This page contains the story from Paper Mario: The Fallen Kingdom.

Prolouge: Wish Upon A Star

After recieving an invitation from famed archaeologist, Proffessor Discuv R., Mario went to Origani City with Princess Peach, Luigi, and Rosalina. The invitation read:

"Dear Mario,

I've narrowed down the location of the lost city of Papyrusa. It's located somewhere on Cryport Isle. Meet me in Origani City. I need you to help me.

Proffessor Discuv R."

The gang are greeted by Discuv R. at the docks of Origani City. He guides them to Origani Square where he then explains that he needs 10 Crystal Keys to open the Chasm Gateway, and that the Crystal Compass could be found there, in Origani City.

Mario heads off and meets a female Goomba in High Avenue, who introduces herself as Goombecky. She asks where Mario is going and, after stating that Papyrusa was lost in time, joins Mario on his adventure! At the end of the Avenue was a rock with pictures on it. Goombecky translates it and the rock moves, revealing a new pathway.

Mario and Goombecky eventually reach a black house with a large lock on the door. At Goombecky's request, the duo tried to find a way in. They fail, but afterwards a streak of cyan light flies across the sky. Mario and Goombecky watch in awe, then run as they see it coming towards them. It hits the lock, which then breaks, allowing Mario to get inside.

On the ground lay a blue star sprite. Mario bends down and the star sprite jumps from the ground. Now floating, as all star sprites should, he introduces himself as Starlyte. He claims that his home planet was attacked, he got a Game Over and that he fell from the Overthere. Starlyte joins Mario on his adventure!

Inside the house, Starlyte illuminates the area and they see a chest. Inside the chest is the Crystal Compass. They make their way back to Origani Square and enter Proffessor Discuv R.'s house. Goombecky, Starlyte, Discuv R., Luigi, Peach and Rosalina gather around the table as Mario places the Crystal Compass in the middle of it. Discuv R. requests that everyone go outside while he makes his calculations.

Mario and co. sit on a bench and watch the stars. Rosalina spots a shooting star and tells everyone to make a wish.Everyone is silent except for Starlyte, who, tears running down his face, wishes to go back to Planet Novus.

Chapter 1: Calming The Forest Monsters

The next morning, Proffessor Discuv R. wakes up Mario, Goombecky and Starlyte. He tells them that the first Crystal Key can be found in Forgotten Forest, just a short way from here. So, the trio wander off to the Forest.

Deep in the forest, Mario hears a sound. Goombecky and Starlyte are as scared as they ever will be but Mario is calm. Suddenly, a Chain Chomp ambushes them and a battle breaks out. After defeating the Chomp Goombecky points out that that wasn't normal behaviour for a Chain Chomp.

So, they venture further until they reach a small town. A sign saying Chomp Town is lying on the ground. As Mario and Starlyte look around the devastated town, Goombecky beckons them over. A large shoe print, roughly the length and width of a Chomp Kennel is on the ground. Goombecky uses her Tattle ability and says that the print was from a Wiggler, and a very big one at that.

The trio explore the town, looking for anyone or anything that could help them, when Mario finds a baby Chomp named Chompling. Chompling runs away and Mario must chase after him. Once cornered in a house, Chompling begins to cry. Starlyte comforts him by telling him that he knows what it's like to lose your home. Chompling calms down and asks Mario if he knows where his family is. Mario shakes his head slowly and offers to help find them. Chompling agrees and tells Mario to get on his back. Mario obliges and they take off at rocket speed. Chompling joins Mario on his adventure!

They deeper into the Forest they go, the more fallen trees there are. Chompling notices and complains that he doesn't like the look of this. Soon, there are so many trees on the path, that they have to dismount Chompling and go on foot. The gang go up a formation of logs in a staircase fashion. They jump over a gap and land on another staircase. Chompling then hears a cry for help. Everyone looks around, searching for the source of the cry.

A Wiggler child is in between the two staircases desperately seeking help. Mario jumps down and lands next to the Wiggler. He introduces himself as Wiggle Kid, prince of the Forgotten Forest. He says that the loss of the Great Tree, his home, drove his father, King Wiggler, insane and that he wants to calm him down. Wiggle Kid joins Mario on his adventure! Wiggle Kid then asks how they are going to get back up. Mario didn't think of that. Wiggle Kid then kicks the logs and the pile collapses. They climb out and Mario introduces Wiggle Kid to the others.

