Paper Mario: The Mechanism Mirror
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FEB Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
November 25th, 2015
Single player, Arcade mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Wii U optical disc
Mario in paper form takes on his next adventure! This time, after a train disaster at the hands of the Mandite leader and mechanical demon: Melaravox, Mario along with many party members, sets off with the task of collecting the ancient seal shards to lock the Mechanism Mirror for good as it is Melaravox's power source... but some twists shall be taken along the way...


For a more in depth and detiled version of the story, see Paper Mario: The Mechanism Mirror/Plot

Prologue: An Unnatural Disaster

Prologue an unatural disaster
Mario, Peach, Luigi and Toadsworth are on a luxurious train, traveling to a distant area at the scene of a late night in what seems to be a desertless wasteland. Then a black figure with red eyes appears above the incoming train, creates a blast of darkness and sends the train hurling of the tracks. Mario later wakes up and explores the train wreckage. After meeting Luigi who tells him to find the princess, Mario meets Toadsworth who is worried sick about what had happened to the train as well as the princess. Mario explores the train some more, finding his Hammer along the way until he finds Peach trying to helping out the train conductor.

Mario takes Peach to the area Toadsworth was when suddenly a demonic robot creature attacks and introduces himself as Melaravox. Strangley, he also seems to know Mario and Peach even though they don't know him. A battle then infuses however, after the battle, Melaravox suprise attacks Mario sending him hurling into a distant wheat field and with Mario gone, Melaravox moves in to steel Princess Peach. Mario is later discovered, early in the morning by a young toad girl on a farm. Mario later wakes up in the toads housed and explains to the toad what happened.The toad introduces herself as Guss T. and tells Mario that the closest town is Cactown in Stridal Plains but since Mario is still in bad shape, Guss T. decides to acompany him. After travelling across the deserted plains, the duo reach Cactown and meet Toadsworth who is delighted to see Mario. He then explains that the Princess wan't actually kidnapped by Melaravox and was some-what saved by a mysterious ninja women called "Senieka". He also mentions a rumour concerning a paranoid man living to the west of town.

Mario and Guss T. head to the Paranoid man's house in search of clues. At first, the house seems empty however, they then find a green-skinned man in the wartrobe who is saying that Melaravox is after him. Mario gives him a quack on the head with his hammer which knocks him out of it, making him normal again. The amn introduces himself as Edolan and he explains that he is an archeaolagist/inventor who was exploring a place called the Mechanism Ruins when they discovered a black mirror which possessed his friends, Tedward and Invest T. Gate, yurning them into "Mandites", rbot-like creatures which onces ruled the world. Guss T. realises that Invest T. Gate is her father and wants to continue travelling with Mario in hope of saving him.

The group agree to travel to the Mechanism Ruins, north of Stridal Plains. Once they get to the ruins, Edolan tells Mario of the Mandites and how a war broke out between them and the people of Talon, their leader was Melaravox and a hero known as Martienus, used 7 seals to lock the demon inside a sacred mirror. Since Mario wants to stop Melarvox, Edolan suggests that he collects the 7 Seal Shards to seal Melarvox back into the mirror and suggests that they start at Dutti Park, to the west of Stridal Plains. Mario agrees but before he and Guss T. can set off, Edolan gives them a "V.3DS" which basically serves as the games tattle. The group then set off to find the first Seal Shard.

Chapter 1: The Nerd-Jock Conflict

Chapter 1 the nerd jock conflict
Mario and Guss T. arrive in Dutti Park with the task of finding the first Seal Shard. The duo run into a gang of bullies who start making fun of Mario in which a battle infuses. After the battle, a big beanish kid called "Beatbean", steps forward and tells Mario that he has to prove himself by showing them their skateboarding skills. Although it sounds rediculous, Mario plays along and so, a red bandit kid who seems nervous, steps forward to lend Mario his skateboard and also tells you how to do it in secret. Once ready, Mario plays the skateboarding minigame and so the bullies accept him and ask why he's here. Mario explains about the Seal Shard in which the red bandit kid called Robby explains that the "nerds" are holding a gaming competetion in the Gaming tent and the Seal Shard is the prize, although Robby says that he's going to steel it.

Robby privatly tells Mario that he has a pass to get into the Gaming Tent and it's in his house to the east of the park and so Robby joins the party. Eventually they get to Robby's house (or his mom's house) where he meets a friend of his who is a bandit girl and asks what they are doing. Robby tries to show off by saying that he's going to break into the Gaming Tent (even though Mario knows this isn't true) but this only discusts Sharlette in which she walks off. After Robby starts getting mad at himself, he retrieves the pass from his beadroom and the group travel to the Gaming Tent. Once in the Gaming Tent, Robby signs them up for the competetion in which Chuck Quizmo is the host. Once the competetion begins, everyone rushes to the arcades and starts playing them and so, Mario and Co. do the same.

