'Paper Mario: The Lord of Time'
Developer(s) Toadiko Games
Publisher(s) 250px-Nintendo svg
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG

Paper Mario: The Lord of Time is an soon-to-be released installment in the popular Paper Mario series. It marks the return of the traditional turn based combat system used in the 1st and 2nd installments, as well as other classic gameplay elements from the series.

Plot Summary

Its the spring equinox, and Princess Peach is throwing a party at her castle to celebrate the beautiful weather as well as the astrological significance of the day. Mario and Luigi have been invited, of course.

As the party begins to warm up, someone knocks on the door, and knocks it down! Its bowser! He opens a secret entrance to the bowels of the castle, grabs peach and descends into the depths. Mario is quick to follow.

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