Paper Mario: The Metora Kingdom
Box art
FEB Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
25th November, 2016
Single player, Gym mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Wii U optical disc

Mario in paper form takes on his next adventure! far from the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toadsworth find themselves in the distant land and former kingdom of Metora. Joined with various party members, Mario and Norahl (A spirit trapped inside one of the Crown Jewels) result to discovering the dark secrets of how Metora fell in order to stop Darameana and Delumer from awakening a great threat onto the world...

Story / Chapters

Story Intro

"Ah hem, today I am going to tell you the story of the Metora Kingdom..."

Story Intro.
"It all began over 1230 years ago when at this point, the Metora Kingdom didn't even exist yet. The land was instead devided up between tribes who constantly lived in fear of each other. However, it all changed when one day, a beacon of light fell from the sky and landed in the centre of Anchor Valley"

"All the tribes rushed to see what had landed there; what they uncovered was a golden staff surrounded by 5 jewels. A voice then emitted from one of them: the Reflection Crest, said "Here you shall build a great kingdom under the name of Metora" and so, the tribes worked together to do just that"

"Soon, an entire kingdom was built and Gorah City stood as its capital. It's people devoted their lives to worshipping the stars and space and with the Crown Jewels and Galactic Staff by their sides, it seemed as though they were invincible... but it all changed about 750 BN (Before now), when a revolution was lead, and so the Yeast Kingdom was formed"

"A war broke out, but the Yeast Republic were no match for the powers of the Crown Jewels. However, the current king at the time wanted them to pay even more... and so he ordered his people to build a large underground complex chamber known as the Asterock Chamber. Here, over 900 of the souls of the rebels were sealed inside the chamber using dark rituals with the Crown Jewels"

"But little did the people know, was that all these vengeful souls soon incarnated into an ultimate dark being... Relmeadon. And so, the Metora Kingdom met its end in 580 BN, when Relmeadon awoke from beneath the city, its force so strong that it ripped the city from out the ground until the force sent the city so far up that it couldn't be returned. With no capital, the kingdom quickly rotted, and so Metora was no more..."

"We know Metora existed at one point... we just don't know if that kingdom can ever be retrieved"

"This is the story of the Metora Kingdom"

Prologue: A New and Lost World

Just like most Paper Mario games, the game starts off at Mario's house where Paracarry the post man has just posted a letter through the post box. Luigi then walks outside and takes the letter out the post box and looks at it. He then goes back into the house and tells Mario that it’s a letter from Princess Peach. Luigi opens it and begins to read. It says "Dear Mario... and Luigi. A few days ago I received an invitation to a place called Metora. I'm not sure who the letter's from but I was wondering if you'd like to come too? It sounds quite fun really so how about it? From Peach." So with that Mario, Luigi and Peach... and Toadsworth are on their way to the distant land of Metora, Thus triggering the Prologue intro scene.

After a long, long journey on the sea, Mario, Luigi and Peach arrive on the docks of a small town called Auroraport. Toadsworth desperately wants to get to the Hotel so he can take a nice nap. So you just follow him to the hotel north of the seatown and when you get there you book in and are shown to your room. Luigi, Peach and Toadsworth all go into their rooms to get familiar with the place. Suddenly someone says Mario's name. Mario jumps by surprise and turns around noticing Merlon. Merlon explains to Mario that he came here to learn more about the stars, the night sky and even about his “ancestral home”. Merlon then asks Mario if he would like to come on to the balcony to look through his telescope to get a nice view of the surrounding areas. Mario agrees and Merlon leads him to the balcony. Merlon then quickly sets up his telescope and lets Mario use it. With this you can look around the world map (from a certain perspective) and tap on a particular area and Merlon will give you some information about that area. Anyway once you've had enough you can just leave the balcony. However on the corridor is Toadsworth who says that he was looking for Mario just to tell him that Princess Peach had just gone to look at some gardens on the east side of town.

Now is a good time to actually explore Auroraport. Since you are in a completely different country there are different species and different recovery items in this game (such as Mushroobs and Waffles). But as you can imagine you just have go to those gardens where Peach is at. In the gardens there isn’t many people there and it is very quiet and even quite foggy. At the end of the garden is the Princess who was just staring in amazement at a sparkling yellow tree. Peach notices Mario, Surprised that he is here she begins to talk about the tree “Mario, this tree! that star dust grows on it naturally” She says “There’s even a whole entire forest full of them called Stardust woods just further east from here!” However, Suddenly, something falls down from the sky and hits Mario in the head. Mario falls over while the thing that hit him in the head gets up and introduces himself. He appears to be a black Luma with sharp teeth and fire coming out of his head. "Haha, you made for a soft landing" he chuckles. Mario then gets up of the floor.

"My name is Delumer" he says. However Peach and Mario are still wondering what he is doing here. Delumer then says that he has been expecting Peach But then notices Mario and says "There shall be no witnesses!" With that he randomly attempts to attack Mario but Mario jumps out the way. Then a voice shouts "HEY! What’s going on here?" Mario turns around and notices an Octoomba wearing a cap and ear mufflers. Delumer then threatens Mario and the Octoomba to scram. But of course that’s not enough to stop Mario and with that a battle infuses between Mario and Delumer. This is the first battle of the game and is also a tutorial for the basics of the battle system. The Octoomba introduces himself; his name is Octoombravo and he is a military private working for the NMA (National Metoran Army). Octoombravo is the one who will tell you the basics of battle. After the battle is won Delumer gets angry. Then another voice is heard which threatens "It appears we have some barriers to our goals". Everyone looks towards a strange man with a pointy head and wearing a cape. Delumer explains to him that “they are tougher than he thought”. The man then says "No worries, I shall dispose of them quickly!". Octoombravo then wonders what it is that these guys want. The man introduces himself: his name is Darameana and he says that the princess is all they need, he also explains that he was the one who invited Peach here but he wasn't expecting company with her.

This angers Peach since she’s obviously tired of being kidnapped so often, and angrily asks what they want her for this time. Delumer simply answers with “Oh, it’s so simply... You will see soon though enough though...”. “Mario then gets ready to fight again but then Darameana simply raises his finger in the air and strikes Mario with a lightning bolt leaving him unconscious. Octoombravo then jumps in to help but the man simply does the same to him in which he did to Mario. Delumer and Darameana take the princess... Mario wakes up and finds himself lying in a bed in a small room. He then looks to the side and sees Octoombravo who is badly injured in a different bed. A toad then comes into the room and notices that Mario is awake. He tells Mario that he found him and Octoombravo in the gardens unconscious and took them both to the inn which he owns. Mario then remembers and asks if he saw where Peach is but the inn keeper just says that he saw no trace of her. So it's Mario's guess now that the princess has once again been kidnapped but by Delumer and Darameana. Mario explains that he must save the princess but then the inn keeper says "I understand that, but you are still recovering and I am quite concerned about this fellow Octoomba here. I've tried all that I can but nothing seems to have worked" Mario asks if there is any way that he could help. Though the Inn Keeper is doubtful he thinks that there may be just one thing that may work and that is Merlon! He thinks that he may be able to use his magic to cure Octoombravo so, Mario goes out to find him. (The inn is in Auroraport) You just have to head towards the hotel where Toadsworth is panicking wondering where the princess is.

Mario explains what happened and Toadsworth goes mad but then he calms down again. Mario asks him if he's seen Merlon anywhere and he says that he thinks he went to the Royal Ministry on the west side of town, So then you got over head there. Once you enter Mario sees Merlon on his knees with his eyes closed. Mario walks up to him wondering what's going on. Merlon then says "Mario... Is that you? Ah... Perfect timing! Do you see this jewel here?" looking towards a red jewel in front of him sitting on a pedestal. He explains that he found it in a place called Anchor Valley and felt a connection between the jewel and Mario. Mario then comes to take a closer look at the jewel. Suddenly the jewel begins to glow and levatates of the pedastal. It then begins to speak... "Ah you! At last I have found a worthy partner!" Mario is very confused at this point. The jewel then introduces himself; he says he can't remember his real name but he tells you to call him Norahl. Mario asks about what is going on. Norahl explains to him: "Ah, I see you are not quite familiar with the scenario. You see, I have been trapped in this jewel for years but I could only truly awaken in the presence of a worthy hero and you seem to be worthy enough! Even if you... don’t exactly look like... eh, such a worthy person"

Merlon asks why he wants Mario. Norahl explains "There is a great threat upon us! It is a dark and evil abomination which was sealed away years ago but I fear it may be breaking loose! It is now in the form of something far smaller yet far greater of a problem! And now I need your help Mario! To stop this evil by collecting the 5 Crown Jewels of the Metora Kingdom! The Jewel I'm trapped in is one of them; I am trapped inside the Reflection Crest". "Kingdom? There’s no king or queen here? how is this a kingdom?" asks Merlon. Norahl then mutters "this land used to be a kingdom until... ...Relmeadon awoke..." However, Mario tells Norahl that he has to save “the Princess” before anything else. This intrigues Norahl who asks who this princess is and so Mario explains. Norahl tries to understand and wonders if there might be a connection with these villains wanting Peach due to her owning the Mushroom Kingdom, but unfortunately doesn’t see a clear connection. He is however, certain that this is all related the evil threat he was telling you about. Norahl says that he will help Mario with his powers if Mario helps him stop this evil threat. Since Mario has no other ideas on where to find Peach, the two agree and So with that Norahl joins Mario!

Mario then remembers and turns to Merlon, asking if he can help Octoombravo by using his magic. Merlon says that he'll see what he can do and heads of to the Inn. Mario follows. Once in the inn Merlon uses his magic and then Octoombravo feels better strait away. Octoombravo thanks Merlon but Merlon says that it was Mario who did it as it was him that told him. Octoombravo wants to know how he can repay Mario. Norahl then takes this opportunity to suggest that he helps Mario on his journey to collect the Crown Jewels. Octoombravo thinks for a moment remembering that he’s currently “off duty” and so, he agrees to and joins Mario's Party as the first party member! Norahl tells you that he knows one of the Royal Jewels is in Stardust Woods which is North West from Auroraport. He says that you can probably get there from exiting the other end of the gardens. So just head over there to where the Stardust tree is where you will find a bolder blocking off a path leading to Stardust Woods. But, using Octoombravo's ability to throw grenades (Since he's in the Military) you blow up the rock and so you can now to pass through to Stardust Woods thus starting CHAPTER 1...

Chapter 1: A Prickly Situation

CH1 Title Card
So, Starting chapter 1 in the Stardust Woods as you enter you see that the trees all have bright yellow-ish, with slight sparkle to them . Anyway, you make your may through the woods fighting some Eskoopots (They're koopa's with snail shells) and Leaflies, Spuckies and Octoombas. After this you will reach an area with a colourfully dressed Buzzy Beetle Eskoopot looking at a collapsed tree. The Buzzy Beetle then notices Mario and Mario notices the tree and asks what happened. The Buzzy Beetle explains that he is a traveller and came here to explore. However once he got to the woods he found the collapsed tree which was obstructing the path to Hubble Hamlet, which he says is his home town. However he does not know how the tree collapsed.

Mario and Octoombravo then ask if he knows about any Crown Jewels. The buzzy beetle hesitates but then says he’s never heard of them. He then introduces himself: his name is Trobuzza. He says that he thinks he might know another way into the village: by going around the woods and entering the village through someone’s back garden. Norahl gives the idea that someone in the hamlet may know about the Jewels. So Mario and Goombravo decide to follow Trobuzza to the village. So now you just have to go up north of the forest. Trobuzza will show you the way but you have to protect him from the enemies because if one attacks him then he'll run back to the previous area and you'll have to go back and get him.

Once you get so far Trobuzza will stop and tell you that the way into the hamlet is nearby. Just search a bush to the right and it will reveal a path for you to move on. Once you go through you come out on a bit of farm land, however most of the crops appear to be destroyed. Trobuzza sees the back of a house which leads him to think that they are now in Hubble Hamlet. They then enter the rest of the village through the back of the house, however, once they get out of the house they see that the entire village is being attacked by a species of Piranha Plants called Staranha Plants.

You now have to play a minigame where you hit the Staranha Plants with your hammer to get rid of them as they continuously move around the screen. After getting rid of most of them, a Spiky Staranha will appear who is quite angry and with this a battle infuses. Once the battle is over, The Spiky Staranha will disappear as well as all the Staranha Plants. The mayor and the other villagers will then thank you and ask how they can repay you. Mario then asks if they know anything of a Crown Jewel. (Trobuzza pulls a troubled face) The Mayor says that the closest thing he can think of about a Jewel is Koorupe's Ring. He explains that Koorupe is a Koopa who lives in the village who wears a golden rose shaped ring. Suddenly Norahl instantly knows that is one of the Royal Jewels simply known as the Golden Rose Ring, (Trobuzza then slowly walks away from the conversation without anyone noticing), Norahl asks where Koorupe is. The Mayor says that he is probably in his house to the far right of the Hamlet but he warns you that Koorupe is usually quite grumpy.

Now is a good time to actually explore the village, but to progress the plot just head to Koorupes house. When you enter the house no one appears to be in. However Norahl says that he can feel the presence of the ring close by so just keep searching. What you actually have to do is push a crate out the way to reveal a door on the ground. Once you open the door there is a staircase leading downwards into the basement. Go into the basement and you'll see a miserably koopa who is shocked to see that someone had found his basement. However he is also extremely angry to see that someone had just let them self into his house without permission.

Norahl notices that the koopa is wearing the Gold Rose Ring on his finger so he knows that he is Koorupe. Norahl explains that they need the ring but Koorupe then goes furious. Mario tries to calm him down. Norahl still tries to reason with Koorupe, but he isn’t having any of it. Octoombravo asks what he needs it for. Koorupe just says that it means a lot to him. Mario asks why, though at this point Koorupe is tired of being asked questions he decides to calm down and explain.

Chapter 1
He begins to tell a story about his past: "Many years ago when I first moved to this hamlet, I fell in love with a koopa named Kupure. After knowing her for awhile, I wanted to propose to her but I had no ring. However one day I was out about in the woods when I saw a shiny gold ring on the floor. Though I didn’t know where it came from or whose it was, I decided to take it. With the ring I proposed to Kupure like I wanted to, and she accepted it. But one day, me and Kupure were out in the woods taking a walk when all of a sudden we were ambushed by a bunch of Staranha Plants. But worst of all, there was one huge one, Horrifying it was! I managed to escape but kupure... she was taken to their fortress, and now I have never seen her since. Not only that though... we had a son... but he abandoned me soon after the incident, and I’ve never seen him since either" Mario and co. now understand why he wants the ring but they still need the ring. Octoombravo then says "well, what if she's still alive?" Koorupe foolishly then says "THATS IT! I've had enough with this! How about we do this: I'll give you the ring if you can bring my fiancé! NOW SHOE! GET OUT!" Mario and co. are then kicked out the house.

Outside the house is Trobuzza who curiously asks about what happened? Mario and co. explain that his fiancé was taken by Staranha Plants and he'll only give the ring to them if he can see Kupure once again. Trobuzza understands and says that you should go talk to the mayor about it for more info. So, they head to the mayors house to talk to him.

Once in the house the mayor asks how it went... "Not well". The group explain what happened. The mayor understands but says "if you really want the ring and are positive that Kupure is still alive then you could try infiltrating the Thorn Fortress... Confused, Mario and co. wonder what he's talking about. He explains that the Thorn Fortress is a big castle north of the woods and that it used to be a checkpoint belonging to the Metora Kingdom, but with the kingdom gone it is now the home of the Staranha Plants and their master: Staramama. If Kurupe would be anywhere it would be there. However he warns you that it is surrounded with thorny vines all around it and that the place is swarming with Staranha Plants. But of course that's not enough to scare Mario and with that they set of to the Thorn Fortress. But before you can fully leave the village you are stopped by Trobuzza...

He looks rather sad. He slowly begins to talk: "Errmmm ergh... em... well you see... it's just... GRRRRAAAAGH! Forget it! I'm not a kid anymore!" He seems to be talking to himself. "Mario! I wish to come with you!" Mario and co. are surprised and ask why but the only answer they get is "I'll... tell you later, it’s just.... I'm an explorer and I love exploring, SO PLAESE! Take me with you" Mario accepts and with that Trobuzza joins your party as the 2nd party member (His ability is just like Koop’s and Kooper's abilities from the previous Paper Mario games). So putting Trobuzza's ability to use, you can progress to the north of the woods. Just like the mayor explained, the fortress is surrounded by Thorns. However using Trobuzza's ability you can hit switches over the gaps to create bridges to cross over the thorns. Once at the castle entrance you'll be greeted with a fight with another Spiky Staranha. After that you can enter the fortress and thus begins the first dungeon: the Thorn Fortress.

As you can imagine you'll be fighting a lot of Staranha plants in this dungeon. You'll be mostly collecting keys to open doors one of which leads to the basement where there are vines everywhere. However you then find a female koopa who is asleep rapped and tied up in vines. Norahl begins to wonder if that is Kupure. Suddenly some Staranha Plants enter the room and you have to fight them. The noise of the fight wakes up the Koopa and she asks who you are. Everyone introduces their selves except for Trobuzza who hides from her sight. Mario asks if her name is Kupure and she says yes but wonders how they know her name. Mario explains that they have come to rescue her. Kupure is grateful but says that she cannot escape from the vines. So you look around the fortress a little more looking for the sources of those vines so that you can whack them with your hammer to get rid of them. (Every time you walk past Kupure with Trobuzza, he will automatically switch with Goombravo to hide)

Once you have got rid of the vines Kupure is freed. She thanks you when suddenly, the ground begins to shake and spiky tentacle like vines begin to come up through the ground. One of them grabs Kupure and takes her to the upper floor. You then have to chase it while avoiding all the vines. In the end, you chase it to the top of the castle but before you can go through the door, Trobuzza stops as he does not look to confident. He then reveals something he had been keeping from them the whole time: he is actually the son of Koorupe and Kupure.

He explains “Back when Kupure was taken by them, I always dreamt of infiltrating this fortress to save her, but it was too great of a task to do alone, but I just couldn’t stay in the hamlet; my dad... he was always mad, taking out his anger on me, which is why I didn’t want to see him in the village... and my mother... well, I just, it’s been so long... I didn’t want to meet her this way... anyway, after my dad became obsessed with that ring of his, I moved away and began exploring the wider world... I always hoped that one day; it would improve my strength enough for me to take on what lies behind this door...” Mario and Co. understand and try to cheer him up and persuade him that he can overcome his fear and with that you can enter the door leading to the boss...

At first it appears to be a large, dark, empty room. However Mario notices a small Staranha Plant head hanging down from the ceiling on a long vine. Whack it with your hammer and it begins to shake. it says "Owwiee! That hurt, who was that? You? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING IN HERE?! This place is for Staranha Plants only! INTRUDER ALERT!" then some other Staranha plant heads similar to that one begin to come down and ask what's going on. When they see Mario they begin to say "MUMMY! WAKE UP!" And all of a sudden, a huge purple Staranha Plant with hundreds of spiky vines, falls down from the ceiling. It begins to talk and then pulls out Kupure in one of its vines. It talks some more and with that begins the Boss of Chapter one: Staramama.

After the battle it drops Kupure and begins to wither. Suddenly Koorupe enters the room and sees Kupure on the floor and runs up to her. Then Trobuzza slowly walks up to Koorupe. Koorupe sees him and says "Son? Is that you?" "...Yes... it is me" replies Trobuzza. Kupure wakes up and sees Trobuzza and Koorupe. She hugs them both and says that she has never felt happier. Koorupe explains that he was told by one of the villagers that he saw Trobuzza and that he was heading to the Thorn Fortress, and so Kurupe rushed to the castle as quickly as possible.

Trobuzza then walks up to Staramama and asks why she kidnapped Kupure. She explains "The ring was originally ours... Several years ago, it fell from the sky. We passed on the ring to the next Staranha Plant leader, as the ring allowed us to provide food and energy with its powers but one day it got lost and it was Koorupe who found it. We came to him one day and asked him politely to have it back but he declined it in fear of our appearance and ran off. We tried again, but he was always too scared to talk to us formally... We figured that the only way to get it back was to do it by force, and thus we stole his fiancé, but he still wouldn't give in, since he never talked to us to find out we did what we did. So, to provide enough food we begin eating and stealing the crops of Hubble Hamlet that the villagers made... and yet he still never understood why this was happening to him... we had no choice you see?"

Koorupe apologies and describes a strange feeling that came from the ring; that he couldn't give the ring back, as if it was so powerful that he couldn't let go off it. He then walks up to Mario and apologises for yelling at him earlier. However suddenly the ring on his finger begins to glow and talk. Koorupe takes it off and listens to it. A women’s voice speaks and says "Hey chill out both of you! I don't belong to either of you; I belong to the Metora Kingdom and nothing else!" Staramama then gets angry because she needs it to provide food. But Koorupe comes up with a solution and makes a deal with Staramama saying that they will share the crops that they make in exchange for them not attacking the Hamlet, and them helping out. Staramama agrees and with that Koorupe gives Mario the Gold Rose Ring thus triggering the END OF CHAPTER sequence and that concludes chapter one. YOU GOT A CROWN JEWEL!

Chapter 1 Interludes

The game then goes to the Peach and Bowser interludes: In the Peach interlude you find out that Peach is locked up in a jail cell in some sort of high tech base in the Starflake Pinnicles. In the cell opposite to Peach, is a women who looks similar to Darameana. She introduces herself: her name is Medreana. She tells Peach that she was locked up by Darameana and Delumer. She also explains that Darameana is her brother. A strange Doopla Ghost wearing a wizard hat then enters the room and says hello to Medreana but asks who Peach is. Medreana tells Peach that "This is Dooplund" and explains that secretly lets Medreana her out of her cell to find out Darameana's plans but Darameana doesn't know this. Dooplund says that he'll let them both out to find out some information about Darameana and Delumer. She also explains that "Darameana made a deal with the army of the nearby Yeast Kingdom to help him achieve his goals; they built this base over the Star Shrine and used it as their stronghold. Me and Dooplund were here far before now and when they attacked they made Dooplund into their servant".

With that, Dooplund lets you out your cells with his magic so you can to explore parts of the base using Dooplund’s ability to transform you into the guards so that they won't notice you. You come across Darameana and Delumer talking and you stop to listen. You hear them talking about Mario and the Crown Jewels and how he is apparently collecting them. But Darameana while he appears to know what they are, he doesn't see why Mario would possibly need them. Dooplund tells Peach and Medreana that they should head back to their cells now. One the way back Medreana tells Peach that she knows about the Crown Jewels and says that she remembers hearing about a Necklace being found in a desert called the Sparkling Sands but that's all she knows and thus concludes the Peach interlude For the Bowser Interlude Bowser is in his castle and Kammy Koopa tells him that Peach was kidnapped by someone else in Metora. With that Bowser gets in his Koopa Clown Cart and travels to Metora as he's mad that someone else kidnapped Peach but that's all for the Bowser Interlude.

Meanwhile back in Stardust Woods with Mario, Koorupe and Kupure decide to get re-married soon and Trobuzza says that he wants to continue travelling with Mario so he can live a life of adventure but he will of course be there for the wedding when it takes place. The spirit of the Gold Rose Ring also introduces herself properly, she tells you to call her Florina; she explains that she thinks all of the Crown Jewels have spirits trapped inside but can't remember how they got there. But with that, Mario and Co. set off to find the next Crown Jewel...