After competing in 5 different minigames, the last one being against FRANCIS!!! Mario and Co. are congratulated and praised however, Chuck Quizmo reveals that there's still 1 last thing they have to compete in before they can win the prize, and that's a virtual dungeon simulator. They enter the dungeon similator and fight a dragon boss called Digitail at the end. After all that, Mario and Co. are presented with the Nerainium Seal when suddenly, Beatbean busts in with his gang (with Scarlett following behind) and reveals to all the nerds that Robby is secretly a jock. The nerds then "Boo!" Robby claiming that he doesn't deserve the seal. Robby, who is feeling regretful at this point tells them to stop and then gives a heart-warming speach about how he just wanted more friends as he hated being treated how he was by the jocks. The nerds understand and so they cheer him instead however, Beatbean then pumles Robby in which the security kick Beatbean out of the tent. Scarlett checks that Robby is okay and after all that, Robby and Mario are given the Nerainium Seal: YOU GOT A SEAL SHARD!!!

Chapter 2: City of the Ancient Future

Chapter 2 city of the ancient future
After retrieving the first Seal Shard from the Gaming Tent, Robby says goodbye to Sharlette and so, Mario and Co. head back to Stridal Plains in search of clues as to where the next Seal Shard might be. They head to the Mechanism Ruins; although Edolan isn't there, the Nerainium Seal levatates onto the pedastal and in it's reflection, the image of a huge robot city appears. Robby recognises it to be Mechatropolis although they are unsure on how to get there. So, they go to Edolan's house but when they get there, they find it's locked and there's a note on the door saying that he's gone to explore some ruins to the east of Stridal Plains. So, the group head there and once in the underground ruins, they meet Edoland who is inscpecting some mural which look like underground train roots. He then shows them a futuristic pod which he says leads to Mechatropolis and since that's where the Nerainium Seal was telling them to go there, they hop in the pod and it takes them to the city, although Edolan stays behing to look at the ruins some more.

After a short minigame in the pod, the group arrive outside the great city of Mechatropolis and so, the group head up to the entrance. However, the entrance is strangley locked so the group get in from underneath the city instead. Once in Mechatropolis, the group see that all the citizen Mandites are going crazy, trying to infect other Mandites with a outbreaking computor virus. Mario then steps in to help a helpless Fizzlit who is being attacked by some Mandites. After the battle, the Fizzlit thanks Mario and introduces herself as "Fizz". She then joins Mario and says that they should find "Ampler" to the east of the city as he may know about what is going on, so Mario and Co. do just that. After traveling to the east side of the city, the group meet Ampler who at first thinks Mario and Co. are enemies but after a battle, he realises that it's not the case.

He then explains to the group that Melaravox has returned to the city in hope of reclaiming his title of the "Mandite leader and creator" and that he is the one who has installed the computor virus. He also talks about the war between Mandites and The people of Talon and that the people of Talon gave the Mandites one of the seals to keep in hope of preventing anyone from using it for evil purposes. He aslo states that the Xiron Seal is in the Control Room at the top of the city and the Control Room is also where the virus's source is coming from, so Mario and Co. make their way to the Control Room. Once they reach the top of the city, they meet the source of the virus which is a huge robot called the "Mandinator". The Mandinator reports that Melaravox had sent him to install the virus in order to take back the city. After a battle, the Mandinator breaks down and explodes, thus destroying the virus, making the Madite citizens normal again. Ampler then enters the room, thanking Mario and then reveals that he had the Xiron Shard the whole time and that he protected it, waiting to give it to a prophecised "hero". With that, Ampler gives Mario the Xiron shard, thus triggering the END OF CHAPTER sequence. YOU GOT A SEAL SHARD!!!

Chapter 3: Conquering the Conquerors

Chapter 3 conquering the conquerors
After collecting the 2nd Seal Shard from Mechatropolis, Mario and Co. head back (via a teleporter that Ampler showed them) to the Mechanims Ruins to find out the location of the next Seal Shard. The reflection of the seal shows them 3 stine temples peaking through a vast jungle which Edolan notices to be the Nozama Rainforest. Edolan says that he'll meat Mario there since he wants to tag along, so the group travel to south Stridal Plains until they get to the jungles entrance where they find out that the so called "boat" is actually just a wooden raft. Either way, Mario, Co. and Edolan hop onto the raft and so they drift of down the Nozama River which triggers a short minigame. Eventually, the group get off, deeper into the jungle and begin walking on foot when suddenly, the group are ambushed by a tribe of cocoknights who then take Mario and Co. into the city of Tiantinalda where they are introduced to king Cocozuma! Cocozuma then orders for them to be sacrificed and so they are shoved up to the top of the pyrimid and Mario is then placed on the alter reader to be exacuted when suddenly, the Seal Shards come out and Mesmerize the Cocoknights.

