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Paper Mario: The Color Thief
PMtCT cover
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems

Llama Gaming

Publisher(s) Fantendo
Writer(s) Lollama13
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) RPG, Platformer
Age Rating(s)
E10+ (ESBR)


7 (PEGI)

Available Input Wii U Game Pad, Wii Remote (and Nunchuck) or Pro Controller
Anyone is free to help out with this page, just do not vandalize it. Paper Mario: The Color Thief's current owner is Lollama13

Paper Mario: The Color Thief (Paper Mario: Colour Thief in Europe and Paper Mario & Luigi RPG in Japan) is the sixth game in the Paper Mario series, it is exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U.

In this game, Mario, Luigi and a new friend, Tinkle, must travel around the Mushroom Kingdom to collect the seven Rainbow Orbs and prevent the end of the world.

The game returns to the original Paper Mario formula of traveling around and collecting seven artifacts to beat the main antagonist, who, in this game, is an ancient Star Person named Lady Lila. The game also fits in the Mario & Luigi mechanics of the two brothers using their abilities together to proceed and fight off enemies.


Main Article: Paper Mario: The Color Thief/Plot

One day, a magical place called Star palace was attacked by Lady Lila, a Star Person who was banished for her crimes, who stole the Master Orb and caused the palace to fall apart, scattering the Rainbow Orbs throughout the Mushroom Kingdom below, now Mario, his brother Luigi and Tinkle, a young star, must travel around the world, meeting friends and fighting monsters, as they collect the seven Rainbow Orbs to save the world from having its colors drained, which would destroy it.


  • Toad Town
  • Boo Hoo Woods
    • King Boo's Mansion
  • Doki Doki Desert
    • Chain Chomp Temple
    • Tomb of Koopmosis
  • Frostee Village
    • Hiker's Society Headquarters
  • Mount Boomverest
    • Explorer's Cave
    • Boomverest's Summit
    • Bob-Omb Temple
  • Cheep Ocean
    • Coral Fields
    • Blooper Kingdom
    • Deep Abyss
    • Lord Eelie's Castle
  • Koopy Fields
    • Green Koopa Castle
    • Red Koopa Castle
  • Plywood Fields
    • Plywood Village
    • Plywood Woods
  • Koopa Kingdom
  • Monochrome Castle
    • The Throne Room
    •  ???


Paper Mario: The Color Thief plays like a combination of Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi, the Paper Mario half comes from the plot formula, the way fights look and play out and the partners, the Mario & Luigi half comes from the fact the player controls the two brothers, Mario and Luigi, at once and they can use team attacks and help each other out of battle.

The player can use the gamepad to tap on characters and tattle them out of battle, this can also be done by pointing the Wii Remote at an enemy and pressing the A button.


The combat in this game is much different from the usual Paper Mario games, all of the partners are on screen but only one of them can be used per turn, alongside Mario and Luigi. The partner to attack is chosen via a wheel with their faces on each slot, as partners are added to the party, the wheel also gains more spaces. As Mario gains new abilities, Luigi can help him use them in battle, such as using Mario in his paper tube form as a baseball bat to hit enemies away. Team attacks and special battle items use up Flower Points, which can be refilled by certain items.


Badges also make a comeback in this game, serving the same purpose as they ever did in Paper Mario, the player may equip as many badges as their BP (Badge Points) allow them to have, the equipped badges are sure to help Mario and Luigi in their travels.



Picture Name Tattle Log Base Stats
Mario "Do you seriously need me to explain you to yourself? You're Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, [summary of what the player has done through the adventure]."





Luigi "Luigi is your scaredy cat brother, he keeps insisting on going back home and, honestly, I wish he would do it."





Protagonists (NPC)

Picture Name Tattle Log
Paper Peach Color Splash
Princess Peach

"The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, let's hope Bowser doesn't show up again" (Prologue)

"The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, we have to save her from Bowser ASAP!" (Chapter 7)

83px-Toadsworth PM2
Toadsworth "Princess Peach's caretaker, he's kinda like her dad, in a sense or two, something tells me that losing Peach is making him slowly lose it."
Paper Toad
Toads "The normal inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom, they are real fun guys, heheh."

Antagonists (NPC)

Picture Names Tattle Log
Paper Bowser1
King Bowser "That's Bowser, the King of Koopas, he looks mean and scary but is just a little bit of a loser."
Paper Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. "Bowser Jr. is Bowser's son, he's also somewhat competent as a boss."
Kamek PMSS Sprite
Kamek "Bowser's most trusted Magikoopa, Kamek can cast spells and fly around."
Lady Lila "Lady Lila is our current nemesis, she wants the world to be destroyed, or at least she must, considering she mindlessly took the Master Orb for herself."


Picture Name Tattle Log Base Stats Abilities Chapter
Tinkle "I'm Tinkle, a friendly little star that arrived in the mail, I can scan enemies to know their basic information." HP:10




Tattle: Scans a certain enemy to know their statistics. This ability is automatically used in boss battles.