Chapter 2: The River and City Mystery

CH2 Title Card.
After leaving Stardust Woods and reaching Auroraport, Norahl stops and focuses for a second almost as if he's receiving a message. He then tells Mario that the next Crown Jewel is somewhere in the Sparkling Sands to the west of Metora and suggest that you find out how to get there. So, where to go when you need help? To Merlon of course.

After meeting him, he tells Mario and Co. that “you can get to the Sparkling Sands by taking a boat to get to Glimmer City, just on the coast and then get to the desert from there...” He then goes off on his own thing “Ah, the Sparkling Sands! The ancestral home of us Shamans, or Merlotians I should say! You know, there’s said to have once been this huge ancient c..y a. t.. n..rt. e.. o. th. d.s..t a.. .....................” (Mario and Co. slowly fall asleep...). Sometime later: “.....Y.s and that is the story of how the Merlotians came to be! ...Hey, were you even listening?” Mario and Co. suddenly wake up and nod as convincingly as they can. Anyway, with the group now knowing how to get to the Sparkling Sands, they leave to the docks of Auroraport. Once at the docks, Mario and Co. perches their tickets (for a 30 Coins). After that, they get on the boat and set off to find the next Crown Jewel, thus triggering the Chapter 2 opening sequence: CHAPTER 2: THE RIVER AND CITY MYSTERY!!!

After a short trip on the sea, Mario and co. arrive at the docks of Glimmer City. When you get there you see that the sand on the beach is a shining silver colour. So you can take some time to explore the city but after talking to some people around the place you find out about some rumours of an ancient city to the north of the desert. You also learn that there used to be a river flowing through the desert from the north. If you head to the river at the east end of the city you see that there is a small lonely house on the other side of the dried up river. When you go up to the house the door opens in Mario's face and he falls over. After getting up he sees a strange shaman women standing in the door frame. She asks why Mario is there and Mario and co. explain that they are looking for a Crown Jewel and ask if she knows anything about it.

She then pulls a slightly horrified face, but then calms down. She then introduces herself: her name is Merlia and then she asks Mario to come into her house. She reveals that she has been expecting Mario and goes on to explain "My past... I can vaguely remember it in flashes. If I recall, I remember a beautiful city, flowing with water. I can also remember this voice... it told me that he saved me... a wizardly-man... he sent me on the river when it was still flowing and said that one day I would be reunited with the ones from my past. Truth is, I know that if I follow the river up north, that’ll find something, but I fear to alone... and that’s where you come in”. “Me?” Mario confuses, “Yes, the voice told me I’d be aided by a man of “red and blue” Merlia explains. One of Mario’s party members then interrupts “Wait a sec, what does have to do with the Crown Jewel?”

“Ah yes” Merlia remembers “I do recall an aqua-blue necklace, possessing great power” "The Legacy Neclace?" asks Norahl. "If it is the same necklace I remember talking about then yes." says Merlia. She asks if you will help her get through the desert and Mario agrees. So now you have to go to the desert itself, however there's a huge, guarded fence separating the city from the desert and only people of importance are allowed to pass through. However since Octoombravo is a member of the military, he has a special ID allowing him to pass on through, you show the guard your ID and he grants you access and thus you are now in the Sparkling sands (Enemies: Elworm, Starslap, Glowkey)

Merlia notices that the sun is slowly setting but worries not. Once in the desert, Merlia will tell you to follow the dried up river to the north and eventually you'll reach the destination. Once you get about half way across the desert the sun finally sets and its night time but with the moonlight out the silver sand begins to truly sparkle and shine and the whole desert looks beautiful. But no time to rest, you need to carry on travelling up north. With the moonlight illuminating the sand, it can be used to unveil a hidden track, which you must use to get through the vast desert.

Eventually you'll reach the very edge of the desert to the north. There appears to be a large stone door with patterns on it inside the foot of the mountain as well as some other crumpling pillars and bricks, ect. around the area. Once you go up to the door, it doesn't appear to be openable. However Merlia then walks up to the door and suddenly the patterns on it begin to glow. Then the door slowly opens revealing a stair case leading downwards. Merlia seems puzzled as she has no idea on how she did it. But with the door open Mario and co. are now able to progress onward. Once you enter the ruins everything is very quiet and you can hear water dripping down from the ceiling. After going down some stairs you find a crack in the wall which looks breakable so, you use Octoombravo to blow it away but then out of the cracks water starts spewing out and hen breaks through washing Mario and everyone else away...

Chapter 2
Soon, Mario wakes up and finds himself in a room with vines coming down from the walls and water flowing through it. "So, I see you have finally decided to wake up!" Says a voice. Mario sees an old Shaman man. He introduces himself as Merlock. Mario asks where he is.

"Why, you are in the Ancient City of Merlot, ancestral home of the Merlotians... Although, it is no longer under that name..." says Merlock. Mario then realises that all of his Party Members, Norahl and Merlia are missing and instantly begins searching for them. However before you can leave the room, 2 aquatic-looking knight guards, come into the room and see Mario and Merlock. "Hey! Who are you? And you! You can't be in here!" shouts one of the guards and with that a battle infuses. After the battle the guards scurry off.

Merlock explains that they are Strealoids and that they took over the city 7 years and made it the ruins it is now. The City now goes by the name of “Strealot”. Anyway, now you have to explore Merlot City Ruins to find all of your Party Members. Each time you find a Party Member, you'll have to use their ability to get to the next one. The first person you find though is Merlia who says that she'll help you get around the city and so she properly joins your party. Using her ability to levitate small objects you make your way around the city getting back your party members. You'll also be solving puzzles to do with water as well as coming across some other Merlotians who are hiding from the Strealoids. In this area you will also get the Iron Boots (Super Boots) which you can use to walk underneath the water (Enemies: Honen, Jelpins, Strealoids, Esbeetots)

Eventually you'll have all your party members (Including Florina) except for Norahl. Eventually you come into a dark room where you see Norahl when suddenly a bunch of Strealoids enter the room and surround Mario and Co. but there is too many to fight and so they capture they capture Mario and Co. and take them down a large ancient corridor until they reach a large room with a bridge leading up to centre platform with water underneath. On the centre platform is a throne and sitting on it is Stroidion, the master of the Strealoids, who is also wearing a blue necklace (The Legacy Neclace). Stroidion commands the Strealoids to bring Merlia forward. Merlia then gains some confidence and questions “Alright! Who are you! And what have you done to this place!”

Stroidion grins “Hmmm, quite a demanding one are we? Well, I suppose you have a right to know... You see, before the Metora Kingdom existed, when there were just tribes, us Strealoids lived in this city which we called Strealot. However, when the Metora Kingdom was formed, we became less hostile and soon, the city was no longer really ours, but rather belonged to the kingdom as a whole... Who populated our city the most? The Shamans, who had came from their own homeland, south of the desert. But we soon became tired of our lack of power on what was once our city. As much as we wanted to form a rebellion, with the kingdom there, it wasn’t to be so easy. So we instead abandoned the city and set out for greater lands, searching for a new home somewhere. But during our hundreds of years of searching, there was nothing suitable. But when we received word that the Metora Kingdom had fallen, it was the perfect chance to strike back! And thus we did! And luckily for us! We discovered this lonely Blue Necklace just lying in the desert, and using its powers, we were able to conquer Merlot with ease! And now it all rightfully belongs to us!”

Merlia stares in disgust “So you were the reasons I was orphaned! You know, you didn’t have to destroy so many people’s lives!”. “Enough!” He shouts, and then commands the Strealoids to through her in the dungeon. However Mario then fights of the Strealoids and runs up to Stroidion to fight him, but before Mario can reach him, Stroidion uses his magic in an attempt to stop Mario, however it instead ends up destroying the bridge and Mario, Merlia and co. fall down into the water below. Stroidion then gets mad and commands the Strealoids to search for them and bring them to him.

With Mario and Co. down in the water, you'll have to do some stuff under water for awhile. Once out of the water though, you'll eventually get to the dungeon which is full of prison cells with Merlotians trapped inside them. However in one of the prison cells is someone who seems familiar to Merlia. The women in the cell appears very happy to see her. She introduces herself: She is Merlina, the mother of Merlia. Merlia is extremely happy but tells Mario to start looking for the prison cell keys. After you find the keys, you set free all the Merlotians including Merlina. Merlina says that "We must stop Stroidion and the Strealoids" So, you take Merlia and Merlina back to the throne room where Stroidion is.

However, once you enter the room, Stroidion runs to the other side of the room and escapes. With the bridge out, there doesn’t appear to be anyway across. However Merlina and Merlia use their magic to create a platform across and hold it up while you get through. Once you catch up with Stroidion, he is standing on a platform on the other side of the room. And After a short speech about how he believes the Merlotians took their city form them, he summons a huge sea serpent who is his pet called Seatail, and with that the battle infuses between Mario, Co., Seatail and Stroidion.

After the battle Seatail is defeated and Stroidion scurries off and tells the Strealoids to retreat and in doing so he drops the Legacy Necklace. Mario takes the Legacy Neclace and in his presence, the spirit trapped inside the necklace awakens and introduces itself: Her name is Lenami. Merlia then thanks Mario for helping her in discovering her past, and with the Legacy Necklace in hand, the END OF CHAPTER sequence is triggered! YOU GOT A CROWN JEWEL!

Chapter 2 Interludes

The game then goes to the Peach and Bowser interludes. In the Peach interlude, Dooplund frees Peach and Medreana from their cells again to find out some more clues. By disguising yourself as the guards you make your way into a room with a large monitor in it and it asks for the passcode. However this isn't a simple passcode, instead you have to play a short computer minigame to unlock the computer. After you've done this you find out some information through a daily news email concerning a story about a bangle in the Nadiri Mountains, but then Dooplund tells you that you need to head back to your cells. On the way back, Medreana tells you more about her and Darameana's past and how they once lived in a city above the clouds, but it one day fell to an evil presence and they were forced to evacuate and just managed to escape to the surface.

Meanwhile, Bowser is in Arouraport trying to learn about Peach and Mario's whereabouts. They force Merlon to give them answers and they learn about the Crown Jewels. With that, Bowser and Kammy Koopa begin to travel around the kingdom to try to find the Crown Jewels. (He wants them for their Magic Powers and such).

Meanwhile back with Mario, The Merlotians are all free and can continue to live in the city and hopefully rebuild it. (As you come here later in the game, the city becomes more rebuilt). So with that, Mario and Co. set of to find the next Crown Jewel. However when you leave the city you see that the dried up river is now flowing with water. Lenami says that the Legacy Necklace is able to control the flow of water and that Stroidion used the power of the necklace to use the water flows in the city to his advantage in order to take over the city. That's why the water flows were no longer following the river. Anyway they then set off with Merlia as she wishes to continue helping Mario on his quest to find the next Crown Jewel.

Chapter 3: Fists Held Tight

CH3 Title Card
After finishing up at the Sparkling Sands, Mario and co. set of to find the next Crown Jewel. Once again Norahl stops for a second as if he is receiving a message. He then tells Mario that the next Crown Jewel is in the Nadiri Mountains. You get to the Nadiri Mountains by going to a pipe on the west side of Auroraport. However a plumber there (who is not Mario) is working to unclog the pipe as there is a huge cork stuck inside it. So you use Lenami's power with the Legacy Necklace and use it to make the water flow go up the pipe and so the force pops the cork out, unclogging the pipe. With that you enter the pipe and it takes you into the mountains in the background where you then enter CHAPTER 3: FISTS HELD TIGHT!!!

You come out in an oriental city called Hana Koshi, which is full of pink cherry blossom trees. Focusing on the next Crown Jewel: The Power Bangle, Mario and Co. ask the locals of the city if they know anything about it. Most of them don’t know much, but they do link it to “the man on the hill”, while others say that the bangle is probably in the forbidden part of the mountains. If you head to the exit of the city to north, you will be stopped by someone guarding the cave entrance into the mountains, who will say that the mountains are strictly forbidden due to a so called “curse” that was put upon it. Norahl asks for more info, but the guard tells them to go see “the man on the hill”.

Eventually, the group find out that this man on the hill is located west of the vcity, on a small spiral hill. So, the group head here and go up the hill until they meet an aging Tanooki, who automatically assumes that you want to challenge him to a battle. So, a short fight infuses. Afterwards, the Tanooki admits defeat and tells you to meet him at his house, east of the city, to begin “the ordeal”... So, you head to the Tanooki’s house where he formally explains what’s going on after Norahl has a fit at him for “not explaining things first”. The Tanooki begins: “My name is Tanagi, and believe it or not, I created these very mountains”

“What? Okay, I’m no Geologist, but I’m pretty sure you can’t just do that” Norahl interrupts. Tanagi continues “Well, I did, alongside my wife: Tanami. You see... I am much older than you might expect... to be more specific, over 1000 years perhaps!”. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Norahl intervenes once more “Okay, I’m no Racoon-Biologist, but I’m pretty sure even a Tanooki can’t live that long! ...I just made the same joke twice didn’t I?”, “Well you see, me and my wife were created by the Metoran Gods”, Norahl replies “Ah! Of course! Why didn’t I think of the “being created by gods” theory?”

“Anyway,” Tanagi carries on “Our purpose was to firstly create the mountains. We did this using the Blade of Ame, a legendary sword given to us by the gods. We then thrusted it into the ground, so that it caused mountains to rise from the earth, thus creating what is now the Nadiri Mounatains”. “Did he just say all that?” Norahl openly asks. “Our second and most important purpose was to create divinities to represent different elements to keep them stable. So, I and Tanami made 4... I mean, 3, children: The first was Raiy, embodiment of thunder and wind, second was Yurao, embodiment of ice and water, and finally was Kargu, embodiment of fire. But that last birth... Kargu’s flames fatally burnt Tanami, she fell ill and passed away into... the Knowmi”, “The Knowmi? Really? That’s what it’s called?” Norahl laughs.

“Your laughing insults me! The Knowmi is like an underworld; a land for the dead! But I’m glad you sir brave Mario, have shown yourself today, for now that you are here, we can finally enter the mountains and work to free them from the curse that lies upon it!”. “Okay slow down!” Norahl says “What exactly is this curse and also, why does it concern us? We only came here in search of the Power Bangle!”

The name of the Crown Jewel rings a bell to Tanagi who say he already has it on him. He then goes into the other room and comes out holding the bangle. Everyone is happy that it was this easy but then, Mario and Co. notice something... the jewel on the bangle has been smashed to pieces! “What is this? Some sorta joke? (Look who’s talking), that’s not funny! We need that Bangle!”

“I assure you, this is no joke!” Tanagi responds “you see the bangle fell from the heavens about 7 years ago; I believe that it was given to me by the gods as a way of telling me that it was time! So, with the combined powers of the spirit of the bangle: Bolodie, and the Blade of Ame, I entered the Knowmi. But when I met my wife, she was... ARGH! IT WAS HORRIBLE! A rotting corpse I tell you! I was a coward, and ran away from the Knowmi. My wife wasn’t happy... she sent angry spirits and beasts at me to attack! So when I left the Knowmi, I used the bangle one last time to place a huge bolder at the entrance... but it seems it wasn’t enough... Tanami set a curse unto the mountains, so now they are forbidden. The only one who may enter is me.”

Norahl, ignores most of that and skips to how he knows Bolodie, the spirit trapped inside the Power Bangle. Tanagi explains that the spirit can only be awoken in the presence of a worthy warrior, so it must have seen him as warrior. He then explains “After escaping the Knowmi, I realised that the power of the Sword and Bangle were too much, so I locked the Sword in the Knowmi Garden, and shattered the bangle, sending Bolodie... to the Knowmi. Norahl becomes enraged because this means that Mario and Co. will now have to travel there too. Tanagi explains that he will help them to get the Power Bangle, as long as they work together to get to the Knowmi. He then tells them to meet him at the entrance to the mountains, and leaves.

So, you head there, where Tanagi gives Mario and Co. permission to get past by the guard. Tanagi tells you to meet him at the Knowmi Garden, and with that, you begin exploring the Nadiri Mountains. A lot of it is much like a forest, beneath the pink trees. Anyway, once in the garden, Tanagi is waiting in the garden, standing infront of a huge bolder that is the entrance to the Knowmi. Problem is, The Power Bangle is the only thing that can lift the bolder, and Bolodie is on the other side of it! Tanagi explains that there is one other way to destroy the bolder: using the Elemental Beads that his 3 children own. He explains that each child owns a temple at the highest points in the mountains and that they must travel to each one to retrieve the beads. Before they set off though, Tanagi stands in front of a sword inside a pedestal: It’s the Blade of Ame. He pulls the sword out in an epic and imposing display (“show off” says Norahl), and with the Blade of Ame in his hands, TANAGI JOINED YOUR PARTY!!!

Chapter 3
With that you head off into the mountains! Using Tanagi’s ability to get across gaps with his super-quick sword skills, you head west of the mountains where you eventually reach a volcano where the first temple lies at the top: Kargu’s Temple. The temple is like a mini dungeon, with fire puzzles that must be solved to reach the top. Once at the top, you meet Kargu, embodiment of fire, who resembles a Kagu Bird. Kargu seems pleased to meet his father after all this time until Tanagi tells him about his plan. This enrages Kargu who says that Tanagi needs to stop trying to change fait, and so a battle infuses! Afterward, Tanagi explains that he is much stronger with Mario by his side and that Metora depends on it. Kargu accepts and gives you the first Elemental Bead of Fire!

Next, you head to Yurao’s Temple, north of the mountain, which is situated on a snowy mountain and is the highest point in the mountain range. The temple involves Ice and Water puzzles. At the top, you confront Yurao herself who is a majestic, white dragon. When Tanagi tells her about his journey, she is uncertain that he can do it after his previous attempt, so she challenges him to a battle and agrees to give Mario and Co. the Ice Bead if they win. After the battle, Yurao accepts that her father is strong enough and gives Mario the Elemental Bead of Ice! With that, there’s only one more bead to go!

So, you head back off into the mountains and travel east until you reach an area where things get a little more wind... Once you reach the top of the final mountain, you enter the final temple: Raiy’s Temple. This temple has wind and electricity themed puzzles, until you get to the top and confront Tanagi’s eldest: Raiy. Raiy is much more cheerful than serious and is happy to see his dad. The 2 act almost like brothers! However, Tanagi cuts the cheerfulness short and tells Raiy of his quest. Raiy thinks for moment but decides to give the group the Elemental bead of Wind without any fuss. But before the group leave, Raiy asks his dad for “one of those battles we used to have when I was younger, just for fun!”.

“Of course they’re gonna make you fight him for some reason! Because, logic!” Norahl mutters. After a short battle, Raiy wishes you luck, and with all 3 elemental beads in hand, you head back south of where you are, which will take you full circle, back to the Knowmi Garden. By placing each of the Elemental Beads on 3 pedestals surrounding the entrance, the bolder explodes, thus revealing the entrance to the Knowmi! Tanagi gulps, not sure if he can do this, but with some encouragement, the group enter the Knowmi as the 3rd dungeon in the game!

The Knowmi is very dark and pretty damn creepy (in fact, it’s probably the closest thing to the horror chapter of this game). Part way through, you save an aging man from some enemies who is actually a Metoran (the same species as Darameana). He introduces himself as Bolodie, in which the group realise that he is the spirit of the Power Bangle, but like Norahl, can’t remember much of what happened before he descended from the sky. “Amnesia, a Cliché all us Crown Jewels seem to face...” remarks Norahl. One of your party members also wonders if this mean Norahl, Florina and Lenami could also be Metoran. Bolodie also mentions a demon that keeps tormenting him and asks you to escort him to the main room.

So, you use Bolodies strength-filled powers to destroy metal barricades, to traverse onwards, until you reach the main room. In the main room, there’s a large door which Bolodie explains is where Tanami is and also says that Tanagi “must finish what he has left unfished”, in order to restore Bolodie and the Power Bangle. However, the door needs a mirror-like object to be inserted inside it for it to open, so Mario and Co. explore the rest of the dungeon in search of said Mirror. Along the way, you also get the SmashHammer (Super Hammer), which can be used to destroy giant blocks, allowing you to pass on further.

Eventually, you find the Sun Mirror, which you take back to the main room and open up the door. But before you can enter the boss area, Tanagi has another moment where he doubts himself. He then reveals that he has one other son that he didn’t tell them about: the God of the Knowmi, Shinder. He explains that Shinder was created when inside Tanagi himself when the curse was put on the mountains, and the only way for him to separate it was to reincarnate Shinder inside the Power Bangle and then destroy it, sending him back to the Knowmi, but at the cost of Bolodie as well.

Mario and Co. understand, but it’s too late to turn back now! With that, the group enter the boss room (with Bolodie following behind). Inside is a crypt like pedestal, while the rest of the room is dark and silent. A voice ominously speak “Tanagi, why did you return?”. Tanagi recognises the voice to be his wife.

“Tanami! I... I’m sorry what I did last time... I was a coward. But please, we can both escape if you can just forgive me...”. The voice suddenly changes from calm to dark and demonic “If you aren’t a coward, then let’s see you face your own WIFE!”. Tanagi then realises that the voice is really his son: Shinder. Suddenly, from the centre of the pedestal, a demonic looking corpse woman, emerges from the ground and begins approaching Mario and Co.

Tanagi is unsure whether he can do this, but then Bolodie explains that the woman isn’t really his wife as it is being controlled by Shinder, and if Tanagi does battle her, then she won’t feel any pain because she’s already dead. While strange, these words reassure Tanagi, who stands up and gets ready to battle, and so a short boss infuses. Afterwards, the corpse shrivels up and disappears. The demonic voice speaks again “Ah, so you’ve suddenly gained a large chunk of courage? FOOL! You don’t expect to enter the Knowmi and escape afterwards do you? Especially not for you! FATHER!”

“You are the fool Shinder! Show yourself!” Tanagi demands. “Are you sure you want me to show myself? Last time you ran away like a BIG BABY!!!”. Tanagi thinks for a moment “Yes... but since then, I have met Mario; without him, I wouldn’t even be here, but together, as my friend, he, I and his partners shall emerge victorious!”. “ALRIGHT! As you wish! FATHER!”, with that, a huge demon-like creature with large horns, holding 2 swords, emerges from the shadows “DON’T PLAY WITH DEATH OR DEATH WILL PLAY YOU!!!”. And so, the boss of Chapter 3 against Shinder, God of Death, BEGINS!!!

After the battle, Shiner is defeated as his body slowly shrinks into the shadows, but before he disappears: “MWEHEHEHE!!! YOU THINK I TASTE MY OWN POISON NOW? NOT BEFORE YOU GET A SAMPLE FIRST!! YOU’LL ALL STAY HERE WITH ME FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY!!!” the earth shakes violently, as rocks fall from the ceiling. The group try to escape, but a large bolder has blocked the exit, and so all hope seems to be lost. But then, a female voice cries out “Tanagi! It is I, Tanami!” a ghostly figure who is indeed Tanami! Tanagi is amazed, but listens to what his wife needs to say: “Listen, I can get you out if you do as I say: Bolodie, please hold the Power Bangle in your hand”.