Cocozuma then claims that their tribe is saved although Mario and Co. have no idea what's going on. Mario, Co. and Edolan are then taken to a small tepee where a Cocoknight called Cocoknown explains that a prophecy foretells that the city will be invaded by Conquistadors but a hero carrying 2 of the Seal Shards will rise against them. He then states that the conquistadors are said to invade tomorrow and that if Mario helps them, then they'll give him the Coconite Shard. Mario agrees and so, Cocoknown joins the party! Cocozuma then tells them that they need to prepare the battlements and that the battlements are in the west pyrimid but the key to open it is owned by a priest who works on the east pyrimid. Once the key is retrieved, the group can open up the battlements in which all the soldiers grab their weapons. They then set the battlements up, south of the city and Cocozuma tells Mario and Co. that they should rest before the battle tomorrow.

The next day, Mario and Co. are awoken by Cocoknown in which they rush out the tent to see hundreds of Wafflish Conquisadors. Their leader, El Conquerō, steps forward saying that they are here to conquer the city of Tiantinalda and steal all the gold it may be hiding. The battle then takes of between the cocoknights and the conquistadors but after fighting for a while, El Conquerō kidnaps Cocozuma and takes him to the Cocoknight Temple in which Mario and Co. chase after him. They then find Cocozuma injured on the floor at the top of the pyrimid but he tells the group to stop El Conquerō from getting "the tresure of the temple" so, Mario and Co. enter the Cocoknight Temple. Eventually, the group catch up with El Conquerō who, after a short battle, runs into the next room where a large head statue is lay in the wall. El Conquerō then goes to grab the Coconite Seal on the pedastal but when he does, it awakens the statue in the wall which Cocoknown tells them is "Quetzelcoaco" a Cocoknight God.

Quetzelcoaco then attacks El Conquerō hurling him out of the temple and so a battle infuses between Mario and Quetzelcoaco. After the battle, Cocozuma rushes into the room and reports that they have driven the Conquistadors back into the sea, and thanks Mario for his help in the situation. With that, as promised, Cocoknown presents Mario with the Cocoknight Shard, thus triggering the END OF CHAPTER sequence, YOU GOT A SEALSHARD!!!

Chapter 4: When Omens Go Bad

Chapter 4 when omens go bad
After aquiring the 3rd Seal Shard from the Nozama Rainforest, Cocoknown wishes his tribe ouck and so, Mario, Co. and Edolan head back to the Mechanism Ruins to find out the location of the next Seal Shard. However, along the way they bump into Bowser and Kammy Koopa who were apperently looking for Edolan so that he could get information out of him. After a short battle, Bowser and Kammy Koopa retreat and so the group continue the journey. Once they get to the Mechanism Ruins, the Coconite Seal shows them the location of the next Seal Shard which is in Omen Valley. Edolan says that he will not be acomanying Mario and Co. this time but tells them that they can reach the valley by travelling through Foot Woods which is north of Dutti Park, so the group head there. In the woods, they run into Beatbean who seems to be lost and due to his rage, he attacks. After a short battle, he runs of cowering and so the group carry on travelling through the woods until they reach the foot of some jagged mountains which are seperating them from Omen Valley.

The group then search around until they find a Magikoopa who at first thinks that they're "Pillagers" but after some convincing, he makes an agreement that he'll fly the group into the valley on his broom IF Mario agrees to help the village of Magikraft which is apparently being pilaged. So, Mario and Co. fly into the valley thus starting CHAPTER 5. The group make their way through the valley until they reach the witch inhabited village of "Magikraft" which just like the Magikoopa said, is being pillaged by outsiders. Mario and Co. question the pillagers what is going on and if they know about the Seal Shards. One of the pillagers tells them that they're hunting all the "evil witches" in the village and that they're sure to find a "Seal Shard" somewhere, he also suggests Mario hunts down some witches while he's waiting. Though unsure, the group make there way into the explorabled part of the village where they eventually find a scared Magikoopa in one of the houses. After a battle, Mario and explain that they're not Pillagers and their just searching for the Seal Shard. The Magikoopa introduces herself as Kammilia and makes a deal with Mario that if he saves all 20 Magikoopas, then she'll tell Mario where to find the Seal Shard. Mario agrees and so, Kammalia joins the party.

Mario then has to locate and escort all 20 Magikoopas to a grotto, north of the village, stealthily, avoiding the Pillagers. Once all of them are saved, Kammilia, as promised, tells you that Seal Shard is located in Merletic's Lair, home of the village leader: Merletic, although she is unsure on how to get to it since there's a canyon in between the village and the lair. However she suggest that ask Merlystic who lives in a house north-east of the village, so the group head there. Along the way, they notice that all the Pilagers are gone and wonder why they retreated. Once they meet Merlystic, she shows Mario that he can glide over to the lair from her balcony, using Guss T.'s ablility. Once across the canyon, they enter the lair and so begins Chapter 4's dungeon. Along the way, the group find that the place is swarming with Pillagers and Kammilia assumes that they must want to take down Merletic. EVentually, Mario and Co. run into the leader of the Pillagers: Pilgrit. After a short battle, Pilgrit quickly rushes into the next room which is Merletic's personal room.