In the heart of the forest is a giant fallen tree. Wiggle Kid says that this is the Great Tree and that his father should be around here. The ground shakes and a gigantic red Wiggler with a crown on his head approaches. Mario and co. must now battle against the King Wiggler.

Once defeated, King Wiggler will shrink to just over the size of a regular Wiggler and turn yellow again. An emotional scene follows involving Wiggle Kid and King Wiggler talking to eachother and King Wiggler apoligising for going berserk. King Wiggler gives a red key to Wiggle Kid. Wiggler King says that he will start rebuilding the Great Tree and that Wiggle Kid should go with Mario. When they're back at Proffessor Discuv R.'s house, Chompling places the Ruby Key on the table.

Chapter 2: Towers, Temples And Treasures

Later that day, Proffessor Discuv R. tells Mario the location of the third Crystal Key. It's in the Topaz Temple in Despair Desert, apparently. As Mario and co. get ready to set off on their second journey of the day, Goombecky points out that they should be careful, as the Savan-Army will be doing their rounds.

The ground is getting sandier and it's getting hotter as they venture into the Desert. The image of a castle becomes visible. The castle seems to gaurded by Bob-Ombs of all kinds. Big Bob-Ombs, Bob-Omb Buddies and Toy Bombs. As the gang approach the castle, they are ambushed by a small group of Bob-Omb soldiers multiple times.

Eventually, they decide that they need to find another way in, since the main entrance was blocked. On the castle wall, Goombecky spots some symbols. Once translated, the symbols fall off the wall and onto the ground, where they create a tunnel. The tunnel is dark and once Starlyte lights it up, a group of Bob-Omb soldiers are alerted and give chase.

A minigame begins. You must run from the troop of Bob-Ombs by using your partners. Riding upon Chompling, you can kick the walls with Wiggle Kid to create rockfalls, translate symbols with Goombecky and, when the light is going out, shake Starlyte! You can play this minigame at anytime in the Origani Arcade.

Once out of the tunnel, the gang realise that they are in the castle dungeons. They ask some prisoners if they know of the location of the Topaz Temple, however, none of the prisoners seem to know. Mario and co. find their way out of the dungeon and come face to face with a Savan-Army member. The gang are surprised and are about to run when the soldier grabs them and brings them into a room. The soldier then locks the doors. The Bob-Omb soldier introduces himself as Boom-Slash and says that he quit the Savan-Army to be a noble explorer. Boom-Slash joins Mario on his adventure! When asked of the whereabouts of the Topaz Temple, he states that only the Savan-Army Leader knows where that is, and that he'd be happy to help them find it.

Boom-Slash must explode to allow Mario to escape the room and go in search of the Leader's Quarters. The gang eventually find the Leader's Quarters, where Boom-Slash demands to know the location of the Topaz Temple. The Leader, Katana, refuses to tell. Starlyte suggested a battle, if Mario wins then Katana tells him the whereabouts of the Topaz Temple, and if Katana wins, then Starlyte would become part of the Savan-Army. Mario and Katana accepted, and a battle follows.

After losing, Katana whispers the directions to Goombecky. The gang exit the room and Goombecky tells Mario to go up to the battlements. On the battlements Mario and co. look for a way to glide to the oasis. A voice says that she could glide them over. Mario looks around, but sees nobody, other than his partners. Suddenly, a Boo appears. She introduces herself as Booloon. Booloon joins Mario on his adventure! Mario grabs onto Booloon's string and floats to the oasis.

At the oasis, Goombecky goes to a nearby pyramid and translates some hieroglyphics, which open up a secret entrance. Deep inside the pyramid, Mario sees the Topaz Key. He grabs it and is about to exit, when a dark figure grabs the Key from Mario. The figure is Khufungi, the ancient Mushroom Phaoroh, according to Goombecky. Mario must fight him.

Once defeated, Khufungi will give up the Topaz Key. Once back at Proffessor Discuv R.'s house, Booloon places the Topaz Key on the table.

