This page is for the (summarized) full plot of Paper Mario: The Color Thief

Main Game


A long time ago, an ancient race known as the Star People ascended beyond a physical form with the power of the Master Orb, this caused their home, the Star Palace, to rise up into the heavens, acting as the home to the Master and Rainbow Orbs, ancient artifacts that keep the world and its colors in balance. One day, an odd girl dressed in all purple, flew into the Star Temple and stole the Master Orb, causing the entire palace to fall apart, the floor broke and the Rainbow Orbs fell into the Mushroom Kingdom below.

A few days afterwards, Mario and Luigi were sleeping in their house when Parakarry arrived to hand them a letter, Luigi went to the door, opened it, chatted with Parakarry a bit and walked back inside to open the letter with Mario, as soon as the letter was opened, a small star flew out of it and took a deep breath before introducing herself as Tinkle and warning the bros about the current "end of the world" scenario.

The group rushed to Peach's castle to share the bad news, when they got there, Bowser was trying to capture Peach (again) and the Koopa king blew Luigi away with fire, fighting only Mario and Tinkle.

Chapter Boss: Bowser (1)

Mario and Tinkle defeated Bowser and he fainted right there, they finally got to talk to Peach about their big problem, Luigi walked in and suggested they go to Boo Hoo Woods to find the first Rainbow Orb, the group walked outside of Toad Town and stepped into the forest.

Chapter 1: Secrets of the Forest

The team stepped into Boo Hoo Woods and explore the dark forest, fighting off ghosts along the way, they eventually found a clearing with tents, a fire and other camping things. Luigi tried to run away from the forest but a circle of Boos appeared around them, they were led by a blue Boo in a top hat and holding a cane, he introduced himself as Prince Boocula. Tinkle asked if they could have the purple orb on his cane but he refused, leaving the group behind with his Boo army, that fused into one huge ghost.

Boss: Boolossus

Boolossus was defeated and the team continued into the forest, eventually finding King Boo's mansion and entering it. Inside of the mansion, Mario and friends explored and found a corridor leading into a room with a large black chest in it, Mario opened it and was enveloped in a dark purple mist and a ghost "cursed" him with the power to roll up into a tube. They explored more and found a pitfall behind a door and reached the mansion's flooded basement, at the center of the basement was a single wooden room with a tight horizontal gap for a door, Mario used his new power to get inside and found a pair of hammers, he would take them out and hand one to Luigi, but the "door" closed and King Boo appeared, only letting Mario escape if he beats a minigame.

Minigame: Whack-A-Boo

Mario won, got out and gave a hammer to Luigi, the group then got out of the basement via the room the hammers were in opening completely and acting as a lift. The team entered the mansion's freezer room and found Prince Boocula, seemingly crying in the corner, he still thought the group wanted to steal the orb on his cane because they could and, so, he fought them.

Boss: Prince Boocula III

Boocula was defeated and the orb fell out of his cane, King Boo showed up and stole it for himself, Boocula explained his situation and joined Mario on his quest. The group continued exploring and found the throne room key, they used it on the last door in the mansion's foyer and entered a church-like corridor that led to King Boo's throne room, he powered himself up with the violet orb, becoming Violet King Boo and fought Mario and his friends.

Chapter Boss: Violet King Boo

King Boo was defeated and Mario and his friends collected their first Rainbow Orb before saying goodbye to King Boo and continuing on their quest.

Chapter 1 Interlude

As Mario and friends were away, the princess tried to get some sleep when the castle's front door opened, Peach went to check it out and found Bowser, Kamek and a Koopa army, Peach was grabbed by Bowser Jr in his Clown Car and taken to Bowser's castle, where she woke up on a bed in a comfortable furnished room, she found a secret passage in the fireplace which led to a room with another fireplace, a balcony, a set of chairs and a table, she stepped into the balcony and wondered if Mario would come to find her soon.

The group entered Peach's castle and found Toadsworth, bawling on the floor, Luigi asked what had happened and he responded that peach had been kidnapped and he saw it happen, without being able to do anything. Tinkle assured him that Peach would be fine, cheering Toadsworth up. The team then set off to the train station to go to Rugged Canyon.

