Mario, Luigi, and the gang return in the new game, Paper Mario: The Dark Shine Tower, for Wii U. It is assentially a combo of all four games: partners and 3D-style gameplay from the first two, many heroes from the third, the many, many attacks from the fourth. A key game component is the Visinizer, a device that helps with the adventure. It show tattles, false walls, and hidden goodies. The Wii U gamepad is used to control the Visinizer. You can use either the Wii Remote or the gamepad.


Peach is out on vacation with Toadsworth at Day-Night City, the town which controls day, and night (obviously). But as they arrive, they find everyone is panic. Peach asks whats happenning. A Goomba named Goombert runs up and says that the source of the problem was that the Dark Shine Tower, the day-night control tower, was slowly powering down due to the Day-Night Crystals, the power source, were flung across the land. When the power goes out completely, the entire world will plunge in to an infinite night! Peach ran straight to the post office, to mail a letter to Mario

Prologue: Disaster in Day-Night City

Meanwhile at the Bros.' House, Luigi was making spaghetti, with Mario locked in the bedroom. Mario tried using every tactic to bust the door open so he could sneak spaghetti before lunch. But Luigi slapped on four chains with key locks on the door. Just as Luigi was done, there was a knock on the door. Luigi opened it and Parakarry darted in like a missile and broke through the bedroom door, and slammed into Mario, who was charging at the door with his lamp. Parakarry showed them the letter. Two seconds after Mario had read the letter, left the house, and ran to Day-Night City, leaving Luigi and Parakarry confused. As Mario arrived, Goombert was there to greet them. He said he was Goombario's brother and that Peach was at the plaza. They ran to the plaza, and all they saw was a petrified Toadsworth on the ground. He was horrified when a dark clouded figure rose out of the sewers and grabbed Peach. Just when Mario ran for the sewer hole, three Goombas jumped out! They anounce themselves as the Goomba Trio. They initiated a battle. Goombert decided to help Mario in battle, becoming your first partner. Before the battle begins, Goombert gives him the Visinizer, a device that can help them. Goombert uses is for the tattle log. After a few jumps the Goombas are defeated. They shouted out "WE WILL BE BACK!", and they flee. Then Goombert notices that they dropped something. It was a map of the land that surronds Day-Night City. The first Day-Night Crystal is the Sunrise Crystal in Flower Fields. So they weny down to the Dark Sewers finding all kinds of Goombas, and traveled looking for the way to Flower Fields. As they approached the doorway to Flower Fields. A giant Thwomp known as the Thwomp King smacked down in front of the door. When the battle started, Goombert sees that he has spikes on him. So he gives him the hammer! After a few good whacks the Thwomp King crumbles, and the doorway is clear. Our heroes set out for Flower Fields.

Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle, Bowser was pacing around on how to beat Mario, then suddenly, the dark clouded figure that Toadsworth described appeared, he wanted Bowser to bring his entire army to the room. Bowser proceeded with the favor with confusion. Then the whole army was transported to the room instantly evryone was confused, except for the clouded figure. Bowser wanted to know what was happening. Then he thought maybe this guy was telling him to launch a full scale assault. But the figure had other plans. Suddenly, he brainwashed the entire army! Then he commanded them to take Bowser far away. They took him away. Then the dark figure disappeard cackaling

