"Power some see the word as a malevolent force that corrupts, others believe it to be a gift protecting the innocent, however; they're all wrong. Power is the essence of the universe, which emits an unresistable aroma for those worthy of it, but the only mortal deserving enough to claim the throne of strength would be me. Don't you see? The populace of the cosmos are nothing but a meal to feed my creation, if I am to protect the Earth then sacrifices must be made for the greater good!" - Lord Ecliow

, Paper Mario: Power Dash

Paper Mario: Power Dash is a RPG for the Nintendo Switch. This game is the sixth installment in the Paper Mario series, set five years after the events in Super Paper Mario.


Prologue: Prelude to Power

Goombella, one of Mario's partners from a previous adventure, now the dean at the University of Goom invites Mario and Luigi to a ceremony being held at Peach Castle, to commemorate one of the campus' students Goombrain. After the ceremony, reunions and introductions are made between the Mario Bros., Goombella, and Gombrain, but is cut short when a group of suspicious people garbed in hoods approach Mario.

The leader of the gang introduces himself as General Ecliow and challenges Mario to a battle, despite Luigi's and the others uncertainty. Mario is swiftly defeated by Ecliow and orders his men to kidnap the other guests, while he scolds Mario for his weak stature. Goombrain manages to avoid capture and brings Mario to his dorm at the University of Goom to recover from his injuries. Once Mario wakes, Goombrain tells him the events that had transpired, proceeding his defeat. Mario realizes that he is unable to beat Ecliow in his current state and ponders on what to do. Goombrain then remembers an ancient legend that Goombella told him about, long ago the Earth was under attack by a highly-advanced army from another world. In the face of this threat, twenty warriors from around the world gathered to repel the invaders and successfully managed to do so, but were crucially injured as a result of the intense battle. On the brink of their deaths, the warriors used the enemies technology to transfer their essence into twenty gems, due to the warrior's fear of another crisis possibly happening in the near future. These gems became to be know as the Stamia Shards and if Mario is able to collect all twenty he will gain the power of these great warriors.

Mario, joined by his new friend Goombrain, decide to hunt down the Stamia Shards and save their friends. Using a map gained from a file found on Goombella's computer within her chambers, Mario and Goombrain set off deep into the Goomba Woods to locate the first shard. After finding and retrieving the shard, which was stolen by one of Ecliow's henchmen, Mario gains a new ability and with his new pal Goombrain sets off on a new adventure.

Chapter 1: Conquering the Valley of Vikings

The second shard closest to their location lies in Victory Ruins, located in Norse Valley and in order to reach Victory Ruins one must travel down Norse Canal, which is connected to Norse Valley. Mario and Goombrain make their way through the valley and are dragged into conflict with some of the locals fighting a Bilgesnipe, ancient beasts in Norse mythology, who Mario assists the locals in defeating. Afterwards, their leader Ragnashock, King of the Neo-Vikings, invites them to a feast at his fort to show his appreciation. At the banquet hall, Ragnashock explains that the Neo-Vikings were founded in honor of Ragnashock's great-great grandfather, who was a excellent blacksmith that forged weapons with materials given to him by Odin, Ruler of Asgard, himself and greatly benefited the original Vikings in war.

After the feast, Sledge, captain of the Hammer Bro. squad in the tribe, ruthlessly beats one of his comrades Beat for giving him a defected hammer during the earlier battle. Mario and Goombrain attempt to intervene but suddenly lose conscious. Mario and Goombrain alongside Beat, wake up in the middle of arena amongst a crowd of people in Ragnashock's army. Ragnashock reveals to be one of Ecliow's Veinte Elites, a group of twenty warriors that rank highest in Ecliow's army, who led Mario and Goombrain into a trap by inviting them to a feast and then drugging their food. Ragnashock's releases a Bilgesnipe covered in armor, but with Beat's help manage to defeat it. Afterwards, Ragnashock throws the three in a cell while him and his men set out to Victory Ruins to recover the Stamia Shard for Ecliow.

Beat explains that Sledge was once the leader of the valley but Ragnashock and his troops one day showed up and defeated him, claiming the valley for their own. Since then, Ragnashock has corrupted Sledge and savaged the land for his own personal means. Mario vows to restore peace to the valley once more, Beat having gained trust in Mario and overjoyed from Mario's heartfelt words joins the party. Using his powers, the trio manages to escape their confinement and set out to Victory Ruins. Mario defeats Ragnashock's men, Sledge and Voltsagg along with Ragnashock himself claiming the second Stamia Shard.


