This is the guide to all enemies in Paper Mario: The Fallen Kingdom.


  • Fire-based enemies regain health from fire-based attacks, however, they take double damage from water-based attacks.
  • Ice-based enemies take no damage from ice-based attacks and extra damage.
  • Any fire or explosion-based attacks will automatically detonate most Bob-Omb enemies.

Tattle Log

Bosses fought at the end of a chapter are labelled in bold, mini-bosses are labelled in italic and optional bosses are underlined.

The descriptions used are told by Goombecky.

Enemy HP ATK DEF First Found Tattle


2 1 0 High Avenue That's a Goomba. They're really basic enemies, the easiest you'll ever encounter. Wait, I'm a Goomba! Well, these ones are minions of Bowser's. You know, they just need some discipline!
ParagoombaTKFParagoomba 3 1 0 High Avenue Look! A Paragoomba! They're pretty much Goombas who have evolved to sprout wings. 'Cause they are so high up, you can't hit them with your hammer. If you hit them once, their wings will fall off. I wonder if I could take the wings...
Spiky GoombaTKFSpiky Goomba 2 2 0 High Avenue Ah, a Spiky Goomba. These little nuisances are Goombas that sport sharp hats to hurt you if you use your jump attack. Try your hammer! Wow. Those hats are sooo last season.
GloombaTFKGloomba 7 3 0 Compass House Hey, Mario! That's a Gloomba. They're basically Goombas that got lost underground. You know, I gotta give them credit. They're stronger than regular Goombas, so if you can handle these, then Goombas will be no problem. But ugh, look what being down here has done to their skin!
ParagloomParagloomba 8 3 0 Compass House Cool, a Paragloomba. I've always wanted to see one! But I've never been a big fan of caves. So, these guys are basically Gloombas with wings. Yeah. They're also pretty similar to Paragoombas, but stronger, and why are their shoes so brightly coloured?
Paper Spiky GloombaSpiky Gloomba 7 4 0 Compass House Lo and behold! A Spiky Gloomba! He's just a Gloomba with a spike on his head. Nothing special. Just use your hammer and that menace will be no more!

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