Chapter 1: Fall of the Speeder Shells

Mario and Goombert arrive in Flower Fields. Suddenly, three blurs whooshed past them, and towards a scary looking castle on the horizon. Goombert recognized them as Speeder Shells, part of an army of Koopa Troopa racers, bent on being the fastest beings on the planet. Their leader is the mighty, Acshellerator, who dwells is Acshellerator Castle. Goombert is getting a vibe from the Visinizer. The first of the nine Day-Night Crystals, the Sunrise Crystal, must be there. So they travel around, battling the usual, Goombas, Koopas, Piranha Plants. Then they arrive in Koopa Town. It was a town full of freindly Koopa Troopas. One of the Koopas was scared because Acshellerator threatened to attack their homes. Mario asked for a way to Acshellerator Castle. The Koopa said it is impossible, for it is guarded by a strong battle station, the Turbo Towers. As Mario left for Turbo Towers, he walked passed the school and heard a bunch of racket. then a Paratroopa flew out, followed by some angry Koopas. The Paratroopa hid behind Mario. When the Koopas ran up to him, they recognized Mario, froze in excitement, and fainted. The Paratroopa thanked Mario and introduced himself as, Parakoopley. Parakoopley said that he was getting beat up by bullies because he was the only Paratroopa in the whole school. Then he thought he'd just tag along with Mario. He thought if he could take down Acshellerator, he would get major spikes in popularity. Goombert suddenly stopped him. He said that Parakoopley needed to ask his parents. Then Parakoopley said they were outta town for a buisness trip. They're in the mushroom buisness. That caught Mario's attention. Parakoopley said if they let him on the quest, he'll give them mushrooms for life. They let him join. Soon they were off to Turbo Towers. Then suddenly they were ambushed by an old friend, Jr. Troopa. He had looked all over the kingdom for Mario. He even found his house! But when he saw only Luigi was home, he was so angry he was strong enough to throw Luigi far, far, away. Then they started the fight, but ended shortly. He just sat dazed, and Mario and co. kept moving. As they arrived at Turbo Towers, a green shell zipped at them, and zipped back. Then it entered the door. Parakoopley said that a small part of him wanted to be a Speeder Shell. Then Mario and Goombert looked at him awkwardly. Parakoopley was a tad embarassed. The sirens started blaring and the gang just leapt into the fortress just before the shut tight! They fight their way through Koopas and Spiked Goombas, and finally make it to where the key to Acshellerator Castle rests. Unfortunately it's guarded by the formidable Boom Boom! They fight good and hard, and eventually strike him down. They take the key and unlock the way to the castle. After they entered the castle, the room started flooding in Koopa Shells! Mario started swimming his way through the room and eventually made it. After cracking a few codes and puzzles, they finally made it to Acshellerator's chamber. He taunts them by saying how fast he is and even showing the Sunrise Crystal in their faces. But this only gets Mario and co. hyped up! They start the battle, and Acshellerator is impressed that they are willing to fight him. Atfer a good, long, hard fight, Acshellerator is finally down for the count. And the Sunrise Crystal is awarded to them! YOU GOT A DAY-NIGHT CRYSTAL!!! They soon came back to Koopa Town as heroes, and the bullies wanted Parakoopley to join their crew. But Parakoopley decided to stay with Mario. Then they used the crystal to fly back to Day-Night City to find out the whereabouts of the next crystal.

Meanwhile in some mysterious foggy place, Princess Peach wakes up from a coma. She is confused on where she is, suddenly a Koopa comes out of the fog. Peach is scared for a second but the Koopa says he was the only one who resisted brainwashing. He said they must hurry if want to escape Count Darcloud! Peach wonders who is Count Darcloud. As they travel through what apperas to be a castle, they find it getting foggier and foggier. Suddenly the same dark figure who took Peach away appeared before them. He brainwashed the Koopa and ordered him to lock her up. His plan is starting to form.