Pilgrit then throws a bag of wands that were stolen from the village, on the floor and says "The deed is done". Merletic then appears and reveals to Mario and Co. that he's controlling the Pillagers so that he could steal the wands of the village in order to harness their magical energy so that he could become the world strongest wizard! He then tosses the wands into a cauldron which he ignites and begins stiring it. Mario tries to stop him but they are surrounded by Pillagers. Once the cauldron is ready, he scoops some up in his bottle and drinks it, transforming him into a tall, dark, cloaked wizzard. Mario then comes up with a plan to battle Merletic: he quickly jumps up and glides over to the cauldron using Guss T.'s ability, and then jumps inside the cauldron which transfroms him into Mega Mario. With that, the boss of Chapter 5 begins, although this battle is quite different to usual battles... After the battle, Mario and Merletic are transformed back into their original froms in which all the Pillagers then realise that they were being controlled the whole time. Merlystic then enters the room and tells Merletic that he shall be punished for his betreyal and so, and so she seals him in a prison of flames... She and the Pillagers thank Mario and so Merlystic gives Mario the Mellenium Seal which was hung up on Merletic's wall, thus triggering the END OF CHAPTER sequence.

Chapter 5: Brawl of the Worlds

Chapter 5 brawl of the worlds
After acquiring the 4th Seal Shard from Omen Valley, Mario and Co. head back to the Mechanism Ruins to find out the location of the next Seal Shard which turns out to be located in Talon City. Edolan suggests that you take the train which was recently remade, and so Mario and Co. get on the train in Cactown and so it takes them to Talon City, thus starting Chapter 5. Upon arrival, Mario and Co. begin exploring and meet various different characters such as Mayor Brockworth, a strange cloaked man who keeps warning people bout "a great terror" and an astronomer who tells Mario and Co. that the city is known for having many UFO sightings and also tells of a legend that the people of Talon traded with aliens from the distant Planet Zerk. The aliens swore to protect the Zyonite Shard on their planet as long as they protected the "Crimson Breath" an orb that protects the nature of Planet Zerk. The astronomer also suggests that you get some rest at the hotel and then wake up at 2 O'clock as a comet is apparently going to appear at that time, so Mario and Co. do just that. However, when the comet goes across the sky, it turns out that it's actually an asteroid of sorts, which then lands in west Mortal Moor.

Mayor Brockworth and some other people decide to go and investigate in which Mario and Co. tag along. Shortly after arriving at the strange cylinder asteroid, a hatch opens up and a tentacle-like arm begins observing them but stops when it sees the Mayor. 3 legs then appear from out the cylinder, lifting up a huge Martian Tripod which begins attacking people. Mario and Co. rush back to the town which is being swarmed by aliens and UFOs. Mario and Co. are saved from the tripod by the cloaked man who takes them into an underground basement which many other people are hiding in. The cloaked man then reveals himself to be one of the aliens: Torges. However, he explains that he's working against the aliens as he feels it isn't right for them to invade and also explains that the reason the aliens are here, is because someone has taken the Crimson Breath, and they want to find that person.

Torges then joins Mario's party and suggests that they search for a safe way out, and so they explore the rest of Talon Sewers. Mario and Co. soon find an ancient room which Torges says was where the Crimson Breath was kept, but someone had taken it. Mayor Brockworth then confesses that he took the Crimson Breath because he original didn't believe the legends and explains that it's in his house. Suddenly, the tripod breaks in and attempts to take Brockworth and so Mario and Co. try to escort Brockworth away stealthily. However, eventually, the tripod manages to capture Brockworth in which Torges says that he has a plan to take down the Tripod. The group then rush outside and into the mayor's house. Torges tells Mario's other party members to search for the Crimson Breath while he and Mario take down the tripod, using the dome at the top of the building as an overlook.

After defeating the Tripod through a shooter minigame, Mario and Co. find the Crimson Breath and go to investigate the Tripod. They manage to sneak in but the Tripod blasts of into space while they're inside. Eventually, it reaches Planet Zerk where the aliens find Mario and Co. and quickly send Brockworth over to Empress Xerainia's throne room. After making their way though Xerainia's palace, they confront Empress Xerainia and so a battle infuses. After the battle, Xerainia questions Torges' betrayal and Torges explains that he wanted Planet Zerk to be more like the Mushroom World where people respect each other and that Empress Xerainia wasn't helping to change the alien's ways. He also states that it was wrong for them to invade after Brockworth made a simple mistake. Xerainia understands and decides to re-trade the Zyonite Shard with the Crimson Breath. Mario takes the Zyonite Shard, thus triggering the END OF CHAPTER sequence! YOU GOT A SEAL SHARD!!!