Back at Ecliow's castle, Illusia, Ecliow's second in command, tells her master that Ragnashock had been defeated by Mario and has obtained the second Stamia Shard. Ecliow furious from this news orders Illusia to tell the others to be on alert for Mario. Meanwhile in the dungeon below, Peach, Luigi, Goombella, and all the other Toads are trapped within prison cells desperately trying to escape but to no avail. Just then a faint voice calls Peach's name and she notices a man, who introduces himself as Wergua, chained to a wall in the back of her cell. Wergua suffers from amnesia and is imprisoned for unknown reasons, but he cannot shake the feeling that he needs to stop Ecliow at any cost. Wergua manages to gain Peach's assistance in his task and using a hidden path created by Wergua long ago to escape. Peach maneuvers her way through the castle and into Ecliow's chambers where she is discovered and sent back to her cell, but not before swiping the cell keys from his room.

Chapter 2: A Match for the Ages

The third Stamia Shard is located in the Gameplex Gorge, a place where the fiercest athletes gather to compete in multiple sporting events to claim the title of Sports Master. After making their way through Booting Trail, Mario and co. arrive at the gorge, where they immediately see the Stamia Shard embedded into a trophy. They learn that every three years a major event know as the Masterthon takes place and the competitor with the most points earned in all seven games (Cycling, Soccer, Tennis, Hockey, Swimming, Fencing, and Boxing) wins. Mario and co. try to register, but they cannot due to the sign-ups being closed. Uncertain on what to do next, the gang try to come up with a solution when they notice a nearby Broozer struggling with his training, Mario and co. approach him and he introduces himself as Sam. Sam saids that he comes from a family of Broozers, who were treated as outcasts in his hometown for be considerably weak as compared to other neighboring Broozers. Sam is consider to be the weakest in the family, due to being extremely cowardly and every time he tries fighting someone, he gets nervous and sweats like crazy.

Sam entered the games to improve his family's reputation and be accept into their society, but realizes he is no match for the other contestants. Using this to their advantage, Mario and co. decide to personally train Sam and a overjoyed Sam joins Mario's party. Mario and co. use Sam's abilities to smash objects in order to reach a secluded area they couldn't access earlier in the Booting Trails. After a good amount of training, Sam finally feels confident in his abilities and is ready for the Masterthon. Sam uses his sweatiness to his advantage making the other competitors slip and fall earning both top points in every event and the nickname "Sweaty Sam". For the final event, Boxing, Sam has to face off against another opponent named Vincent, who has been Sam's rival for all the previous events and is currently tied with him. Sam begins fighting Vincent, however Vincent starts to live up to his reputation and moves so fast that Sam cannot land a blow on him, which is why Vincent has earned the nickname of "Vanish Vincent". Sam loses to Vincent claiming the trophy for himself. Mario and co. detecting foul play decide to investigate Vincent's locker, where they find loads of Dash Peppers stashed away in Vincent's gym bag. Vincent shows up and reveals himself to be one of Ecliow's Veinte Elites and that secretly uses Dash Peppers during a match to increase his speed.

Vincent ties up Mario and co. so that they won't reveal his secret to the judges and sets out to the closing ceremony to officially receive his trophy. Sam outraged by this revelation, bursts out in anger breaking out him and Mario and co. in the process and they head towards the ceremony. In the nick of time, Mario reveals Vincent's secret out loud to the public and is denied of his prize. Vincent decides to take the trophy by force and gulps a power boosting drink, puts on a pair of steel boxing gloves, and equips body gear with multiple arms that have boxing gloves on them. Mario and co. step in and fight Vincent in which they come out victorious and Sam is declared the official winner. Sam claims that he couldn't have done it without Mario and his friends and decides to permanently join Mario on his adventure. Sam removes the Stamia Shard from the trophy and gives it to Mario claiming his third Stamia Shard.


With another one of his prodigies defeated yet again, Ecliow decides to send Illusia to handle Mario and his friends while he continues on with his plans. Meanwhile, Peach uses the keys she grabbed earlier to set Wergua and the others free, however Peach quickly realizes that they cannot escape without being captured once more. Wergua mentions seeing a teleportation machine somewhere in the castle long ago and suggests using that to escape. Luigi, Goombella, and Peach decide to split up to cover more ground and they set off into different sections of the castle to find the device. Luigi stumbles across a soldiers' uniform and uses it to avoid detection, but he is forcibly dragged by another soldier into the nearby break room to chat with the other guards there. Luigi makes the best of this situation to learn the whereabouts of the teleportation machine and discovers three key cards are needed to operate it. As Luigi is about to head out, a solider picks Luigi out of the crowd to dance on stage and unable to resist the soldiers cheering his name dances for them. On his way out, Luigi notices one of the key cards in a soldiers' pocket and he stealthy swipes it from him.