Chapter 3: Paradise of Ice

Mario walks into Proffessor Discuv R.'s house to check on how the calculations are going. The Proffessor says that he won't have his calculations done for a few days and that Mario should explore the city and to see Rosalina, the Cosmic Oracle.

After wandering around for a bit, Mario enters the Cosmic Tent, where he sees Rosalina with a hood pulled over her face. She tells Mario to take a seat while she tells his fortune. She places her hands atop a glass orb which glows green upon contact. She tells Mario that Luigi has a map that will lead him to a place that he has seen before. The place is now different and holds a dark secret.

Mario heads for Luigi's Trading Post where Luigi greets him. Mario asks about a map and Luigi pulls one out of a box. He says that he will need an artifact that has something to do with his adventure getting rid of ghosts. Mario accepts the offer and sets off in search of an artifact. In the Mushroom Market, Peach greets Mario and says that she has a new item on sale: King Boo's Crown. Mario asks for it and Peach says that the price is 900 coins. You must now do some bargaining, and if you play your cards right, you could get the price down to a minimum of 100 coins!

Mario exchanges the Crown for the map and walks around, looking for Goombecky. He finds Goombecky and his other partners in Origani Arcade. Goombecky looks at the map and guides the others to a sewer grate on High Avenue. Boom-Slash explodes, destroying the grate and allowing the gang to go down. Mario jumps down the hole, followed by his partners to see.......

A pipe. Mario enters the pipe and comes out in a seemingly familiar place. It was once a beautiful, summer paradise. Now, it's an ice covered city, with Piantas and Nokis bundled up in coats, scarves and gloves. It is, or once was, Delfino Plaza.

After exploring around for a bit, Mario meets a Noki and a female Toad in a cheerleaders uniform. The Noki introduces herself as Mama Noki and the Toad as Toadigo, who got seperated from the rest of her team. Toadigo asks if she could tag along with Mario and Mario agrees. Toadigo has joined your party!

As Mario and co. approach Corona Mountain, they are stopped by some members of the Pianta Police Department who explain that it is too dangerous, despite the warmth. After realising who they were talking to, they let Mario through. Toadigo must now use her voice to shatter the glass wall on the entrance to the volcano.

At the top of the volcano is an old friend, FLUDD! FLUDD is overjoyed to see Mario again and tells him of the horrible state Isle Delfino is in. It says that Bowser Jr. and Shadow Mario have been split apart and that theyhave made the island like this. FLUDD has joined your party!

Back in Delfino Plaza, Mario uses Booloon to get on to the rooftops and FLUDD to hover over wide gaps between the buildings. They climb up to the Shine Gate where they see Shadow Mario adjusting a large cannon-like device and Bowser Jr. flying around in his Koopa Clown Car. The duo see Mario and a battle begins.

After defeating them, Shadow Mario starts dissolving. Bowser Jr. gasps and gathers up some particles in a jar, which he then pours over his head. Goombecky says that Bowser Jr. has now regained his ability to transform into Shadow Mario. Bowser Jr. gets in his damaged Koopa Clown Car and flies away.

After investigating the machine, Mario found a keyhole with a sign over it saying Absolute Zero: Insert Emerald Key Here! and the Emerald Key beside it. Mario can now come back here at any time to switch between Delfino Isle and Frozen Delfino.

Upon returning to Discuv R.'s house with the Emerald Key, Mario sees the Proffessor asleep in his chair. Mario wakes him up and shows him the Key. He's amazed that Mario found it without any help from him and tells Mario to get a good night's sleep.

Chapter 4: Haunted Hallways

Mario and co. meet Proffessor Discucv R. in the square. He greets them and  gives Mario a book that will supposedly help him to find the next Crystal Key, which is in Mushroom Manor apparently. The proffessor warns Mario that the Manor is very big and easy to get lost in. Mario opens the book, known as the Manor-Chain, and sees a map of Mushroom Manor, stretching out on to various other pages. There was a page for every room, it seemed. Mario waves goodbye to Discuv R. and heads off.

The Manor path is dangerous, filled with ponds of poisonous water and worse, but Mario gets past it with ease. As the Manor comes into sight, it becomes clear that it is no ordinary building, but a home to the spirits of the world. The front of the Manor is a seemingly dead garden. Mario tries to open the door, but it is locked tight. Toadigo suggests that they explore the gardens.