Chapter 2: Of Dunes and Pokeys

Arriving at Rugged canyon, Mario and co descended into the revines to pass Doki Doki Gates, the entrance into Doki Doki Desert, their main stop. The group arrived at Doki Doki Desert and were hit with an intense wave of heat, Luigi pointed out the enclosed town or city by a nearby mountain, they got there and met Toadler, the mayor of the town known as Pianta Outpost. Tinkle explained that they had no time to look around the town and they had to save the world, so Toadler sent them on their way, not before they got some items for the trip.

The team arrived at an ancient-looking city buried under the sand and entered a dark temple, much to Luigi's dismay. The group split up in the temple, Luigi and Boocula went down a staircase and found something barking in a pit, Luigi dashed back upstairs and bumped into Mario and Tinkle, who were at an open room with a pyramid-like staircase at the other end, Luigi dropped himself and the others into a dark pit. They woke up at the bottom with a bunch of dark shadows barking at them, a huge round shape went up to them and revealed itself as a large Chain Chomp, who attacked them with a bunch of other Chomps.

Boss: Toothy

Before Mario could defeat Toothy, a small pink Chomp showed up from a tunnel and barked at Mario, Boocula understood that Toothy was the tiny Chomp's father and just wanted to protect her, the tiny Chomp liked that Mario didn't hurt her dad anymore and joined the party, the normal Chomps and Toothy formed a tower under Mario and his friends to get them back out. The group got back out of the pit and climbed the pyramid at the other end of the room, inside was a pedestal with a paper scroll on it and murals along the walls. Tinkle read the murals and they told Lady Lila's story, as she stopped reading, a purple fog entered the room and formed into a girl dressed in all purple who said she was the person in the story, she then insulted the heroes and fought them.

Boss: Lady Lila (1)

Tinkle found out about Lila's weakness to star power and the villainess took the entire team down with some fireballs before escaping the room, the team was found by some explorers and they thanked them before going back out of the temple and continuing to explore the desert. the group came across a large sphinx, they entered the sphinx and reached the bottom, where the yellow Rainbow Orb was resting. A set of paper tendrils formed around the orb and created a Koopa mummy, which fought the heroes.

Chapter Boss: Koopmosis III

Mario and friends defeated the mummy and took the yellow orb before escaping the sphinx and continuing with their travels.

Chapter 2 Interlude

Peach was getting used to Bowser's guest room, but then she remembered that she was being held captive and hid in her secret room to surprise attack the Koopatrol outside the door, she did it, defeated the guard and escaped, avoiding several other guards along the way. Peach heard footsteps and hid in a nearby broom closet as Bowser passed by in a silly attire, made up of a bowtie and a bouquet of flowers, when he was on his way, she got out of the closet and rushed to the throne room to get the keys to the front door.

When she got there, Bowser Jr was waiting for her, they fought but Bowser Jr called in the guards, who took Peach back to the guest room, where Bowser was waiting for her, he angrily chatted with her for a moment before lifting a red glass orb with a star at the center and claiming that he'd use its power on himself and the castle to defeat the Mario bros.

The group went back to Peach's Castle, where Toadsworth was making a cake for himself, which confused Mario and Luigi when they found him. Toadsworth explained that he secretly bakes to calm down, only confusing the group even more, he then asked if the team had collected their second Rainbow Orb, mario showed him the shiny new yellow orb.They went back ouside and Luigi looked at the map, deciding they should head towards Mt. Boomverest, so they went to Pipe Fields and entered the blue pipe heading to the base of the mountain.

Chapter 3: Mount Boomverest's Treasure

The group arrived at Frostee Town, a village at the base of the mountain, they found a building where a group of hikers were meeting up to climb the mountain, Mario entered, uninvited, and was challenged to climb Mount Boomverest without any help from professionals, so Mario and his team set off to the mountain and went upwards through a cave. The team climbed and climbed until they reached another frozen cave where they met a blue Blockstepper sitting near a fire and mound of dirt with a sign over it.

The Blockstepper introduced himself a Locky and said that the mound of dirt was the grave of his Bob-Omb friend that climbed the mountain with him, needless to say, he didn't make it through the trip. Locky wanted to climb to the top of the mountain to get the treasure in an ancient temple, so he joined Mario's party and helped him out with his cannonball-based abilities.

As they explored the mountainside, they met a large vulture-like creature named Bluzzard, who blocked their path, forcing Mario and friends to fight him.