Tanagi passes him the Bangle in which Tanami continues “Alright, now Tanagi, raise the Blade of Ame skywards. Tanagi follows, and Tanami then focuses her power to take energy from the sword, and uses it to reincarnate Bolodie back inside the Power Bangle, which has now been restored. “Now, pick up the Power Bangle, and it’ll warp you back to the Knowmi Garden, hurry!”. “Wait, what about you?” Tanagi hesitates, Tanami closes her eyes “I’m sorry dearest husband, but it is too late for me to be saved... I k-know i-it’s ha..rd b-but... (She’s crying at this point) my fate was... d-decided long ago... I’m sorry husband... I hope we’ll be reunited o-one day... in a-a... place full o-of peace... a-nd j-joy... goodbye...”. “G-goodbye Tanami...”, with that, the group enter the portal around the bangle, thus teleporting them back to the entrance of the Knowmi in the garden.

Mario and Co. try to cheer Tanagi up, which he is grateful for and says that he now understands that he just has to accept the fate chosen for him by the gods. Bolodie then awakens “Aww, what! Darnit! I was loving having a body for all that time... actually, that was hell down there in that place so eh... scratch that last part...”. Tanagi thanks Mario for all his help and says that the curse has now been disposed due to Shinder’s defeat. With that, Mario takes the Power Bangle, thus triggering the END OF CHAPTER sequence


Chapter 3 Interludes

And now the game goes to the Peach and Bowser interludes. In the Peach interlude, Dooplund lets Peach and Medreana out of their cells again to explore the surrounding base to find some more clues. You start spying on Darameana when Delumer rushes up to him and tells him that Mario's collected all but one of the Crown Jewels. Delumer also tells him that he's located the Metoran Crown, it's in Force-Strike Valley to the east of Metora. Darameana thinks for a second and says "I understand the Jewels have great power, and that he must be collecting them to use that power against us!", he then tells Darameana to go to Force Strike to stop Mario in his tracks. But then Dooplund tells Peach and Medreana to head back to their cells.

On the way back Medreana tells you about her father who was the King of Metora in Gorah City. He was called King Comoary. But when the evil presence attacked it nearly destroyed the city, but Comoary sacrificed himself using the power of his jewels and stopped the darkness but he was never seen again after that...

Meanwhile Bowser is searching Stardust Woods for the one of the Crown Jewels. However once he gets to Hubble Hamlet he learns that Mario had already got the Crown Jewel there. Raging, Bowser and Kammy Koopa set of to find a Crown Jewel somewhere else and that concludes the interludes.

Back with Mario and Co., now in Hana Koshi again, they are unexpectedly met with Tanagi’s 3 children who are all proud of Tanagi for accepting fate,a nd moving on from the past. Tanagi smiles and says that he wants to learn more by travelling with Mario on his journey, and helping others to achieve their destinies. With that, Tanagi’s children fly off back to their temples, and Mario and Co. head off to find out about the 5th and final Crown Jewel!

Chapter 4: The Lightning Strikes Back!

CH4 Title Card
After acquiring the Power Bangle from the Nadiri Mountains, Mario and Co. head back to AuroraPort where Norahl has his last moment where he looks like he’s receiving a message of some kind. Norahl then tells you “It seems the 5th and Final Crown Jewel is in Force-Strike Valley! Warning: expect electric puns”. However, the group have no idea how to actually get to Force-Strike Valley itself, so who else do you go to at these times other than Merlon! ...But he unfortunately does not know either... As the group leave the hotel wondering how to reach the so-called “Fields of Thunder”, the strangely notice a just-visible, yellow Boo with a fancy haircut. Norahl breaks down that it can’t be a coincidence that they just saw an “Eleboo” right after trying to find out how to reach the place they are most known for living in: Force-Strike Valley.

So, the group curiously follow the Eleboo to an old house which, because of the way the camera is positioned, never seemed to have any way into the house, until now, where a wooden door has mysteriously appeared. Mario and Co. head into the seemingly empty house, in which they uncover the entrance to a basement of sorts, where the further they travel down, the more high-tech things strangely start to get...

Eventually, they reach what appears to be an underground train station. The Eleboo finally appears in a “shocking” manor, in which he simple tells the group “hop on the train and I’ll explain when you reach the valley”. With no ideas of what else to do, the group hop on the high-tech looking bullet train, in which... the train instantly zooms off at lightning speed, but at the same time, crazy turns, loops, pauses and JUMP SCARES are made along the journey, like some sort of modern ghost train ride. Anyway, once the train finally reaches its destination, it begins! CHAPTER 4: THE LIGHTNING STRIKE BACK!!!

The group get off the train, some traumatised, others finding it fun (that would be Norahl), and strangely enough, there was no even driving the train either! Anyway, that Eleboo from before isn’t anywhere to be seen now that they’re here, so the only option is to make their way into the actually valley and find out what’s actually going on. After making a short trip into the centre of the fields, you reach a futuristic “town”, except, there isn’t really houses or anything, but rather, generators and other buildings like that. The area is also inhabited completely by ghosts, mostly Vholsts, Sparkies and Eleboos. Finally, they bump into the Eleboo from before who introduces himself as Niboola Esla, proprietor of the “Transformation Station” (that’s basically the name of the town) but says you can call him “Esla” for short.

Esla tells you to meet him in the main power station in his “office”, so you join him there. Inside, he explains what’s going on: “Sorry for all zee delay, but I had to get you here before I could I really begin: I can’t really put it any simpler than, we need your help Mario. You see, a few years ago, a Crown landed here in zee valley, but we never actually found until a few months back, where a young Sparky named Pyla found it, and as she is a young girl, she found it to be more of a fashion accessory, and sort of, showed off a bit to her friends. But, it soon got to be a little bit more than just showing off, as she soon became obsessed with zee crown, and started terrorising people who disagreed with her! Well, I’m sure it’s all very predictable at zis point, the crown is indeed the one you are in search of: The Metoran Crown. “Yeah, next time why don’t ya just skip to the punchline... unlike how I handle my jokes... or do I?” Norahl ponders. Esla Continues “Yes but it’s getting a lot worse. Because of the Crown, she now has unspeakable powers! And now, she’s heading for zee Energy Plant”.

“Energy Plant? Well doesn’t all plant produce energy no?” Norahl comments. “Not zat kind of Plant you imbecile! I’m talking about the massive Station north of zee valley centred around zee Energy Core, which is in turn, what allows all us ghosts in the valley to exist! You see, zee fields have a strong magnetic field, which attracts lightning, and zat energy left over from it is enough to temporarily create a ghost made of pure electricity! So make sure zat we Vholsts, Sparkies and Eleboos would last longer than a few hours, we slowly constructed zee generators across zee valley to gather electricity needed for ourselves, and built zee Energy Plant around zee Core Reactor to help keep it all stable and such. But now, Pyla has taken over the Energy Plant, along with all zee ghosts she brainwashed, and plans to use the energy from Core Reactor to give her even more unspeakable powers! But if zat happens, zen all zee ghosts in the valley will no longer have zee energy they need to exist, so they’ll all slowly just sort of, fade away! PLEASE MARIO! YOU GOT TO HELP US!”

Mario undoubtedly agrees to help, and so Esla explains that they need to figure out a way into the Energy Plant first, as Pyla has blocked the entrance with a strong barrier. Esla also tells you to look for a Vholst with a “lightning ponytail” and a “Trident”. With that, the group head out into the rest of Force-Strike Valley in search of clues on what they can do to get in the Energy Plant. Eventually, by exploring the South-East of the fields (Enemies: Electro-Eskoopots, Fizzlits, Hyper Octoombas, Hyper Para-Octoombas, Hyper Spiked Octoombas), you come across a Vholst, who does indeed have a trident and a lightning ponytail, but she’s being attacked by 2 brainwashed Negative Sparkies. So, Mario jumps in to fight them off. After the battle, the Vholst thanks you, and asks if she could repay you somehow. Mario and Co. explain that Esla told them to look for her, but at the thought of this, the Vholsts runs away cowardly for some reason.

So, you chase after her, until she eventually reaches a dead end, where she can’t run anymore. With that she gives in and explains that her name is Volru, and that Pyla was actually her best friend before she found “that crown”. She then goes on to say that the Trident she possesses is something only she can utilise, and was passed on down from her ancestors. “Esla, and all the ghosts from the Transformation Station want me to use my trident to break the barrier, but I keep telling them: IT WON’T WORK! I haven’t actually tried it out, but the thing is, I’m still unsure on how to use this thing myself... but even worse, I don’t think I have what takes to go up against who used to be my best friend y’know? I’m sorry but I’m afraid I can’t help you”.

Mario and Co. understand, and so they leave Volru alone and walk away... but then, “WAIT!” Volru rushes back “Listen, eh, forget about what I said back there; well, not all of it, but I mean, I feel like I’m letting people down, that I have a duty I’m not fulfilling, but if you’re who they say you are Mario, then I think I can go with you. In fact, it’s settled! I WILL help you! I’m not sure how I’ll handle going up against my once-bestie but, for now, I think I can handle this”. With that... VOLRU JOINED YOUR PARTY!!!

With Volru now on your team, you head back to the Transformation Station to find out what to do next. Here, Esla explains that there’s a system of many underground tunnels, like giant wires almost, that funnel the electricity around the valley, known as the Undercurrent. Esla’s theory is that the group might be able to get into the Energy Plant via the Undercurrent, by getting in though one of the underground entrances, assuming Pyla hasn’t yet thought that they might use this strategy to get in. So, the group head out and begin exploring new areas of the valley. The main mechanic here is the many generator machines scattered around the fields, which if you power them up with Volru’s ability, will serve as teleporters, taking you to other teleporters, possibly somewhere on the other side of the actually valley!

Chapter 4
But the other big focus is the amount of warp pipes, which will always take you to a different part of the Undercurrent, allowing you to explore many different areas. Anyway, using the teleporters and pipes to solve puzzles and progress further, the group eventually make it to what is supposed to be the underground passage to the Energy Plant! ...Except, it’s been completely blocked off by tonnes of debris and rubble. “Darnit! She did think ahead after all! Well, now what?” Volru asks. Unsure, the group head backwards into the Undercurrent, when they suddenly catch a small glimpse of a blue Vholsts passing down the tunnels. Curious, the group follow, until they eventually meet the Vholst in a room with a pedestal in the centre.

Volru questions who she is, in which she turns around to reveal that she is holding a spear, much like the Trident Volru carries. The Vholst introduces herself as Salru, and addresses Volru saying “So you are the successor to the Lightning Staffs”. Volru is confused by this, in which Salru explains “You see Volru, I am one of your ancestors, who passed down the Trident you now hold”. “R-really? Oh...” Volru is shocked (no pun intended) “But wait, what’s that spear you’re holding?”

Salru explains “Ah, well, I am of the generation of Vholsts who first created the Energy Core, many years back. But we also created the lightning staffs in order to store and control energy, even when away from a generator. But, some of the Vholsts became selfish and used the power of the staffs for negativity, so, most of them were destroyed. All that remains now are the 2 that you and I possess. It seems you slipped through the generation of ghosts who wanted to destroy it, while I have been hiding down in this Undercurrent for as many years as you have been alive... But now our home is at threat from Pyla, and the only way we can stop it is with the combined power of both our staffs, for I have tried it alone myself... needless to say, it was a failure... but now your here, so please, you have to help me, for the sake of the entire valley!”

Volru thinks for a second, but realises she can’t turn back now: “Very well; I accept” With that, Salru tells you to meet her up top, at the entrance to the Energy Plant. So, you exit the lost current (via pretty much any pipe you can find), and head to the entrance of the Energy Plant aboveground. Here, Salru is waiting, and tells Volru that in order to unlock the fullest power of the staffs, they must cross them together. So, when ready, Volru tilts her Trident to the left, while Salru does the same with her Spear in the opposite direction, causing the 2 to intersect. A bright light of energy appears in the cross section, showing the power that the 2 staffs have created together. Salru then order Volru to tilt the trident onto the barrier of the Energy Plant entrance, and with one giant beam of electrical power fired at the barrier, the obstacle is now destroyed! Salru wishes you luck when heading into the Energy Plant, but says that she’ll be there to help once you reach Pyla herself.

And so, Chapter 4’s dungeon begins! The dungeon is the largest one yet! As it has multiple buildings, various outdoor areas, as well as a lot of the dungeon being underground! (Enemies: Negative Vholst, Negative Sparkies, Negative Eleboos, Amps) There’s a lot of puzzles involving guiding currents around the facility, to get them to activate doors. Eventually, you see Delumer of all people! Just floating around suspiciously. Logically, Norahl tells you to follow him. You then follow him (without him noticing you) until you reach a sort of, research area, that has a lot of books in it. And strangely, Delumer actually happens to be carrying one of those books, reading it.

So, Mario and Co. confront him. “Oh... I see you’ve noticed me! Don’t worrying: I’m as much against that Pyla as you are... but I’m also against you as much as Pyla is!” With that, a battle infuses. After the battle, Delumer tosses the book he was holding on top of a nearby bookshelf, and then vanishes into the shadows. Curious as to what the book might be, the group find a way to get up onto the bookshelf and pick up the book to start reading, what actually happen to be Salru’s diary. “Day X – Today, while sneaking around the Energy Plant, I found out that Pyla’s was to actually use the power of the Energy Core for her own selfish ways! At this point, I was so mad at them that accidentally gave away my cover by shouting “NO!”. I only just made it out there alive or... unpossessed. Unfortunatley, now that they figured out how I got in through the Undercurrent, they’re blown out that way into the facility with debris, so now there’s no other way in! I need to go and warn the other ghosts in the valley quickly!”.

Volru adds up that Salru must have been the one to find out Pyla’s plans, so she warned everyone else somehow. But Norahl then wonders “Yeah, but why would Delumer be carrying Salru’s diary, if Salru wrote this after she was chased out of this place? And are you gonna try and tell me that he was just coincidentally carrying a book belonging to Salru, and a place full of LOADS OF OTHER BOOKS!”. Volru thinks it through and breaks down that perhaps Delumer found the book outside the Energy Plant, and somehow found his own way into the Energy Plant, and also wanted the group to purposely read the diary for some reason. So, the group continue onwards through the many buildings, courtyards and underground areas of the facility, and even find a pair of Stunt Boots until they eventually reach the room that houses the Core Reactor itself!

But non-surprisingly it seems the villain herself has beaten the group to it! It’s Pyla! And she also happens to wearing the Metoran Crown on her head! “So this is Pyla ey?” Norahl says “Haha, she looks like one of those Angry Suns from that desert kingdom!”. “SILENCE!” Pyla demands “At last! The preparations are all ready for me to gain the powers that this device is capable of!” She then approaches the Core Reactor, ready to receive its power, when suddenly; a dark projectile hits her from the side, knocking her back. The projectile is revealed to have come from Delumer, who then takes the Metoran Crown and wears it himself! “Oh come on this is getting ridiculous!” Norahl shouts out”. Delumer then says that he’s gonna help accomplish his own goals with the power of the Energy Core, but first, he’ll take care of Mario and Co. using Pyla herself, who Delumer has now possessed! Delumer then unveils a massive robot mech suit that he says Pyla built herself in preparation for this very fight, but now that Delumer’s in control, this is the real fight! With Pyla in the Mech Suit, Delumer in control, and the fate of the valley in the hands of our heroes, thus begins the battle against the “Minus Pyla Mech Mk.1”.

After the battle, Pyla’s mech explodes, and Delumer loses control, dropping the crown. “GRAH! It seems I was unsuccessful this time, and you may have all the Crown Jewels, but your journey is far from over!” Delumer then vanishes into the shadows, but not all is fine and calm... the Energy Core is now set to explode! Suddenly, Salru appears just in time, and tells Volru “The Core doesn’t have enough energy to continue! We need to do what we did to get in here to restore it! By crossing our staffs!”. Volru agrees, and so the 2 cross their spear and trident, thus sealing all the energy back into the Core Reactor, thankfully restoring, and thus saving the valley from destruction!

A break of silence occurs with all the madness now over, until Pyla regains consciousness, (now with normal black eyes) “I-I... I’m so sorry for all of this! Especially you Volru I... I never would have done such a horrible thing if I’d known what I was doing... I was foolish to take that Crown, I’m s-so v-v-ery s-orr-y” Pyla suddenly bursts out crying at her terrible mistake, in which Volru and the group try to cheer her up. “It’s okay Pyla, I know it wasn’t you, but it’s all over now!” Volru smiles. Pyla thanks her and the group, and so she picks up the Metoran Crown and hands it to Mario and Co., causing its spirit to awaken, called Choroma. “You lucky little spirit thing!” Norahl jokes “Why do you get to be the Crown? This practically makes you the King of Metora!”. Choroma laughs but warns Mario “Unlike the other Crown Jewel’s powers, when in need of me, do NOT wear me, for only a Metoran is permanently safe from the crown’s power.

With that settled, Mario takes the Metoran Crown , thus triggering the END OF CHAPTER sequence. YOU GOT A CROWN JEWEL!!!

Chapter 4 Interludes

Now the game goes over to the Peach and Bowser interludes. In the Peach interlude, Dooplund once again secretly lets Peach and Medreana out of their cells to find some more hints. They begin spying on Darameana again; one of his lackeys approach him to tell him that Mario has collected all of the Crown Jewels. Darameana is shocked, but stays calm, and realises that he must want the Crown Jewels so that he can use their power against them. Daramena then wonders "Where is Delumer now that he has failed to stop Mario?" he then pulls out a walky-talky and tries to call Delumer but there's no answer. Darameana then becomes suspicious and walks away. Peach is reassured by this, since she now knows Mario is close to saving her.

Suddenly one of the lackeys runs through the room and bumps into Dooplund which causes Peach's and Medreana's disguise to wear off. The lackey notices Peach and Medreana and starts chasing after them. Dooplund then tries to slow him down but it doesn't work. You then have to run and occasionally hide from the lackey's sight so that you can get back to your cell safely. Eventually you make it back to the cell room where Dooplund quickly locks Peach and Medreana up to make it look as if nothing happened. The lackey then enters the room and notices that they're in their cells and gets suspicious and then leaves the room. "That was TOO close" puffs Dooplund, thus concluding the Peach Interlude.

In the Bowser Interlude, Bowser and Kammy Koopa are in a place called Anchor Valley when they bump into Delumer. After Delumer overhears Bowser talking about the Crown Jewels, he tells him that Mario has already found them all and is coming to Anchor Valley. Bowser then gets angry but comes up with the idea that he could just wait for Mario and ambush him and take the Crown Jewels. Delumer then says "Good luck with that! I'll leave you to it. Meanwhile I must be doing my own things" and flies off into the centre of the valley thus concluding the Bowser Interlude...

Back in Force-Strike Valley, the group are all thanked by Esla, Pyla and Salru, and Salru admits that she was the one who gave Esla the idea of getting Mario to help them, since he needed the crown anyway. With that the group get ready to set off, right after Norahl tells them that now that they have all 5 Crown Jewels, the need to head off to the Asterock Chamber in Anchor Valley.

Chapter 5: Dark, Deep Secrets

Chapter 5..
After finally collecting all 5 Crown Jewels from across Metora, Norahl tells the group that they must now travel to the very heart of Metora itself; Anchor Valley. So, the group head back to Auroraport to find out how to get there. Merlon explains that since Anchor Valley is right in the middle of Metora, that there should actually be multiple ways into the valley, but they were all closed off by the government, because the valley is seen as “cursed”, and is far to dangerous for commoners to just, unknowingly walk onto its grounds.

“Sigh... so yet another area that regular people can’t just enter, but as per usual, WE JUST HAPPEN TO NEED TO GO THERE!?” Norahl complains semi-seriously. Merlon then turns to Norahl to ask “Why exactly is it your burden to travel to Anchor Valley? What is it that you seek out?”

Norahl thinks for a moment “Hmmm... I’m... not too sure how to explain this but, since I awoken in Master Mario’s presence, I’ve just sort of had this... vision... like, a task set for me, from someone, maybe even I myself set this task before I was transformed into this form... but who knows when I am clearly cursed by this AMNESIA CLICHE! Oh! As for the task itself; we need to enter the Asterock Chamber. Only the Crown Jewels have the true power to be able to open up and control the seal inside the chamber, so with this power, we shall put an end to what remains of that Abomination, so no one can bring back that destruction that the Metorans faced 500 years ago...”

Merlon understands, although with a few doubts, but he explains that there is a secret passage to the valley, just in the back garden of the hotel. The group head there, and although there appears to be just an ordinary wall blocking the wall, by using Choroma’s ability to turn invisible, you can actually walk straight through the wall, revealing that the wall itself is fake, but there’s still some bars to stop others from getting through. “I find it weird that the crown would turn you invisible, then again, you’re not allowed to actually wear it so, it’s not like it’d turn the monarchs invisible when by accident when they’re giving off speeches and stuff! Haha, but I swear that for some reason, a ring might have been more fitting for turning people invisible... can’t put my non-existent singer on it though...” Norahl jokes. Merlon wishes you luck, and with that, you head to Anchor Valley, thus starting CHAPTER 5: DARK, DEEP SECRETS...

The valley itself is massive, full of rocks and ruined walls. Parts of the valley are currently inaccessible, so Norahl tells you to start by heading straight to the edge of the huge pit in the centre of the valley, where Gorah City once lay. Peering of the edge, the entrance to the Asterock Chamber is just about visible, but on the other side of the valley, a feint figure is spotted who doesn’t seem to have noticed them. Norahl says that it’d be suicide to just try and jump and slide down there, and that they need to find a safe way to get down. With no other ideas, Norahl suggests they go and see what’s up with that man on the other side of the valley.

With this the group sets off east of the valley, and along the way, they find a lonely wooden house, fairly new by the looks of it too (at least it is compared to all the other ruins and stuff). On the door is a note saying “I’ve gone out North of the valley to look for a special rare Ore! I’ll be back shortly for any customers! – Brago”. “Geez, who’d set up a business all the way out here?” Norahl comments “Anyway, there’s no doubt this is the guy we saw North of the valley, let’s go!”. Travelling north of the valley, you eventually reach this “Brago”, who is still looking around the edge of the valley.

“WHA? PEOPLE? Oh my! Could it be! You’ve came all the way out here in search of Brago’s excellent crafting skills!? HAHA! WELL FEAR NOT! Today you shall leave as happy customers!” the Beanish Craftsman says joyfully. “PUT A CAN IN IT!” Norhal orders “We need to find a way to get down into the valley, and we were wondering what a man like you would be doing here!”. “Oh I see..” Brago thinks for a moment “Well, maybe I can help craft you something to get down there? That is kind of what I do”. Before Norahl can say anything else, the ground abruptly begins to shake, and from the centre of the valley, erupts a violent ghostly dark wind.

“WHAT IS THIS?! I-impossible! There’s no way they could escape! Are we too late? This is REAL BAD!” Norahl panics. Brago then tells them to retreat back to their place, and puts on his very own Iron Boots, very similar to Mario’s own. So, you do the same, using the boots to fight against the wind, you eventually make it back to Brago’s house where you meet formally indoors. “Mind explaining just what the heck that was out there?” one of your party members asks. Norahl continues to panic slightly “Ah crud! That THING! I d-don’t know how but... what else CAN it be!? That’s Relmeadon’s body! Parts of it all flying around! How on earth did they escape the chamber? Only the power of the Jewels can allow that! If that’s really Relmeadon then our whole reason for coming here has been all for nothing!” Brago rolls his eyes over everyone “Relmea-what? Is that some sort cool newly discovered rock that’s really valuable?”. “I SAID, CAN IT!” Norahl orders again “Okay, now we REALLY need to get down there into that valley, and seal that thing for good! Brago! Is there anything you could make us to get us down there?”

