Picture Name Tattle Place(s) found
New Paper Goomba
Goomba That's a Goomba like me. They are weaklings at the most. But not me! Ha! Right? They'll bonk you hard on the head, be careful. Max HP is 4, Attack is 2. Dark Sewers, Flower Fields
New Paper Paragoomba
Paragoomba This a Paragoomba. They're Goombas with wings. They will swoop down to attack. I soooo wish I had wings! Ahem... Max HP is 6, Attack is 4. Dark Sewers, Flower Fields
Paper Spiked Goomba
Spiked Goomba That is a Spiked Goomba. These guys have spiky helmets. Unless you want to be KO'ed, I suggest Hammer attacks. Max HP is 6, Attack is 6. Flower Fields, Turbo Towers
New Paper Hyper Goomba
Hyper Goomba

Here we have a Hyper Goomba. This guy was obviously drinking too much Chuckola Cola. I bet that's also why he's green. Oh well. Max HP is 8, Attack is 7.

Fungus Pit
Hyper paragoomba
Hyper Paragoomba

That's a Hyper Paragoomba. These guys are like jet planes! They'll divebomb you so fast you'll be KO'ed before you can say, "Goompity-Goomp!" Max HP is 10, Attack is 8.

Fungus Pit
Hyper Spiky Goomba
Hyper Spiked Goomba This is a Hyper Spiked Goomba. His purple spiky helmet guards his head, so no jumping. Dude, is purple really a guy color now? Max HP is 10, Attack is 8. Fungus Pit
New Paper Gloomba
Gloomba Here's a Gloomba. What's wrong with his skin? Well I guess it's dark 365 days a year here. Let's just stomp 'em and move on. Max HP is 20, Attack is 15. Storm Wastelands
Paragloomba That's a Paragloomba. Man, he's pretty shady lookin'. He really needs a tan. Better beat him quick, or he'll do some serious damage! Max HP is 24, Attack is 18. Storm Wastelands
Spiky Gloomba
Spiked Gloomba This guy is a Spiked Gloomba. He's just a Gloomba with a spiky helmet. Y'know what's weird, it's so dark here, but the spike is shining! Creepy. Anyway, Max HP is 26, Attack is 20. Storm Wastelands
Paper Koopa Troopa
Koopa Troopa This is a Koopa Troopa. Wow, he looks like he could be a biker or something. Anyway, if you jump on 'em, he'll fall over. Max HP is 8, Attack is 8. Flower Fields, Turbo Towers, Acshellerator Castle
Paratroopa This bad boy here is a Paratroopa. He 's a skydiving pro! But you can clip his wings easily by jumping on him. Max HP is 10, Attack is 10. Turbo Towers, Acshellerator Castle
Purple Koopa troopa
Dark Koopa Here's a Dark Koopa. He's even cooler lookin', except for the purple shell. I'll just say it. I HATE PURPLE! Huff... Max HP is 16, Attack is 14 Crystal Cavern
Dark Paratroopa That's a Dark Paratroopa. They'll divebomb you out of the sky hard! Ugh, those purple shoes make me wanna... Ahem, Max HP is 18, Attack is 14. Crystal Cavern
Shady Koopa sprite
Shady Koopa This is a Shady Koopa. This guy doesn't get out much does he? They're the strongest of Koopas. Max HP is 22, Attack is 18. Storm Wastelands
Shady Paratroopa Here's a Shady Paratroopa. He's kinda pale isn't he. He NEEDS to get some sunlight. Max HP is 24, Attack is 20. Storm Wastelands
Piranha Plant PMTTYD
Piranha Plant AAHH! It's a Piranha Plant! This guy will munch you if you jump on him! But they really need to brush their teeth. Max HP is 12, Attack is 10. Flower Fields
Venus Fire Trap PMTMF
Fire Piranha This here's a Fire Piranha. He'll spit fireballs that burn you to a crisp! They're fire-resistent too. What happens if you an ice attack? Max HP is 30, Attack is 16. Burnblaze Volcano
PMTTYD Frost Piranha
Frost Piranha That's a Frost Piranha. His breath is so cold, you'll freeze! Fire attacks are very effective, ice attacks aren't. Max HP is 26, Attack is 14. Frozen Plateau, Freezy Temple
Putrid Piranha sprite
Putrid Piranha

YUCK! A Putrid Piranha. These guys spit poisonous gas at your face. Be on your guard. Max HP is 28, Attack is 15

Swampy Jungle Marsh
Inky Piranha Plant PMTMF
Inky Piranha Here's an Inky Piranha. They'll spit ink blobs at you so you can't see the fight. Be careful. Max HP is 16, Attack is 12. Bloop Beach, Seabreeze Shore
Pale Piranha sprite
Pale Piranha A Pale Piranha. Their gray skin makes them look weak, but they're the strongest of all Piranha Plants. Max HP is 36, Attack is 18. Storm Wastelands
New Paper Hammer Bro. Sprite
Hammer Bro. This is a Hammer Bro. These guys are pretty tough. They'll whack you hard with their hammers. Max HP is 14, Attack is 12.

