Paper mario:the big world fusion is a game for the Wii U. It is a crossover between mario games and other nintendo franchises. It is being developed by shadow gaming inc. 


The prolouge

The game begins with Mario eating cake. He then notices that Princess Peach's castle is being attacked. Mario goes up to the castle to find Bowser. Just before Mario can save Peach he gets blasted away by a bullet bill. Days later Mario is awakened by a cloaked figure named Merlon. Merlon tells Mario that Bowser has somehow caused a dimensional rift in time and spacial dimensions and is trying to fuse all worlds together to create his new empire. Merlon will then tell Mario that he needs to find 7 elemental shards in order to stop Bowser's plans from suceeding.

After listening to what Merlon and what he has to say you are taken off on your journey. You must first go to the fallout callout bar and talk to the bartender. After getting a Chuckola Cola you have to go back to the main hub area. When there you see Popple robbing the nearest bank. After fighting him he drops a hammer. Take the hammer and you have a new variety of moves to use. When done head back to where Merlon is and you find out he is passed out. Use the Chuckola Cola on him and Merlon will wake up. He then shows you a room to actually show if you are actually possible to defeat Bowser. Once completed you then walk into a different room above to find a number of doors, each door leading to an alternate dimension. Merlon then says to go into the pink one first.


Mario and his allies

Name species Description moves usage out of battle where you find this character
Mario Human Mario is the savior of the mushroom kingdoom and the one who is in most of the quest. Jumping and using hammers. Jumping to new places and hammering to get items You play as mario by default.
Deeter Waddle dee Being king dedede's loyal intern, he is sent on a quest to find the 7 elemental shards with mario for an experience of adventure. HeadBonk, Tattle, Parasol Guard, and Spear Throw Can use tattles to tell about the surroundings At the start of the first chapter
Metros Metroid An unfound metroid hatched at the time mario was near the egg making it think mario was it's mom. Drain, Bite, Air Assult, and Bomb Drop Can pick up items When half way done with the second chapter
Bomblester Bombling Bomblester is a theif that steals from people in hyrule. He only does it to give to the poor though. Bomb, Multibomb, Body Slam, and the Power Bomb Will destroy cracks in walls 1/3 of chapter 3
Almondyte Omanyte An omanyte brought to life from a fossil by engineering. It helps mario so the dimensional rift can be fixed but does care about his allies. Shell spin, Water gun, Ancient power, and Hydro pump Can allow you to go through long bodies of water In chapter 4 after you get the helix fossil and fix the reviving machine(this can be done at any time when you want during the chapter when you finish it, including after the boss fight but is needed to beat the game)
Monoike Monoeye A monoeye from the underworld army who left it out of a convinience that it was made out of all pure souls. He has decided to help mario on his quest to defeat bowser. Body Charge, Laser Beam, and MultiCharge Can carry mario for a few seconds When 3/4 of chapter 5 is finished
Cosman Starman A renegade starman who is a superhero. He wants to help mario so porky has no chances of allying himself with others.

PK Beam, PSI Shield, PSI Magnet,  and Sudden Guts Pill.

Can light up dark areas by manifesting PSI magnet. Near the start of chapter 6.

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