“Well... I might be able to make you a sledge, y’know so you don’t have to slide down on your butts instead? Trust me, don’t try that!”. Norahl is relieved “Okay, how long will it take you?” Brago looks around awkwardly “Erm... well you see, here at Brago Crafts, I just do the making; if you want me to make something, you gotta bring me the materials!” “WHAAAAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Norahl screams “Urgh, suppose we have no other choice... y’know I highly doubt you’ll get many customers with those methods!”. “Oh quite the contrary! An old Eskoopa came to me the other day asking me to make him a new ring for his fiancé! And when I told him that he needed to find the parts himself, he was more than willing! Especially since this valley is just jam-packed with great building materials!” “An Eskoopa and his fiancé? Hrmm....” Trobuzza mumbles.

With this, the group have no other choice but to set out and find the parts to make the sledge themselves. By exploring various parts of the East, North and South parts of the valley, you should eventually find a “Rope” and “Wooden Planks”. However, the entire western area of the valley is inaccessible, meaning you can’t yet get the other parts. But coincidentily you unexpectedly bump into a familiar face on the east side of the valley... it’s Koorupe! Which means Trobuzza is semi-happy to awkwardly see him. Koorupe explains the whole “new-ring deal”, and shows the group that he has actually found a ring! “But it’s not enough... IT NEEDS A JEWEL ON TOP LIKE THE ROSE ONE HAD! Thankfully, I know just the place to find one... the Inner Forest” Koorupe goes on to explain that the Inner Woods are a defined section of Stardust Woods, and are known for being quite a maze, but it is said that there’s a special plant hiding deep within, that grows a special jewel on it! “PLEASE! YOU GOTTA HELP ME GET THAT JEWEL FOR MY DEAR KUPURE!” Trobuzza then tries to explain their situation, but Koopure tells the group that if they help him, he’ll give them something good in return!

With no other choice, the group enter the Stardust Woods, from east Anchor Valley, taking them into an area of the woods which they could not explore first time around (New enemies: Golden Spuckery, Putrid Staranhas). From this new area, you are able to open up a new path leading into the Inner Forest, which is basically a maze, with new clear path on how to get to the objective. But after exploring enough, you should finally find an usually neon-blue Staranha Plant Sleeping with a blue Jewel tucked in its hands... leaves... whatever they are... So you know what that means right? You have to fight it to get the jewel! After a short mini-boss against the Neon Staranha, Mario takes the Neon Jewel and willingly hands it over to Koorupe! “Oh my gosh! You actually did it! YES!”

“And now for you to return the favour?” Trobuzza reminds him, “Oh that... Erm well... (come on, think, think, think!) GOT IT! Hey son, do you know how to perform a Shell Spin?” “Wh-what?” Trobuzza is confused. Despite its randomness, with this, Koorupe actually teaches Trobuzza how to perform a Shell Spin, which in turn, is a new field ability for him! With this Koorupe wishes you luck before heading over to Brago’s to get his new ring! ...and so you leave the forest with this strange new ability. Luckily though, using this ability, you are able to spin cogs and wheels, allowing you to open and access new areas, which does include the west side of the valley (accessed only from the South). “Huh, so Koorupe was useful after all! I thought he just wanted to teach his kid how to break-dance!” Norahl chuckles.

However, after you enter the west side of the valley, you meet a Metoran Woman hiding around in the ruins... “A Metoran? Whoa, this is a rare sight to say the least!” Norahl studies the seemingly-young woman “What do you want!?” the woman asks firmly. Norhal explains that they’re looking for Building Items to help complete their task, and asks what this woman is doing here. The Metoran reveals “I built a barrier of rock, rubble and ruin in order to define this as my own personal territory in the valley”, “Wh-Ha... hahahahahahaha, I’m sorry but that’s just too funny; you’re territory? In a place that’s been desolate for nearly 500 years? Pfff, go on then, what’s your name?” Norahl asks, still giggling

“Ergh, the nerve! Fine! If you want a name, you may call me K” Norahl stays silent for a second, puzzled “Oh... K! HAHAHA, Ok that was really bad, but still, K? Pffff code names consisting of one letter are just cliché, and I’m sorry but you’ve made it pretty obvious that you’re hiding something if you’re using a code name”. “Urgh, it’s not a code name! I chose to be called this and that’s ALL you need to know! Besides, don’t you have a job to be getting on with?”. With this, the group continue searching for the final piece of the Sledge... only it’s on top of an unreachable rock platform... But luckily, the group do find something else; the “Quake Ore”. Norahl then suggests the group head back to Brago to see if he can make anything of the Ore and if he can help them reach the final Sledge Piece.

“WHAT? YOU FOUND THE QUAKE ORE? Oh my! I’ve been searching for this for so long! And here it is! Right in front of my eyes!” Brago mesmerizes. “So pops, what can ya make of it?” Norahl wonders “Glad you asked! It’ll sound crazy if I tell you, but just give your hammer, and 50 Coins to go along with it, and I promise you won’t regret it!”. Mario sighs, and hands over both those things. With this, Brago right away begins forging something using the hammer and the ore and once it’s all done... Brago give Mario the new and improved “QUAKE HAMMER”. Mario and Co. thanks him, but before you leave, Brago quickly asks if you met “K” on the west side of the valley.

“Yeah, why?” Norhal wonders. Brago just explains “K is actually my number one most common customer! And her ideas for the things she makes me craft are insane but she just shows up with all this random, presumably-junk, but it actually turns out to make her things like the “Stunt Boots” or the “Smash Hammer”, well, thanks to yours truly of course!”, Norahl then gets suspicious, since these are all items that they somehow have... But anyway, with this new Quake Hammer, you make your way back to the west of the valley (you can now open up a northern route to it with the new hammer).

Using the Hammer to create mini-earthquakes, you eventually use it to shake down the final building item of the sledge; the “Metal Bars”. Mario then realises that K was watching you “Y-you have the Quake Hammer? B-but that was my idea!” Norahl takes this opportunity to question why they have the items that she apparently thought of. K then shakes nervously “So... y-you’re the one who found them after all... Yes it’s true; I requested those items were built, specially so I could give them to you secretly...”

“SO YOU’VE BEEN FOLLOWING US THIS WHOLE TIME?” Norahl yells, “Not quite... I simply knew the areas that you’d travel to in order to collect the Crown Jewels, and placed them accordingly; this was long before you had actually arrived in said areas... Listen, I’m just helping out here, I want Relmeadon gone as much as you so... go! Now that you have the parts you can go down there and face him once and for all. I know you can do it!” While still suspicious, Norahl agrees that they need to get down there already, so without wasting any more time, the group head back to Brago’s to give him the Sledge Parts! And thus Mario is given the Sledge! With this, you may travel to the edge of the valley (any part of it works), and so begins a short minigame where you must use the sledge avoid rocks and get to the bottom. Once at the bottom of the valley at last, you approach the Asterock Chamber’s entrance, although it appears to be perfectly sealed off, making Norahl wonder just how that dark energy somehow leaked out earlier...

However, their thinking is quickly interrupted as Bowser and Kammy Koopa show up seeking to steal the Crown Jewels from Mario and crush him right here! And so begins a battle... Afterwards, Bowser gets mad but is too weak to carry on, so Kammy quickly uses her magic to teleport them right out! With that settled, the group approach the entrance to the Asterock Chamber. “It is time...” Norahl states, and thus the 5 Crown Jewels all levitate onto the 5 pedestals surrounding the entrance. The grooved patterns then light up a neon blue, and with that, slowly but surely, the platform Mario and co. are standing on descends into the Asterock Chamber... “Now, let’s put an end to Relmeadon once and for all” Norahl says staring at the first doorway...

With this begins the 5th dungeon of the game, the Asterock Chamber, which is extremely dark, and so the puzzles play on that a lot. This dungeon is a bit more free with what order you do things in, because the Party Member about to be introduced actually makes a lot of these rooms a ton easier, but you have to know where and when to do these things. Eventually, you come across a lone Sun Bubble, who appears to be lost, but she thinks you’re an enemy, so you have to chase her around for awhile. Eventually, you corner her, so the interrogation may begin as to how the heck she is actually here! “Em... M-my name’s Lasafi, I d-don’t know where I am! Please don’t hurt me!” She cowers in fear. Norahl reassures her that they are not her enemy and asks how she got here. Lasafi thinks for a moment “O-okay well... I really don’t remember, how I got here but, I just remember being chased by some creepy Black Star-Shaped creature. Oh, I, I’m s-sooo scared right now... please you gotta help me!” Mario understands, and with this, LASAFI JOINS YOUR PARTY!!!

Using her ability to light torches, you make your way through the rest of the dungeon until you finally reach the bottom... the Seal Room. The room is near- pitch black (the torches are too high up to light), and has massive columns holding up the extremely high-ceiling, but the back of the room is the main focus; a large, circular crest with what almost seems like a keyhole in the centre... Suddenly, a familiar voice is heard echoing though the ancient hall... it’s Delumer. “Hahaha, so you finally made it! Sorry Norahl, the Cliché of that evil laugh was inexcusable of me!” Delumer jokes “How did he know I was gonna point that out?” Norahl stupidly wonders. Lasafi then steps forward “I-it’s you! Listen I don’t know who you are but I know you’re behind all this! Tell me, how did I get here? What did you do?!” Delumer stares for a moment and answers “So... it seems all was a success in your friends plan to get rid of you... You don’t remember Plasmarha Lake at all!”. This confuses Lasafi “P-plasmarha? What are y-”

Lasafi is cut off by Norahl “She’s right! You have done something? How did you even get in here!? WHAT IS THIS?!”, Delumer laughs amusingly “Fools! That windy darkness I set up out there was a mere illusion! A show I set up to make you panic and act quicker! I’d say that too was a success... oh and how I got in here? Ha, what do you mean? I think I should know the way into what is basically my own home!”. “Y-your home?” Norahl fears “But then, that means...”, “HAHA! No more questions! It’s time for a true test of your ability! NOW, YOU SHALL FACE THE WRATH OF RELMEADON!” with this, loads of rocks suddenly all cluster together in the centre of the room to form a giant stone Cleft monster (called Uncleft), thus being the boss of Chapter 5!

After the battle, Uncleft crumbles, and so Delumer is left defenceless... Delumer growls “I bet you think you’ve won? Hahaha, FAR FROM IT! In fact, your adventure so far will have been child’s-play compared to what you will soon face!” with that, Delumer fades into the shadows and vanishes... All stays silent for a moment, until Norahl notices something perched against the seal... a blue key with a Metoran Head-shape on top... “There’s no way this was here before we came... I wonder if Delumer put it here...” Norahl tries to add up “We should take it anyway; it has to important for something, even if it is a trick, what choice do we have now?” Mario agrees, and with that, Mario takes the Metoran Key, thus triggering the END OF CHAPTER sequence! YOU GOT A KEY... thing? ... “What? You gotta better name?” Norahl interrupts the sequence...

Chapter 5 Interludes

And now for the Peach and Bowser interludes: Peach and Medreana are once again spying on Darameana, when Delumer finally returns to the base where Darameana is extremely suspicious and begins asking questions such as "Where have you been for the last day or two? I've honestly been beginning to think that you've turned your back on me!" Delumer then replies "No sir, I am still on your side but I have been out and about as I have been trying to gain information about Mario". Darameana accepts this and passes on by.

Once he's gone Peach and Medreana make their way up that computer monitor again and Medreana tells you she has a plan; she contacts the NMA (National Metoran Army) and tells them where they are being held in hope that they'll infiltrate the base and save them. However Delumer then sneaks up behind them and sees what they're doing, he attacks them making their disguises wear off. Delumer orders his lackeys to capture them, and when Darameana sees what's going on, he says "Take them to Shrine, and tell General E. Grate to get his men together”. As for Dooplund, Darameana tells him that he's "FIRED" and he then he gets kicked out the base thus concluding the Peach interlude...

Meanwhile, Bowser and Kammy Koopa are still recovering from the fight with Mario. Bowser asks "Where the heck are we anyway?" Kammy Koopa looks around and sees a vast volcanic-like land with a strange sun like plasma all over the place; however she doesn't know where they are. You get to control Bowser here and after some searching, you meet some Sun Bubble's. After overhearing them talking about "Lasafi" Bowser goes up to them and forcingly asks "Hey you! Hot heads, where the heck are we? I demand answers!" The Sun bubbles, after a short argument about Bowsers rudeness, tell them that they're in Plasmarha Lake, in the Plasmarha province. Bowser and Kammy Koopa decide to explore the area to see what they may find and on that note the Bowser interlude ends.

Back with Mario and Co. in Anchor Valley, just outside the Asterock Chamber (at the bottom of the valley). There appears to be no way out of the valley as the surrounding area is too steep, but if you use Lasafi to light a torch, then a pipe appears out of the ground allowing you to get back up onto the main valley. Once in the main valley, A party member asks what to do next. Norahl then thinks to himself "It seems we have failed to permanently seal Relmeadon... I can't think of what we could possible do next, nor can I bring me self to make any jokes at this moment"

Abruptly, Octoombravo then gets a message on his walky-talky saying "All Quasar Op Squad members, report to NMA HQ (National Metoran Army Headquarters); we have a mission to assign you". Octoombravo tells you that he has to go to his HQ, south-east of the kingdom. Norahl asks what the mission is, Octoomber says that he's not sure but it's something concerning a Princess being held hostage in the Starflake Pinnicles. Mario jumps in assumption that it Peach!

Norahl agrees "That is our next location..." But, before you can head there Brago comes out of his house and tells you that if you find any random pieces of junk and such (Which you may have collected a lot of throughout the game already), you can bring it to him and he'll see if he can make anything uses out of it such as items or partner upgrades. Thus concluding this chapter...

Chapter 6: The Battle of Lost Kingdoms

CH6 Title Card
After battling Uncleft in the Asterock Chamber, Octoombravo got a message from the NMA to report to the headquarters for a mission. Octoombravo suggests Mario goes with him to NMA Headquarters because he probably has a lot of important information concerning the military. So, you exit south east of Auroraport which takes you to Gamma Plains, a linear-ish path leading strait to the NMA HQ. Once at the HQ, Octoombravo grants you access into the base, and upon entry Octoombravo meets someone he knows; “Is that you Bravo? Wow, talk about leap of absence!” a bright pink Octoguy with a short ponytail appears. “Oh! Octoombeta, h-hey there” Octoombravo replies “I see you’ve made some new friends as well! Well, he’ll discuss that later, right now General Octoombaron is about to give us our mission briefing, so I’ll meet you there okay?”. “A-affirmative!” Octoombravo stutters. “Who was that guy?” Norahl curiously asks, “THAT’S NOT A GUY! THAT’S A CHICK!!!”. Norahl laughs “Well she is still an Octoguy, oh and I can see them yellow spots there going bright red on your face, hahaha!”, “CAN IT BUD!” Octoombravo shouts.

Once in the office of the base, you are joined in front of General Octoombaron and surrounded by various other members of the Quazer Op Squad in which Octoombravo knows most of them. “Alright maggots! Lemme just do a quick head count...” Octoombaron quickly counts the squad members up: "Octoombravo, Octoombeta (A female Octoomba), Sgt. Fragrey (A grenade shaped bob-omo), Ryguy and Snipeguy (2 shy guy brothers) and Choco (a chain chomp) ...where's Koopondu?" wonders Octoombaron. Tanagi of all people then comes out and says that he knows Koopondu as he lives in the Nadiri Mountains and fuses ninja techniques with military technology. “Okay, so you must think you’re recruits or something huh? Well then here’s YOUR first assignment! GO FETCH ME THAT SLEEK HEADED NINJA-WANNA-BE! And you Octoombravo, can tell me about these strangers you’ve brought in here without MY PERMISSION!”. “Y-yes sir!” the Octoomba turns to Mario and whispers “The general seems pretty strict but he’s actually a nice guy...”

So, Mario and Co. (except for Octoombravo) revisit the Nadiri Mountains, where there’s a tall spire-like mountain just outside Hana Koshi, which has a unusual metal balcony at the top. Tanagi explains that that’s where Koopondu lives. But when they go over to it, there doesn’t appear to be anyway of getting up to the balcony part. Tanagi then realises “Getting up there requires the use of a special technique: wall-jumping. Unfortunately I haven’t exactly mastered it myself yet, but perhaps you could help Mario?”. The player then just gets a very short tutorial, explaining that you can use Tanagi to wall jump by sliding of walls and then jumping, thus unlocking Tanagi’s secondary ability!

Once at the top, an aging white shelled Eskoopa instantly points a word towards the group saying “Who goes there!? Who do you think you ar-“, Tanagi steps forward to cut him off simply saying “You, NMA Headquarters, NOW!”. Koopondu quickly drops his high-tech sword in realisation that he was late, quickly grabs his gear and starts running towards the HQ. So, back at the HQ, Koopondu apolagies for being late and so Octoombaron begins the mission briefing: "We recently received a distress call from 2 hostages being held in the “Pulsar Stronghold” on Moonflake Peak, east of the Starflake Pinnacles. Intel shows us that the one’s responsible for this is none other than the neighbouring Yeast Kingdom, who seem to have secretly invaded our boarders to make their own settlements here. The man in charge is known as General Elazar Grate, or General E. Grate for short. Your mission is simple; stealthily invade the Pulsar Stronghold and save the 2 hostages. Oh and one of the hostages is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom: Peach Toadstool, which makes this mission all the more important! The mission begins tomorrow morning, so get ready... MAGGOTS!!! Eh so... peace out!” the general awkwardly scoots off.

Octoombeta tells Mario and Co. that she'll show them to the armoury. In the armoury, Octoombeta tosses a Laser Pistol to Octoombravo “Don’t get yourself blown up out there, k?” she giggles. “A-ha, yeah, same to you!” Bravo stutters. After everyone leaves the armoury, Octoombravo stops Mario for a moment “Hey um... thing is well... urgh, you probably haven’t seen me like this yet but, in reality, I’m actually a pretty big coward out on the battlefield. I feel like the really reason I’ve been travelling with is to become stronger and learn more from how you battle Mario, but now that I’m back to my original business, the fear is all coming back... that’s right... I’m scared”

Mario tries to comfort him, and Tanagi also gives his own words “Fear not; if you think about it, we’ve already been through many dangerous situations before now, and we made it out alive, why should this be any different? Don’t worry, Me, Mario and everyone else will still be with you”. Octoombravo looks up at Mario and Tanagi, and simply gives a silent nod. With that, the group head over to the barracks where they sleep for the night to skip to the next day. The following day, Mario, Co. and Quazar Op Squad all meet in North Anchor Valley, at a large rock wall which happens to be the foot of the Starflake Pinnacles. By using Octoombravo, you uncover a hidden cave with a frosty pipe inside. Jump in and thus begins CHAPTER 6: THE BATTLE OF LOST KINGDOMS!!!

The pipe spits everyone out on the top of a large blizzard-filled peak. Norahl looks around and adds up that you’re on top of the Sunflake Plateau, west of the mountains. Snipeguy peers down with his sniper rifle and tells you that there's an enemy outpost at the bottom of the mountain but the mountain appears to be too steep to simply walk down. Norahl then suggests the group use the sledge they used in Chapter 5 to get down! That’s right, Mario, Co. AND everyone in the squad gets on the sledge, and so you play the sledge minigame for the second time, only this time, handling is slightly different due to the added weight and giant snowballs can roll up from behind you. After the minigame, the squad are at the foot of the Sunflake Plateau, overlooking the nearby out post, which Norahl stupidly gives the name “Chill-Outpost”. Snipeguy then climbs up onto a nearby water tower, saying that he'll stay to provide sniper cover. Sgt. Fragrey tells the group to”Move out” into the outpost. Although just before entering, they come across a purple Doopla Ghost, weeping in the pale white snow. Though the group try to get some info out of him, they get no response, so they move onwards.

"Keep close" whispers Fragrey "Don't blow your cover". Here you need to stealthily sneak your way around the outpost without getting caught, using objects as cover along the way. Choco the Hound Chomp will jump up and down slightly to signal if there's any explosive traps nearby which you must avoid, you can also switch to Snipeguys point of view in order to take out certain lone enemies in and allow the others to progress and Octoombeta can also give you slight recoveries if you go to her. If you do get caught and captured then it's an instant game over so... Make sure you've saved! Part way through, it comes to a point where Fragrey tells Ryguy to sneak around past some enemies and plant an explosive on the nearby vehicle. However when Ryguy goes to do it he gets spotted and then captured in which they begin to ask him question and suspect that there's others here too. When Snipeguy sees this, he abruptly looses it and accidently fires at the enemies. Fragrey acts quickly ordering “retreat!” since the team’s cover is now blown. The squad all regroup where Snipeguy is, and Fragey isn’t happy... “Darn it! We know he’s your brother but now our cover is blown, they know someone’s here, we can’t just waltz in there like nothing happened!

Snipeguy apologises, but the squad wonder what they should do next. Octoombravo then remembers “Hey, Doopla Ghosts can transform right? Why not ask that one we saw before for assistance? Surely he’d be perfect for stealth!” Fragrey automatically refuses it “Hey, we can’t just be bringing random strangers into our mission; for all we know he’s innocent!”, Octoombeta steps in “Well, you gotta better idea? I think Bravo’s idea makes sense considering our situation here, and at the very least we could get some intel out of him?”. Bravo awkwardly agrees “Heh, yeah right, exactly!”. Finally, Fragrey gives in and agrees to the idea. So, the squad head over to the purple wizard, trying to get him to talk, but he just continues to ignore them. Eventually Fragrey gets annoyed and shouts "HEY, LISTEN YOU! YOU SHOULD SHOW SOME RESPECT FO-“, suddenly the Doopla wizard knocks everyone back with his magic, and thus a short battle occurs. Afterwards, the Doopla Ghosts is reduced back to his quite weeping. “Geez, we just wanted to find out if you had any intel regarding our mission; we’re trying to save 2 damsels here!” Octoombeta says. Suddenly, the Doopla Ghosts jumps off the floor “Wait, so you’re the NMA? YES! Thank Metora you’re here! My name is Dooplund, and you must be here to save Princess Peach and Princess Medreana? Please, I must assist you, for Medreana’s safety is my duty!” and with that, DOOPLUND JOINED YOUR PARTY!!!

With a new ally on their side, Mario and the Squad head back into the Chill-Outpost with Dooplund’s ability to disguise the whole squad making them appear like the enemy. With these disguises, as well as Choroma’s (the Metoran Crown) ability to make you invisible, the squad soon make their way out the snowy settlement un-noticed and make it to the foot of the Moonflake Peak. The squad progress further up a large catwalk-like staircase, eventually leading them up to the Pulsar Stronghold! Using more stealth and puzzle solving, the squad manage to infiltrate the complex, and along the way, Mario even finds the Ice Hammer, which allows him to freeze bodies of water! Soon you reach across the area that you (the player) explored during the Peach interludes. Octoombeta hacks into one of the terminals (the same one that Peach and Medreana contacted the NMA from) to view the security cameras, in which she notices a room where Ryguy is tied up in a chair with a blind fold on, guarded by 3 troops. Beta then locates the room and Fragrey begins to disscuss a plan: "Alright, Mario, Snipeguy and Octoombravo, secretly find a way up onto the catwalk for over watch, while me, Beta and Choco will blast down the front doors. If things get too hairy, I want Tanagi and Koopondu to launch a surprise attack somehow, okay?”