Chapter 2: 10,000 Bloops Under the Sea

Soon, Mario and Co. were back at Day-Night City. After reaching the Dark Shine Tower, they placed the Sunrise Crystal into the carved opening, and the map suddenly flashed as the location of the next crystal, the Watersparkle Crystal was shown. It was somewhere in the Sparkle Ocean. Then Goombert remembers that there are diving trips to the Sparkle Ocean, and the registration center is at its coast, Bloop Beach. So they travel through the Dark Sewers, battling new enemies, and finding new items, and eventually find the Warp Pipe leading to Bloop Beach, but when they get there the place is covered in gloop! A nearby Toad says that a band of Bloopers had starting polluting the beach with nasty poison-gloop. So Mario and Co. keep walking and find 4 Bloopers. They start the battle, but soon they call in 2 Inky Piranhas! Soon the gang beats them, and all of the gloop vanishes. Then they head on to the registration center. They make it only to find that the Sparkle Ocean had a distinct lack of sparkle. It was completely black! The Cheep-Cheep at the registration booth said that a giant Blooper had his army of Bloopers pollute the entire ocean. To make matters worse, the source of the gloop is shrouded by fish-frying electricity and music so loud that your ears would blow like a Bob-omb! However, the clean-up crew were able to create a clean glass tube leading from Bloop Beach to the underwater town of Deep Dive Reef, which is surrounded by a glass dome. The clean-up crew is working on a network of tubes throughout the "No-Sparkle" Ocean. Before Mario left the Cheep-Cheep gave him a Diving Helmet since he will be underwater. The partners then revealed that they could actually breathe for some reason. Everyone pondered about it, but then dismissed the puzzling mystery. So Mario and Co. went down the tube into Deep Dive Reef. The town was filled with friendly Cheep-Cheeps. They soon met an old Cheep-Cheep named Cheepers. He was sick and tired of being trapped in a glass dome. he wanted to explore the ocean and beyond. So he became the third partner of the gang. Suddenly, the city was in panic! A crack in the dome had opened and now gloop was flowing in! Then, Cheepers swam up to the poison and astonishingly cleared it by swimming in it! What was this power?! He stuck himself in he hole until the repair team arrived. After the team patched up the hole. Unfortunately, the spew of gloop also allowed a few Bloopers in. Cheepers insisted on the helping Mario in the battle. After defeating the Bloopers, the people were questioning Cheepers on his gloop-clearing method. He then showed everyone a white stone that he called the Soap Stone. Goombert realized it's just a bar of soap. Cheepers then looked at Goombert with disgust. "HOW DARE YOU!!!!!" yelled Cheepers. He explained that a soap bar would easily splat when thrown on the ground, but the Soap Stone would be intact. His theory was correct. Goombert was speechless, for had never seen an artifact like that. Cheepers had found many more, for he used to be an underwater archeologist. Then when Mario mentioned their quest for the Day-Night Crystals, Cheepers was thrilled. Soon the team was on their way to the source of the gloop with the help of Cheepers and the Soap Stone. They saw electricity bolts flying and they could hear the stange music. Mario could barely hear it from the helmet, Cheepers couldn't hear very well, and stranger still, the partners were immune to it. But they still had to avoid the lightning. The soon entered what was known as the Electro Seacave and found the source: the giant music-pumping, electrifying, Ampliblooper. Then a blue light flashed behind him. The Watersparkle Crystal was trapped in a glass cage, and the crystal was the source of the Sparkle Ocean. After a hard battle, Ampliblooper was vanquished and the glass cage shattered, releasing the crystal. YOU GOT A DAY-NIGHT CRYSTAL!!! All the poison gloop in the ocean suddenly dissolved. The Cheep-Cheeps of Deep Dive Reef rejoiced and shattered the glass dome, and fresh clean water rushed in. With the town saying their goodbyes to Cheepers, the team flew back to Day-Night City with the Watersparkle Crystal.

Meanwhile in the evil castle, Peach woke up, and found herself in a weird room, unable to leave. She was very confused about where see was. Suddenly, she heard voices outside the room. "Is she in there?" one said. "Yep, we got her locked up good," said another. "Well that's a relief, she could have been a big problem for the boss's plans." "Let's just hope she doesn't notice the hole behind the poster" "Are you kidding?! She's a PRINCESS!! She would never touch such dirty wall!" But Peach was gonna do it anyway. She saw the poster. When she tore it down, then she realized it was actually a map of the castle. She tucked the map in her pocket. Lucky! She then stared at the rather large hole that was hidden behind the wall. She crept through and made it into a hallway. After traversing the castle and sneaking past brainwashed guards, she escaped the castle, but not long after did suddenly fall into a warp pipe to who knows where!

Chapter 3: Hammer Time!

Coming Soon!

Chapter 4: Creeping Through the Cavern

Coming Soon!

Chapter 5: Boonanza!

Coming Soon!

Chapter 6: Mario on Ice

Coming Soon!

Chapter 7: Water! Poison! Lava!

Coming Soon!

Chapter 8: Sands of Boom

Coming Soon!

Chapter 9: The Great Galactic Storm

Coming Soon!

Chapter 10: Fate of the World's Light

Coming Soon!

Chapter X: The Final Showdown

Coming Soon!



  • Day-Night City
  • Dark Shine Tower
  • Dark Sewers
  • Shine Skyway

Chapter 1

  • Flower Fields
  • Koopa Town
  • Turbo Towers
  • Acshellerator Castle

Chapter 2

  • Bloop Beach
  • Deep Dive Reef
  • Sparkle Ocean
  • Electro-Seacave

Chapter 3

  • Hamma Bamma Railway
  • Hamma Mountains
  • Bamma Bluffs
  • Hamma Bamma Fortress