Boss: Bluzzard

Bluzzard was quickly taken care of, allowing the team to proceed, blowing up walls and fighting more enemies along the way. The team reached the summit of the mountain, which was a large frozen field covered by the clouds, at the end of the summit was the peak of the mountain, with a temple entrance carved into it, they had arrived at their destination.

Inside of the temple was a large golden Bob-Omb statue blocking the path to the treasure of the mountain, Luigi hammered the statue and it came to life, attacking the group.

Chapter Boss: Bob-Omb Guardian

The guardian was defeated and it broke into many golden pieces, the team entered the treasure room and found the blue Rainbow Orb, they took it and a pipe rose form the ground, allowing them to easily get back to Frostee Town, where Mario showed that he managed to reach the top and get the treasure, before going back to Toad Town through the blue pipe.

Chapter 3 Interlude

Peach was still at Bowser's castle, scared for her life, if she kept on trying to escape, Bowser would get mad and possibly hurt her, her only hope to get out was to hide at the secret balcony and hope that Mario would come for her soon. Suddenly, the ground shook and the castle was lifted from the ground beneath it, pieces of the charred land around Bowser's fortress were raised and turned into more bricks to make the castle even bigger, the shaking made Peach's balcony fall off, but she got back inside before that happened. Bowser's castle was now menacingly looming over the Koopa Kingdom, the Bowser statues at the front had their eyes on fire. Meanwhile, inside the castle's boiler room, Bowser had thrown the Rainbow Orb inside the core of the fortress to give it more power, it certainly worked, but Bowser's eyes began to glow yellow and a reddish shadow surrounded them, Kamek began to get worried for his master.

Mario and co got back to Peach's castle, she was still gone, Toadsworth was at the throne, looking quite ridiculous, he had a small blue dress on and was wearing one of Peach's spare crowns, Luigi questioned if Toadsworth was alright in the head, the elder Toad explained that he was as well as ever, he just decided to be the "princess" of the Mushroom Kingdom until Peach returned. Boocula as worried and guided the team back outside before something bad happened to anyone.

The map said that there was an orb at the bottom of the ocean, so they took off to the Toad Town harbor to take a diving trip to the bottom of Cheep Ocean.

Chapter 4: 20,000 Bloops Under the Sea

The group arrived at the harbor and took off to the open sea, arriving at the safest distance to dive, Mario and Luigi put on their diving helmets and jumped down into the water below. The team slowly arrived at the bottom of Cheep Ocean, where they entered the Coral Fields, they faced several enemies on their way across the forest of sea weed and corals.

The group came across a city filled with Bloopers, Mario got worried because he had various bad experiences with them and thought that the Bloopers wouldn't let them pass, but that was washed away when a small squid swam up to the group and greeted them with a happy look on his face, he recognized Mario and asked him for help, the Blooper was about to explain thie problem when a long tentacle rushed up to him and grabbed him, quickly retreating into the city. Mario and friends rushed to the center of the city and found a large Blooper with a cork in his "mouth", it only spoke in bloops and other random noises, it then attacked the Mario bros and their party.

Boss: Gooper Blooper (1)

Mario saved the city of Bloopolis from Gooper Blooper, the inhabitants of the city celebrated and the king swam in to thank Mario and friends personally, Tinkle explained that they needed to find a shiny orb that fell at the bottom of the ocean. The king said he didn't see anywhere near the city and that it might be in the much feared Deep Abyss, the king gave the group a map to go through the Coral Fields and to Deep Abyss. The team arrived at a large dark cliff, assuming that it's the only way to Dark Abyss, they jumped down and found themselves in a vast field of coral, mushrooms and kelp, mostly shrouded in darkness.

After a few hours of exploring, Mario and his party finally noticed a blooper with a propeller cap on his head following them around, the small squid introduced itself as Bloopy and said that he's Mario's biggest fan, asking to join him and Luigi on their adventure, Locky didn't want some random kid to join in, but Tinkle said he could. Mario's team, now with a new member in the form of Bloopy, arrived at a large castle with eels swimming around the main spire, they entered and explored the huge underwater fortress. They reached a huge, red, spiked door, before they could enter, a huge eel showed up in front of them and roared at them, beginning a battle.