The closer the gang get to the back of the garden, the nicer the place begins to look. The flowers are blooming, the bushes are trimmed and there isn't nearly as much moss and ivy. The sound of humming becomes clear and Mario soon encounters a Shadow. Mario screams and so does the Shadow. After she calms down, Mario asks the Shadow how to get into the Manor. She says that you must pass through it. After being asked how to do that, the Shadow agrees to help. On the way to the door, she introduces herself as Mauve and boasts about how she is the only spirit to tend to the garden in the entire Manor.

At the door, Mauve turns the gang into shadows and they pass under the door. The inside of Mushroom Manor is horrible. The wallpaper is torn, the furniture is thrown all over the place and the carpet did not match the tone of the room. Mario looked at his Manor-Chain. This was going to be very confusing.

Out of the blue, a Bomb Boo appears and steals the Manor-Chain! Mauve yells at him, but to no avail. Mario and co. now look around the Manor in search of pages of the Manor-Chain. Once all the pages have been found, Mario corners the Bomb Boo and prepares for battle, when suddenly, a dark blue figure hits Mario with his cane. He introduces himself as Shadood, a Spirit Keeper sworn to protecting Starlyte. He doesn't trust Mario and challenges him to a battle to prove that he is worthy to protect Starlyte from the demons that the Star Sprite's presence will summon. Mario accepts.

After being defeated, Shadood says that Mario was a worthy opponent and that Starlyte may stay with Mario, on the condition that Shadood would come with Mario. Shadood has joined your party! Shadood explains that the Manor is fuelled by darkness and that Mario will need him to help find the Onyx Key. The sound of a scream fills the room. Mauve recognises it as Toadette's scream, as Toadette is a frequent visitor. Anger fills Mario's eyes. Shadood must then make the room dark, opening up an entrance to the attic.

In the attic, Mario spots Toadette in a cage. He uses Booloon to float upwards, to the cage. Mario sees other cages, containing old friends. Lady Bow, Princess Daisy, Polari and Bowser. Bowser spits fire at Mario, who then falls to the ground. Towering over Mario was none other than King Boo. King Boo demands his crown from Mario. Chompling and Wiggle Kid say that Mario gave the crown to Luigi. Mario covers his face with his hand. King Boo laughs and floats out of the Manor, leaving a gaping hole in the wall.

FLUDD informs everyone that the building is about to collapse. A five-minute timer appears at the top of the screen. Mario rushes to free everyone. Mario and co. jump out of the hole and run to Origani City, except for Bowser, who runs in a different direction, with Polari in his clutches unknown to the others. in High Avenue, Mario spots all the shopkeepers outside, watching in terror as King Boo approaches Luigi. Luigi screams and hands over the crown. Toadigo gasps. King Boo summons a Boo, a Bomb Boo, a Boohemoth and a Ztar. Mario attacks.Once defeated, King Boo fades away, leaving his crown. Mario picks up the crown and the Onyx Key falls out. Goombecky points out how simple it was!

Chapter 5: Old Rival, New Style

Mario and co. visit Rosalina to bring Polari to her. In the Cosmic Tent, Mario shows Rosalina.... nothing. Everyone is gobsmacked. Rosalina consults her pearl and sees a glimpse of the past.

Mario and co. jump out of the hole and run to Origani City, except for Bowser, who runs in a different direction, with Polari in his clutches unknown to the others.

As Mario wonders how he could have missed that, Rosalina looks in her pearl. She gives Mario a space helmet, and one for every partner besides FLUDD who doesn't need one, being a machine. The oracle tells Mario to go to Bowser's Castle.

The path to the castle is a path made of garnet spanning over a large fiery canyon. Many fire-based enemies appear as well as searing obstacles. Once inside Bowser's Castle, Goombecky points out that Bowser has remodelled the place. For instance: there is an elevator leading straight to Bowser's bedroom. The Koopa King's bedroom is surprisingly cosy. Beside his orange and green four-poster bed is a book. The title was: Bowser's Diary of Koopa Kingliness and Awesomeness. Mario opens the diary with some hesitation. What luck! The page he opened was yesterday's diary entry!

