This is the list of all of the songs featured in the game Paper Mario: The Color Thief.


Themes & Jingles

Title Screen

File Select

Level Up!

New Party Member!


The Horror...

Minigame Time

Phantom in The Treasure Chest

End of Chapter!

Intro Story

Bowser's Theme

Lila's Theme

The Princess is Saved (End of Chapter 7)


Baddies Ahead! (Tutorial/Normal Battle theme)

Stronger Foes (Mini Boss theme)

Strongest Foes (Chapter Boss theme)

Koopa King's Revenge (Vs. Chapter 7/8 Bowser)

The Color Thief (Vs. Lady Lila/Monochrome Peach)

The Final Battle (Vs. Chapter 8 Lady Lila)

End of the World (Vs. Lila's Soul)


Toad Town

Peach's Castle

Pipes Everywhere! (Pipe Fields)

Into the Dark Forest (Boo Hoo Woods)

King Boo's Manor

Scalding Hot Sands (Doki Doki Desert)

Pianta Outpost

Ruins Under the Sand

Warm and Cozy Frostee Town

Climbing to the Top (Mount. Boomverest)

Frozen Summit (Boomverest's Summit)

Deep Underwater

Going Deeper! (Deep Abyss)

Strolling Through Koopy Fields (Chapter 5 Part 1)

Rushing Through the Battlefield (Chapter 5 Part 2)

The Poisoned Village (Plywood Village)

The Dying Forest (Plywood Woods)

Bowser's Fortress of Terror

Tower of Doom (Bowser's Castle Last Staircase)

The Monochrome Castle

Deeper into Darkness (Monochrome Castle Throne Room to ???)

Lila's Lair (???)


Thus Ends Another Adventure... (Credits)


  • The song titles in this page are different because the actual titles usually mention events, characters and locations not present in the game, so, naturally, they had to be changed for this list. They could also have been changed due to the new names just sounding better in some way.
  • No songs from Superstar Saga were used because the 3DS and DS soundfonts are closer in style and quality while the GBA has a somewhat inferior sound quality (In Lollama's opinion).

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