This is the bestiary for the enemies in Paper Mario: The Mechanism Mirror

Notes on Enemies

enemies who's names are Bold are main story bosses, fought at the end of each chapter. Enemies who's names are in italic are mainstory minibosses and enemies who's names are both Bold and Italic are optional bosses

  • Any fire-based enemies will recover HP from fire attack but will take 2x damage from any ice moves - Vise-versa with ice-basedenemies as they will recover HP from ice attacks but take 2x damage from fire attacks. Electric-based enemies will recover HP from electric attacks.
  • HP draining or stealing attacks are cancelled out if Mario has an electrified status
  • Fire or electric-based attacks will instantly detonate any members of the bob-omo species

The descriptions are from Edolan who will contact Mario through the V.SDS and give the tattle log. All you have to do is tap the enemy on the Wii U touch screen or point the Wii romote and select it. This does not take up a turn either

Tattle Log

# Image Name HP ATK DEF Location Description
Goombandit 2 1 0 Stridal Plains (North) That would be a Goombandit! However despite sounding a little different, these guys are pretty much just ordinary Goombas with a fancy name and a prepared halloween costume! HP is 2, ATK is 1 and DEF is 0
Spiked Goombandit
Spiked Goombandit 2 2 0 Stridal Plains (North) As if you needed me to tell you this! that is a Spiked Goombandit and the clues in the name here! A Goombandit! WITH A SPIKE! HP is 2, ATK is 2 and DEF is 0 - and you deffinetly don't want to jump on one of those! trust me... I know... what? No, of course I didn't, do you really think I'd be stupid enough to jump on one! ...Phew, that was close...
Winged Goombandit
Para Goombandit 2 1 0 Stridal Plains (North) A winged Goombandit ey? Perfect for robbing stuff! HP is 2, ATK is 1 and DEF is 0. Y'know, I remember reading a book about these guys and I am happy to inform that those wings are FAKE! It's all in this book see? it's called "A baised speculation of paragoombas!" ...wait a sec, BIASED?!?!?
4 Gloomba 8 4 0 Mortal Moor
5 Spiked Gloomba 8 5 0 Mortal Moor
6 Para Gloomba 8 4 0 Mortal Moor
Goombully 3 2 0 Dutti Park So these guys think they're "hard" ey? Man, kids these days! always beatin' people up! and seriously, this is just a Goomba! yet, it still thinks it's the boss of the park! ...*huff*... HP is 3, ATK is 2, DEF is 0... yeah, and they thing they're strong!?
8 Goombit 4 3 0 Gaming Tent (Virtual Dungeon) So, I bet you think that just becuase I'm old and I'm an archaeolagist that I won't know anything about some 8-bit Goomba? WRONG! HP is 4, ATK is 3, DEF is 0 - I'm an invetor so I know about this stuff! Although, it's pretty much just a Goomba that's well, 8-bit an-WAIT A SEC! WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU ANYWAY?!
Goomborg 5 4 0 Mechatropolis This demonic looking Goomba is a Goomborg, a resurected Goomba who had it's tiny brain re-programed to become a strange cyborg-like Goomba... You're welcome for that nightmare fuel! HP is 5, ATK is 4 and DEF is 0, You should also note that It can use it's redicelous armour to raise it's ATK power!
Chav Koopa
Chav Koopa 4 2 1 Dutti Park I can't even begin to explain how stupid these jerks look! seriously they actually think they look cool like that!? Argh! Givem' a good ol' jump the head! that'll knock em over, dropping their deffence to 0! HP is 4, ATK is 2, DEF is 1
Koopixel 4 3 1 Gaming Tent (Virtual Dungeon)
Kooptus 5 3 1 Stridal plains (East) Kooptus ey? A Koopa with a cactus for a shell?! Who thought of that? seruiously! I don't think I have to explain what happens when you jump on a cactus *cough* pain *cough* HP is 5, ATK is 3 and DEF is 1 - Also, this Koopa species can NOT be flipped over!
Koopyrimid 8 5 1 Vlaggy Steppe
Beetemple 5 3 1 Nozama Rainforest A Beetemple! ...HOW DOES IT HAVE A STINKIN' TEMPLE FOR A SHELL?! THEY AREN'T BORN WITH THAT!!! Oh, well guess we'll have to use our imaginations, right?!! HP is 5, ATK is 3 and DEF is 1, This Buzzy Beetle cannot be flipped over however, it is weak to your hammer or even... EXPLOSIONS!!!
Tribe Guy
