2 Asterock Chamber These spiky stone creatures are Bristles; I pity the man who carved the faces of these things because... y'know, they're kinda HIDEOUS!!! These Poker-Faces have an ATK of 8, and DEF of 2, and although their HP is only 6, don't under estimate them, because, hammers AND jumps won't work! SO FIND SOMETHING ELSE! I guess the moral of the tattle is; even if your face is ugly design wise, battle-wise, it might just SAVE THIS THING'S BUTT! Oh wait, Quake Hammer, never mind.
Staramama 30 3 0 Thorn Fortress Alright, it's the first Chapter boss, or eh, I mean, the first BIG boss? Whatever. This is Staramama, leader of the Staranha Plants and also the one responsible for all the havoc in these woods at the moment! It's HP is 30, ATK is 3, and DEF is 0. HOWEVER, let's not forget it's 4 annoying little children buds there, which all have their own way of attacking. They all have 2 HP each, 2 ATK, and 0 DEF, but considering there's 4 of them that can all attack in one turn, you might wanna dispose of them weeds QUICKLY!
Strealoid 5 4 1 Merlot City Ruins These fishy lookin' knights are known as Strealoids. They once owned the city of Merlot, but then they left one day and it fell to the Merlotians! But it seems they are back... Yep, I know my history! Plasmarha knows why though... HP is 5, ATK is 4, DEF is 1, and to top it all off, they can sometimes use their spear as a defense spike!
Stroidion 20 4 1 Merlot City Ruins This jerk is Stroidion, who stands as the leader of the Strealoids and now the self proclaimed ruler of Merlot... or Strealot... But I wouldn't worry too much, he's a pretty big coward hiding behind a massive water snake. HP is 20, ATK is 4, and DEF is 1, however, you won't be able to attack him directly unless you first deal with Seatail, which is a BIG problem because he can actually heal Seatail if you deplete all its HP!
Seatail 25 5 1 Merlot City Ruins Whoa, I wish I had a pet dragon! Seatail is its name, and it's the really problem here! HP is 25, ATK is 5, and DEF is 1. However, this massive turquoise strip of paper is what's stopping you from attacking Stroidion back there, but perhaps you can find a way to cause damage to them both at the same time... GET THINKING MARIO!
Kargu Kargu's Temple
Yurao Yurao's Temple
Raiy Raiy's Temple
Shinder 60 7 1 The Knowmi Now this is one creepy brute of a God! And this is the incarnation of Tanagi's negative emotions? IT DOESN'T EVEN RESEMBLE A RACCOON! Then again, it still seems like nothing considering a white dragon or an old man sitting on a cloud... HP is 60, ATK is 7, DEF is 1, don't underestimate this thing! It can higher its stats in many ways, not just ATK and DEF, but it can also give itself abilities like Attacking twice a turn or making itself thinner. So be careful when duking it out with the god of the underworld.
Minus Pyla Mk. 1.0
Minus Pyla Mech Mk. 1 50 8 2 Energy Plant What the? A massive Mech! Looks like something straight out of a Nadirinese Anime! Except for Pyla's massive yellow face being on the front of it... HP is 50, ATK is 8, DEF is 2, and let's not forget its paralysing abilities. But the larger problem here is that your attacks will do almost nothing if you attack directly and you won't be able to jump on her head when it's electrified like that. So... what's the key here? Well ya see those 2 tubes on its shoulders? They each have 14 HP, but if they hit 0, your attacks will actually just increase their HP until its full again, and ect.. All I can say is you need to make the HP on those things neutral if you want to do some REAL damage!
Uncleft / Inner Soul 18/70 9 3 Asterock Chamber Oh dear, this is gonna be a tough one! Uncleft, the unexplained name stands! So it seems Delumer and parts of Relmeadon have all fused with some rocks to create this monstrosity! HP of the outer rock body is only 18, ATK is 9, DEF is 3, but I can assure that once you destroy its outer body, the inner soul will be even worse, since you can't attack it directly! Only a bright powerful light could clear that thing's HP of 70! (Pointless trivia: Cleft means without, so... does Uncleft mean without, without???)

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