Paper Mario: The Fallen Kingdom
Developer(s) Hammy Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Summer of 2014
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Series Paper Mario
Predecessor Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Successor Paper Mario: Window of Unity
Media Included Wii U disc

Paper Mario: Fallen Kingdom is the 5th installment in the Paper Mario series and is set just after Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.


See Paper Mario: The Fallen Kingdom/Story

Partners & Supporting Characters


Name Summary Abilities




She loves fashion and gossip and gave up her habit of shopping everyday to go explore with Mario and Proffessor Discuv R.. The little know-it-all can use her Tattle ability to tell Mario more about any enemy. In the field, Goombecky can translate some signs and other things.

Tattle 0 PP

Headbonk 0PP

Multibonk 3PP

Hi-Bonk 5PP

Starlyte Starlyte


He has a deep backstory, mostly involving Planet Novus, his home. After falling from the Overthere, he decided to help Mario, in hope that he can find a way back to Planet Novus. In the field, Starlyte can light up dark areas, so that Mario can cross them.

Flash 0PP

Star Toss 0PP

Glow 3PP

Float 5PP



Chapter 1

He got seperated from his family when hunting. Mario promised to help him find his family so Chompling joined him. In the field, Mario can ride him to go faster.

Bite 0PP

Chain 2PP

Wrap 3PP

Roll 5PP

Wiggle Kid

Chapter 1

His home, Great Tree got chopped down and his father King Wiggler went insane at the loss of his home. Wiggle Kid joined Mario's party to calm his father and to secretly stop deforrestation. In the field, he can kick trees and other objects.

Kick 0PP

Seperate 0PP

Launch 2PP

Roots 3PP

Multi-Charge 5PP



Chapter 2

He was a part of the Savan-Army, until he quit to help Mario find the Topaz Temple. In the field, he can explode to destroy crates and other debris.

Explode 0PP

Wind-Up 0PP

Jab 2PP

Swing 3PP

Sword-Bomb 5PP



Chapter 2

She was cursed by Kamek the Magikoopa to be a balloon after she ran away from Bowser. Booloon decided to help Mario in the hope of undoing the curse. In the field, Mario can grab onto her and gradually float upwards.

Float 0PP

Whip 0PP

Carry 2PP

Haunt 3PP

Burst 5PP


Chapter 3

She was on her way to a cheering competition when she got lost from the rest of the team. She joined Mario when he heard that they were travelling all around the world, hoping that there would be some good singing oppurtunities for her. In the field, Toadigo can shatter glass and other surfaces by singing.

Punch 0PP

Cheer 0PP

Chant 2PP

Flip 3PP

Dance 5PP


Chapter 3

It was stranded on Corona Mountain by Shadow Mario. FLUDD was ecstatic to see Mario again and, not surprisingly, joined him on his journey. In the field, FLUDD can hover across gaps for a short time.

Squirt Nozzle 0PP

Hover Nozzle 2PP

Rocket Nozzle 3PP

Turbo Nozzle 5PP


Chapter 4

She is a full-time gardener, despite being a Shadow Siren. She joined Mario so that she could see some exotic plants. In the field she can turn Mario and co. into shadows so that they can pass through certain walls, but she cannot do this in bright places.

Charm 0PP

Sneak 0PP

Scream 3PP

Gardener 5PP


Chapter 4

He is a Spirit Keeper sworn to gaurding Starlyte. He sensed that Starlyte would be in Mushroom Manor and that's where he found Starlyte. In the field, he can do the opposite of Starlyte, making areas darker.

Shadow 0PP

Staff 0PP

Beam 2PP

Spirit Summon 3PP

Pitch Black 5PP


Chapter 5

She is a plushie Zuma who was brought to life after Bowser obtained the Star Wand. She joined Mario because she was lonely and wanted to get out of Bowser's Castle. In the field, she can 

Supporting Characters

Name Description Location

Proffesor Discuv R.

The esteemed archeoligist with the hope of discovering the lost city of Papyrusa helps Mario on his adventure. He tells Mario where to go, what to do, and occasionally joins our hero!