Star Bonk: Tinkle dashes into an enemy and harms them with her points.

Star Lightning: Tinkle summons a small lightning bolt to attack an enemy.

Prince Boocula III "That's Boocula, he used to be our enemy, I think he has some sort of lisp where most of his Ws turn into Vs, he can also turn Mario and Luigi invisible for a short time." HP:10




Scare: Boocula goes up to an enemy and strikes it with a scary face.

Cane Smack: Boocula attacks an enemy with his cane, how classy.

Top Hat Toss: Boocula throws his hat like a boomerang and puts it back on afterwards.

Chapter 1: Secrets of the Forest
TBA Chompette "The little pink ball is Chompette, she's basically the princess of the Chain Chomps, she's kinda cute. Her ability is being heavy, basically." HP:30




Bite: Chompette dashes at an enemy and bites them, ouch!

Lunge: Chompette simply dashes into an enemy, most of the time this knocks them out temporarily

Chapter 2: Of Dunes and Pokeys


Locky "Locky is an explorer that got lost on Mt. Boomverest, now he's travelling with us. His cannon balls can be used to blow up cracked walls." TBA

Fire!: Locky shoots a single cannon ball at an enemy.

Kaboom!: A trick he learned with his old friend, Boomer, Locky is able to detonate a cannon ball without shooting it, causing slight damage to himself and really hurting an enemy

Chapter 3: Mount Boomverest's Treasure
TBA Bloopy "Bloopy's just a kid who followed Mario around and joined us, he's kinda creepy and his ink can reveal secrets." TBA Inked: Bloopy blinds an enemy with his squid ink.

Head Bonk: Bloopy dashes at an enemy and hits them with his pointy squid head.

Chapter 4: 20,000 Bloops Under the Sea
TBA Sir Koopsalot "A knight that helped defend the Green Koopas from the red ones, so he was given a sword and sent on to travel with Mario, what an honor." TBA Slash: Koopsalot attacks with his trusty sword, Koopscalibur.

Shield: Koopsalot steps to the front of the group and blocks any enemy attacks with his shield, requires Flower Points to be used.

Chapter 5: A Tale of Two Armies
Snerf "The hero of Plywood Village who joined Mario to fight off the monster poisoning the air of his home town, he can blow walls and clouds of poison away to reveal new areas." TBA Wind Bullet: Snerf shoots some wind at an enemy, this attack has a chance of blowing them away permanently. Chapter 6: Snifit and Weep


Main Article: Paper Mario: The Color Thief/Items

There are many items, power-ups and key items to be found in the game, if the player knows where to look, it can be easy to get all of them.


Main Article: Paper Mario: The Color Thief/Enemies

Each chapter in the game has a unique set of enemies that fit the theme of the chapter, from ghosts in Boo Hoo Woods to poisonous enemies in Plywood Woods and, rather obviously, Goombas and Koopas in Bowser's Castle


Main Article: Paper Mario: The Color Thief/Soundtrack 

The soundtrack of the game is made up of songs from the Mario & Luigi series, all songs were composed by Yoko Shimomura.


  • The game is full of references to past Mario games and other sources, below are a few examples:
    • Boo Hoo Woods' name is a reference to the German name for Boos, "Buu Huu" or "Boo Hoo".
    • Boocula's name is, obviously, a portmanteau of "Boo" and "Dracula" he even has the stereotypical vampire lisp, switching Ws in certain words for Vs (I.E.: "Word" would be "Vord")
    • Doki Doki Desert is a reference to Doki Doki Panic, the game that later became the american Super Mario Bros 2.
    • The boss of Chapter 2 is named "Koopmosis III" which is a reference to an Egyptian king, Thutmosis III.
    • The mountain in Chapter 3 is a reference to the real life Mt. Everest.
    • Plywood is an actual material, often used to build houses and other things, it is made out of several layers of wood glued together into a single piece.
  • This game is based on a full story currently being written by user Lollama13, every detail featured in this page is extremely likely to be in the final story.
  • Certain plot details were lifted from a much earlier idea that Llama had for a Paper Mario game, Mystery of The Anti-Verse, where Mario would have to find pieces of a mirror to stop the regular universe and the anti-verse from collapsing into each other, ending both of them.
  • Below are some facts about some of the partners:
    • A tinkle is a quiet sound made by a bell.
    • Boocula's "lisp" isn't natural, he does it because it sounds cool.
    • Originally, Boomer would be the partner for Chapter 3, but he was switched out for Locky for it being unoriginal to have a Bob-Omb partner, plus, he shared his named with a Pixl in Super Paper Mario. In the final game, when the player arrives and finds Locky, he's in a cave with a pile of dirt and a sign saying "RIP Boomer, I dunno when he was born and forgot what year it is"
    • Snerf is the only red Snifit in his village, referencing the single red Snifit in Super Mario Bros 2.

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