Dear Diary,

Today sucked. Got koopa-napped by King Boo. On the bright side, I took a Zuma. It looks like the one belonging to Rosalina, that star princess. What was it's name? Poley? Ulari? Pular? It doesn't matter. I'll take his powers and have them all to myself soon enough. Extraction starts tomorrow in the observatory.

The Kingly Koopa of Awesome, Bowser.

Mario and co. wander around Bowser's Castle, looking for the observatory. Eventually, they reach Bowser Jr.'s Playroom, a pale yellow room filled with toys and teddies of all kinds. Mario turns when he hears his name. Standing in the doorway is Bowser Jr.. He transforms into Shadow Mario as he does many times in the battle that follows. When Bowser Jr. / Shadow Mario is on low health, the room shakes. A purple shockwave is sent into the room, bringing all the toys to life. The battle continues with the addition of three Plushies for Mario to fight as well as the Koopa Prince.

After the battle, Bowser Jr. runs out of the room and locks the door. Mario must find a way to get past the Goomba Gaurds. If he defeats them, then more come. None of his partners can help either. Mario then encounters a plushie Zuma wearing a yellow Luma hat. She introduces herself as Doztar and continues to say that she can help Mario. Doztar has joined your party! She sings a lullaby and the Goombas fall asleep. Mario runs out to continue searching for the observatory.

As Mario runs, the ground falls beneath his feet. Underneath the ground is.... SPACE! Mario and co. put on their space helmets. Mario spots the observatory down below him. He jumps down and lands on a plane. The Bumpty pilot yells at Mario then crash lands onto a cloud. The Bumpty says that he will not help Mario until he fixes his plane. After scouring the skies for tools, Mario finds a small engine, miniature wings, a remote and a tiny propellor. He gives them to the Bumpty who makes a remote plane out of it. He introduces himself as Buster, a Bumpty with dreams of flying. The gang jump down to the observatory but can't get in. Buster sends his remote plane into a small crack in the glass. The plane hits a button that puts down the roof.

Mario jumps down and sees Bowser with a pitch black body and piercing green eyes. Bowser calls himself Bowztar. He has powers of Ztars and space. Mario defeats Bowztar and obtains the Diamond Key!

Chapter 6: A Sweet Surprise

Mario meets Discuv R. talking to Peach in Mushroom Market. He is telling Peach of Holey Chapel, a church with many treasures. Peach agrees to go there to gather items she can sell. The two see Mario and wave to him. The proffessor says that Mario should go to Candy Canyon to find the Sunstone Key.

Mario goes to Candy Canyon and is amazed by how much candy there is. The gang explore the Canyon and find a Yoshi running about the place panicking. Mario calms him down and he introduces himself as Brodi. He asks Mario to teach him how to control his three tounges. Mario is confused. Brodi sticks out his tounge and sticking out of either side is an extra tounge! Brodi has three tounges! Mario agrees to help if Brodi shows him the location of the Sunstone Key. Brodi accepts and leads Mario further into the Canyon. Brodi joins your team!

Brodi stops at a small gingerbread house. He says that this is his house. Inside, Mario is greeted by Sissi, Mammi, Daddi and Grampi. The gang stay a while and are told stories by Grampi. Brodi and Mario head outside to practice Brodi's tounge skills. Once Brodi has perfected his skills, a group of ChocoKoopas appear. Mario and Brodi battle them. One ChocoKoopa is left. She pleads that they don't hurt him. She calls herself Ginny. Mario tells Brodi not to hurt her. Ginny thanks Mario and agrees to help him get the Sunstone Key. Ginny joins your party!

Mario introduces Ginny to his other partners and they head for Marshmallow Mountain. Ginny helps them up by grabbing onto ledges with her liquorice whip. At the top of the Mountain, Mario spots the Sunstone Key. He is about to grab it when a brown figure gobbles it up. Mario looks at the dripping monster coming out of the ground. Goombecky calls it the Cocoa Blargg. Mario battles it to obtain the Key. Once defeated, Cocoa Blargg will explode, scattering melted chocolate all over the place. Mario searches through the chocolate and finds the Sunstone Key.