Chapter 6: Tidying up Some Tidy business

Chapter 6 Tidying up some tidy buissness
After acquiring the 5th Seal Shard from Planet Zerk, the aliens take Mario and Co. back to Talon City in one of their ships. Empress Xerainia apologizes once again and so she flies back off to her own Planet after Torges says that he wants to explore Earth for a while. Mario and Co. then head back to the Mechanism Ruins where they find out that the location of the next Seal Shard is in the Swayey Docks on the coast of the Tidey Sea. Mario and Co. get to the docks by travelling through South-East Mortal Moor, but along the way, they bump into Beatbean again who seems lost again. A battle infuses and afterwards, he scurries off cowardly. Once in the Seatown, Mario and Co. shortly find out that the whole town is starving because it's too dangerous for the Sailors to go out and catch fish due to the weather problems. They also find out that the source may be the "Tidehouse" and that there's an old Blooper who may know more about it. So, Mario and Co. head to the Bloopers House in search of possible clues and answers.

Once in the house, they see the Aquoise Shard hung up on the wall and the old Blooper appears and initially thinks that Mario and Co. are trying to steal his treasure. However, after an understanding, the blooper introduces himself as "Bloop-Beard" and explains that 3 sailors are sent over every 3 months to Tidehouse Island to keep watch and a few days ago, the new sailors were sent over. However, that's when the Tidehouse (which controls the sea's tide in the Tidey Sea) got out of control and made the weather go insane. Bloop-Beard also talks about how the Tidehouse is Mandite origin and that a giant bridge of light can be created if they find the 3 light chips and have them all inserted into stone devices scattered around the docks. Bloop-Beard also makes a deal that if Mario and Co. help the town then he'll gladly give them the Aquoise Shard. With that, Bloop-Beard joins the party and so Mario and Co. start their search for the light chips.

Whenever a Light-Chip is inserted into a stone, it also changes the tide level of the waters in the docks and so it's all one big puzzle for Mario and Co. to have them all inserted at once. Once all this is done, they head to lighthouse, activate a hidden switch which creates the Light Bridge. They travel across the bridge but when they are nearly at the island, the group are ambushed by 3 Robot Pirates called Ruffaze, Bobort and Captain Beadeye. The attack causes Mario and Co. to fall off the bridge and into the caves of the island below. Mario and Co. explore the island's caverns all while running into the pirates and battling them until they finally reach the Tidehouse and head up to the top of it. Once at the top, Mario confronts the pirates who are being led by Investron. After a battle against Beadeye, Investron order him to call in "The Whopper" and so a giant mechanical Crab falls down from the ceiling. After a boss battle, the crab explodes which also harms the 3 pirates and so Investron says that he has what Melarvox wanted (The Portal Chip) and so he scurries off. The 3 pirates also change back to their regular forms which happen to be the 3 sailors that were keeping watch of the Tidehouse. Since Mario helped the town regain control of the Tidehouse, Bloop-Beard gives Mario the Aquoise Seal as promised thus triggering the END OF CHAPTER sequence.

Chapter 7: Into the Frying Pit

Chapter 7 into the frying pit
After acquiring the 6th Seal Shard from the Swayey Docks, Mario and Co. are thanked by the towns folk and thanked personally by the 3 sailors, and so the group head to the Mechanism Ruins to find out the last Seal Shard Location. Once there, they meet Edolan and so the usual process begins and in the reflection of the shard, appears the image of a vast shrubland-like desert. Edolan informs them that it is in the Vlaggy Steppe which they can get to by travelling north of Mortal Moor, so the group and Edolan head there. However, once there, they see that there's a huge chasm between the 2 areas and so there's no way across. However, Edolan then pulls out one of his inventions: an electric-powered canon which he can use to blast the group across, and so the group are blasted across the chasm and into the Vlaggy Steppe. Once in the Steppe, it's not before they see that it has become swarmed with Mandites and machine structures set up all around the desert. Mario and Co. eventually find a small camp where they find a note left by Peach, which tells them that she has travelled north of the desert with Senieka (the ninja woman who protected her) to the Ignis Pit where the Pyrite Shard is located, however they need Mario to light the final torch in order make the Ignis Pit rise from beneath the sands.

So, Mario and explore further until they find the final torch (Peach and Senieka had already lit the other 3) South-west of the desert. However, Mario and Co. have to use an ignited stick (lighting it one another fire source) and bring it over to this torch in order to light, however, this isn't easy because the Mandites have set up many wind-machines which will put out the flame if walked through. After finding a way over to the final torch with the ignited stick, Mario and Co. light the torch which causes the ground to shake, and in the distance, the silhouette of the Ignis Pit can be seen rising. The Ignis Pit now risen, Mario and Co. travel north of the desert to where the Ignis Pit is, however, along the way, they are stopped by Investron who attempts to hinder their progress with a short conveyer-belt minigame. After the minigame, a battle infuses, and afterwards, Invesstron flies off to the Ignis Pit. The group then head up to the hell-like tower and enter. Once inside, they find themselves in a large room with a huge bridge going across it, but at the other end of the bridge is Peach and Senieka! However, as Mario steps forward, Melaravox shows up and begins talking about how Mario and Peach are responsible for his true body being trapped inside the mirror. But seeing that no one can understand what he's talking about, Melaravox gets angry and attacks, destroying the bridge that Mario and Co. are standing on, causing them to fall down into the fiery abyss below...

