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This is the plot of Paper Mario: The Dark Starlight, covering all 7 stories in the game. Peach's interludes are included as a part of Mario's Story.

Mario's Story

Prologue: Awakening of a Legend

Chapter 1: The Legend Of The Red Hurricane

Chapter 2: Sands Of The Ancients

Chapter 3: Vibes In The Woods

Chapter 4: Mario Makes His Debut

Chapter 5: The Spooks of the Summit

Chapter 6: Bound to a Ring

Chapter 7: Conflicting Natures

Chapter 8: Sweet, Sweet Surprises

Chapter 9: Head In The Clouds

Chapter 10: The Kingdom's Destruction

Final Chapter: Super Star Showdown

Luigi's Story

Chapter L-1: Double Boo 7

Chapter L-2: Spectreville Escourt

Chapter L-3: Follow That Spectre!

Chapter L-4: Enola's Chilly Reception

Chapter L-5: Overcoming the Stonewalls

Chapter L-6: Forest Of Illusion

Chapter L-7: Cornering the Cold-Fingered

Chapter L-8: Super Cannon Calamity

Chapter L-9: Coldfinger's Blizzard Palace

Chapter L-10: The True Villain

Masher's Story

B-Prologue: Two's A Couple, Three's A Crowd

B-1: Interloper Aboard

B-2: Temple Tumbles

B-3: Construction Corruption

B-4: Whatever Floats Your Boat

B-5: Reach For The Stars

B-6: Museum To See 'Em

B-7: Ghostly Gambits

B-8: Escape From The Future

B-9: Fogged Memories

B-10: The Triple B's Last Time

Kooper's Story

K-1: Welcome To Toad Town

K-2: Freak Out Fortress

K-3: Deserting Deserts

K-4: Ghosts and Gobblings

K-5: The Mask's Secrets

K-6: Lavalava Love Of Treasure

K-7: Making It Rain

K-8: Crystalline Memories

Bowser's Story

Mimeo's Story

Astrolio's Story

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