Boss: Unagi

After his defeat, the eel apologized to his master and disappeared, the group entered the door and found what seemed to be an enormous cave, it was basically pitch black inside of it, Bloopy swam into it and was attacked by an equally large eel covered in spikes and wearing a crown on its head. Tinkle tried explaining that they need a dark blue orb that should be in the castle, as the eel roared in disagreement, an indigo light shined from deep inside of its throat, so the team had to fight it to get the orb.

Boss: Lord Eelie

Lord Eelie was defeated and he spat out the indigo orb, Luigi took the honor of picking it up, they exited the castle and a rope descended from the surface above, the team grabbed on and were pulled back out of the water by a Toad on a boat, they returned to Toad Town harbor and continued with their adventure.

Chapter 4 Interlude

The team returned to Toad Town and decided to not check on Toadsworth, who would want to know what crazy stuff he'd be doing this time, instead, they decided to go to Pipe Fields and found what should be their next pipe is in the middle of a lake, the ground shook and a huge, familiar, squid came out of the lake and attacked them.

Boss: Gooper Blooper (2)

Gooper Blooper was finally defeated and the heroes could enter their pipe, which led to Koopy Fields.

Chapter 5: A Tale of Two Armies

Mario, Luigi and the others safely arrived at Koopy Fields, but it seemed much darker, they looked up and saw a large structure slowly falling into the fields, it was Star Palace, if the team didn't find all of the Rainbow Orbs quickly, the entire city would fall into the fields, so they had to move quickly. After some walking, they saw a pair of castles in the distance, one green and the other red. Soon after, the team saw and heard a bunch of explosions from the direction of the castles, stray cannon balls and Bullet Bills came flying towards the heroes as they got closer and closer to the destroyed field between the green castle and the red castle.

Arriving at the green side of the battlefield, the team was greeted by Kooprado, the leader of the green Koopas in the war against the red ones. He explained that the red Koopas wanted to get rid of the greens because they were "stupid and constantly falling off of cliffs" so they had to defend themselves. The team took shelter in the Green Koopa castle and found a small room with a telescope pointed at the enemy castle, a green armored Koopa walked up behind them and Luigi asks were he got there from, after a quick misunderstanding, the Koopa introduced himself as Koopsalot, explaining that he sneaked up on the heroes while they looked through his telescope.

Kooprado rushed in and asked Mario and friends to help them defend against the red Koopas, who were trying to invade their castle.

Minigame: Koopa Defense (Repeated later in the chapter)

Koopsalot explained that he used the telescope to look at a red Koopa he had a crush on, Tinkle joked that watching her from a distance is more than just having a crush on her and the conversation continued, Koopsalot decided to join Mario's team to free the red Koopas from their tyranical leader, Prince Koopens. The team sneaked into the Red Koopa castle and tried to reach the throne room to talk to Koopens, they fought many red Koopas along the way and found a large, open garage-like room with a type of tank inside of it. They reached Prince Koopens and tried to reason with him to stop the war, but he refused and rushed to the garage, the team rushed back to the green castle and warned Kooprado about the incoming attack, but it was too late, the Koopa Tank crashed into the castle and Koopens fought the heroes.

Chapter Boss: Koopa Tank

Koopens was defeated and Koopalina, his daughter and Koopsalot's crush, runned in to stop the fight, Koopens apologized for trying to destroy the green Koopas and handed Mario the orange orb, Kooprado gave Koopsalot a sword and metal shield and the heroes returned to Toad Town to head to the next part of their quest.

Chapter 5 Interlude

Back at Bowser's castle, Peach tried to escape once again, but the castle's layout had magically changed, leaving her dazed and confused as she wandered around the massive fortress, avoiding every guard who might've been able to spot her. Peach tried sneaking into the throne room and stealing the keys to the front door, but it wouldn't matter since the castle was a few miles off of the ground at that point, but she tried anyway, she rushed to the front door of the castle but the lock was replaced with one made out of red energy, Peach noticed that the regular keys she got were a decoy and turned around too see that Bowser had found her, he then took her to a cage at the top of the castle, she yelled out for Mario but nobody answered.

At Toad Town, the team checked up on Toadsworth, he was yelling orders at Toads with brooms, pans and other tools, still wearing his small blue dress and golden crown. Luigi asked what was going on and Toadsworth explained that he is just going on with his princess duties, Koopsalot wondered if he was always like that, Tinkle answered with a simple "no" before guiding the group back outside.