Mario runs back to Origani City triumphantly, Sunstone Key in hand. He is greeted by a distressed Discuv R. who says that Princess Peach has been sent to The Pit of Heart.

Chapter 7: Look Deep Into Your Soul

Mario panics at the news, but is then calmed down by Goombecky. She states that the Pit Of Souls is an ancient legend, but they should look around the Holey Chapel. Mario sets out to save the princess yet again. The road to the Holey Chapel is similar to a forest, but seems to be haunted. The trees have eyes and many ghost-like enemies are encountered. Mario and co. enter a cave.

Once outside of the cave, a horde of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Zumas. The horde chases Mario and co. into a building with many holes in the walls and ceiling. Mario slams the door closed behind him. As he looks around, Mario realises that he is in the Holey Chapel.

At the alter is an elderly Zuma. He greets Mario, who asks if he had seen a princess in a pink dress with blonde hair. The Zuma ignores Mario and introduces himself as Zurab, the Zuma priest. Mario repeats his question and Zurab replies with a brief description of the Chapel's history. After trying again and again, Mario asks if Zurab has seen Princess Peach. Zurab says yes. Mario asks him to expand on the topic. Zurab states that she was looking for the Crystal Key, so he sent her to it, to the Pit Of Souls. Mario insists that Zurab should send him there, which Zurab gladly does.

Mario and co. appear in a hellish area, filled with fire, lava and danger at every turn. FLUDD is of great use in this area, as is Booloon. Mario runs for what seems like years then encounters a large canyon with a fortress at the bottom. Mario slowly descends the canyon and enters the fortress. There are all sorts of plants in there. At the end is a small garden hovering over a bottomless pit. A shady figure of a woman appears. She introduces herself as Akliss, the Mistress of Misery. She throws a sphere of poison at Mario and engages a battle.

Once defeated, Akless will transform into a Pipe. Mario goes down the pipe and appears in a castle with rippling walls and floor. Mario and co. find a room with a Heartling sitting on a chair. He heals Mario and says that if he wants to go through the door, then he must be crazy. The Heartling warns Mario of a powerful Heartling beyond this door, before stating that he should go away now. Mario goes into the next room and encounters a giant Heartling, surrounded by fire. The Heartling, known as Heart B. Urn, has Princess Peach in one hand, and the Moonstone Key in the other. Heart B. Urn challanges Mario to a battle and Mario accepts. Heart B. Urn attacks with fiery attacks, as well as using Peach.

Once defeated, Heart B. Urn will give Peach and the Moonstone Key to Mario. The Key teleports Mario and co. to the surface, where he rushes Peach to Toadette's Hostel. Mario brings the Moonstone Key to Discuv R. who states that there are only three more to go.

Chapter 8: Kings and Queens

Mario and co. are sitting in Discuv R.'s house, waiting for him to reveal the location of the next Crystal Key. Bored, Ginny suggests they play a board game. She uses her liquorice whip to get a box from a shelf. Upon opening it, the box sends out a bright light. Mario wakes up in a world with a floor made entirely of black and white squares. He sees his partners next to him and Goombecky sees a note on the floor. It says that the game was cursed, and that the other citizens of Origani City were scattered around the world. They are trapped in a war between the Blacks and the Whites.

A White Goombishop appears and gives Mario an Ice Hammer Badge. He tells them to get a move on and attack the Blacks. The gang run for a while, before falling into a portal and appearing in a colourful world. A White Dry Boeknight tells them that they are in an alternate world where they can use ladders to climb higher and appear higher in the previous dimension and go down snakes to go lower. After switching dimensions multiple times, Mario and co. find Discuv R. being carried away by Black Blooperooks. Mario saves Discuv R. who thanks Mario and says that the Black Magiking has the Crystal Key.

After defeating plenty of Black Koopawns, Dry Boeknights and Goombishops, the gang encounter the Black Poqueen. She runs and Mario must track her down. She runs to a large tower in the middle of the battlefield, where she climbs up. Mario must then switch dimensions multiple times to scale the tower. At the top of the tower lies a statue of a half-white, half-black dragon. The Black Poqueen recites a spell and the statue turns fully black. The statue breaks and out comes the Black Dragon. The Black Poqueen tells the Dragon to attack Mario and Mario engages in a battle with the Black Poqueen and Dragon.