Chapter 3: Trouble amongst Tribes

The fourth Stamia Shard lies deep within the Cape Colony. Cape Colony is home to a small tribe of indian Toad warriors called the Spores who isolate themselves from modern technology, preferring to live in a more traditional civilization. In order to reach their next destination Mario and his friends have to travel through Srthick Woods, a huge forest connecting to Cape Colony. Arriving at the woods, Mario and the gang notice the entire forest is covered in a thick layer of fog making it nearly impossible for them to safely navigate through the treacherous woods. However, they uses the force of Sam's punches to temporarily blow away small chunks of the fog allowing the gang to advance and arrive at the colony. Mario and the gang find the Stamia Shard lying within the village chief's quarters, but one of the locals prevent them from taking it.

The person introduces himself as Apachawk, father of the village chief, and saids the Stamia Shard rightfully belongs to his son, Chief Toma. Mario asks for an audience with the chief, but Appachawk cannot since the chief has been missing for many months. Apachawk goes on explaining that one day a mysterious fog enwrapped the entire Srthick Woods, though the tribe felt little concern for this sudden development and assumed that the fog would eventually dissipate. However, weeks passed and the fog still remained, the village low on food and materials sent out many of their people to retrieve these resources but they wound up getting lost. Eventually, the chief himself decided to search for his fellow Spores, intending on using his Ancestor of Bold: Eagle Wind (an ancient ability that is passed down through each generation, in which the chief harness the lament power of his spiritual animal) to rid the fog but also suffered the same fate. Without food and a leader the tribe fell into despair, plagued with an unbearable famine.

Mario offers to find the chief and the rest of the Spores, in exchange for the Stamia Shard. Apachawk agrees and gives Mario a pendant capable of locating their kind, via a homing signal emitting from a magic charm that each Spore wears. Using the pendant, Mario successfully finds the six missing Spores and locates the village chief tied up deep within a cavern. Upon release, Toma is explained the current situation of his village by Mario and friends. Having located the source of the fog, Chief Toma joins the gang and uses his powers to expel bigger portions of the fog covering the area. Mario and the others find out the source of the fog coming from a being named Nati'v, the former village chief and Toma's older brother, Toma explains that Nati'v resigned from his position at an early age deciding to go on a journey of self-discovery and Toma was named village chief in his absence. Nati'v saids that in his travels he met a man named Ecliow and they both struck a deal.

Nati'v believed his village would thrive more if they integrated technology into their society, Ecliow promised Nati'v that if he gave him the Stamia Shard, then Ecliow would provide him with the sufficient tech Nati'v requested. Now a member of Ecliow's Veinte Elites, Nati'v used his powers to create a powerful fog restricting the Spores access to natural resources, weakening their defenses so he could easily steal the Stamia Shard. Nati'v knew his younger brother's powers would be troublesome for him, so he captured him to prevent Toma from interfering. With the colony now defenseless, Nati'v heads to his village to claim what is rightfully his, with Mario and his friends hot in pursuit. Mario fights and defeats Nati'v at the colony, Toma keeps his promise and hands the Stamia Shard to Mario but before Mario can claim it Illusia appears and begins mercilessly beating Nati'v for his incompetence. Mario battles Illusia but is weak from his fight before, however a now reformed Nati'v heals Mario and his friends, allowing Mario to win. Illusia swears revenge and leaves the scene, Nati'v promises to make amends for his wrongdoings by resuming his role as village chief. With the colony now under his protection, Toma permanently joins Mario and gives the fourth Stamia Shard to him.


Ecliow is both disappointed and frustrated by Illusia's and Nati'v's performances. Illusia assures Ecliow that she allowed herself to be defeated, testing Mario and his friends' strength along with studying their attack patterns so that she can develop countermeasures for them. Illusia promises next them that she will not hold back and Ecliow overlooks this defeat and gives Illusia another chance. Meanwhile, Goombella wanders around Ecliow's castle in search of the teleportation device mentioned by Wergua. Goombella stumbles across the room with the machine, but learns she needs three card keys to activate it, just then Luigi enters the room and Goombella head bonks him out of fright. Luigi reveals he has one key card and knows the whereabouts of the other two, from eavesdropping on the other soldiers but he thought it would be easier to find them if he had a map of the castle and began searching each room for one. By pure luck, the two find a map in the same room there in, and use it to maneuver through the castle and find the second key in a locker room.

