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Seeing as this page was absolutely ginormous and would get twice as big, I'm making links to various chapters. This will be the ONLY place you can read this story (as i am removing it from Userpedia and Mariowiki), so I'll be on a bit more.

Note: You may notice that chapters 1 and 2 are written with the subject as "they", while all later ones are written as "Mario". This is because it was originally "Mario & Co". So it'll be confusing. I'll fix it eventually.

Table of Contents

Part 1

Prologue: A Short Turn of Events

Chapter 1: Monster in the Sewers

Chapter 2: The Four Elemental Kings

Chapter 3: The Amazing Negative Squad

Chapter 4: Return to Bowser's Castle

Chapter 5: A Very Fuzzy Problem

Chapter 6: The Menace of Mt. Frostbite

Chapter 7: Into the Nothing Zone

Chapter 8: Raiding the Brobot X-Type- Coming soon...

Part 2

Chapter 9: The Secret of the Element Star- Coming soon...

Chapter 10: The Dimension of Abandoned Souls- Coming soon...

Chapter 11: The Fantastic X Squad- Coming soon...

Chapter 12: Mario Meets His Match- Coming soon...

Chapter 13: The Mystery of Misty Island- Coming soon...

Chapter 14: The Negative Squad Strikes Back- Coming soon...

Chapter 15: Countdown to Doomsday- Coming soon...

Chapter 16: The Final Showdown- Coming soon...

Epilogue: The Darkness Within- Coming soon...


This section is coming soon.

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