Once defeated, the dragon turns back into a statue and a door opens. The Poqueen attempts to keep Mario away from it, but Mario manages to enter the room. Mario sees the Black Magiking and the White Army enter the room. A minigame starts. It plays similar to Chess, as you must put the Black Magiking into check with your army of pieces. After being "defeated", the Black Magiking drops the Bronze Key. Two more to go!

Chapter 9: Dino Days

Mario and co. are back in Forgotten Forset, for Discuv R. told the crew that the Silver Key was in the remains of the Great Tree. Once there, Mario must climb the tree to find a figure in a cyan robe. The figure introduces himself as Merlock, the Sorceror of Space. Mario spots the Key on his chain and asks Merlock for it. He happily hands it over. Mario is amazed at how easy that was. Suddenly, the Key starts to glow. Merlock begins to laugh and Mario and co. appear in a desert. The further they go, the more vegetation there is. Out of nowhere, a Paradactyl appears and steals the Silver Key. Mario and co. are amazed.

More dinosaurs appear, as well as prehistoric enemies. Mario runs up the backs of dinosaurs to get past the crowd. After stumbling across the land for a while, Mario and co. stumble upon a small, prehistoric village. Mario asks around for the location of the Paradactyls. None of the villagers know. Eventually, Mario finds the local library, which is coincidentally located outside of the village. Goombecky finds a book on Paradactyls. According to her, the Paradactyls live in large nests on Mt. FittoBloe.

Mario finds Mt. FittoBloe conveniently near the village. After climbing for a while, Mario encounters a horde of Baby Paradactyls. After defeating them, Mario continues to climb. Booloon, Boom-Slash, Chompling and Wiggle Kid are very helpful in this area. Halfway up the mountain, Merlock appears. He claims that he sent them back in time, then throws a ball of energy at the mountain, causing a rockslide. Mario takes cover in a cave during the avalanche. Inside the cave is a Mesozoic Mole. He asks Mario and co. if they would like to rest (Resting is optional but highly advised).

Once the rocksilde is over, Mario and co. go outside. They now have to scale the mountain, with the additional hazard of falling boulders. They eventually reach an area where the path has been broken. A flock of Paradactyl fly beside Mario and co., who jump onto them.The Paradactyls take them to the top of Mt. FittoBloe. Merlock greets them, and says that he is surprised that they made it this far. He then tosses the Silver Key into the volcano. Out of the lava emerges a Silver Paradactyl. Merlock claims that they will never defeat his minion, then disappears. Once the Silver Paradactyl is defeated, Mario grabs the Silver Key. They are teleported to the present day.

Chapter 10: Tall Tales

Mario and co. are jumping from roof to roof in Origani City. Discuv R. told them of an old folk tale, which concerns a ladder made entirely of clouds on top of the tallest building in Origani. They climb up the tower and find the ladder! Buster is exceptionally excited. They climb the ladder and appear in the sky. Mario lands on a cloud and decides to explore. Goombecky tells Mario of rumours of Rexes flying about in the skies.

After traversing the skies for a while, Mario meets a Rex in a tuxedo. Mario asks him about the whereabouts of the Crystal Key, and the Rex almost drops his phone. He says that he knows where the Gold Key is, but he will need Mario's help. He calls himself Agent R and says he is part of an elite agency named the Fireflyers. Agent R tags along with Mario until they get to a small pavillion. Agent R presses a button on his phone and a hatach opens in the ground. Agent R jumps in, and Mario is about to, when it closes. He must now find a way in.

Mario eventually finds a button that opens up the hatch. Mario jumps in and is going down a tube. It ends in a futuristic room with many Rexes. After Agent R introduces Mario to Agent S, Agent Y, Agent C and more, he says that the Gold Key is hidden underneath the clouds. A figure appears on a screen and gives everyone a briefing.

Mario explores the clouds, searching for a way to get underneath, when he finds a small hole. Boom-Slash explodes, making the hole big enough to fit through. Inside is a large cave, almost like a labyrinth. Eventually, Mario finds his way to the end of the cave, where there lies a large chest. Mario opens it and out comes a Giant Gold Goomba. Mario defeats the Giant Gold Goomba and obtains the Gold Key!

