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Paper Mario: The Book of Ages  is the fifth instalment in the Paper Mario series and is for the Wii U. The story of course starts with Mario, Luigi and Bowser who have to recover the 14 Cog Keys in order to stop a dark unknown force from destroying the gaint country named Brogogal within 96 hours, effectively making the Mushroom World extinct because its main attraction the Royal Book Of Ages that was once the leader of a happy tribe has been frozen for all eternity. But is still remembered for a long time.

Paper Mario: The Book Of Ages
File:Paper Mario The Book Of Ages.png


Prologue Part 1: The Book Of Ages

  • Ahem* Today we'll be reading the story Talking about the Book of Ages. A long time ago when the universe was new, there was a community of mystical creatures known as the Orbinators. They worked as a tribe and worked for their leader Lord Sunlorise, known from what we call today, the book of ages. The tribe fell upon hard times, their power was stolen by a mysterious force, legend has it that the force's bodies are hidden in the depths of the large country named Brogogal. The twenty Orbinaters searched all around the country to find the thieves but they failed. Few remember the tribe to this day.

Prolouge Part 2: A Superstar Inconvenient

The adventure begins when Princess Peach goes on a cruise to Brogogal, where she meets a hooded Snifit and buys a box which contains a map, which the princess sends to Mario, along with a letter asking him to help her search for the map's treasure. Soon after that, she is kidnapped by the great Lord Trumplorian. Mario receives the letter with the map and decides to help her, and thus boards a ship to Brogogal and brings Luigi with him along with Professor E.Gadd.

Shortly after the crew reach Brogogal Docks, Professor E.Gadd gives Mario, a robotic female Wii U named Daffie, only to find alien ships attacking the dockside with their lazer guns. Jumping into action, Mario and Luigi battle the aliens. During the battle, as you hurt the ships, the Meter on their heads goes from Green, to yellow and then to red, ending in their demise. Once the battle is finished the aliens' leader Lord Hailtrex jumps out of one of the ships and opens a book and then spawns his three stooge rookies to zap the bros, but before they are ready to fire, a huge Star Comet falls from the sky and crashes into the port. Looking inside the hole, Mario sees a huge star crystal split in half revealing the core. Wondering what it is Mario jumps inside the hole and collects the core. Merlon then arrives and tells Mario that Hailtrex is trying to find the Orbinaters' Book Of Ages, and the dead bodies of the force's soldiers in order to obosorbe all their power and use it to revolutionise his Galaxy industries. Mario and Luigi decide to travel across the country to find Hailtrex and his minions.   

​Prologue Part 3: Peach's Faitality 

At Trumplorian's base, Peach is held captive and is forced to answer questions about the map, refusing to answer, Trumplorian tases Peach with a Shock Star attached to a torch. Resulting in her passing out, stealing the map, Trumplorian flees from the base and goes out to Brogogal Docks to find the star crystal that crashed into the port.

Chapter 1: Rooktail's Rage

Mario and Luigi travel through Fluffily Petals to look for the Book Of Ages. Down the long trail, they run into a town in the shadow of an Erie castle covered in graffiti,in the town, there is a small Buzzy Beetle with a Trombone horn on the top of his shell asking what brings the brothers to the town, Luigi tells the Buzzy Beetle that they are looking for the Book Of Ages also know as Lord Sunlorise. Explaining that they are in competition with Hailtrex. The Buzzy Beetle's response is asking if he can join the quest. He introduces himself as Trombuzz and that he's a janitor in the dockside. He tells Mario about the Erie Castle having a possessed Dragon trying to capture the residents in the town. Mario suggests that he might know about the Book of Ages if they find him.

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