Paper Mario: The Lost Island is the 5th Paper Mario installment planned to realease in late fall 2013. Like the 1st and 2nd Paper Mario installments the game returns Partners that are aable to aid Mario throughout his journey. The story takes place most entirely on the mysterious Lost Island and Mario must find the mystery of the Lost Island.


Not much is known about the game's plot but it is comfirmed Mario boards a cruise along with Luigi and Peach but the boat ends up crashing. Mario then wakes up on the Lost Island and must find a way to get off the island so not only him but some other stuck citizens can become free of the island. 




Image Name Description Ability
PaperMarioDTT Mario Mario is able to flip to the other side of the location much like 3D flipping in the 3rd installment. This is very useful throughout the game. 
PaperLuigiDTT Luigi Luigi is able to preform the Spring Jump to reach extremely high spots and break through jelly blocks. He can also use it to attack enemies.
Peach Peach can use her Parasol to decend slowly and catch wind currents. She can also use it to cross terrian that whould otherwise be hazardous to touch.

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