Chapter 11: Not-So-Jolly Roger

Discuv R. is astounded at how quickly Mario and co. found the Crystal Keys. He says that now they need to go to Cryport Isle and find the Chasm Gateway. The duo board a boat to Cryport Isle, along with the partners. Once there, Discuv R. takes out the Crystal Compass. He points and runs off, leaving Mario and co. to catch up with him. Mario spots Discuv R. being surrounded by Koopirates and Bandana Bloopers. They take him hostage and run away. Mario catches up with them and they get into a large pirate ship. As they sail away, Mario wonders how they can get to them. Mario runs back to his boat and sails after the pirates.

A minigame ensues, involving Mario's ship, avoiding obstacles as it sails to the enemy's boat. This minigame can be played again at the Origani Arcade. Mario eventually catches up with them and a Pirate Goomba tries to keep them off of the ship, by shooting Bullet Bills at Mario. Mario gets on their ship and demands the location of Discuv R.. A group of Scurvy Bones laugh and then attack. Mario explores the vast ship.

Eventually, Mario tracks down Captain Bones, and challanges him to a battle. After defeating Captain Bones, Mario discovers the professor taped to the side of the boat. Mario saves him and they get back into their boat. Discuv R. sails them to an island with a large rock. Discuv R. places the Compass in a slot, and the Keys in the ten other slots. A doorway opens in the rock, and the proffesor welcomes Mario to Papyrusa.

Chapter 12: The Fallen Kingdom

Mario stares in amazement at Papyrusa. It looked as if it was once a grand city, now it was in ruins. Mario and co. step into the cave, and the Gateway seals itself, trapping Mario and his partners inside. they explore Papyrusa and find the remains of a library. Goombecky translates a book, that tells of a force strong enough to bend space and time. It escaped its prison in the tower and turned the city into ruins. All the citizens fled, leaving a lone inhabitant. It defeated space itself, which was what the force was at that point. Mario brings the book with him, to give to Discuv R. when they find a way out.

Mario reaches the tower in the centre of Papyrusa. An inscription says "Only the true of heart may reach the top". Mario ponders on this and enters the tower. He scales the tower, with surprising ease. At the top, he meets Merlock. Mario is about to jump on him, when Merlock teleports away. He says that he is even more powerful now and that there is no point in Mario trying to battle him. Merlock makes all the buildings in Papyrusa lift up and form a great maze. He telports Mario into the maze and makes a portal at the top of the tower. Merlock flies into the portal.

Mario and co. must escape the maze and get to the top of the tower. Every partner is used in order to get to the tower and inside of the tower. Mario reaches the top of the tower and jumps into the portal.

Chapter 13: A Wizard's Domain

Mario appears in a dark blue world. Suddenly, he falls and lands on a star. Mario explores the masses of stars and comes across a meteor. Mario jumps on various space themed objects and falls into a black hole.

Mario is then in a city. He notices that all his partners are gone and then goes ahead. He finds Goombecky in a street and Starlyte outside of a black house. Noticing something familiar, Mario runs into a nearby forest where he finds Chompling in a small village and Wiggle Kid in a pile of logs. Mario goes to a castle outside of the forest and meets Boom-Slash in a room and Booloon on the battlements. They float to a place similar to Delfino Isle and meet Toadigo in the streets and FLUDD on a volcano. They run to a mansion and meet Mauve in the garden and Shadood inside. Mario jumps on a star that takes them to a flying castle. They meet Doztar in a playroom and Buster on a cloud. In a candy filled canyon underneath the castle, Mario finds Brodi and Ginny.

Merlock appears and brings Mario onto a large star shaped platform. Merlock, the most powerful enemy yet, attacks Mario. Once defeated, Merlock heals himself and summons cosmic versions of Mario's allies. Merlock is defeated and the dimension starts to collapse.

Mario and co. are in the Cosmic Tent. Rosalina explains to Mario that Discuv R. had told her about the Gateway closing, and that she used her magic to bring him back. Mario gives the book to Professor Discuv R., who is astounded that Mario had found it.

Papyrusa has been discovered. Evil has been slain. Mario made new friends on his great journey. But now it has come to an end.

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