Chapter 6
So, Mario, Co. and Snipeguy take an alternate path to get up onto the catwalk of the room where Ryguy is being held. Snipeguy sets up his sniping position, and once everything is ready, Fragrey, Octoombeta and Choco bust into room yelling "Drop your weapons". The enemies do as they're told, "Now, untie him!" Demands Fragrey. The Estroopot grins "As you wish" as he unties Ryguy from the chair. Ryguy disgards the blindfold, “Oh we were worried sick about you!” Octoombeta relieves. Ryguy frowns and turns his back to the group “Y’know, I really respect the trust our squad all has for each other... But I’m afraid, I am no longer apart of such squad” Ryguy quickly turns with a laser pistol, shooting Fragrey, knocking him down to the ground... "FRAGREY!" Octoombeta screams, running up to Fragrey on the floor. Meanwhile Snipeguy looks down at what his brother just did and starts to panic. "You traitor!" Octoombeta disgusted “How could you? We were your teammates, willing to risk our lives to save you!”. Ryguy lowers his head “I didn’t want to have to do this, but the truth is, in the end it’s only your own life that matters; that’s why we control ourselves, and no one else. Those who try to break that law only end up dying for nothing. 2 days ago I was captured by the Yeast Army, and they threatened me to do this. As I say, people should only look out for themselves, and that’s why I did what I did...”

"And Snipeguy, my brother, the trust you once held for me will now be your greatest weakness". Snipeguy stares in shock when, suddenly a C4 Bob-omb goes off, causing the catwalk that Mario, Co. and Snipeguy are standing on to collapse down onto the floor. Getting up from the wrecked catwalk, Snipeguy continues to stare in disgust “N-no... this isn’t you!”. Octoombeta, Octoombravo and Snipeguy all quickly pull out their laser pistols but so do the 3 enemies, making this an equal standoff. "Drop your weapons, there are more of us then there is of you!" yells Octoombravo. Ryguy smirks for a moment before replying, "I wouldn't count on that". All the walls at the back of the room suddenly open up, revealing a whole of enemy soldiers, armed with laser guns and bullet bill cannons. "Now... drop your weapons!" orders Ryguy. Seeing as the squad are outnumbered, they have no choice but to drop their weapons and put their arms in the air.

“You hav served me well my comrade” a tall grey Ledus wearing a blue scarf and a dark green hat enters the room from the back, followed by Darameana and Delumer who have Peach and Medreana held captive by 2 guards each. “Elazar Grate!” Octoombeta cringes. Snipeguy closes his fists tightly and quickly draws out his handgun, but is suddenly shot to the ground by a single bullet at the back of the room. General E. Grate puts his laser pistol back in his pocket, while Ryguy closes his eyes shut, trying to block out the inevitable emotions. “Jus Give in. You’r completely surrounded wid’ no hope levt.” The General speaks “And avter dis, all ov Metora wil belong to d’ Yeast Kindom! Any final words?”. Octoombeta weeps “So, this is it... the end?”. Octoombravo cringes and gives his words “Mario I... I want to thank you... I learnt many things from our travels but, and even if they were in vein after all, I am still grateful”. Mario bows his down with a sad look on his face, “And Beta I... I really wish I could have got to know you better...” Octoombeta cries, with a very brief smile slightly reaching her face.

With no hope left, it seems our heroes’ journey has now come to a bleak end... but out of nowhere, Tanagi and Koopondu leap down from the ceiling and start slashing up all the enemies. Darameana growls "Call in reinforcements!", the General grunts as Darameana and Delumer walk off through the door behind them taking Peach and Medreana with them. E. Grate does as Darameana ordered and quickly follows them out the door, with Ryguy quickly jumping out to escape the chaos. “We gotta stop em’!” Octoombravo shouts, he then turns to see Octoombeta, surrounded by the injured bodies of Fragrey and Snipeguy. “Beta, you and Choco need to take Fragrey and Snipeguy out of here to safety; our reinforcements should be arriving near the outpost shortly”. “But, what about you?” the worried Octoguy concerns, Octoombravo gives a look of determination “Me and Mario are gonna go finish this battle, that is out duties, and saving them should be yours... please, you must”. Octoombeta thinks for a moment before replying “Yes sir”, as she and Choco then grab Fragrey and Snipeguy to escort them to safety.

“Let’s go” Octoombravo say, Mario giving a firm nod in response. With that, the group head outside on to a large platform, with many enemy troops setup all over it, and General E. Grate standing in the centre. “NOW, the Yeast Kingdom zhall hav revenge on Metora for wat dey did to us 500 years ago! NOW! FIGHT!!!”, and so begins the boss of Chapter 6! (This battle has multiple phrases, starting with a crowd of Yeast Troops, then Bullet Bill Blaster experts, then moving onto the “Demolitions Guy”, before finally ending with the Motor Bill Tank, being controlled by General E. Grate himself!)

After the battle, the Motor Bill Tank explodes; sending General E. Grate fallsing to the ground. Most of the other enemies then retreat, and Tanagi rejoins Mario. “You go catch up with those other villains, I’ll handle this guy” Koopondu says, grabbing E. Grate by the head. So Mario and Co. chase after Darameana and Delumer. The group end passing through a rather old looking shrine-like area, which seems to have been where Medreana was living before the Yeast Kingdom showed up, with tables, chairs and other furniture carelessly tossed around. Eventually you chase Darameana and Delumer onto a balcony near the summit of Moonflake Peak, where they join Ryguy and an unknown lakitu inside a UFO-like device. Octoombravo shouts "Drop the girls NOW!". Darameana without hesitation then says "Very well, my need for such hostages no longer" he drops Peach and Medreana onto the balcony. Darameana and Delumer then jump into the UFO with the Lakitu in which Ryguy questions "Hey, how am I suppose to get on?”

The Lakitu replies "Sorry, only a 3 person limit in here!", Delumer then chucks a briefcase towards Ryguy "Here’s your reward!", in which they fly off in the UFO. Out of curiosity, Ryguy opens the briefcase, only to see a timer counting down and C4 Bob-omb strapped inside it. The guilty Shy Guy quickly tosses the brief case over the balcony, but as it's falling, the timer hits 00:00, and a huge explosion goes off destroying the balcony. Thus, Mario, Co., Ryguy, Peach and Medreana fall down onto a lower platform.

Ryguy becomes unconscious from this, but everyone else appears to be fine. Octoombravo quickly picks up Ryguy and tells Peach, Medreana and Mario "This is bad, there’s more explosions trapped all over, this place is gonna blow any moment now! RUN!". So you rapidly make your way out of the base (along the way you see other enemy troops who are also running away), while there's a timer counting down. Once you get out of the main base and come onto an outside catwalk area, a chopper with the Quazer Op squad members and Octoombaron inside, it shows up at the other end of the catwalk. "JUMP FOR IT MAGGOTS!" shouts the General. Mario, Peach, Medreana and Octoombravo jump up onto the ladder of the chopper and climb up to safety, just before a massive explosion goes off in the Pulsar Stronghold...

Octoombaron informs everyone, "Snipeguy and Fragrey have been taken back to the NMA HQ. As for this maggot, we’ll deal with him when we get back” he stares at Ryguy’s unconscious body with anger. Octoombaron then wonders “I bet they captured these 2 woman with the sole purpose of getting us involved, and the Mushroom Kingdom involved as well”. Medreana thinks “I can’t be sure of why they had held us captive, but I have an idea on their goal: they want to reach Gorah City”. “WHAT?!” everyone gasps “H-how though?” Dooplund asks, Medreana explains “I honestly am not sure of how they plan to do such things, but Darameana believes he’s doing it for our father: Comoary.”

“But I get the feeling that the real jewel in his eyes is the Galactic Staff: an item of great power that only a monarch can control; Darameana never got the chance to rule, so perhaps this is his way of achieving such power, and with Delumer as the donor for his current power, he could become unstoppable! He has held down his own siblings to prevent them from taking the throne, considering he is not the oldest of us...”. “You mean you have more siblings?” Peach wonders, “Yes” Medreana confirms “He only briefly mentioned that he had located them, but if he did this to me, there’s no doubt they’ll go after Daria and Nerabul next. Please, you must hurry and find a way to help my siblings! Please take this, as it should aid you on your quest” Medreana then hands Mario a star-shaped key. “Hey, it looks just like that one we found in the Asterock Chamber” Octoombravo states, Medreana is surprised “Well, each child of Comoary was given a key like this to keep, but Darameana must have thrown his key away in anger and hatred... even so, you should take it, I know there must have been some reason our father gave to us, but I simply cannot carry out this quest alone. Oh and Dooplund, I want you to go with Mario and assist him; you have served me well”. Dooplund bows in honour “yes lady Medreana”, with that, Mario takes the Star Key, thus triggering the END OF CHAPTER sequence


Chapter 6 Interludes

Since Peach has now been saved, there is no Peach Interlude for this Chapter. But, meanwhile, with Bowser and Kammy Koopa, they find themselves at the foot of a volcano which appears to have a temple built into it. Bowser wonders what it is, and Kammy Koopa decides "Hey let’s ask that guy over there", looking towards a white Sun Bubble with a guilty look on his face. "Hey you, d'ya mind telling us what the heck this place is?" Bowser asks with force. The Sun Bubble seems scared but replies "It... it's the Plasma Temple, where we worship our sun god, Plasmarha". "Sun god ey?" thinks Bowser "Sounds like it could be the source of some pretty great powers, come on let's take a look". And so Bowser and Kammy Koopa enter the temple while the white Sun Bubble behind them quietly says "Wait no... you're not allowed... to...". Once in the temple Bowser and Kammy walk into a large room in with the Volcano's crater. At the top and that sun-like lava at the bottom and in the centre of the room is what can only be described as a small star (a fairly realistic looking one too). Kammy Koopa then comes up with an idea "Your Strongliness, we could call in your minions to help us on a plan I just thought of; we could somehow convert the energy from this star into power for you to use, then you'll be invincible!". Intrigued at the idea, Bowser agrees and tells Kammy to call in his army from the Mushroom Kingdom, thus concluding the Bowser interlude...

Meanwhile back with Mario at the NMA HQ, Octoombaron has decided to promote Octoombravo, Octoombeta and the other squad members for their bravery in battle. However not all is looking so good... the guilty Ryguy is being held under arrest, but it’s about to get worse... No one even seems to want to look at Ryguy, not even his own brother (who’s injury wasn’t too serious, and can still move around fine). But Sgt. Fragrey on the other hand, is laying on his death bed in the infirmary, with the repetitive beeping sound of his heart rate being shown in the background. Fragrey’s eyes open slightly in which he tries to speak “P-pl...”, “don’t try to speak Fragrey” Octoombravo suggests in concern, but he continues “”, with that Fragrey’s eye’s shut, and his heart stops as the ringing sound goes off as a constant reminder in everyone’s mind... “F-fragrey... N-no... NO!!!!” Octoombravo screams. Ryguy bows his head “I... I’m-”, he is suddenly cut off by Koopondu who points his sword towards Ryguy “Look what you’ve done! Your selfishness has cost us the life of a good man!”, “I...” Ryguy is cut off once again, but by Octoombeta “Leave him alone... can’t you see that your not making this any better Koopondu... I know it’s hard but... j-just move on” a tear rolls down her face.

Mario bows his head as the room goes cold and silent. Snipeguy walks to the door and briefly tilts his head towards Ryguy, but says nothing... he then leaves the room. Later on, Mario is called into a room where General Octoombaron is interrogating General E. Grate. However, Elazar appears to be playing innocent saying “Argh! I remember nothin’ ov d’ sort! I hav no clue wy I am here or wat I hav done!”. “DON’T GIVE ME THAT MAGGOT!!!” General Octoombaron yells. Norahl then interrupts: “Wait, I actually think he isn’t responsible after all...”. “WHAT?” the general gasps “Oh, go on, let’s hear it!”. Norahl explains “Well, maybe you don’t believe in dark powers and such, but Delumer definitely has powers that’d fit the words ‘hypnosis’, ‘brainwashing’ and ‘amnesia’; truth is, Delumer was the one controlling him the whole time... I can just tell”. General E. Grate adds “Lisen, da last I remember was mindin’ my on businesz when suddenly, a dark figure attak’d me from da shadows, and avter dat, I forgot everthin’, it’s da truth!”. Octoombaron thinks about it “Well, I don’t want any further conflict between our nations Elazar... so I’ll let you return to the Yeast Kingdom in peace.

Elazar is then untied from the chair. “Tank you, I too wizh for peace between our nations” the 2 shakes hands, and with that, General E. Grate leaves and returns to his own nation. The General then turns to Mario to tell him “I just received intel on the location of Medreana’s sister: Daria. She is in the Lunar Sanctuary in Heaven Haven. We’ll have a jet set up for you tomorrow... so get prepared...”

Chapter 7: An Unsafe Haven

CH7 Title Card
After saving Princess Peach and Medreana, and settling things between the Metora and Yeast Kingdoms, Mario and Co. now know what their next objective is: Medreana’s sister Daria is a place known as Heaven Haven, and Mario and Co. must get there before Darameana and Delumer do. General Octoombaron tells them that they’ll have one of their plane’s setup, ready for morning. To skip to the next day, simply go to sleep in the barracks again, and head to the plane runway, south of the NMA HQ. However, once at the plane the next morning, they find that one of the engines of the plane is missing, so now what? Well, by heading to Anchor Valley, you can give Brago some parts you should have picked up from previous areas. By giving him a Toilet Tube, Metal Plating and a Propeller, Brago makes a new engine from the pieces. But as you leave Brago’s house, you come across a familiar face... K. “You again! The one with that fishy name of, “K” was it?”. The woman gives serious look to Norahl “I’d rather not talk about my past... not yet anyway...”. K simply walks into Brago’s house, leaving Norahl to wonder “Who is she? And is she actually helping us? In fact, why? Hmmm”. Anyway, the group head back to the HQ, but find quite a shock when they get there... Ryguy quickly zooms out the base, pushing Mario and Co. to the side. A bunch of troops chase after him “Get back here ya traitor!”, but the soldiers are stopped by General Octoombravo.

“Let him go...” the general speaks “We have nothing to gain by keeping him here, and I doubt he’ll do anything of our concern from now on...” the General walks away with the other troops following. Snipeguy peaks out the gates and mutters “Brother...” he then turns to Mario “I wish... I wish I could say it their fault! That Delumer was controlling him as well, but no... Ryguy he... he actually did that, he killed Fragrey and no one can forgive him... I’m not even sure if I can... W-would you?” (This would be one of those dialogue choices) If you say “Yes” Snipeguy will feel a bit better and say that he’ll be able to forgive him soon, but if you say “No” Snipeguy will understand. Anyway, the group head to the plane with their new engine, in which it is quickly installed, and so Octoombeta hops in the pilot seat, with Mario and Co. in the back. “I hope none of you have air-sickness! It’s gonna be a pain to tidy that up!”. With that, the plane shoots down the runway and takes off into the skies, thus starting CHAPTER 7: AN UNSAFE HAVEN!!!

After a short flight, of viewing the areas of Metora below, the group arrive on a run way in the sky, surrounding by clouds as far as the eye can see. Everyone hops out the plane and gets ready to set off to the city itself: Heaven Haven. Mario and Co. (and Octoombeta) traverse across many platforms and clouds until they eventually reach Heaven Haven, but things are not as expected. There are many citizens either hiding or injured on the floor. “What could have done this?” Octoombeta gasps, Octoombravo curses “Darnit! We were too late! Stupid engine!”. Beta says she’ll go help the injured, while Mario and Co. explore the city in search of answers. Due to a lot of the city being destroyed (like broken bridges), you have to a little more creative with how you get around, and along the way, you also battle many enemies, which all appear to be Lakitufos and Espikots. On the east edge of the city, a large floating castle is visible in the distance. “A fascinating place is it not?”, an old Strealoid man appears from behind and introduces himself as Stirlin. Norahl asks if he knows anything about what’s going on. Stirlin explains “A while ago, a Lakitot called Lacintosh who lived here in Heaven Haven showed up all of a sudden and began attacking the city in a large UFO-like machine. Through power and force, he quickly gained followers, and it seems that he has now gone to the Lunar Santuary” he looks over to the castle in the distance “No doubt about it, Lady Daria is in trouble...”. Norahl thinks “Okay, how can we get over to the Sanctuary, we need to stop him, PERIOD!”. Stirlin bows his head “Well, usually there’d be an airship here at the dock, but Lacintosh and his lackeys destroyed it, probably so nobody would follow him to the sanctuary”

“But we’ll have more problems if this carries on: you see, Heaven Haven and the Lunar Sanctuary were both built by strong believers, and so built this as an attempt to reach past the heavens and find Gorah City, but alas, it was a failure. But you see, the Lunar Sanctuary is where all of our resources are kept, so we’ll soon starve if Lacintosh has control forever. The other purpose of the castle is of course Daria, who citizen treat somewhat as a demi-goddess, I mean, Metoran’s from above are quite rare after all. The only other purpose of it is Lumeanio; the Metoran Moon God, as the sanctuary is also dedicated to him”. Norahl understands and tells the group that they need to find another way to get over to the sanctuary, so they should explore the rest of the city to see if they can find anything of use.

Within the city itself, there is one house that is very different from the rest: a bright purple hut with a spinning blue rooftop... Mario and Co. head inside, although there doesn’t appear to be anyone in here. At the back of the room though, there’s a peculiar stone arch, surrounded by lights and other machinery... By pressing a button, the stone arch opens up and a portal appears. So what better to do then enter it? On the other end of the portal, the group are spat out in what appears to be a modern apartment. Here a familiar face greets you “Whoa, I wasn’t expecting someone else to come through here! Wait... I know you! Mario is it?” Mario looks up to see that it’s Merlock, a Merlotian he briefly met in Chapter 2. Merlia (who comes out here) wonders why the portal came out here. Merlock explains “Ah, well my old friend Merliam has been living up in that flying city for decades now, but we’ve been communicating ever since Mario here managed to free us from that tyranny! Anyway, together, we managed to each construct a portal, one in Heaven Haven, and the other one here! So now he has finally made it back to the lands below! Isn’t that wonderful? I’m sure Merliam is eager to meet his wife and daughter; he’s heading to Merlot City right now!”. Merlia wonders in a half-shivering way “Merliam... I’ve heard that name before, Mario, I think we should go after him”. Though the groups wonders why, they agree, and so, you leave the apartment (via an elevator) and find out that you’re actually in Glimmer City.

You end up chasing Merliam to various areas such as Merlia’s old wooden house east of the city, then through the Sparkling Sands and finally, into Merlot City itself (and of course, Merlia is getting more and more suspicious each time). Merlot City is now almost completely rebuilt, but Merliam seems to be crazily going up to everyone, asking them about his “Wife and daughter”, but then not even giving them enough to time to respond before running off again. FINALLY, the group catch up in the throne room where Merliam is relieved to see Merlina again... even though Merlina doesn’t recognise him... “WHAT? B-but... it’s ME! MERLIAM! Husband of Queen Merlina, and father of erm... what did we call our daughter again?” Merlina’s face suddenly drops from happy to unimpressed. “MY NAME IS MERLIA!” Merlia yells across the room.

Merliam spins round to see his speechless daughter walking up the steps. “M-Merlia... of course... MERLIA! IT’S YOU!”Merliam runs in to hug Merlia, when Merlia quickly steps to the side making Merliam fall down the steps face-first... “That was a bit harsh” Merlina comments. Merlia shrugs “Seriously, you didn’t even remember your own daughter’s name?”. Merliam apologises “I’m SORRY! How could I forget, I mean, your name’s the same as your mothers, just without the “n” right? “. “Really, that’s how you remember me?” Merlia sighs. Merliam explains “Listen, I’ve been stuck in that so called “Haven” for over 30 years, you see, when Merlot was first attacked by the Strealoids, I was trying to escape with you to SAVE YOU! But when I realised I was cornered, I had no choice but to put you in the river and let you float down, hopefully to safety. After that, I got surrounded and as a last ditch effort to save myself, I activated a one-way portal, knowing I wouldn’t be able to return once I entered... and that’s how I ended up in Heaven Haven”

Chapter 7
“I’m sorry” Merliam weeps on the ground “I should have stayed here, even if I got captured, I could still have been there for my people, and maybe even you... I-” Merlia suddenly throws her arms around him “It’s okay” she reassures him “I’m glad you’re back dad; that I did get to meet you in my life after all”. Merlina smiles and tells Merliam that Merlia is on an adventure with Mario and Co.. “Adventure eh?” Merliam smirks “Say, how about I make this up to you? I’ll help you on this “adventure” in any way I can! How about it?” Merlia agrees and explains their situation, and so Mario, Co. and Merliam all meet up in west Sparkling Sands at the ruins of the fallen airship from Heaven Haven... Merliam thinks “With enough power, I could easily pull that thing right out of the ground telepathically, but there’s too much sand weighing it down... You’ll first need to find a way to get rid of it all, perhaps a few big gusts of wind would do it? I’m sure there’ll be plenty of sources for that in Heaven Haven right? Perhaps you should check there”. Guess what that means? BACKTRACKING!!! All the way back to Heaven Haven via the portal in Glimmer City, meet Merlock in Merliam’s house looking around, who asks if Mario and Co. need any help. Mario and Co. explain everything, and so Merlock points out “As you can see, parts of the city have become inaccessible, but perhaps you could somehow glide over some places, oh and don’t find these statues quite unusual?” he inspects a stone sculpture of what looks like a Paper Plane.

What you have to do here is bring Dooplund out, and Merlock suddenly has an idea “Hey, Doopla Ghosts can transform right? I know you’re probably used to imitating people, but do you think you could imitate this statue here? I mean, can you BECOME a Paper Plane?” Doopund wonders “Well, I’ll give it a try I suppose”. Dooplund tries it, and to the group’s delight, it works! And so Dooplund’s secondary ability has now been unlocked! “Glad I could of use outside of well, being Medreana’s assistant” Dooplund rubs his head in flattery. Putting this new ability to use, the group manage to reach other areas of the city, and soon find a Cloud Girl being attacked by Lakitufos and Espikots. Naturally, Mario and Co. jump in to help the poor girl. After a quick battle, the girl thanks you, and introduces herself as Cloudia, but she sighs “When is someone gonna sort this out?”. Mario and Co. reassure her by explaining their plan to get the airship back. Cloudia jumps with joy “Really? And you’ll even batter that jerk Lacintosh? Oh, thank goodness, well actually, you’ll should probably know something; well, y’know like Lakitus and Lakitots have clouds they sit on? Well, I, WAS one of them clouds, and I ‘belonged’ to Lacintosh. Thing is though, I’m... well, I’m scared of heights... I know, it’s pathetic. But even so, Lacintosh was quite willing to help me overcome my fear, so that we could both fly like all the others”.