But just as Mario and Co. are falling to there doom, Investron quickly swoops in and saves them by dropping them off on a safe platform. Although Mario and Co. are curious as to why he saved them (especially Guss T.) Investron flies away without saying anything. The group then work their way back up to the top of the tower until they find a pipe which takes them onto the opposite side of the entrance room where the bridge was destroyed. The group then progress further until they catch up with Mlearavox, Peach and Senieka. Melaravox then begins talking about how a tribe once live in the Vlaggy Steppe and summoned the Ignis Pit to dispose of the Mandite corpses left over from the battle of Talon. However, he then gets angry again and charges up an attack, however suddenly, Bowser shows up from behind Mario and opens his mouth ready for a fire breath attack. However, Melaravox then fires his attack and Mario and Co. jump out the way, causing the attack to fly into Bowser's mouth and... suddenly, Bowser transforms into a giant robot-like Bowser due to the energy he absorbed from the attack. Peach and Senieka then use this as a chance to get away and Melaravox goes to chase after them, in which Mario and Co. follow, all while Bowser is constantly chasing them down.

After making their way through more of the dungeon while Mandite Bowser chases from behind, the group catch up with Peach, Senieka and Melaravox, however, Senieka takes a powerful hit and so she falls to the floor but tells Peach to run to the where the Pyrite Seal is and so Melarvox chases after her again. Mario and Co. then make there way over to help Senieka in which she joins the party claiming that they must stop Melaravox from capturing Peach. So, the group make their way through the rest of the dungeon until they catch up with Peach who is battling Melaravox, using the knowledge of what Senieka taught her. But suddenly, Bowser busts in and so begins a 3-way battle between Mario, Co. and Peach, Mandite Bowser and Melaravox. After the battle, Bowser is weak, and so Melaravox takes this chance to take control of him, attack Mario and Co. and then swipe the princess. He then gets ready to launch an attack, but suddenly, Investron jumps in front of the blast to protect Mario and Co.. Melaravox then shrugs and uses the possessed Mandite Bowser to walk straight out the Ignis Pit and begins making his way to Martienus' Palace. From the damage he took, Investron morphs back into Guss T.'s dad: Invest T. Gate. Guss T. suspected he was her dad, and so a heartwarming reunion takes place. However, Senieka reminds them that they can't waste much time now that Melaravox has Peach, and so Mario quickly goes up and gets the final Seal Shard: The Pyrite Shard, thus triggering the END OF CHAPTER sequence.

Chapter 8: The Mechanism Mirror

Chapter 8 The Mechanism Mirror
After acquiring the final Seal Shard, Mario and Co. quickly make their way out of the Vlaggy Steppe where they meet Edolan who is pleased to see Invest T. Gate is okay. After a short discussion, Senieka tells them that they need to head to Martienus' Palace quickly and so they set off while Edolan and Invest T. Gate go to the Mechanism Ruins to further investigate. After travelling through East Mortal Moor and confronting Beatbean along the way who doesn't fight them this time, the group reach the palace which appears to be swarming with Mandites. Mario and Co. then make their way around the palace, destroying 4 different generators in order to unlock a large door in the main room. Once the door is open, Mario and Co. find a secret elevator which takes them down into a strange cave system made up of strange crystals which Edolan says seem to be emitting high traces of Mandite energy.

The group then make their way through the Crystal Caverns using every Party Member's ability to use and at one point, they even have to participate in a strange quiz minigame which reveals some strange thing about Melaravox and the Mandites. After all that, Mario and Co. finally reach Melaravox (who is still weak from the last battle) and so they battle him once more but afterwards, the mirror detaches from Melaravox's body (in which his body falls to the floor and transforms back into Tedward) and floats over to the pedestal and although Mario tries to stop it using the Seal Shards, the mirror manages to release a huge robotic hand but the Seal Shards just manage to keep it held back from escaping. Mario and Co. then battle it in an attempt to stop it. Afterwards, the hand is fled back into the mirror and so with all the madness gone, Mario and Co. celebrate, help Peach up off the "extraction device" and Tedward even congratulates them however, Senieka says that she can still feel Melaravox's presence. Then, suddenly, the Mechanism Mirror begins sucking everything into it including everyone in the room... where could it have taken them?