Tribe Guy 5 4 0 Nozama Rainforest Tribe Guys! If it rhymes with "I" it can be a shy guy right?! HP is 5, ATK is 4, DEF is 0, their spear means you can't jump on them but sometimes they mover the spear down so that you can jump on them but you can't hammer them... so, it's win-win!
Cheepirahna 6 5 0 Nozama Rainforest Cheepirahnas are a cross-species of Pirahna Plants and Cheep Cheeps which many beleive to be a reason for them bring called "Pirahna Plants" in the first place... Alright there's the boring stuff out the way now onto the stats! HP is 6, ATK: 5! and DEF is 0, carefull as sdome of it's attacks can poison you!!!
Fuzzy 3 2 0 Nozama Rainforest So I want your opinion on this one: Do you think they're cute or do you think they look distcusting... just a survey I'm working on! HP is 3, ATK is 2, DEF is 0, it also has the ability to drain your HP when it attacks, however if you block it then it's no blood supper for them fluff balls!!!
Bully 3 2 1 Dutti Park Is it just a coincident that these guys are called "Bullies" and just happen to be BULLIES?! What were the designers thinking back in the 64 days!? Oh right, yeah the stats: HP is 3, ATK is 2 and DEF is 1, and please note that them horns cannot be jumped on and that they make him look like a TOTAL JERK!!!
Hound Chomp
Hound Chomp 3 5 2 Tiantinald (During Chapter 3) Remember the Chompuppies that some people own? Well the Wafflish said "forget that!" and made them into vicous Hound Chomps! HP is 3, ATK is 5, DEF is 2, there's really not much else to say so, instead, here's a random joke... WHO LET THE CHOMPS OUT!?
Horsail 9 5 0 Tiantinalda (During Chapter 3) This magnificent beast is a Horsail! ever seen one? no? Well, I'm not suprised since 1, I am clearly smarter than you and 2, it's natve to the Waffle Kingdom! HP is 9! ATK is 5, DEF is 0, occasionally, a Conquistador might hop onto one on these, effectivley combinding their power!
Conquistador 7 4 1 Tiantinalda and Cocoknight Temple (During Chapter 3) It appears we have a mean conquistador from the Waffle Kingdom, here to steal any gold they come across! HP is 7, ATK is 4, and DEF is 1! Be careful as these guys can sometimes use their sword as a defence spike so that you can't jump/hammer them... 
El Conquero
El Conquerō 25 5 1 Cocoknight Temple This greedy jerk is El Conquerō, leader of the Wafflish Armada! Well, I say he’s a jerk but... his moustache looks so cool!!! I WANT IT! Oh right, HP is 25, ATK is 5, DEF is 1, he can also summon Conquistadors into the battle to hinder your progress which, yeah that’s a jerk move for sure!
Pillager 8 5 0 Magikraft / Merletic's Lair (during Chapter 4)
Pilgrit 30 5 0 Merletic's Lair Tattle: Leader of the Pillagers: Pilgrit! Oh, how much he needs a haircut! HP is 30, ATK is 5, DEF is 0 - He can use his pitchfork and torch to attack and his torch can burn you! And if that wasn't enough, he can call in Pillagers to hinder you! BECAUSE NO LEADER CAN FINISH THE JOB HIMSELF!
Maskoco 6 7 0 Cocoknight Temple One of the Cocoknite Temple's guardians: Maskoco! Their HP is 6, ATK is 7! and their DEF is 0. They have the ability to raise their or other enemies' ATK stat which would explain why these guys are so angry-looking... because that's the way the designers decided to make it look!
Tikoco 8 4 1 Cocoknight Temple Okay, this things face is creepin' me out but anyway, that's a Tikoco - a live tiki head with a duty of protecting the Cocoknite Temple so that no one can find the treasures of such place! HP is 8, ATK is 4 and DEF is 1, it also has the ability to recover the HP of it's self or of other enemies... one last thing - THAT TOUNGE!
Boardoco 5 3 2 Cocoknight Temple Oh, my! It's like a surf board came to life! Boardocos are pretty basic really! HP is 5, ATK is 3, and DEF is 2! And despite it's DEF being higher than the others, it can still raise it's or other enemies' defence! ...I wonder why it's so sad though... Oh, right it's a tribal mask, that's why!
Prongo 5 3 1 Mechatropolis Oh my! It's a spiky thing with a box on it's head! Prongo! These enemies are quite troublsome as you can't attack them with a hammer or a jump due to their spikes! However, if you can find another attack that might work OR find away to flip them over, then you'll have a chance! HP is 5, ATK is 3, DEF is 1
Mandisphere 4 4 1 Mechatropolis