The team headed to Pipe Fields and found a purple pipe with an odd smog emanating from within it, they reluctantly hopped in and found themselves at the once beautiful Plywood Fields.

Chapter 6: Snifit and Weep

Mario, Luigi and their party arrived at Plywood Fields and had to cover their faces to not be harmed by the purple smog around the fields, they walked along the trails and found a village of Snifits. The mayor explained that something in the forest was poisoning the water, the air and the ground and slowly destroying the life of the village, so he first asked Mario and friends to go save the village hero's pet, Poochy, at a cave to the west of the village.

They accomplished their mission and returned to the village, Poochy instantly rushed to the hero's house, a red Snifit (unlike all the others, who were blue or grey) walked out of the house and thanked Mario for saving his Poochy and, in return, joined the group on their adventure, they then said bye to the mayor and walked into Plywood Woods. The trees were wilted and the purple smog led them to a clearing with a purple lake where a darker purple fog formed into Lady Lila, who fought the heroes.

Boss: Lady Lila (2)

Lila seemed to have been defeated for good and she dropped the Master Orb before disappearing into the poisonous fog. The group explored until mario found another black chest, he opened it and was "cursed" with the power to become a paper boat. They crossed the poison lake and continued on their way. They arrived at a small cave that led into the ground, at the bottom was a sleeping Piranha Plant, resembling Petey Piranha, with the purple mist coming out of its mouth, Luigi struck it with his hammer and it woke up and attacked the team.

Chapter Boss: Petit Piranha

Petit Piranha was defeated, disappearing into purple goop as all of the poison in Plywood Fields also went away, Snerf picked up the green Rainbow Orb and the team headed back to Plywood Village and the mayor gave Snerf, of all things, a new belt with a coin as the buckle. The group then left back to Toad Town to finish up their journey.

Chapter 6 Interlude

Arriving at Toad Town, it seemed to have been destroyed by large cannon shots, Luigi looked at the map and finally noticed that the final orb fell at Koopa Kingdom, assuming Bowser must've had it, they instantly rushed back to Pipe Fields to take the red pipe over to Koopa Kingdom.

Chapter 7: Kingdom of the Koopas

Mario and his team arrived at the molten and burnt wasteland and rushed to Bowser's Castle, but it was up at the sky, an anchor fell down from the entrance of the castle and Mario climbed up, followed by his partners and Luigi, he did not see anyone to throw the anchor down, but shrugged it off. Bowser spoke through an intercom and said that peach was at the guest room in the east wing of the castle, the team raced over there but only found the Koopatrol General waiting for them.

Boss: Koopatrol General

The general was defeated and Mario looked into the room, it was completely empty, Bowser had tricked them into getting trapped in the guest room. The group managed to escape and rushed back to the throne room, but were stopped by Kamek, who zapped all of Mario and Luigi's partners away from them.

Boss: Kamek

The Magikoopa was defeated and Mario's friends came back to the corridor they were in, they continued on their way to the throne room and found Bowser Jr. there, holding a big black key that was probably for the door to the side of the throne room, so the team had to defeat him to proceed.

Boss: Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. was sent flying out of the castle, Mario took the black key and opened the door, it led to a huge tower with an equally large staircase, they climbed and climbed until they reached the top room, Peach was there, in a cage hanging form the ceiling, and so was Bowser, his eyes glowed yellow and he wore a crimson crown. Bowser threatened to destroy Mario and his pals if they didn't get out of the castle immediately, Mario refused to leave without Peach, so the final battle began.

Chapter Boss: Bowser (2)

The group defeated Bowser and Peach descended gracefully from her cage, the princess was safe and Mario had all of the orbs, the quest seemed to be over until Lady Lila crashed in through a window, taunting Mario for believing that the fake Master Orb was real and that it would all be so easy. She took Peach into the monochrome void that has been glowing larger in the sky, Mario, Luigi, the partners and Bowser were shocked at what happened, but Bowser snapped out of it to say that he'd defeat Mario some time soon, he then hopped into his Clown car and flew away, leaving Mario and co. in his castle as it fell back into the ground.