Chapter 4: Sharp Shooter Showdown

The fifth Stamia Shard is within Oaky Village, a small town inhabited by a race of wooden people known as Whittles, their destination however, is too far to travel on foot and have to ride a train to reach it. Mario and gang aboard a train from the local train station while onboard, Mario runs into an old acquaintance of his a blue penguin who dabbles in detective work and owns a place known as the Poshley Sanctum, Pennington. Pennington has been asked to investigate a recent disappearance of Whittles from Oaky Village, which is coincidentally Mario and friends' destination. While they do some catching up, the train abruptly stops and Pennington decides to investigate with Mario and friends in tow. They discover the train is being robbed by a group of band

Chapter 5: Crouching Elite, Hidden Ninji

Chapter 6: Bounty on your Tail

Chapter 7: A Frosty Frenzy

Chapter 8: Magical Experiences and Mysteries

Chapter 9: The Galactic Interstellar Defense Force

Chapter 10: Phobia Factor

Chapter 11: The Wiggler in the Night

Chapter 12: The Sacred Samurai

Chapter 13: A Blast of the Past

Chapter 14: Crashing and Cruising Islands

Chapter 15: The Chronicles of Narith

Chapter 16: A Mecha Mayhem Meltdown

Chapter 17: Knights of the Wrong Table

Chapter 18: The Road to Gold

Chapter 19: Duel to the Death

Chapter 20: A Powerful Finale

Playable Characters



Note: The order of the Partners listed are not the actual order of who joins Mario when.

  • Goombrain- Goomba
  • Beat- Hammer Bro
  • Sam- Broozer
  • Harry- Magikoopa
  • Taz- Monty Mole
  • Uni- Wiggler
  • Chief Toma- Toad
  • Ba-Beard - Bob-omb
  • Shurki- Ninji 
  • Hosh- Luma
  • Splint- Whittle


The gameplay retains the original structure from the first two Paper Mario games including the turn based battling system, special attacks, and audience members. Mario can use action commands during battles to block or reflect attacks, however there are certain battles where Mario can dodge enemy fire by jumping or dodging so long as the buttons on screen are pressed on cue. Mario's partners also have their own FP (Flower Points) bar that increases by upgrading the party. To upgrade Mario's party, he has to collect a certain number of Power Stars that he might come across during his journey, his partners can be upgraded up to three times.

Mario's gang as in its predecessors use their abilities to help out Mario, but some of the partners abilites are used differently. For example, Taz can dig underground to hit hidden switches, but the player must guide him by using the Nintendo Switch gamepad to maneuver him to his goal. Coins also serve the same function as they can be used to purchase items and badges along with Star Pieces. Collecting a certain amount of Star Pieces can unlock new badges which serve the same function as before, but now there are over 300 badges that can be purchased and unlike previous games where they were all scattered throughout the world, all of them can be found at a place known as the Grand Badge Emporium.

Finally, the leveling up system retains its trend from the previous games gaining 100 Star Points to level up either your HP (Health Points), FP, or BP (Badge Points).

Special Moves

Move Description
Delightful Restore (1 SP) Allows the party to regain a small portion of HP and FP.
Thunder Tidal (2 SP) Summons a giant cloud that strikes all enemies with a barrage of lightning bolts.
Uplift (2 SP) Temporarily boosts the party's attack power.
Bluster Back (3 SP) Repels all enemy attack back at the foe at half of that damage.
Lock-On (2 SP) Makes it 100% certain that all of the party's attacks hit the opponent, regardless

of environment conditions, and spiked or invisible enemies.

Double Trouble (4 SP) Allows Mario and his partner to have two turns instead of one, during a normal turn.
Placement Pound (5 SP) Places a high bounty on all opponents, causing a swarm of people to rush in and flatten

the enemies.

Freeze Flare (6 SP) Freezes all enemies for three turns.
Lucky Dust (4 SP) Summons a magical dust that creates some sort of environmental hazard or status condition,

deadly to the current opponent(s).

Meteor Shower (10 SP) Strikes all opponents from above with a shower of meteors.
Fear Glaze (5 SP) Creates two eerie and frightening eyes that can cause some opponents to flee. (Does not work on bosses.)
Delightful Recover (10 SP) Allows the party to regain a huge portion of HP and FP.
Blossom Blur (9 SP) Envelops the enemy in a huge cyclone of blossom petals, causing all their attacks to miss for three turns.
Powder Poison (10 SP) Drops a huge amount of gunpowder on foes, which inhaled will gradually poison the enemies throughout the battle.
Flame Guard (11 SP) Summons a guardian deity with 10 HP to withstand all incoming attacks until it runs out of health.
Bam Ram (12 SP) Slams all enemies with a powerful attack. Can bring all flying opponents to the ground.
Upgrade (17 SP) Temporarily gives Mario and his partner plus 5 HP and FP points.
Amazing Armor (13 SP) Boosts Mario and his partner's defense by 4.
Cash Cow (2 SP) Doubles all coins earned at the end of the battle.
Power House (18 SP) Mario fires a gigantic laser at all enemies. (Causes 20 damage to all foes.)

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