Origani City

Peach SPM

Princess Peach

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and part-time Damsel-in-Distress helps Mario on his adventure. She runs the Mushroom Market, selling items and giving special discounts to her hero! Origani City


The brother of Mario is on his own journey but somehow finds time to help Mario on his adventure. He gives his brother treasures from afar and has his own Trading Post to help our hero! Origani City



The Star Princess and pilot of the Comet Observatory helps Mario on his adventure. She is the Cosmic Oracle and will predict possible outcomes, future quests and, if you're lucky enough, what to do next for our hero! Origani City


Lady Bow

The owner of Harmonious Hostel helps Mario on his adventure. She will let Mario take a nap in her Hostel to heal up, for only 50 coins. That price is only available for our hero! Origani City



The toad girl and owner of Bittersweet Cafe helps Mario on his adventure, once you save her. Give him any 1 to 3 items and he will make a delicious meal for our hero! Origani City


See Paper Mario: The Fallen Kingdom/Tattle Log

Crystal Keys

Name Location Gaurded By Power & PP Needed Description
Crystal Compass Origani City Nobody Heal, 1 Replenishes up to 10 HP and 5PP.
Ruby Key Forgotten Forest Wiggler King Stomp, 2 Lets the party stomp on all enemies at once.
Topaz Key Despair Desert Khufungi Sand Cloak, 2 Avoids all attacks for 3 turns.
Emerald Key Isle Delfino Bowser Jr. & Shadow Mario Shine Shower, 3 Makes it rain Shine Sprites.
Onyx Key Mushroom Manor King Boo Crevice, 4 Opens a crevice in the ground.
Diamond Key Bowser's Castle Bowztar Shimmer, 5 Rains comets, healing your party.
Sunstone Key Candy Canyon Cocoa Blargg Sweet Storm, 6 Summons a twister of candy.


Main Hub (Origani City)

  • Origani Square
    • Proffessor Discuv R.'s House
  • High Avenue
    • Mushroom Market
    • Luigi's Trading Post
    • Cosmic Tent
    • Bittersweet
    • Harmonious Hostel
    • Origani Arcade
    • Compass House

Chapter 1

  • Forgotten Forest
    • Chomp Town
    • Fallen Pathway
    • Great Tree

Chapter 2

  • Despair Desert
    • Cannonfire Castle
      • Ancient Tunnel
    • Quiet Oasis
    • The Pharoah's Pyramid

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13



  • Fashion-Wise = Meet Goombecky
  • Starlight, Starbright = Meet Starlyte
  • Navigator = Complete the Prolouge
  • At The Market = Buy an item from the Mushroom Market for the first time
  • The Trader = Trade at the Trading Post for the first time
  • The Oracle = Get your fortune told at the Cosmic Tent for the first time
  • Naptime = Stay at the Harmonious Hostel for the first time
  • Assistant Cook = Get a proper meal made for the first time
  • Disasterous Chef = Make a Mistake at the Bittersweet Cafe ten times
  • The Chompsitter = Meet Chompling
  • Trapped A Bug = Meet Wiggle Kid
  • The Calm One = Complete Chapter 1
  • Dual Attack = Meet Boom-Slash
  • Floating Away = Meet Booloon
  • Like A True Explorer = Use Booloons Whip attack on Khufungi
  • Raider Of Tombs = Complete Chapter 2
  • Raise Your Voice = Meet Toadigo
  • Memories Flowing Back = Meet FLUDD
  • Shine Sprites Galore = Complete Chapter 3
  • A Ghostly Gardener = Meet Mauve
  • Keeping A Spirit Safe = Meet Shadood
  • IT WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME!? = Complete Chapter 4
  • Aaw.. = Meet Doztar
  • Wishing The Impossible = Meet Buster
  • You're A Star! = Complete Chapter 5
  • Gobbling Everything! = Meet Brodi
  • You Can't Catch Me! = Meet Ginny
  • Pit Of Whatnow? = Complete Chapter 6
  • Happiness = Beat Akless
  • Cool Down = Beat Heart B. Urn
  • Nearly There! = Complete Chapter 7



  • The Pit Of Souls is based on Tartarus
    • It was originally going to be called the Pit Of Heart

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