Hamma Mountains, Hamma Bamma Fortress

New Paper Boomerang Bro. Sprite
Boomerang Bro. That's a Boomerang Bro. It's so awesome that they're blue. I LOVE BLUE! Anyway... He has a big boomerang that will attack and then attack from behind. Max HP is 16, Attack is 14. Bamma Bluffs, Hamma Bamma Fortress
New Paper Fire Bro. Sprite
Fire Bro. Whoa, it's a Fire Bro. He has nasty habit of spitting fireballs at passersby. I bet he hates ice. Max HP is 20, Attack is 18. Burnblaze Volcano
Ice bro. Paper
Ice Bro. This cold guy is an Ice Bro. He can spit iceballs that can freeze you instantly! He so cold he must loathe fire. Max HP Is 22, Attack is 18. Glacier Peaks, Freezy Temple
150px-PM2 Bullet
Bullet Bill

This is a Bullet Bill. They're living bullets who will ram so you'll take damage. Max  HP is 12, Attack is 8.

Turbo Towers, Bullet Blast Station
Bill Blaster That's a Bill Blaster. It's a black cannon that shoots Bullet Bills at you. Watch out! Max HP is 14, Attack is 10. Turbo Towers, Bullet Blast Station
Missile Bill PMTMF
Missile Bill Here's a Missile Bill. When this red bullet attacks it'll come back around and attack from behind! Stay on your guard. Max HP is 18, Attack is 14. Bullet Blast Station
Missile Blaster PMTMF
M. Bill Blaster That's an M. Bill Blaster. These are bright red cannons are just like Bill Blasters except they shoot Missile Bills. Max HP  is 20, Attack is 16. Bullet Blast Station
Bombshell Bill Paper
Bombshell Bill This is a Bombshell Bill. They're just like Bullet Bills, except they're way stronger! Plus, they're made of solid gold! Max HP is 22, Attack is 18. Darcloud Castle
Bombshell Blaster PM2 Sprite
B. Bill Blaster What we have here is a B. Bill Blaster. These solid gold cannon will shoot Bombshell Bills at your face so hard, you'll be knocked into the sky! Max HP is 24, Attack is 20. Darcloud Castle
Banzai Bill PMTMF
Banzai Bill Whoa! It's a Banzai Bill! These massive Bullet Bills are the strongest in the, uh, "Bill" family. No one knows where they're shot from, but they do know they're trouble, finish them quick! Max HP is 30, Attack is 26. Bullet Blast Station
Torpedo Ted PMTMF
Torpedo Ted

That's a Torpedo Ted. They are grinning, underwater versions of Bullet Bills. People say that they come from boxes, where a Mysterious hand launches them. Creepy. Max HP is 14, Attack is 12.