“But Lacintosh also spent a lot of his time working on some sort of machinery, and for the longest time I had no idea what it was. But then, he showed me the final model; it was basically a flying saucer. He told me that he had made it to help me overcome my fear, but that was a lie... because eventually he turned around and told me that I was useless, and that he had only made the UFO for him and him alone, just so he could finally fly like the rest of the Lakitots! And then guess what? All the other Lakitots thought he was cool with his machine, and so they became ditching their own clouds so that they could have their own, and they all started buying the machines off him! ERGH! Disgusting!” Cloudia says that she would fly the group over to the Lunar Sanctuary if she weren’t afraid of heights, but wants to help anyway because she needs to “confront Lacintosh” herself. So with that... CLOUDIA JOINED YOUR PARTY, as the final required party member in the game.

With Cloudia now on your side, Mario and Co. head back to the Airship Wreck in the Sparkling Sands, where Merliam is waiting. Using Cloudia’s ability, you begin blowing away all the silver sand that's covering the Airship and also manage to open the way inside of the ship. Merliam suggests “you'll have to get rid of the sand inside of the boat as well!”. Inside the airship, Mario and Co. continue getting rid of the sand until eventually, enough of it is cleared, and the boat is light enough to be lifted. Everyone regroups outside the ship, where Merliam tell Merlia “I need your help with this too. I don’t have enough power to lift it all by myself”. Merlia hesitates “But even with your help, my levitating abilities aren’t strong enough to lift objects this large”. Merliam ponders for a moment before handing Merlia a Red Jewel, which he says should increase her abilities. So, the father and daughter combined their magic abilities, and slowly but surely drag the Airship from beneath the silver sands. The engine automatically switches on (because the sand is no longer clogging it), and so the Airship is ready to go! Mario and Co. hop on, but Merliam stays behind “I’m glad I could help you Merlia. I’m going to stay in Merlot for now, but I’ll still be rooting for you no matter what! I have faith that you’ll succeed!”

Merlia smiles “Alright dad! You didn’t disappoint me, so I won’t let you down either! Thanks for everything!”. And so, the airship sets off into the skies, until soon reaching the docks of Heaven Haven. “Well done” Stirlin congratulates “Now you can finally reach the Lunar Sanctuary and end this madness!”. Get prepared if you need to, and once you’re ready talk to Stirlin, and the Airship will set sail into the distant sunset, where the Lunar Sanctuary sits in the clouds. Upon arrival, it is now night time, making for quite a mysterious and heavenly dungeon, both light and dark... Throughout the dungeon, there are many puzzles involving Moonlight. Part way through the dungeon, Mario finds the Spike Boots, which allow the player to walk on spikes, which makes for some interesting puzzles where Mario stands on top of Spike Balls and rolls them around.

Eventually, the group find a Metoran dressed in pink, who is no-doubt, Daria. However, she is being chased by guess who? Lacintosh himself. Daria is soon cornered by Lacintosh in his UFO “Stay put! I’m just following orders! I believe your brother wanted you captured!”. “So it was the work of them after all” Norahl adds up. Cloudia quickly intervenes “HEY JERK! Yeah! It’s ME! And I’m not letting you bully ANYONE else!!!”. Lacintosh grunts “Grrr, oh are you still on that? Haha, take the hint Cloudia, I’ve moved on, and you should too!”. While Lacintosh is distracted, Daria quickly rushes out the room, “WHAT?! Grrr, outta my way!” Lacintosh zooms past Mario and Co., chasing after Daria. “Get up slackers!” Norahl orders “Get after him!”. Mario and Co. run through the final parts of the dungeon, until they eventually reach the very top of the Lunar Sanctuary, at the sight of a full moon in the background. Lacintosh has left Daria with nowhere else to run, but Cloudia attempts to get his attention again “I’m not done with you yet! Come on! I know you used to have a heart! What the HEY are you REALLY doing this for?”. Lacintosh laughs maniacally “You’re right, there is more to it! It’s not just because I wanted to fly quicker and easier... I made so much off this baby it’s not even funny! Actually no, it is quite funny to think I may have ended up spending the rest of my time helping you: a useless cloud who can’t even do what she was practically born for!”

Cloudia cringes in anger “T-that’s what you think? That’s all we were born for? Yeah, well guess what, I’m the reason Mario is even here right now! And I didn’t need to fly for that!”. Lacintosh cackles “Ha, but if you could fly you might just have gotten here in time! Come to think about it, I probably wouldn’t be doing all this if you could just DO WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSE TO! But to tell the truth, this is much more fun. That Black Luma that came to me and gave me this offer, this mission, it was the perfect way to put my inventions to the test, so how bout’ I finish what I started eh? Which is of course YOU!” Lacintosh’s UFO then folds out to gain a pair of legs and 4 arms, each with purple spike balls as the fists. “I’ll give ya flying lesson! RIGHT TO THE OTHER SIDE!” and so begins the boss of Chapter 7 against Lacintosh and his “Spinebot”.

After the battle, the Spinebot explodes, leaving Lacintosh on the floor. Lacintosh then drags himself up with his lasting strength “Does this change anything? I mean, you’re still scared of heights right? Pfff, hahahahahaha! Just face it, you’re useless! You can’t fly! And you NEVER WI-” *SMASH*, Cloudia suddenly sends Lacintosh flying miles away into the starry skies. “YEAH? WELL MAYBE I DON’T NEED TO FLY! FLYING IS NOT MY ONLY PURPOSE YOU JERK, GO HAVE FUN WITH THAT FLYING JUNK OF YOUR’S, BECAUSE YOU AIN’T EVER GONNA GET ANY REAL FREINDS NOW!!!”... Every stares in discomfort “Oh, sorry, did I overdo that?” Cloudia gives a small smile “Thank you Mario, all of you, from now on, you’re my true companions, my real friends, thank you for all you’ve done”. Daria also thanks you “I’m sorry for running away like a coward, I wish I could have helped you somehow, but thank you anyway, I am aware of what my brother is doing, and well... it is unacceptable, brother or not... I just hope that when this is all over that...” Daria weeps a little “that I can meet all my family in a true way, even just once... And I need your help for that Mario. there’s only one more heir to the throne you need to find before Darameana does: the eldest brother, Nerabul. Please, take this, after this” Daria gives Mario a moon shaped key, simply known as the Moon Key, thus triggering the END OF CHAPTER!!!



The game now switches to Bowser who is joined by an army of his minions from the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser yells to his minions in the Plasma Temple "How's the machine converter-thingy doing!?". Kammy Koopa flies up to him, telling him “it's not quite ready yet your Impatienceness”. Two minions then show up who are holding a struggling Metoran. "This guy was causing trouble! We caught him trying to shut off the generator!" explains the grunting Koopatrol. The Metorian speaks "You fool, it is nearly the day of the sacrifice, you're disrespecting the great sun god Plasmarha! You’re going to destroy the entire lake!". But, Bowser being Bowser, doesn't listen and tells his minions to get him out of his sight. Kammy Koopa asks what the plan is and Bowser explains "While my minions finish up on that converter, I'll be heading for Princess Peach, after all, it's been too long since I last kidnapped her! And what’s a great world conquering tool without a damsel in distress to go along with it? Gwha ha ha!". One of his minions then reports that the princess is in Auroraport, and so Bowser jumps in his Koopa Clown Cart and rides off...

Back in Heaven Haven, which is now safe again, Cloudia decides she wants to continue travelling with Mario and Co.. Octoombeta also says that she helped out every injured citizen she came across, to which Octoombravo replies “You did good Beta”. Beta grins “Ha, how flattering! Besides, weren’t you the one who went after the bad guys?”. “E-yea-yeah! I kicked, bombed and battered their sorry butts” Bravo shows off. Cloudia remarks “Aww, aren’t you 2 cute?”. “WHAT?!” Beta and Bravo both exclaim. Octoombeta then lets off a big giggle “Come on, get in the plane already, who knows? We might get another promotion!”. With that, the group fly back to NMA HQ. Once back on land, Norahl suggests “We should probably head to Aurorapor because eh... erm, it’s the main hub-town? What? You gotta better idea? Don’t question it! JUST GO!”. So Mario heads back through Gamma Plains, with another successful mission under their belts, what could possible go wro- ...Octoombravo abruptly gets a haunting call from his walky-talky... it’s Snipeguy... “L-listen you gotta come quick, West Anchor Valley! I-it’s Ryguy...”. “Oh great, now what’s he done” Octoombravo wonders. Snipeguy stays silent for a moment before saying “I... I don’t how to say this b-but m-my brother, R-Ryguy... he... H-he’s dead...”

Chapter 8: Burning With Guilt and Courage

Chapter 8
After acquiring the 3rd Sibling Key from Heaven Haven, Mario and Co. head out onto Gamma Plains before getting a strange call from Snipeguy “L-listen you gotta come quickly, West Anchor Valley! I-it’s Ryguy...” so, Mario and Co. travel to the west of Anchor Valley... and find something quite disturbing... Ryguy is lay unmoving, scars and bruises all over his weak body, while Snipeguy weeps next to him. “Ryguy, he... he was down there, in the valley pit... I only just managed to drag him out but... I’m afraid he...”. Mario and Octoombravo bow their heads in sorrow. “Wh-wh... Did he... did he jump himself?” Octoombravo asks. Snipeguy replies “I wasn’t here to see it, but it’s probably true...”. “It is true” everyone turns around to see the native Metoran woman of Anchor Valley: “K”. “W-who are you?” Snipeguy wonders. “Oh, it’s been awhile since you last any significance” Norahl states. K continues “I was watching when he did... I actually talked to him before hand, asking about forgiveness”. Snipeguy realises “Of course... no one forgave him, no matter how much he regretted his choice... together we all ruined another life...”. “He told me how he wanted to die for something but he couldn’t, because he had nothing left to live for...” K explains “I understood him, because regret my past so much that I too could throw myself of that valley... but I do still have one last thing left thing I must do...” with that K leaves. “What a mysterious woman...” Norahl mutters.

Snipeguy reminds the group “Listen you should probably get on with your quest, and me and the NMA will sort this out... good luck...” Mario nods, and so, the group heads back to AuroraPort. However, when they enter the town, they see that it’s under attack by Koopatrols, Hammer Bros and Magikoopas. Toadsworth quickly runs up to Mario telling you that “They’re after Princess Peach in the hotel”, so you rush into the hotel, battling through enemies until you find Peach cornered on the balcony by non other than Bowser alongside Kammy Koopa. Bowser abruptly turns around “WHAT?! MARIO?! Grrr, I ain’t got time for you right now, Kammy, keep him occupied!” Bowser takes Peach, hops in his Koopa Clown Cart and flies off while Peach yells “Mario!”. And so a battle infuses between Mario and Kammy Koopa. After the battle, Norahl takes the chance to interrogate Kammy; “Alright hag! Tell us where that Blob-in-Shell is heading! Or Mr. Mario here’ll get Mr. Hammer on your Ms.’ Head!”. “Alright! Alright” Kammy panics “They went to Plasmarha Lake! Mwhehe, you’ll never believe the empire his tyrant-ness has assembled there! Good luck getting to it and then past all of our defences! Mwhehehe” With that she flies off on her broomstick, leaving the group to wonder how they can get to Plasmarha Lake. Merlon then appears to tell you that “I’m afraid the lake is heavily land-locked, and the methods to get in are fairly limited, so you may have to be creative about it... But I’d suggest heading to Anchor Valley...”

In Anchor Valley, if you talk to Brago about it, he’ll say that he might be able to build you something to get you over to Plasmarha Lake if you have the right parts. One of the parts, the Y-Branch (you may already have), is in Stardust Woods, while the other can be found in Force-Strike Valley, but to get to it, a new ability is needed, and so while you are here, Salru lends Volru some of her energy, thus unlocking Volru’s secondary ability; she can now causing lightning bolts to strike from above, allowing you to activate things on platforms above you and such. With this, you find the second part which is the Elastic Band. Once you have these 2 building parts, head back to Anchor Valley and meet at the North-East side of the valley, where Brago will use the parts to construct a catapult! Brago wishes you luck, and so Mario and co. hop in the catapult, Brago pulls it back, and WOOSH, so begins CHAPTER 8: BURNING WITH GUILT AND COURAGE!!!

Mario and Co. land on the Far East side of the lake, although they get up to see that this is no ordinary lake, for it is a lake of Plasma, much like the sun. “Remember, we’re still looking for Nerabul, even if you think your primary objective is to save Peach” Norahl reminds the group “This is the only province haven’t yet explored though, so there’s a could chance he could be here... although I can’t think why anyone would want to live on well, the sun basically...” anyway, the group begin journeying west, jumping across rock platforms in the plasma as well as seeing many of the “Sun Bubble” species. After travelling for a while, you soon come across 3 sun bubbles, in which Lasafi comes out saying that she thinks she remembers them somehow. To her delight, they all recognise her! “Lasafi!” says the yellow sun bubble (Ferah) “Where have you been all this time? You almost wasn’t here for the sacrifice!”. “Wh-what?” Lasafi wonders, the red sun bubble (Kelvin) also steps forward “Yeah, by the way, we’re all really proud of you, and we’ll definitely miss you, but we know you’ll still always be in the source of the lake!”. Lasafi is quite confused “Erm, I’m sorry, I’m entirely sure what you’re talking about, what’s this sacrifice thing you’re talking about?” (Meanwhile the blue Sun Bubble stay quite at the back with a guilty expression on his face)...

“You don’t remember? The ritual’s suppose to happen today, it sure is good you showed up at last!”. “We couldn’t really keep track of the time because our sun always stays in one place...” Kelvin adds. Scaldon then steps forward and tells Lasafi “You see, the sun we have here is quite small, and so, we need Sun Bubbles as sacrifices every few years, which we offer to the sun god Plasmarha, so that the Lake will be kept warm and replenished. If we don’t offer the sacrifice, I’m afraid our sun would implode and create a black hole, which would then destroy the entire like, and probably more... so your sacrifice is very important indeed” (*guilty look*).

Norahl looks around for a moment “Where in Metora is this sun you’re talking about? Is the sky just too smoky for it to visible or something?”. “Oh, the sun is inside the Plasma Temple, which fuels the lake to give it its warmth and light that you see!” Ferah explains. “Uh, speaking of the Plasma Temple, have the priests built an extension on the front or something?” Kelvin asks. “Bowser.” Norahl assumes “Let’s not waste any time, we should get over to that temple quickly, for all our sakes!” So, you hurryingly make your way to the Plasma Temple, only, the temple is not the way in... It appears Bowser has indeed built a new castle inside the mountain in which the temple is located.

So, you begin making your way through the Minion-Infested fortress, battling more Koopatrols, Hammer Bros, and Magikoopas. Along the way, Ferah also teaches Lasafi her secondary ability, which allows her to shoot fire as projectiles, so she can light/burn/melt things from a distance. In this dungeon, you also find the final Boot upgrade: the Dash Boots! Soon, the group make it past Bowser’s Plasma Castle, and into the Plasma Temple itself, which appears to be very holy. It’s not long before they reach the ritual room itself, where the crater is at the top of the room, with large circular platform surrounding the centre of the room where the Lake’s sun is spinning. However in this room is also an unwanted guest, Bowser and Kammy Koopa, who have Princess Peach held hostage. “What you bad guys doing here!” Ferah complains “This is a place of worship! You are disrespe-”, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, already heard it!” Bowser boasts “Listen, once I hook this baby up, you won’t be wining for much longer anyway! Now, power up!” Kammy pulls the lever on the machine set up in front of the sun, in which it begins draining the energy from the sun. “No, if they do that, the sun is going to lose energy even quicker!” Kelvin shouts. Mario jumps forward, but then, the machine points at Bowser and zaps him with powerful plasma beams.

“URGH!!!!! HRMMMM-YEAHHH!!!!!!!” Bowser shell and head change to a devil red “Hahaha, this is what ahm talkin’ about! PLASMA BOWSER! GWAHAHAHA! You’re going down Mario!”, and so a miniboss battle infuses with Plasma Bowser. After the battle, Bowser loses his plasma form, but the machine begins to malfunction... “Eh, your not-so-plasmary-ness, I’m afraid the convertor’s going nuts and I can’t switch it off!”. Suddenly, as the ground shake, the sun in the centre of the room grows a pair of bright eyes, as well as 4 tentacles from its back. “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU FOOLS! NOT ONLY HAVE YOU STILL NOT BOUGHT ME MY SACRIFICE, BUT YOU HAVE ALSO BETRAYED ME BY TAKING MORE OF MY POWERF FROM ME! THOSE WHO DO NOT GIVE DO NOT DESERVE TO BE GIVEN BACK TO! AND THOSE WHO TAKE SHALL BE TAKEN FROM! I PLASMARHA, GODDESS OF THE SUN SHALL WATCH YOUR PITYFUL LAKE FALL TO THE DARKNESS SOON TO COME WHEN IT MEETS THE SINGULARITY!”. “Gods talkin’ science huh?” Norhal remarks “It’s all just a little difficult to take seriously coming from an angry face sun; I thought a god would look all epi-”. “SHUT IT! NOW YOU INSULT ME? FOR THIS YOU SHALL ALL BURN IN THE HEAT THAT STILL REMAINS HERE IN THIS LAKE!!!”

Plasmarha then shakes and smashes it with her tentacles, thus causing Bowser and Kammy to be sent flying out the crater, while everyone else knocked off into the area below. “Oh no, now what are we going to do?” Kelvin wonders. “I know, let’s find Nerabul, he’s wise right?” Ferah suggests “Aha! So Nerabul is here after all! Honestly I’d just get his key and get out of here but... obviously for moral Mario reasons, that probably won’t happen will it...” So, you begin making your way back through the Plasma Temple, and soon meet Nerabul along the way. “Indeed, I was the son of Comoary” he says “As a great man, I aspire to save and protect the lives of people just like he did, and so I choose to help the Sun Bubbles daily! Although it seems things have gotten very out of hand this time! Far worse than ever before!”

Lasafi steps forward “Is there still time to perform the sacrifice?”, Nerabul thinks “If you can calm Plasmarha’s incarnation down first so that it’ll revert back to the ordinary sun, it should be possible...”. “Well then, I must perform the sacrifice” Lasafi says with a determined face. Scaldon suddenly objects “No you can’t!”. “I can though! I am the sacrifice after all, so I chosen to do this! This is my fate, so I am willing to accept. Now let’s get up there and do this!” Mario nods, and so the group continues onward... “But, you’re not supposed to do it...” Scaldon whispers to himself... After finally making back up to the main ritual room, Mario and Co. get ready to confront Plasmarha once more. “YOU DARE CHALLENGE ME!? FOOLS! I SHALL INCINERATE YOU WITH THE FURY OF A THOUSAND SUNS! PREPARE FOR JUDGEMENT!”, and so the boss of Chapter 8 BEGINS! After the battle, the sun loses its eyes and tentacles, however, the sun to be a appear very dark red, meaning it’s very cold at this point and it also begins expanding. “This is it” Lasafi states “I must do this; Mario thank for helping me get her so I could remember my true purpose, and my friends, thank you for being there for me, I’m sorry...” Lasafi then begins lighting the torches in the room when suddenly, Scaldon yells “NOOOO!!!! YOU CAN’T DO IT!”

“Scaldon! I know what it’s like to lose people, but I break fate, I have to this”. “No, you don’t get it... you’re not the real sacrifice...” Scaldon reveals. “W-what do you mean?” Lasafi wonders. Scaldon bows his head with guilt and explains “I am the real sacrifice. The priests chose me to be the sacrificial, but when they did, although everyone viewed me as brave, including you, I was cowering in fear so much; I didn’t want to give my life... so... I foolishly made a deal with a dark black luma that appeared. The result was that everyone in the lake was brainwashed to believe that Lasafi was the chosen sacrificial, but as a drawback, the Luma also completely brainwashed you and teleported you to who knows where... you see, all of this is my fault, I’m a liar... I, I’m a coward...”

Lasafi tears up “No... what have you done!?”. Scaldon weeps “I, I’m so sorry, I just thought so much about my own life that I forgot about the lives of those around me. My friends...” everyone stays silent for a moment “I need to make this right.” Scaldon then paces around the room lighting all of the torches with his blue flames. As he stands in front of the dying sun, he gives his final moments “I’m sorry, I may have killed us all, I hope this will save all... Ferah, Kelvin, Lasafi... where ever I end up next, I’ll miss you all... I love you all...”. “I’ll miss you too...” Lasafi sniffles, “We had a great life cycle man...” Kelvin brings himself to smile as tears (or fiery tears?) roll down his face, “Goodbye Scaldon...” Ferah farewells, and so, Scaldon enters the sun, causing an incredibly bright light to appear, as the lake’s plasma turns from orange to blue...

A long moment of silence hangs over everyone, until Nerabul gives his words “I suppose there’s a price we all must pay eventually, for we have all sinned... but mourning can never move us forward... only set us backwards, and so forgiveness shall allow us to move forward; some could say Scaldon was a traitor, a coward, a liar... but who are we to accuse him, when we may have been no better in his position. Therefore we shall remember Scaldon like any other hero, or friend... in the end, he still had the courage to save the lake...” Nerabul smiles, which encourages the others to do the same. “I agree, we should forgive, not fight” Peach smiles. Octoombravo mutters “Ryguy..." Finally, Nerabul walks up to Mario and tells him “Yes I do know your original purpose in coming here, and I do indeed have what you came here for: so here you have it, the Sun Key. If I am not mistaken this is in fact the final piece in your quest to reaching the lost city of Gorah. Now go my friend, I’m sure my father would be proud if he could see your work”, and with that, Mario takes the key, thus triggering the END OF CHAPTER sequence!!!



Meanwhile with Bowser (who had just been thrown out of the Plasma Temple) is with Kammy Koopa, thinking to himself: "Hmm... I swear that I WILL beat Mario one day, even if it takes the power of a thousand suns!". Kammy Koopa tells him to cheer up, in which Bowser begins to head home with all his minion, back to the Mushroom Kingdom. However, we also join Darameana on the summit of the Starflake Pinnacles, in which Delumer approaches him to tell him “Mario has done just as expected, even with the test I caused him to have to face”. “Indeed” Darameana grins “Mario was the perfect hero for our tale, but there shouldn’t many pages left in the storybook, before we reach the ending... Now it’s only a matter of time...”

Back with Mario and Co. in Plasmarha Lake, Nerabul tells you that you should prepare yourself to head to the Starflake Summit in the Starflake Pinnacles, my foolish brother must be stopped, whether he sees his purpose as good or evil, his methods are still acts of evil. Nerabul also gives Mario one last thing; the Plasmarite Ore, a strange ore, which he says could be used to create a “fine weapon”. So, Ferah and Kelvin bid Lasafi farewell, “I’m helping to finish the rest of Mario’s journey in honour Scaldon, now it’s my turn to help save the world” Lasafi grins, and with that, Mario and Co. set off to prepare for the final chapters of their journey.

Chapter 9: The Edge of Metora's End

CH9 Title Card
After acquiring the 4th and final Sibling Key from Nerabul in Plasmarha Lake, Mario and Co. leave the scorching lake... only, they can’t, because the giant sling they used get here was only a one way thing... Ferah and Kelvin suggest Cloudia could fly them out, but she embarrassingly informs them about her fear of heights. Thankfully though, Nerabul confront Cloudia alongside a Sun Priest, and says “Indeed, being able to fly without fear would be useful for fast travel, but perhaps I can give you an even quicker and easier means of fast travel. The priest suddenly creates a spell of sorts, which somehow affects Cloudia.