Chapter 4

  • Fungus Pit
  • Crystal Cavern
  • Crystalline Speedway
  • Subterranean Cellar

Chapter 5

  • Moonlit Woods
  • Moonlit Village
  • Boo Manor

Chapter 6

  • Shiver Lake
  • Frozen Plateau
  • Glacier Peaks
  • Freezy Temple

Chapter 7

  • Seabreeze Shore
  • Swampy Jungle Marsh
  • Burnblaze Volcano

Chapter 8

  • Bombard Desert
  • Defuse Depot
  • Boom Ruins

Chapter 9

  • Mushroom Colony
  • Starry Spaceway
  • Bullet Blast Station

Chapter 10

  • Stormy Wastelands
  • Darcloud Castle
  • Darcloud Dungeon
  • Darcloud Inner Sanctum

Chapter X

  • Darcloud Central Tower
  • Twilight Hurricane


Picture Name Where Gotten Ability
Paper Mario 1
Mario Default He can whack things with his hammer.
Peach SPM
Peach Hamma Mountains She can hide from enemies under her parasol for a bit.
365824-bowser super paper mario super
Bowser Fungus Pit He can scorch enemies with his fire breath.
Paper luigi
Luigi Moonlit Village He can super jump to high places.


Picture Name Info Where Gotten Ability
Goombert Goombert is Goombario's brother who moved to Day-Night City when he was old enough. He also gives Mario the Visinizer. Day-Night City He can tattle on enemies.
Parakoopley Parakoopley is a young Paratroopa who lives in Koopa Town. He was tired of being different because he had wings. Koopa Town He can carry the heroes across small gaps.
Cheepers Cheepers is an old Cheep Cheep underwater archeologist who wanted to get back into the world. Deep Dive Reef He can help the heroes swim easily.
Shy Guy Yellow1
Shyster Shyster is a Shy Guy who got beat up by two Boomerang Bros. for trespassing Bamma Bluffs. Bamma Bluffs He can camoflauge the heroes with masks.
Torque Torque is a Spike Top who once helped Luigi on his own quest. He is the owner of the Crystalline Speedway. Luigi still owes him 10,000 coins for the damage on Circuit Break Island. Crystalline Speedway He can slam things with his shell.
Bendito Bendito is a Bandit whose scared of Boos like Luigi. He ran like a mouse from the Boo Manor. Moonlit Woods He can steal items from enemies.
Chillzee Chillzee is a ice dwelling Crazy Dayzee who ironically wants to go someplace warm. Frozen Plateau She can make temporary ice bridges over long gaps.
Fuzzford Fuzzford is a local Fuzzy from Tanooka-Looka Island. He is confused due to all of the poison either overflowing lakes of being drained out. Swampy Jungle Marsh He can carry  the heroes through poison swamps.
Bob-Omb Buddy PMTMF
Bob-Elle Bob-Elle is a Bob-Omb who is researching the Boom Ruins. She wishes to find the Tomb of Tutanbomben to become famous. Bombard Desert She can blow up cracked walls.


Paper Mario: The Dark Shine Tower/Tattle Log

Day-Night Crystals

Picture Name Power Boss Location(s)
Gold Mystic Crystal PMTMF


Sunrise Crystal Gives Mario a temporary FP boost. Acshellerator Acshellerator Castle
Sapphire Mystic Crystal PMTMF
Watersparkle Crystal Makes a tidal wave crash down on enemies, doing damage. Ampliblooper Electro Seacave
Magenta Mystic Crystal PMTMF
Dawnshimmer Crystal Creates a shaft of light that makes enemies dazed. Hamma Bamma Hamma Bamma Fortress
Ruby Mystic Crystal PMTMF
Duskglow Crystal Temporarily makes the battlefield black as night, so enemies can't attack Slammin' Spike Subterranean Cellar
Violet Mystic Crystal PMTMF
Twilight Crystal Makes Mario take a nap, healing 20 HP. King Boo Boo Manor
Aquamarine Mystic Crystal PMTMF
Icelight Crystal Makes enemies temporarily frozen. Freezeflame Freezy Temple
Emerald Mystic Crystal PMTMF
Treeshade Crystal Unleashes a barrage of leaf-arrows at enemies. Elemental Piranhas Burnblaze Volcano
Garnet Mystic Crystal PMTMF
Sunblaze Crystal Burns enemies with a large fireball. Tutanbomben Boom Ruins
Diamond Mystic Crystal PMTMF
Starshine Crystal Unleashes a large barrage of stars, at enemies. Fuzzooka Bullet Blast Station (originally Mushroom Colony)

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