Lava Bubble Burnblaze Volcano
Frost Bubble Freezy Temple
Ember Moonlit Woods, Starry Spaceway
Poison Ember PMTMF
Poison Ember Swampy Jungle Marsh
Phantom Ember sprite
Phantom Ember Darcloud Castle
Monty Mole Hamma Mountains, Bamma Bluffs
Rocky Wrench PMTMF
Rocky Wrench Hamma Bamma Fortress
Waddlewing PMTMF
Waddlewing Shine Skyway
Ruff Puff Hamma Mountains, Bamma Bluffs, Shine Skyway
Poison Puff
Poison Puff Swampy Jungle Marsh
Ice Puff Glacier Peaks
Dark Puff
Dark Puff Storm Wastelands
Fuzzy Crystal Cavern, Bullet Blast Station
Green fuzzy sprite
Leaf Fuzzy Swampy Jungle Marsh
Frosted Fuzzy PMTMF
Frost Fuzzy Shiver Lake, Frozen Plateau
Cooligan PMTMF
Cooligan Shiver Lake
Paper Blooper Sprite
Blooper Bloop Beach, Deep Dive Reef Sparkle Ocean, Seabreeze Shore
Cheep-Cheep Sprite PM3
Cheep Cheep Deep Dive Reef, Sparkle Ocean
Deep-Cheep Sprite PM3
Deep Cheep Deep Dive Reef, Sparkle Ocean
Pokey Bombard Desert
Flower Pokey PMTMF
Flower Pokey Bombard Desert
Poison Pokey PMTMF
Poison Pokey Boom Ruins
Paper Bob-omb
Bob-Omb Bombard Desert, Boom Ruins
Bulky Bob-omb PMTTYD
Bulky Bob-Omb Bombard Desert
Bob-ulk PMTTYD
Bob-Ulk Boom Ruins
Dull Bones PMTMF
Dull Bones Boom Ruins
Dry Bones Darcloud Dungeon
Parabones PMTMF
Parabones Darcloud Dungeon
Lakitu Shine Skyway
New Paper Spiny Sprite
Spiny Dark Sewers, Bombard Desert, Shine Skyway
Dark Lakitu paper sprite
Dark Lakitu Storm Wastelands, Darcloud Castle
New Paper Sky Blue Spiny
Sky-Blue Spiny Storm Wastelands, Darcloud Castle
Paper Swooper sprite
Swooper Crystal Cavern, Subterranean Cellar
Swoopula Subterranean Cellar, Boom Ruins
Swampire Boom Ruins
Paper Shy Guy sprite
Shy Guy Dark Sewers
Paper Fly Guy sprite
Fly Guy Shine Skyway
Pyro Guy PMTMF
Pyro Guy Burblaze Volcano
Magikoopa Dark Sewers
Green Flying Magikoopa
Green Magikoopa Hamma Bamma Fortress, Swampy Jungle Marsh, 
White Magikoopa
White Magikoopa Moonlit Woods, Freezy Temple, Boom Ruins
Black Magikoopa PMTMF
Black Magikoopa Darcloud Castle
File:Koopa striker PL3DS.png
Koopa Striker Turbo Towers, Acshellerator Castle
File:Toopa striker PL3DS.png
Toopa Striker Fungus Pit, Crystal Cavern
File:Soopa striker PL3DS.png
Soopa Striker Darcloud Castle, Darcloud Dungeon
Paper Spinia
Spinia Dark Sewers
Paper Spania
Spania Subterranean Cellar
Paper Spunia
Spunia Bullet Blast Station
Sponia PMTMF
Sponia Darcloud Dungeon
Spike Subterranean Cellar
Stone Spike PMTMF
Stone Spike Bamma Bluffs
Snow Spike PMTMF
Snow Spike Frozen Plateau
Clubba Acshellerator Castle
Koopatrol Hamma Bamma Fortress
Dark Koopatrol
Dark Koopatrol Darcloud Castle, Darcloud Central Tower
Chain Chomp Boom Ruins, Storm Wastelands
Red Chomp art
Red Chomp Darcloud Dungeon
Lucky Dayzee PMTMF
Lucky Dayzee Swampy Jungle Marsh
Crazy Dayzee Shine Skyway
Amazy Dayzee Shine Skyway
PM2 Boo
Boo Boo Manor
Dark Boo Darcloud Dungeon
Buzzy Beetle2
Buzzy Beetle Fungus Pit
Spike Top Boom Ruins
Paper Parabuzzy
Parabuzzy Fungus Pit
Cleft Sprite PM5
Cleft Subterranean Cellar
Bald Cleft PM2 Sprite
Bald Cleft Hamma Mountains, Bamma Bluffs

The evil Count Darcloud stole Bowser's Army and brainwashed them all. He scattered them across the land. These tattles a provided by Goombert.


Picture Name Tattle Location
Thwomp King That's the Thwomp King. Man he's big! He could be a wall! And he's spiky! Don't jump on him or you'll take damage! Why not use that hammer I gave you? Max HP is 20, Attack is 10. Dark Sewers
Jr. Troopa (1) Hey, it's Jr. Troopa! Goombario told me about him. He's a bit of a pushover. He's got a magic wand for making high-damage spells. Max HP is 15, Attack is 8. Flower Fields
Unavailable at the moment. Boom Boom That's Boom Boom. He's a big bad brute. His two big fists could KO you with a single punch! When he starts flailing, dont jump, he'll knock you out of the sky! Max HP is 25, Attack is 15. Turbo Towers



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