Final Chapter: The Battle of Talon

Main Charecters

Name Image Description
Paper Mario TMM
Needs no introduction! The lovable hero sets out on his journey to find the 7 seal shards
Princess Peach
Peach PM TMM
The innocent, kind hearted princess Peach who is being hunted down once again, this time by Melaravox
Bowser PM TMM
The self proclaimed king of evil himself who tends to mostly get in the way of other people's plans (Mario's and Melaravox's) while trying to fulfill his own
Mechanical Demon- Melaravox
The main villian of the game! As the Mandite leader and creator, this Mechanical demon is actually possessing an archaeolagist's body through the Mechanism Mirror which has Melaravox's true form trapped inside it
A harlarious archaeolagist and inventor who will often contact Mario through the V.3DS. He also serves as the game's tattle

Party Members

Each party member will learn a new move once they reach Lv. 15 and then will learn another move when they reach Lv. 30. Each party member's ability is activated by interacting with the Wii U gamepad in some way.

Party Member Summary Moves Description
Guss T.
Guss T.


A young toad farmer girl who is lonley but happy with what she has. She joins Mario in hope of saving her dad. When you blow into the Wii U gamepad's microphone, you can use her hat to create a gust to blow thing out the way. The hat can also be used as a parachute to glide over long distances, by simply tapping her near an edge. Gliding Kick Glides in the air before landing on an enemy
Guss T. Winds (1FP) If successful, will blow all enemies away from battle
Desenending Kick (2FP) Desends quickly from a hiegh distance for massive damage to 1 enemy
Gustorm (4FP) Creates a small wind storm, causing damage to all enemies


Chapter 1

A young bandit teenager who at first is quite 2-faced as he acts differently infront of different people. He's also a skilled skate-boarder. By simply tapping on Robby, Mario will jump on his sjateboard with him, where you can gain speed to get up steep ramps as well as grinding on metal bars, by stroking the stylus across the screen. This makes for some interesting platfroming. Skate Flip Jumps on the enemy with his skateboard
Skate Dash (2FP) Rushes through all enemies
Skate Ride (3FP) Mario jumps on the skateboard, making enemies sometimes miss
Friction Rush (4FP) Dashes through all enemies at super-high speed, burning them


Chapter 2

A female fizzlit who works in Mechatropolis as an engineer using her electricity powers. Can create a puddle of electricity to power things up and light up dark rooms, when you tap and hold her on the gamepad. Shock! Mildly Shocks one enemy
Paralysis (2FP) If successful, Paralyses all enemies for a few turns
Zap Touch (2FP) Electrifies Mario so that enemies take damage when they attack him
High Voltage! (5FP) Shocks all enemies for massive damage and possible Paralysis


Chapter 3

An elederly Cocoaknite from Tiantinalda who always thinks about prophecys and fait. By tapping on him, you can see into a strange world which slightly mirrors the real one. By doing things in the other world, you can affect and discover hidden things in the real world Spear Jab Stabs an enemy with his spear
Enhanced Ritual (3FP) Powers up Mario's ATK power for 1-4, if successful
Mystic Curse (4FP) Confuses all enemies for a few turn, if successful
Cocoknight Summoning (5FP) Summons a tribe of Cocoknights to come and trample the enemies for massive damage!


Chapter 4

An aging Magikoopa who fairly kind and nice, despite being a "witch". Can turn you invisible for a few seconds when you tap on her and you can still move around, however, there's a bar that, if it runs out, will make invisiblity wear off. The bar will not decrease if you stand still Wand Caster Fires a projectile at one enemy
Vanish! (1FP) Makes Mario and Kammilia invisible for 1 turn
Spell of Healing (3FP) Recovers 5-15 of Mario's HP, If successful
Spell of Cursing (6FP) If successful, deals massive damage to all enemies with possible random (negative) status effects


Chapter 5

An alien from Planet Zerk who coming from another planet, knows a lot about technolagy. He also has a remote control UFO which he invented. Using his remote control UFO by leading it with your stylus, you can fly it around to interact with distant objects or retrieve them, altough you can only use it for a limited amount of time. It later allows Mario to be carried across gaps for a limited amount of time Saucer Beam The UFO shoots 1 enemy with a laser beam
Multi Beam (3FP) The UFO attacks all enemies with a laser beam 
Abduction (2FP) If successfull, a giant UFO will carry all enemies away from battle
Safe Hieght (3FP) The UFO carries Mario up in the air so that no enemies can attack him from the ground

Captain Bloop-Beard

Chapter 6

An old sea captain from the Swayey Docks who had found many precious items while at sea, including one of the Seal Shards. By tapping on him when near a body of water, Mario will jump on him and can be controlled through the water. He can also dunk underwater for a few seconds to get under certain obstacles, Head Dive Rushes into 1 enemy headfirst
Ink Splatter (3FP) Slightly damages all enemies and gives them a poisoned status
Slippy Situation (3FP) If successful will cause any enemies on foot to slip sometimes slip over when attacking, canceling out the attack
Fire the Bloopedo! (6FP) Quickly spins through all enemies for massive damage and a possible soggy status