Nerabul explains “The spell we just set upon you should have given you the ability of teleportation, meaning you can warp to any area of Metora when you wish (as long as you’ve visited that area before, which at this point in the game, you probably have). With that, Cloudoia thanks them and so they warp out of Plasmarha Lake. Before heading to the Starflake Summit, it is best to stop at Brago’s house to give him the “Plasmarite Ore” you acquired last chapter. Brago asks for your hammer, and after a bit of crafting, he presents Mario with the “Gravity Hammer”, which allows Mario to change his own gravity, allowing him to walk on ceilings and walls when possible.

With this final Hammer upgrade, it’s nearly time, but first, K stops you one more time. K appears to have guilty expression upon her face. Norahl impatiently asks “Okay, what’s your deal? Spit it out already”. K breaths in and speaks “There’s something you need to know... My real name, is Karamar...”. Mario and Co. look blankly as all stays silent for a second. Norahl speaks “Erh... okay... cool story, nice to meet you Karamar?”. Karamar begins to step away “When you realise who I really am, you will hate me... but I promise you redemption” Karamar leaves the scene “I promise Metora redemption”. Norahl thinks for a second “Karamar... the name does ring a bell, but it’s all very cloudy to me... I do wonder, what she really did in the past...”. Anyway, with everything they need gathered, Mario and Co. begin to venture up the highest point in Metora: The Starflake Summit, making usage of Mario’s new hammer along the way. Eventually, they reach the very top, where the mist is thick, and the air is thin. Situated here is 4 pedestals, surrounding a star shaped pattern in the centre. “Let’s not waste any more time, unlock the gate”, Mario inserts the 4 keys into each pedestal, and so, the gate opens, and when ready, Mario and Co. enter, thus starting...


On the other end of the gate, Mario and Co. find themselves on a starry path known as the “Galactic Passage”, surrounded by the vast proportions of open space. Norahl explains “The passage was developed by the last king of Metora: Comoary, who wanted to create a gate that could get them back to their original kingdom on the surface. “It seems he just about completed it, and some Metoran’s such as his children were able to use it to escape before Relmeadon could harm them any further... Unfortunately, the king himself alongside his most loyal people, sacrificed themselves in order to seal the remains of Relmeadon here for good... ergh, nothing. chop chop, like I said, let’s not waste any more time!” Mario and Co. proceed forward on the linear path until they finally approach the true remains of Gorah City. Although surprising (particularly to Norahl), there are still actually Metoran’s living here! “H-how? How could you have possibly survived up here?”. The Metoran’s themselves are fascinated by Norahl, being able to communicate. “It’s a Metoran God, the’re speaking to us!” one of the Metorans yell “They’ve come to save us at last!”, “Tell us which God are you?!”, the Metoran’s excitedly question. “SHUT IT!” Norahl shouts “What or who I am I do not know myself. Whether I’m a god, the spirit of this crest, or just a lost, trapped soul in here, it matters not!”

“Tell me, how did you all survive up here without water of the ability to grow crops?”. One of the Metorans explain: “Although we would be good as dead here in the depths of space, the king did leave one Crown Jewel behind before being consumed by Relmeadon: The Galactic Staff, the most powerful of all the Crown Jewels, which allowed us to continue living here, as harsh as it has been. “I see” Norahl comprehends “I’m sure you all have many questions about us, but time is short, Mario, we must make our way to the palace, before Darameana or Delumer can get their hands on that staff.So, Mario and Co. make their way to the palace, but unfortunately the front door turns out to be sealed. “What?” Norahl angers. “Welcome to the lost kingdom of my Father”, a familiar Metoran appears on the balcony. Darameana confidently piers down onto Mario and Co.. “I-Impossible, there’s no way you could’ve gotten here before us! WE HAD THE KEYS!”. Darameana grins sinisterly “Yes, but we had the cunning”. “Urgh, you think a mere locked door will stop us?” Norahl exclaims. “Not at all” Darameana “I have zero doubts in your abilities. That’s why you’re the hero and I am the villain, or as I like to think, the Anti-Hero...” Darameana steps back into the palace, leaving Mario and Co. to begin thinking about their next move.

Chapter 9
So, you have no choice but to explore the city a bit, which has both Metoran’s and a few enemies in it. However, you soon notice Delumer suspiciously floating around the city, and so you follow him (going in to many houses and ruins along the way) until you are finally lead to a stone door hidden at the west end of the city, which leads downwards into an eerily familiar location: as Norahl suspects “It’s the other half of the Asterock Chamber...”. What follows is very short min-dungeon, going further downwards as you progress, until you reach the very bottom of the chamber’s remains. In the centre of the large circular room is the hole that may have once been the doorway that connected it to the other half of the chamber. But more importantly, Mario and Co. prepare to confront one of their primary foes: Delumer. Norahl attempts to interrogate “What are you up to you? Why have you bought us here?”. Delumer stays silent for a moment before replying “It’s ironic. People call Relmeadon an abomination, but ask yourself this: What is the true evil at hand: the product created by this chamber, or the creators of the chamber? That’s right, the Metorans. The Metorans are evil”.

Norahl grunts in anger “Unfortunatly I must agree to an extent... This chamber is indeed evil, as are the people who founded it... But to accuse all Metorans of this evil? It’s disgusting! In an entire nation of people, only select few were responsible!”. Delumer closes his eyes “Is that so? And out of the 900 or so rebels and Yeastians who were sacrificed in this chamber, were any of them evil? Perhaps only a few, just as you said, but did they deserve this? Of course they didn’t. Your kingdom is the abomination here! Your kingdom is true evil! And that woman... nothing would please me more than to have killed here while I still could, but what would she have learnt from that?”. Mario and Co. become confused. “What woman?” Norahl questions.

Delumer gives a sinister look “Y’know... The woman that’s been helping you from the start, supplying all your boots and hammers. That’s right, Karamar. Don’t you know who she really was? WHAT SHE’S DONE? If any, one soul was responsible for all this, it would be her. The one witch who commissioned this chambers construction, the witch who captured and slaughtered all the Yeastian and rebels she could find. THE WITCH RESPONSIBLE FOR METORA’S DEMISE!” Mario and Co. stare in shock “N-no... but she... URGH!” Norhal infuriates “This can’t be happening!? She told us we would hate her when we found out... but, I jus-”. “I’ve had enough of you all!” Delumer abruptly attacks, thus triggering a miniboss battle.

After the battle, Delumer reveals “Hahaha, when the prince and are finished with this is all, we shall rebuild a new kingdom on top of Metora, one where all of those lost shall be avenged... to think that boy was doing this all for you Norahl...”. With that, Delumer fades into the shadows, leaving Norhal to ponder “M-me? What? Ergh, his taunting is meaningless! Come on! Let’s finish this!”. And so, Mario and Co. make their way up into Gorah Palace itself, making their way through the castle that once stood as the landmark of The Metora Kingdom. The group fight their way through many powerful enemies (Revengers, Light Guys, Metoran Corpses), putting all of your abilities to use, until at last, you reach the Throne Room.

At the back of the dark room, slouched on the throne is Darameana himself “At last, the knight in shining armour makes his appearance. But y’know, it would be most respectful of you to bow before your new king” Daramean grins. Norahl disgusts “I don’t care if you’re the prince of Metora, 2nd prince in fact! My point is, you’re the one who should be paying his respect! You’re sitting on the Metoran Throne, but I can’t believe a person as evil as you could become king. No one would ever bow before such a tyrant!”. Darameana stands up “Are you sure this role was not meant for I? After all, daddy left me a parting gift on this very throne!” Darameana then pull out the ultimate Crown Jewel: The Galactic Staff “Can you not comprehend? This is what my father would want. It’s what Metora needs: I WILL BUILD A NEW KINGDOM FROM THE ASHES OF MY FATHER’S KINGDOM!!!”

“You think your father would want this? All the lives you’ve taken? The destruction you’ve caused? What man could possibly be proud of such actions? ...well, except you...”. “It’s not important; how I achieve my goals. It only matters that they ARE achieved! HAHAHAHA!!! LET’S BEGIN!!!” Darameana suddenly uses the staff to strike Mario down with a massive burst of power, and then levitates the 5 Crown Jewels towards himself, wearing each one on their respective body parts. Norahl struggles to speak “Ergh... Please Mario... you must defeat him... Or else he’ll... he’ll rebuild the kingdom, only to ruin more lives... please STOP HIM!”. “Silence you spirit fool! Say, the Reflection Crest... it has little to no power at all... all it’s good for is talking... I’m afraid I have no need for such a useless ornament in my kingdom...”. Darameana wraps his hand around the reflection crest, with the Power Bangle on his wrist. Mario and his party members get up, realising what Darameana is about to do... The prince constricts his grey fingers around the crimson jewel, abusing the strength of the Power Bangle. “N-no...” Norahl quivers, as the rock begins to crack. “NO!!!” Mario’s party member screams.

“Please... my... s-so....-on..-”, Smash...

...The Reflection Crest... Norahl... shatters into thousands of red shards... and his spirit... now unobtainable... As the shards trickle onto the ground, Mario and Co. blankly stare in shock... “N-Norahl... He... He’s gone...” Mario’s Party Member mumbles “HE DESTROYED HIM!”. Darameana remains unfazed “With no full vessel, the spirit inside the jewel is as good as dead”. Mario clenches his fists. Mario’s party member tenses up “No... Sgt. Fragrey, Ryguy, Scaldon... and now Norahl... our companion... he was... he was with us from the start... and now he’s gone... ANOTHER LIFE LOST TO THEM!!!”. Darameana laughs “Haha, living inside a red rock? YOU CALL THAT A LIFE? Haha, companion you say? Pathetic.

Companions are weak. They only hinder your progress. That’s why I no longer view my brothers and sisters as relatives. The only true companion of mine now is Delumer. After I lost everything, I remember being alone in anchor valley, until Delumer appeared. I explained my troubles, and he understood me. He too knows what it’s like to lose everything. That’s why we joined forces, and to prove that there was no going back, I tossed that key my father gave me down to the pits of the valley, to prove to myself that there was no going back now. I regret nothing. From the powers Delumer gave me, to the power I have gained now from the Crown Jewels... I WILL USE THIS POWER TO DESTROY YOU!!!”. With that, the battle between Mario and Co. and Darameana begins! After the long and challenging battle, Daramean falls to the floor in defeat, dropping the Galactic Staff and the Metoran Crown as he falls. “De-defeated? But... They were the Crown Jewels... How could I... fail?”. Mario picks up the Galactic Staff, thus triggering...


Darameana bows his head “You were the hero from the start... but... even so... in reality, the hero can’t always win... r-right”. Mario kneels, grasping a few shards of Norhal’s remains... But then, Delumer’s voice comes from the back of the room “It seems the prince didn’t last long on the throne... by the way... what was that thing you said about me being your... ‘companion’?” ...

Final Chapter: Vengeance's End

Final Chapter
After Darameana’s defeat... “You were the hero from the start... but... even so... in reality, the hero can’t always win... r-right?”. Mario kneels, grasping a few shards of Norhal’s remains... Delumer’s eerie voice echoes from the back of the room “It seems the prince didn’t last long on the throne... by the way... what was that thing you said about me being your... ‘companion’?”... “What?” Darameana breaths in “Please Delumer... Help me... Destroy these fools! I can’t fail... not now... I must... restore Metora...”. “This is coming from the man who just destroyed one of his own Kingdom’s Crown Jewels” Delumer dismisses “along with the member of his own race trapped inside of it...”. Darameana struggles “N-no... I...”. “Up to this point, it’s always been about you; your goals, your ambitions! But did you ever consider my own ideals? My ambitions?” Darameana exhales “But... you never told me... about your ambitions... I didn’t know of your desires...”.

Delumer grins “Yes, and that’s because you didn’t need to know. Such a regretful mess you are in. Your heart, filled with so much anger and hatred, that you were never truly in control of your own goals and ambitions... you were never even in control of your own heart...” Darameana’s expression grows desperate “Wh-what are you saying? We did this together! You’re my only companion, together we can rebuild my father’s kingdom! I thought you wanted that as much as I did?”. Delumer laughs manically “You’re wrong. I would never help a Metoran, not after what your people have done...”. “You’re not the only puppet in my grand scheme either though” Delumer turns to Mario “Do you remember what started your entire quest here in Metora, Mario? That invitation we sent to the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom? That’s right, I lured you here, and by taking the princess away from you, that’s what motivated you throughout your quest. And to be sure you were set on the correct path, I cunningly found and placed the Reflection Crest in Anchor Valley for that old man to find, and later then later be found by you”.

One of Mario’s party members questions “Why did you Mario anyway?”. Delumer explains “As you’re aware, the Crown Jewels can only be awakened in the presence of a so-called “hero”, in other words the Jewels would be completely useless without Mario in the equation”. Darameana gasps “So you mean to say, we’ve just been using Mario this entire time to collect the Crown Jewels and then bring them here to us?” . “In effect, yes, but I wouldn’t be so surprised if I were you, considering you were just as much as a puppet as he was, if not more. Like I said, there was never a “we” or an “us”. Darameana clenches his fist “So... You... you’ve been lying to me this entire time... And although conscience, I’ve had no true input on all of my decisions since I met you...”.

“I see you’re finally catching on. To think you were trying to save your kingdom, and yet in reality, you were just destroying it even further... You created even more hatred and vengeance between the Yeast Kingdom, the Mushroom Kingdom and Metora. You attacked and imprisoned your own siblings, and for what???”. Darameana stares blankly “No... it wasn’t me... it was you, you said it yourself... there is NO “WE”!”, “Yes, but you always appeared as the one in control, it was you that gave out the orders!”. “NO!” Darameana shouts “Wh-why? WHY DID YOU PUT ME THROUGH THIS? WHY WAS IT NECASSARY TO TORTURE SO MANY SOULS?”. “BECAUSE ALL OF YOU MUST PAY FOR YOUR SINS! YOU WILL SUFFER JUST AS I DID! DON’T YOU SEE? I AM VENGEANCE! I AM WRATH! I AM RELMEADON!!!”

Everyone gasps as Darameana stares in shock “Y-you... You... N-No... NO! YOU’LL PAY FOR FOR THIS!” Daramean attempts to throw a punch, but, it is quickly struck down by Delumer. “Remember the Asterock Chamber? The souls that make my body up were sealed there, and when I awoke and ripped this city from the depths of the earth, only half of my the souls in my body escaped the chamber, the rest still trapped on the surface. That of me that did escape, followed the city of Gorah in to the vast proportions of space, and when the time was right, I attacked the city to erase the last remaining traces of the Metora Kingdom. But my progress was hindered greatly, when the boy’s father, King Comoary, along with his most loyal warriors’, sacrificed themselves using the Crown Jewel’s energy, and were able to seal the other half of my body within this city’s part of the Asterock Chamber. The form I’m in now was the only remaining part of my body that made wasn’t sealed away.

Mario and Co. get angry, preparing to battle. “But now, with the Crown Jewels all in one place, my fragmented body will be no more! I will reconnect the 2 chambers, and after 500 long years, I will finally be whole again! AND EVERY TRACE OF METORA WILL BE WIPED OUT!” Delumer, suddenly takes the Crown Jewels off of Darameana as well as the Galactic Staff off Mario by Force, and begins to use them for his evil purposes. The palace shakes uncontrollably, as rubble and debris begins to fall from above. “No, we’re too late” Mario’s party member says. Delumer’s body then fades into a larger shadow, as red prominence surrounds the pitch black centre, absorbing everything around it. Octoombravo swiftly jumps out and grabs Darameana (who’s unconscious) “I know he was our enemy, but I’d feel wrong just leaving him here. Now come, we gotta OUT!”. With no other choice, Mario grabs the Crown Jewels, and begins fleeing the palace, as the darkness begins to grow larger and larger, almost chasing you. After making it to the edge of the city, it becomes clear that the city is sinking back down to the world’s surface. After a few moments, the city’s land mass slots back into the huge hole that is Anchor Valley, putting the kingdom’s capital back in one piece, but more dreadfully, the Asterock chamber is now complete... Relmeadon is complete.

Mario, Co., the Metorans, and all the nearby witnesses are all mesmerized by not only the return of Gorah City, but the massive, and evergrowing black hole that was now engulfing everything that Metora once stood for. Mario and Co. run through the valley, along with many other Metorans and by-standers, who are also evacuating from the terror being unleashed. However, as Mario and Co. come close to reaching ArouraPort, they are stopped in their tracks by a seemingly unbreakable barrier... “YOU HAVE THE PRINCE OF METORA THERE... I WILL NOT LET HIM ESCAPE FROM THIS FATE!!!”. Mario and Co. try to smash the barrier with any attack possible, but it simply does nothing. With nowhere else to escape, and Relmeadon’s Black Hole quickly approaching the group, it appears all hope is now lost... Mario and Co. stop attacking, seeing its futility. All is silent but the chaos caused by the abomination in front of them. Darameana wakes up, near-dead.

“I... I’m sorry... I’m sorry father... I tried to restore your kingdom... but... I only ended up destroying it further... I’m so... so... sorry” Darameana weeps, as his tears fall to the ground. Mario bows his head, pulling some of the shards from Norahl’s remains out of his pocket, and looking at them in anguish. “I wish... I could’ve died by his side... or at the comfort of my brother or sisters... I wish... i wish mother could still be here to guide me... I’m sorry Relmeadon... please, forgive us Metorans... YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE!!!”. Suddenly, the red shards in Mario’s hands light up. “I don’t know about Relmeadon, but... I forgive you...”

Darameana lifts his head up “That voice...”. “Norahl?!” Mario’s party member wonders. “I’m sorry... not just because I destroyed the Reflection Crest but... also... now that I can think for myself... I... I remember you... your voice... your personality”. Norahl replies “I think I remember too... living up above the skies, a difficult life, but alongside my family and my people, I was grateful... I’m sorry it had to end so abruptly... and that it may now come to the same conclusion for all of us but... I’m just glad... I could go alongside my own son...”. Darameana tears up “I knew it... it is you... the King of Metora... Comoary... father...”. The other Crown Jewels speak: “I did suspect such...” Choroma states, “It’s difficult to know what to feel right now...” Florina conflicts. “Our lives were mysterious indeed, but at least we now know who we truly are...” Bolodie sighs, “The 4 wielders of such Crown Jewels... the 4 who stood by his majesty and sacrificed our bodies as a toll to seal Relmeadon... it seems it was somewhat futile in the end...”. Comoary explains “It seems that after we had used up all of our energy in the battle, we only managed to stay alive by trapping ourselves in these jewels... and those jewels then feel down to the surface here...”. Darameana bows his head “Although this is not the way I’d want to meet you... I at least grateful that I could be with my father one last time before death...”. A long moment of silence falls, as everyone accepts their inevitable doom...


'SMASH!', suddenly the barrier that was trapping them is broken. “Pitiful!” A voice accuses “Don’t just accept a fate you don’t want... REDEEM YOURSELF!”, everyone turns to see a familiar face once again: K/Karamar. “K?” Comoary wonders, she corrects him “My name is Karamar... yes... I was once an evil so-called “witch”, and for hundreds of years, I accepted that as all I’d ever be... But I cannot stand around any longer while more lives are lost pointlessly... so what are you doing? We can still turn things around!”

The ground begins to shake more violently as the Black Hole approaches very near now. Comoary sighs “There’s no point, the best we can do is run... The Crown Jewels no longer have any effect on such a monstrosity... accept it... it’s over...”. Karamar clenches her fist... “Fool... You forget... the Crown Jewels are not the only ace you have... you have something else that is far stronger...” Mario looks around wondering what she means. “Remember your children Comoary... the keys you gave them... the keys that could allow them to access the portal to Gorah City... There’s a reason you gave the keys to them isn’t there?”. Comoary suddenly comes to a realisation “That’s right... It was the bonds of the Metoran Royal Family that allowed those keys to function... The Bloodline!” Mario! Quick, get them keys out!”. Mario quickly summons the 4 Sibling Keys, in which they begin to light up intensely. “While you were up there in Gorah City, I was preparing for this battle... I visited each of your children... Medreana, Darmia, Nerabul, and now Daranmeana! Darameana, we need your help, just focus your energy from the Metoran Key, as the other siblings shall do the same with their keys!”. Darameana stands up and nods confidently “Alright”.

Each of the 4 siblings are then shown focusing their own energy in their locations, until suddenly, 4 lights fire off from each location, directly hitting the Black Hole, and knocking it back a little and stopping it from progressing. “You really set this all up?” Comoary astounds. Karamar nods “Yes, I have been helping you all since the very beginning...”. “But why are you risking you risking your own life to safe a kingdom that no longer even exists?” Comoary asks. Karamar explains “Don’t you see, my life has no meaning now... even back in my own time period, I would only be hated more, and in this era, I have no family. I have no one to go to. Nothing... So for all the pain and suffering I once caused, the last purpose I can give to my life is redemption... I feel selfish doing this for myself... but I promise you: work with me! And together we can defeat this abomination once and for all!”. Mario nods confidently. “Alright” Comoary agrees “What do we have to do?”.

Karamar explains “Right, alone, the Crown Jewels are no longer enough to be of use... but combined with the power Comoary ‘s children are producing, the Crown Jewels can play as our second ace... I know this’ll sound insane, but with this power, you should be able to enter the Black Hole safely. Take the Crown Jewels, and I’ll stay on the boundaries of the Black Hole, I can hold it back for a while, just as long as you’re protected by the Crown Jewels”. Mario understands and thus he prepares for what’s ahead (Now is your chance to go to ArouraPort quickly and stock up on items if you need to). Darameana then makes a statement “I’ll stay here too. They have more of a chance if both of us hold of the Black Hole together. Besides... I too have some stuff to redeem myself from...”. “Very well... yes, your help should be quite helpful” Karamar accepts. “Alright Mario, it’s finally time to face it! Let’s disappoint my fallen kingdom!” Comoary encourages. Mario and Co. nod with determination, and once ready, Karamar and Darameana use the Sibling Keys to create a Portal in the Black Hole for them to enter. “Good luck Mario”...

With that, Mario and Co. enter the Event Horizon... FINAL CHAPTER: VENGEANCE’S END!!!

Upon entering, everything fades to black, and Mario later awakes, finding himself alone... with no party members beside him... As a result, this final dungeon consists of finding each Party Member and Crown Jewel one by one, putting all of their abilities to good use! Along the way though, in between finding party members and battling strong enemies, you find many small red shards scattered throughout the dungeon (which are of course the remains of the Reflection Crest), however Comoary doesn’t seem to be able to communicate. After a long and challenging dungeon, Mario finally rounds up all 8 of his party members and Crown Jewels, and so, the group find themselves at a strange gate of sorts... the gateway to Relmeadon himself. Comoary just about manages to communicate here: “M.ri..o... I’m... af.r.aid.. I.m.. weak... b.t... I trust... yo. u... do... this...” With these words echoing, Mario and Co. open and enter the pitch-black portal/gate, in order to face the final challenge...