That little ball of... sciency stuff, is a Mandishpere! HP is 4, ATK is 4, DEF is 1 - There main attack is to simply ram into you however it a has laser attack as well which can sometimes paralyse you, so watch out!

Podite 2 2 1 Mechatropolis These little flying saucers are Podites who are really quite weak... yet they still want to try and zap you! HP is 2, ATK is 2 and DEF is 1... So if they're so weak then what is their purpose? Well, if there is multiple Podites in the battle then they can laser chain themselves together, combinding there stats into one, but they still get to attack the one for each... So, TAKE THEM OUT!


5 3 2 Mechatropolis An armoured Mandite known as a Platech - The main thing with these guys is their DEF as it is 2 which is pretty high this early on in the ga- eh, adventure, yes adventure is what I meant! HP is 5 and ATK is 3.
Bombot 5 3 1 Mechatropolis Think of it as a robotic bob-omo! Bombot's HP is 5, ATK is 3 and DEF is 1! It's attacks are pretty much just it hitting you with it's fists... That is until you tick it off! If you attack it, it gets angry and is ready to detonate within the next turn, which if you don't defeat it BOOM! 8 points of DAMAGE
Ruskog 11 9 2 Vlaggy Steppe
Melaravox 120 9 2 Ignis Pit
Kammy Koopa 10 4 0 Stridal Plains (South) As far as minions go, Kammy is pretty lucky to be Bowser's top-class assistant... or more like Bowser is lucky to have Kammy as a minion since she can recover his HP and raise Bowser's ATK and DEF. HP is 10, ATK is 4 and DEF is 0
Bowser 30 5 1 Stridal Plains (South) The evil koopa lord right before my eyes! I must say he's not nearly as scary as people make him out to be in the news and such... Meh, I suppose that's good news for you! HP is 30, ATK is 5, DEF is 1, watch out for that fire breath of his! It both stinks and burns at the same time... I hope he didn't here that...
Mandite Bowser 150 10 2 Ignis Pit
Digitail 30 3 0 Gaming Tent (Virtual Dungeon) Really? Why are you asking me! An archaeologist, what THAT IS! ...I mean, Of course I know what that is! It’s...a.... Digitail, right? Haha, clever pun in the name there, anyway, the sensors on the V.3DS are picking up that this thing has 30 HP, 4 ATK, and 0 DEF. It’s attacks mainly involve it either firing an 8-bit fire ball at you or it simply trying to hit you with it’s tail
Mandinator 40 5 1 The Control Room The Mandinator! A super high-tech and super strong Mandite sent by Melaravox to install the virus into Mechatropolis... -WAIT WHAT?! Did someone build that thing?! And meanwhile, I’m just sitting here making paper airplanes? What am I doing with my life?! Anyway, HP is 40, ATK is 5, and DEF is 1. It is able to summon Podites into the battle which can raise its ATK and DEF as well as recover its HP... I’m so jealous of that things design!
Quetzalcoaco 50 6 2 Cocoknight Temple Now’s not a good time y’know! Can’t you see I’m trying to hid- I mean fight! Against these pesky conquista- WHOA! That’s the Cocoknight God: Quetzelcoaco who protects the Seal Shard right? HP is 50, ATK is 6, DEF is 2! However those hands of it’s are also a problem! They each have 10HP, can attack each turn AND can also raise it’s ATK and DEF, so I’m no skilled fighter but you might wanna get ridda’ them hands!
Merletic Merletic 100% 12% 8% Merletic's Lair Eh, this battle is a little bit different... you're giant and so is this evil excuse for a villain! Your party members all have different ways of helping you which I'll leave you to find out for yourself, and your jumps and hammer skills will serve as your main attacks! ...strangley I'm not asking you why your like 3x your usual size and your stats have been doubled! just because... your Mario...
Emperess Xerainia2
Empress Xerainia 80 8 1 Planet Zerk I wanna talk about how easy it is NOT to think this thing is a female, BUT! You already made that joke so I can’t... but here’s one, other aliens may find her beautiful but who really wants to be someone who has THAT attitude?! HP is 80, ATK is 8, DEF is 1, but that’s not all! Don’t think she want call in her alien slaves to help her out! They’ll heal her, raise her stats and they probably expect a kiss from them in return... pfff... HAHAHA! IDIOTS!
Ruffaze 25 8 2 Swayey Docks So, anything interesting happen yet? Wait a second, WHAT IS THAT!? A Mandite!? And we’re not just talkin’ about some floating robot orb? Darnit! The scanners are telling me that this guy’s name is Ruffaze, his HP is 25, ATK is 8 and DEF is 2... That and also he has a gun for a hand, which is pretty awesome! Oh, and violent of course... (not that you would care with the amount of heads you’ve stomped...)
Bobort 25 9 2 Tidehouse Island Oh you gotta be kidding me! There really are robot pirates! Hang on a sec! I’m coming over to the Swayey Docks right now! ...OH RIGHT! HP is 25, ATK is 9, DEF is 2 and also he has a sword... what? Did you want me to go into more depth? Okay then! ... H-E I-S A P-I-R-A-T-E!!! ...with a sword which he can use as a defence spike... OH! And his name is Bobort!
Captain Beadeye 40 10 2 Tidehouse Island HOW MANY ROBOT PIRATES CAN YOU FIGHT IN ONE DAY?! Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that Kraken showed up at any minute now! HP is 40, ATK is 10, DEF is 2. He can also get his 2 pirate psychics to boost his starts or heal him. Btw, I’m currently travelling across Stridal Plains to get to where you are, so just don’t move an inch!
King Whopper
King Whopper 70 10 ??? Tidehouse Island Oh, man, it’s just started to rain as well! And meanwhile you’re fighting a giant robot crab!!! Huff... King Whopper is it’s name! HP is 70, ATK is 10 and DEF is... INFINITE!? What’s up with that? Oh wait! I get it! It’s his outer shell which gives him that defence! Listen, you need to find a way to flip it over so that you can attack the weak spot on its belly!!!

Enemies whoes names are bold, are chapter bosses

Enemies names whoes names are in italics are minibosses

Enemies whoes names are in bold italics are optional bosses