Chapter 7

A mysterious ninja women who never shows her face. She appears during the interludes and is trying to protect Peach from Melaravox. Can create a force field around Mario by tapping on her, for a limited amount of time, allowing Mario to avoid hazardous obsticles. Sword Slash Slashes 1 enemy with her blade
Protection Field (3FP) If successful, will create a force field around Mario for 1-3 turns
Blade-Dash (4FP) Attacks all enemies with a sword combo
Combo Strike! (5FP) Attacks 1 enemy with massive damge from a sword combo


See Paper Mario: The Mechanism Mirror/Tattle

Seal Shards

Seal Shard Location Guarded by Power & SP needed Description
Nerainium ShardNerainium Shard

Gaming Tent

(Chapter 1)

Digitail Regeneration (1SP) Can replenish up to 10 of Mario's / his current party member's HP and FP
Xiron ShardXiron Shard


(Chapter 2)

Mandinator Force Seal (2SP) Creates a barrier around Mario and his current party member which has 10HP and enemies have to break through it to be able to attack you again
Coconite ShardCoconite Shard

Cocknight Temple

(Chapter 3)

Quetzelcoaco Vine Grasp (2SP) If successful, vines will hold the enemies into place so that they cannot move for 1-3 turns
Mellenium Shardmillennium Shard

Merletic's Lair

(Chapter 4)

Merletic Spell Cater (3SP) Depending on your action commands, this will cause random, negative status effects to all enemies
ZyoniteZyonite Shard

Planet Zerk

(Chapter 5)

Emperess Xerainia Laser Chain (4SP) If successful, chains all the enemies stats together so that when you attack one of them, it does the same damage to all of them at the same time
Aquoise ShardAquoise Shard

Tidehouse Island

(Chapter 6)

King Whopper Flush Flood (5SP) Causes a torrent of water to wash away all enemies from battle. Any enemies that it doesn't work on will become "soggy"
Pyrite ShardPyrite Shard

Ignis Pit

(Chapter 7)

Mandite Bowser and Melaravox Incinerate! (6SP) If successful, will do 15 damage to all enemies as well as giving them a "burned" status


Wraithox map
Listed below are all the locations in Paper Mario: The Mechanism Mirror, as well as their sub-locations.
Name Description Sub-Locations

Stridal Plains

An expansive dry landscape where many rock formations stand as well as a strange species of cacti which have pins sticking into them. The plains also have a small western town called Cactown as well as an ancient Mandite ruins known as the Mechansim Ruins.
  • Stridal Plains
  • Cactown
  • Mechanism Ruins
Dutti Park 
Dutti park
A skatepark devided between nerds and jocks. While the "cool" hang out in the main park, the nerds spend most of their time in the large Gaming Tent, west of the park.
  • Dutti Park
  • Gaming Tent
  • Virtual Dungeon


A huge indoor, robot city, full of technology. It is also the ancesteral home of the Mandites. The city's power comes from the control room, at the very top of the city.
  • Mechatropolis
  • The Control Room
Nozama Rainforest
A tropical and humid rainforest, full of dangerous tribes and other creatures. Most notable is the Cocoknight Tribe, who live in the ancient city of Tiantinalda, and make offerings to their god: Quetzelcoaco.
  • River Nozama
  • Nozama Rainforest
  • Tiantinalda
  • Cocoknight Temple

Omen Valley 

A spooky valley, where "witches" are said to live in the village of Magikraft. The village leader: Merletic, resides in his lair east of the valley.
  • Foot Woods
  • Omen Valley
  • Magikraft
  • Merletic's Lair

Talon City

Talon City
A rich and luxurious city which lies in the centre of Mortal Moor: a vast overworld. The city is famous for not only being the sight of where "the battle of Talon" took place, but also for having many UFO sightings...
  • Talon City
  • Mortal Moor
  • Talon Sewers
Planet Zerk Another planet entirley! Governed by Empress Xerainia in her stronghold, the planet has a common species of red plants which grow and spread quickly. There is no sky here either, so it always remain star-lit
  • Planet Zerk
  • Xerainia's Stronghold
Swayey Docks An old seatown by the coast of the Tidey Sea. The town is famous for having an mysterious Mandite tower on a nearby island known as the Tidehouse, which is able to control the tides of the waters in the Tidey Sea.
  • Swayey Docks
  • Tidey Sea
  • Tidehouse Island
Vlaggy Steppe
Vlaggy Steppe
A vast savannah-like wasteland where an ancient tribe once used the Ignis Pit to perform dark rituals. The area is now completley uninhabited but serves an important role in the main plot.
  • Vlaggy Steppe
  • Ignis Pit
Martienus' Palace A great palace built in honour of the legendary hero Martienus, who defeated Melaravox and sealed him in the Mechanism Mirror. However, underneath the palace is a secret cave system of Mandite Crystals which are what gives Mandites the essence of life.
  • Martienus' Palace
  • Crystal Caverns