All is completely silent at first, as well being pitch black, with nothing in sight. “Look!” Mario’s Party Members points out “Over there!”, Mario notices a chunk of the red shard from the Reflection Crest, lying in the distance. Mario and Co. begin approaching, when abruptly, they are all forced back by a massive shock wave! “Fools. You believe you’ve set me back? But the truth is, I will take revenge!” suddenly, hundreds of black, fiery spirits begin flying around uncontrollably “We’ll engulf the entire world if that’s what it takes!”, the spirits then begin to cluster together, beginning to form something very sinister “WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL EVERY CONNECTION TO METORA IS SEVERED AND WIPED OF THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!!!”. Finally, the cluster begins to take shape, with a large star-shaped head; bright yet sinister flames ignite from the monster’s back, fingers, and head, and finally, it’s lifeless red eyes illuminate... “I AM VENGEANCE!!!” Relmeadon proclaims, distorting his surroundings in the process. With this Mario and Co. prepare for battle, thus beginning the final boss! While attacks do work at first, Relmeadon just keeps managing to heal his entire HP instantly by absorbing his surroundings. “It’s useless” Mario’s party member cries. “After all that hope you gained from knocking me back, was all for nothing. GIVE IN!”.

Mario stands desperately thinking of some way to defeat Relmeadon. After all, even the Crown Jewels didn’t have any effect. “You see, the Crown Jewels and keys were only able stall time before reaching your inevitable doom”. Meanwhile, outside the Black Hole, Darameana and Karamar are using all the strength they can muster up in order to hold back the abomination. “I’m losing grip!” Karamar exclaims worryingly. Darameana reassures her “Listen, once this is all over... that is, assuming we make it out, I promise you, that Metora will no longer view you as a witch. I’ll make sure you are respected as a true heroine!”. Karamar grins slightly “That’s thoughtful of you, but for now, you should focus on your own redemption... I’m not sure how much longer we can keep this up”. “Come on Mario, you can do it!” Darameana mutters.

Back with Mario and Co, they are still struggling to hold up against Relmeadon, but then a familiar voice is heard over all the chaos: “MARIO YOU BLIND BUFFOON! CAN’T YOU SEE THE SINY RED THING?”. Mario jumps in shock, suddenly noticing the red shard on the black ground. Mario quickly approaches it, knowing who it is. “So the monarch is still just about alive?” Relmeadon squints. Comoary/Norahl abruptly asks Mario “Them shards in your pocket, pass them here!”. Mario, although confused, follows, and carefully places all the shards together. However, at this Relmeadon is getting ready to attack Mario and Co. “It’s not the full jewel... but that’s actually a good thing!” Comoary tells them “Now quickly, pass the Galactic Staff here as well! You don’t have to do anything with it, just pass it here!” Mario once again follows, and places the galactic staff over the shards. “Eh, Mario,” a party member warns “We’re about to get blasted!”. Suddenly, Relmeadon launches a massive beam of his deadly flames, but strangely, a bright light covers the scene...

When the light fades, the Galactic Staff is being held by grey hand in a red and regal sleeve... Mario and Co. stare in shock at what they were seeing... “Haha... bet ya didn’t expect to see THIS!”. Somehow, Comoary was no longer trapped inside the Reflection Crest. He was free at last. Comoary now had his original body!”. Even Relmeadon is surprised “WHAT?! How is this possible?”. Comoary smirks “Weren’t you the reason I was trapped in that jewel? Of course... the spirits of the Crown Jewels... we didn’t sacrifice ourselves, YOU were the one that trapped us in there! You sealed our memories of who we really were, leaving only a false implant of information, which is the reason I gave Mario this journey! You implanted these memories in us so that we too could be your pawns!”. Relmeadon admits to him “Yes, so you finally caught on...”

“Haha, but you see, when Darameana shattered the Reflection Crest, it also shattered the seal that you had placed on not only my memories, but the ability to return to my original body! But thanks to the combined powers of the Galactic Staff, and your own attack, I was able to use to shatter the remains of the seal, and return to my true form!”. Mario and Co. are amazed, but this angers Relmeadon “Urgh, so this means you outsmarted me? Don’t celebrate too quickly, after all, your body doesn’t really change anything! You’re still powerless against me!”. Comoary grins “But you see... this makes all the difference!”.

“How so?” Mario party member questions. “Because...” Comoary explains “The full extent of the Galactic Staff cannot be unleashed if not used by the singular monarch of Metora! So while my son is an heir to the kingdom’s throne, he couldn’t release the full potential power of the staff because I am still alive! And that means, I can use this staff to put a stop to you for good Relmeadon!!!”. Comoary raises his staff, as Mario and Co. stare in awe. The Galactic Staff begins to illuminate, gathering energy from its surroundings “Now children of Metora...” Comoary chants. (Each child of Comoary’s is then shown in their respective locations as he speaks their names, focusing all of their energy) “Medreana... Daria... Nerabul... and Darameana...”. Darameana is shown putting all of his strength together, while still holding back the Black Hole with Karamar “Father! I feel your presence more strongly than ever!!! PLEASE!!! FATHER!! MARIO!!! REDEEM METORA!!!”

4 intense beams, even more powerful than the last are then shot into the Black Hole, penetrating straight through Relmeadon’s “invincible” defences! “ALRIGHT!” Mario’s party member cheers, while Mario and Comoary both grin, seeing that they now have a chance! “NOOOO!!! CURSES!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!???” Relmeadon screams in agony. However, Comoary then falls, struggling to stand up, in which Mario tries to help him. “I’m okay...” Comoary breaths heavily “Listen Mario, you need to take this abomination down for good now! Because it’s possible now! And... I can still help you out... but... the fate of Metora and the world truly rests in your hands now... I know you can do this! For the sake of both our kingdoms!!!” Comoary grasps Mario’s hand in trust, somehow smiling with optimism.

Mario confidently nods, and turns with his party member towards Relmeadon, with his fists clenched. “Grrrr...” Relmeadon grunts “You don’t understand... I will cleanse this world of its evil... I WILL CLEANSE THE WORLD OF SIN! For you to deny such an inevitable fate... IS A SIN IN ITSELF!!! PREPARE FOR YOUR JUDGMENT!!! YOU MAY HAVE BROKEN MY DEFENSES, BUT YOU HAVE NOT BROKEN MY ETERNAL RAGE!!! FOR I, RELMEADON, AM VENGEANCE!!!!” ...and with that, the final battle of the game against Relmeadon BEGINS!!!! This is an extremely tough battle, especially since Relmeadon has 350HP! His ATKs can cause over 20 damage! And he has a DEF of 4! However, while the battle starts off as a very difficult struggle, however, every 3 turns, Comoary boosts all your stats by doubling them each time making every turn progressively more interesting and fun, until by the end of the fight, you’ll be dealing ridiculously large amount of power! And by the end, Relmeadon is defeated after a long fight of epic proportions!

“WHAT? I... This... feeling... this... anguish... this... VENGEANCE!!! NOOO, I MUST FINISH THIS! YOU MUST PAY!!!” Relmeadon screams in agony at his defeat. However Comoary, who is weak, standing only on his knees, tells Mario “It’s not over yet... Relmeadon’s been defeated many times before, but he’s still here now... That’s because we only sealed him away...”. Mario’s party member wonders “What else can we do? Do we have to destroy it completely?”. Comoary shakes his head “No... quite the contrary... think what Relmeadon is... hatred, vengeance, towards the Metora Kingdom. That is what it now embodies, but remember what Relmeadon used to be... before it became Relmeadon. That’s right, souls, in the bodies of people just like us. That means that hidden beneath that rage and vengeance are the other natural emotions... We can bring their soul’s true natures back to the surface! We can free them!” Mario ponders, as Comoary explains “Remember what your princess told us? That we should forgive... Now couldn’t be a better time to bring that up! Because Forgiveness counters Vengeance!” Comoary tightly grasps the Galactic Staff, holding it up towards Relmeadon. The Staff illuminates, as Relmeadon anguishes “What... are... what you doing? ...” Relmeadon mutters. Comoary grimaces in a struggle, in which Mario swiftly assists in helping him to hold the staff. The surrounding area of the black hole becomes bright, gradually severing the void.

“What’s going on?” Darameana yells over the fierce forces of the Black Hole. Karamar holds her ground “The force is more intense but... the core of it, I sense the power is fading!”. Relmeadon’s slowly starts to shatter and disintegrate. Comoary quickly summons the other 4 Crown Jewels, adding their power to the struggle, and Comoary yells one last time “NOW MARIO! DESTROY THE SEAL! FREE THE SOULS ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!”. Mario dashes straight towards Relmeadon, preparing his Hammer, and as he jumps up towards Relmeadon, you inflict the final hit on Relmeadon, thus finally destroying the prison of souls that was Relmeadon. Hundreds of souls spurt out rapidly, and as Mario, Co. and Comoary try to stand their ground over the strong forces of the deteriorating Black Hole... finally, the souls go from a deep black, to pure quite, and the Black Hole bursts in an explosion of light...

It’s finally over...

Mario later wakes up, noticing the incredible starry sky. “Thank goodness, you’re okay!” Cloudia jumps with joy! Mario looks checks his surroundings, finding himself at the ruins of Gorah City in what is now anchor fields... “Whoa cool! There’s grass here now!” Trobuzza notices, as the field is no longer brown, but a luscious green. “Finally, Fragrey and Ryguy... they can rest now” Octoombravo smiles. Lasafi does the same “Yeah, Scaldon too” she blushes. “Mario, you’re okay!” Princess Peach appears, along with various others. Darameana runs up to Mario alongside Medreana, as a few tears roll down his face “I’m so sorry... for all the trouble I caused...” Mario nods, smiling, as well as Medreana who thanks them “Thanks you, with your efforts, we truly saved Metora. “Hey, what’s that over there!” Volru at the rumble. Darameana’s eyes suddenly dilate, in which he runs up to the crumbled ruins, as Medreana follows. “It... It’s him...” Darameana and Medreana clear the rubble, revealing the king in the red cloak... Comoary. Darameana weeps “You’re body, it’s back!”, Comaory smiles as his eyes open up “Darameana? And Medreana?” Comoary tears up. “I never thought I’d meet you like this ever again...” Medreana smiles as she cries with joy.

“COMOARY!”, 4 Metorans suddenly run up to the king as he lies in the ruins of his kingdom. “You’re, the other spirits, who were trapped inside the other Jewels!”. “Comaory, what have you done!?” Florina asks. Comaory tells them “Forgive me... I am quite weak now... after using up so much power from that battle... aiding Mario... I used the final bit of my strength to free the other Crown Jewels... now you all have your bodies back as well...”. “You sacrificed the last of your strength for us?” Lanami questions, “Of course... although... now all of the Crown Jewels have been shattered... So Metora can no longer be...” Comoary admits. “No... you’re the king! You can’t!” Bolodie cries. Choroma butts in “Stop it... you’re taking his actions for granted! We have our bodies back... thank you, your majesty” he bows in honour. Comoary looks around “Together, we saved Metora... My children... Mario... the Crown Jewels... Karamar...” Karamar turns, surprised “That’s right, we were all saved due to you help... we forgive you K, I mean, Karamar, you have redeemed yourself... the same goes for you Darameana. Darameana continues to weep heavily “But... no... I haven’t redeemed myself yet... not that battle alone... I will do more! I’ll start fresh!”. Comaory grins “It’s ironic... Metora has now been lost... Our kingdom has truly fallen... Metora can never be rejuvenated... however son... if you truly seek complete redemption then found a new kingdom, over the remains of Metora... create a true sanctuary nation for all of its citezins...”

“Yes... YES, I WILL!” Darameana promises, still balling his eyes out. Comoary then smiles one last time “I know you can do it... use the mistakes of Metora to pave a new path to the future... I feel... I’ll be joining your mother very shortly...”. Darameana shivers “N-no! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE YET!!!”, Medreana sniffles. Comoary’s softly feels his children’s faces “Listen... Darameana... Medreana... and tell Daria and Nerabul this as well... I will be, and always was with you in spirit, even more so than when I was trapped in that crimson jewel... just please remember... my children... I... I love... you all...” Comoary’s eyes slowly close, rolling back into his head... as his hands fall from Darameana and Medreana’s cheeks, onto the ground of debris... “No... NO!!! DAD!!!! PLEASE!!!!” Darameana cries heavily, hugging his father’s body in grief. Medreana mutters “Thank you father...”. A long moment of peaceful silence falls over the valley, as the sun begins to rise over the horizon, painting the sky gold. Mario lifts his heads, wiping away the tears, and turning towards Karamar. Karamar appears to be looking towards the distant sunset, with an optimistic expression on her face... “Surrounding me currently, is a fallen kingdom, but with so many good people... who in the end, have managed to save the kingdom’s remains... in order to start a new... and in the end, I became one of those people... a good person... not a witch, but...”

“A heroine... and you will always be respected as one from now on...” Darameana finishes for her. Karamar smiles one last time, blushing slightly. “Thank you all...” Karamar’s body slowly starts to deteriorate “I may not have lived the best life but... at least I know what it means to have one now...” her ashes begin to scatter into the sunset as she fades “And that’s... good enough for me... Finally... we’re all free... I can rest...” finally, her body vanishes fully... Darameana falls to his knees, still crying “I... I don’t know what to feel right now... It’s over... it’s finally over...” Everyone looks at Darameana, bowing their heads “It’s over...

“It’s all over now...”

The End


Main Characters

Character Description
Needs no explanation, our good old hero in paper form is up for another adventure with his boots on and hammer in hand!
Princess Peachdfs
Princess Peach
The kind hearted damsel in distress once again kidnapped this time by Darameana and Delumer, but for reasons unkown for most of the game...
Reflection Crest
A strange spirit trapped inside one of the Crown Jewels. He is Mario's companion through out the game but he can't remember who he is or how he became trapped in the jewel.
Darameana is what appears to be the main villain. He's working with Delumer to achive his goals although it is unsure, what these goals are...
A dark luma-like creature who is working with Darameana although Delumer appears to have his own plans... He is a recurring character who often torments others along the way
Medreana is Darameana's brother. She weorks with peach during the Peach Interlude to help her find information about Darameana and Delumer.
The self-proclaimed king of evil himself: Bowser! What do you think he's up to? trying to kidnap peach of course!

Party Members

Party members are charecters that join Mario throughout the game and each one will have a different ability which is required to progress the game. There's usually a new party member in each chapter and each party member also has a secondary ability which are not always required but can help to find secret and also give that party member a new move in battle. Each party member startsoff with 2 moves and can gain 2 more later on. All abilities are activated by doing a certain thing on the Wii U gamepad touch screen

Party Member Description Field Ability Moves in Battle

Octoombravo Prologue

A friendly octoomba working as a military private in the National Metorian Army.

Being in the Military he can toss grenades to blow up cracks in walls and rocks by tapping the touch screen in the place you want to throw the grenade.(ect.)

Secondary Ability: Can toss flash bangs to stun at enemies giving you a first strike where the enemy is stunned for the first 2 turns.

  • Grenade Toss: throws a grenade at the enemy
  • Medic: recovers 5-10 of Mario's HP - 3FP
  • Laser Out!: Fires a laser gun threw all enemies which can have random effects - 4 FP
  • Airstrike Inbound: Calls in an airstrike doing lots of damage to all enemies - 7FP

Chapter 1

An Eskoopot / Buzzy Beetle explorer who loves going on adventures and viewing nature.

Mario can kick his shell across gaps to retrieve items or hit switches from a distance by drawing a strait line in the direction you want to kick him.

Sencondary Ability: Tap Trobuzza on the touch screen so Mario will jump on his back and then draw a circle to make him spin around allowing you to spin cogs and such.

  • Shell Roll: Roles up in his shell and rolls into the enemy
  • Slime Shell: Using Trobuzza's slimy underbelly, he uses the slime to stick all enemies in place for 1-3 turns - 2FP
  • Shell Shield: Creates a shell for Mario which takes damage for him - 4FP
  • Lightning Roll: Rolls into all enemies doing a lot of damage -7FP

Chapter 2

Merlia is the same raise as Merlon, Merluvlee, (ect) She is a troubled young Shaman who doesn't remember much of her past

By tapping an item or certain movable object you can levitate it and move it around by dragging it across the touch screen.

Seconary Ability: Can move larger objects than before (such as large rocks) and can even telepathically fling enemies around out side of battle

  • Psy-fall: levitates an enemy up in the air and then drops them causing them to take damage.
  • Confusing Illusion: Makes all enemies confused so they attack each other -4FP
  • Psy-Glow: When enemies attack Mario they take damage from it as well - 3FP
  • Mass Levitation: Pulls a huge rock out of the ground telekinetically and throws it at all enemies doing a lot of damage - 7FP

Chapter 3

An old and at first, quite depressed racoon who claims to have created the Nadiri Mountains with his now dead wife: Tanami. By quickly drawing a line across the screen on the gamepad, he can cause Mario and himself to dash forward super quickly, allowing you to get over small gaps.

Secondary Ability: Allows you to wall kick jump off walls to reach higher areas.

*Khattana Attack: Dashes up to an enemy and slashes them with his sword.
  • Bulk Up: Raise Mario's attack power for a few turns - 3FP
  • Mean beam: Fires a beam out of his sword paralyzing all enemies for a few turns - 4FP
  • Combo Slice: Slices an enemy 3 times in a row with a combo causing massive damage - 6FP

Chapter 4

A Vholst from Force-Strike Valley who is rather shy at first. She carries a Trident which was passed down from generations. By tapping and holding, Volru can power nearby devices and uncovering secret items.

Secondary Ability: By drawing a quick line going up from Volru Volru, she can create a lightning strike above you which can be used to hit switches and such above you.

  • Trident Javelin: Throws her Trident at an enemy
  • Zap-Charge: Zaps Mario, making it so opposing physical attacks will do 3 damage to enemies- 2FP
  • Thunder Hurricane: Strikes all enemies with lightning - 6FP
  • Sealing Ritual: Summons Salru to perform an attack which can defeat all enemies regardless of HP, although it doesn't work on bosses/ minibosses - 8FP

Chapter 5

A girly Sun Bubble from Plasmarha Lake who doesn't remember much of what happened to herself when Mario first meets her.

Can light up dark areas or set things on fire, light torches or melt ice.

Secondary Ability: By tapping anywhere on the touchscreen lasafi will shoot a fireball which will travel in the direction you put it in.

  • Scorch: attacks an enemy burning them.
  • Ultra Violet: Creates a burst of light paralyzing all enemies for 2-4 turns - 3FP
  • Pyromaniac: Attacks all enemies with a flame attack which burns all enemies - 5FP
  • Exploding Implosion: Implodes into a mini black hole getting rid of all enemies from the battle - 8FP

Chapter 6

A Wise Doopla Ghost wizzard who was protecting Peach and Medreana and pretending to work for Darameana and Delumer.

Can transform into NPCs so that other NPCs will mistake Mario for being someone else.

Secondary Ability: Can copy the shapes of certain statues to turn Mario into a Paper airplane, helicopter or boat

  • Swoop: Swoops down onto one enemy damaging them.
  • Transformation: Transforms into an enemy giving you attacks similar to theirs although this doesn't work on most bosses - 5FP
  • Wand Wave: heels 10-20 of Mario's HP - 4FP
  • Twinkle Blizzard: Makes a blizzard damaging and freezing all enemies for 1-3 turns - 8FP

Chapter 7

A friendly lakitu-like cloud who lives in Heaven Haven. Problem is... she's scared of heights...

Can blow a gust of wind when tap the touchscreen which can blow obstacles out of the way or move them.

Secondary Ability: Can take you to any location in the game (basically fast travel) when you tap and hold her on the touch screen.

  • Dive bomb: Dive bombs an enemy damaging it.
  • Gale storm: Creates a gust of wind blowing all enemies out of the battle - 3FP
  • Acid Rain: Rains on the enemies poisoning them for 1-3 turns - 5FP
  • Shock Strike: Attacks one enemy with a lightning strike for huge damage.


An optional party member, acquired only by defeating all 5 of the Metoran Gods. She is an angel given to Mario as a reward from the gods from doing this. Since you will have completed most of the game at this point, by tapping Metaria, she will open up a map of the area you're in, and can take you to any screen in that area; this also includes some secret areas, inaccessible before hand. Secondary Ability: By drawing a circle around Metaria, she will automatically defeat any surrounding enemies on the field. *Divine Strike: Strike one enemy with a heavenly attack, causing massive damage - 6FP
  • Heavenly Blessing: Increases Mario's and all his party member's stats by 5, for 3 turns - 5FP
  • Starry Oath: This move must be used within the 1st 3 turns and when you do use it, you have 5 turns to beat all the enemies; if you do, the number of Star Points are tripled at the end of the battle - 8FP
  • Penultimate Justice: obliterates all enemies if successful, causing a total of 25 damage - 15FP

Enemies/Tattle Log

See Paper Mario: The Metora Kingdom/Tattle Log


Metora Kingdom
Listed below are all the locations in the game (not all are there yet). Each location not only has its own location art, but also has a map as well. To the side is also the world map for the game, displaying all of these locations in their respective areas they are found in; You should probably be able to figure out what's what.


Greater Location Description
Auroraport serves as the main hub town of the game and is a fairly small seatown. The town has many different places of interest including a Hotel, The Royal Ministry, The Gym and the docks themselves.

Stardust Woods

Greater Location Description Sub Locations Description
Stardust Woods
Stardust Woods
A mysterious forest with various unique species of plants, most notably it's bright yellow trees.
Hubble Hamlet
Hubble Hamlet
A small farming village within the woods which specializes in growing crops and selling and trading across the rest of Metora.
Thorn Fortress
Thorn Fortress
Thorn Fortress Map
It was once a military checkpoint, but when Metora fell, the place slowly became overgrown with plants and it became the home of the Staranha Plants.
Inner Forest

Sparkling Sands

Greater Location + Map Description Sub Locations/Maps Description
Sparkling Sands
A beautiful desert where the silver sand sparkles at night. The Sparkling River now flows through it.
Glimmer City
Glimmer City
An amazing coastal city full of great attractions, including it's beach and various playable minigames.
Merlot City Ruins
Merlot City Ruins
Merlot Map2
The ancestral home of the shamans, however, the Strealoids took it over, thus reducing the ancient city to ruin.
Airship Wreck A wrecked airship which fell from Heaven Haven above after the Lakitufos attacked.

Nadiri Mountains

Greater Location Description Sub Locations Description
Nadiri Mountains An oriental themed mountain range full of bright pink cherry blossoms, and inhabited by many worriors and strong fighters.
Hana Koshi
Kargu's Temple
Yurao's Temple
Raiy's Temple
The Knowmi
The Knowmi
The "Nadiri Mountain exclusive underworld", as anyone who passes away in the Nadiri Mountain is sent to The Knowmi, which is owned by Shinder: God of The Knowmi.

Force-Strike Valley

Anchor Valley

Gamma Plains

Starflake Pinnacles

Heaven Haven

Plasmarha Lake

Gorah City


See Paper Mario: The Metora Kingdom/Music


To see the full list of quotes, see Paper Mario: The Metora Kingdom/Quotes

  • "What? I didn't sign up for this! I signed up to see explosions! ...oh, and the money" - Octoombravo
  • "Urgh, a regular Koopa shell would be SOOOO much more convenient than this!" - Trobuzza
  • "BOW TO YOUR SENSEI" - Tanagi
  • "What's that? Something about a wall? Huh? I break it too often? Oh shut it!" - Norahl
  • "Because, eh, REASONS!" - Norahl
  • "Every second is another sword that slowly rips me apart..." Darameana


To see the full gallery for the game, see Paper Mario: The Metora Kingdom/Gallery

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