Mario and his friends escaped and took the pipe back to Pipe Fields with the seven Rainbow Orbs in hand, there was only one last thing to be done: Save Peach and defeat Lila once and for all.

Chapter 7 Interlude

Mario and the team returned to Koopy Fields, where Star Palace had ultimately fallen into the ground. The group traversed the broken down city, helping all of the Star People they could before reaching the Star Temple. Mario put down the Rainbow Orbs on the floor of the temple and they created a large rainbow star to take the Mario crew into the Land of Monochrome.

Minigame: Star Riders

The group arrived at a rocky ledge just outside of the void in the sky, there seemed to be a portal in front of them, so they stepped forward and entered the Land of Monochrome.

Chapter 8: The Monochrome Castle

Inside of the Land of Monochrome, Mario, Luigi, Tinkle and the others walked and walked until they reached an enormous pit, an island with a large black castle was floating at the middle of the pit, help up by chains from the edges of the hole. The group walked across the chain and reached Lila's fortress, The Monochrome Castle.

The group solved the mysteries and puzzles of the castle and reached the throne room and saw that Lila was not there. Bowser broke through the window with the Koopalings following him, Bowser then got the Koopalings to take turns fighting Mario, one-by-one.

Bosses: The Koopalings (One at a time)

After all of the Koopalings were defeated, Bowser then fought the group.

Boss: Bowser (3)

Bowser was down and the group continued through the castle and, in the final corridor, met up with Peach, who had turned pitch black except for her white eyes and mouth. Monochrome Peach refused to go anywhere and the group had to defeat her to continue.

Boss: Monochrome Peach

Peach fainted after the battle and the black energy flew out of her, returning her to normal. The team continued towards the outside of the castle and saw something horrible, the island the castle was on was slowly falling from the void, Lila was waiting for them in the path ahead, holding the Master Orb.

Lila sarcastically asked where Mario and his group had been, as if they were friends, but Mario walked to her and hit her with his hammer, Luigi did the same. Lila charged a huge purple fireball and threw it at the heroes, drainign their health almost completely before their final battle.

Boss: Lady Lila (3)

After Lila was seemingly defeated, she shattered the Master Orb, the single object keeping the monochrome void from completely destroying the world below in seconds, she then absorbed its power but the positive energy corrupted her and she became a large mindless monster as the world below died from having all colors drained completely.

Final Boss: Lila's Soul (Phase 1)

Lila swiped Luigi and all of the partners away from Mario, Tinkle flew up to him with the seven Rainbow Orbs and broke them as well, taking their power to instantly turn into a more humanoid and more powerful form, which she used to help Mario in the final fight.

Final Boss: Lila's Soul (Phase 2)

The beast was almost destroyed but Mario and the others were starting to get consumed by the void, due to the Rainbow Orbs being destroyed. Tinkle was the only one unnafected, so she had to be the one to destroy Lila and save the world.

Final Boss: Lila's Soul (Phase 3)

Tinkle finally became a true Star Person and destroyed Lila's corrupted soul with one final attack, the power that the villainess stole from the Master Orb instantly rebuilt all of the orbs, which took off to the world below as Mario and his friends seemingly died in the void. In a flash of light, the entire world was returned to normal and Tinkle returned to the castle before it completely disappeared to say goodbye to Mario, Luigi and her other friends.

Mario and his friends returned to Toad Town and Peach thanked them for saving the world, she served the entire group with a slice of cake that she had kept in the fridge.


The story book was closed and it was all a story being told by an older Tinkle at a library in Star Palace, the kids who sat patiently hearing the story were amazed by it and asked if it all really happened. Tinkle said that it did and she was the same Tinkle from the story, the kids asked for another story and Tinkle replied that they could come back the following week to hear the story of how Mario saved the Guardians of Music at the Musa islands.

Tinkle returned home from the library and looked back at a picture of her, Mario, Luigi, Boocula and all of the others. A large box then arrived for her through the mail, she took it in and opened it, it was a cake from Peach with "Happy Birthday!" written on it with blue icing.

The End


Chapter 9: The Pit of 100 Trials

Chapter 10: Return to the Bitlands


  • Chapters 3, 4 and 5 were originally chapters 5, 7 and 2 of Paper Mario: Mystery of the Anti-Verse, an older Paper Mario game by Llama that is long gone.