Paper Mario: The Ancient Orbs
Paper Mario The Ancient Orbs Boxart
Developer(s) Paper Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Paper Player
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Action and Adventure
Media Included Paper Player Disc
This game is made by Paper Productions.

Mario's back, and he's more Paper than ever! Go on an epic adventure with your favorite paper plumber yet again in his latest adventure!


Mario and Luigi decide to pay Peach a visit. On there way, they notice something in the sky. A black hole! Everybody freaks out, wondering why the black hole formed. The Black Hole sucks up the Mario Bros. and then disappears. It turns out the black hole wasn't a black hole at all, but a portal. When they reach the end of the portal, they are in some parallel dimension. A friendly pixl greets them as they arrive. The pixl then tells them that she is the one who teleported them here in the first place, and she also tells them that her names is Wingz. This is where our story begins.

Playable Characters


Name Description Abilities Ability Summary



Once the great Ancient of Power, Merlar, she became a pixl in a battle with the Shadow King long ago. After hearing of the Chaos Heart being destroyed, she then sets off with the Mario Bros. on a new adventure.

Aura Shot

(0 FP)

Shoot a little aura ball at one enemy.


(0 FP)

Find out the information about an enemy, and also make their HP visible.


(2 FP)

Make mario airborne for a certain amount of turns, allowing him to dodge ground attacks.

Aura Blast

(5 FP)

Blast all enemies with a powerful blast of aura energy.



A good friend of Wingz. He has always wanted to be a hero, and is very jealous of his brother Kooper. Now, it is his time to be a hero, as he helps Mario save the day!

Shell Toss

(0 FP)

Toss Koop's shell at one ground enemy.

Shell Shot

(2 FP)

Shoot Koop's shell at all ground enemies.

Shell Blast

(4 FP)

Same as shell shot, but does more damage.

Giga Shell

(5 FP)

Koop's shell grows giant and hits all enemies.

Super Bob-omb

Super Bob-omb (Bob-boy)

A bob-omb boy who looks up to many heroes, especially Mario. He doesn't have any super powers, but he sure wishes he did. He loves using his imagination to go on wild adventures, and now he's on a real adventure with his favorite hero!


(0 FP)

Explode one enemy.

Toy Bombs

(2 FP)

Shoot 3 little toy bombs that explode after on turn.

Cape Shield

(2 FP)

Decrease the amount of damage tooken for a certain amount of turns.

Bomb Blast

(5 FP)

Explode all enemies.

Business Boo

Business Boo

A thriving and well known Shop Owner. He loves his family very dearly, and will do anything for them! Now, it is time to put his determination to the test, as he adventures with Mario to save his family and all of mankind!


(0 FP)

Bite one enemy.


(2 FP)

Make you and Business Boo transparent for a turn, dodging all attacks.


(3 FP)

Scare away enemies.


(3 FP)

Multiply into multiple boos and bite each enemy.

Shy Guy (Sword Guy)

Sword Guy

The brave leader of the Shy Guys! He has a wide variety of swords. He is very determined to keep his people safe. Now, as thanks for saving him and his people, he is adventuring with Mario to help him save the day. What a brave shy guy!


(0 FP)

Slash an enemy with a sword.

Multi Slash

(2 FP)

Slash an enemy up to 5 times with a sword.

Mask Lift

(3 FP)

Sword Guy lifts his mask off and gives each enemy a random negative status effect. (Example: Poison)

Ultra Sword

(5 FP)

Sword Guy's sword grows giant and slashes all enemies. (Reference to Kirby's Return to Dreamland)

Cheepina the Cheep Cheep


A rare pink cheep cheep, and the only female in the party! She is a good friend of Smash, which is weird because she controls water and smash controls fire. She will do anything to help Mario, after he saved her from bloopers!

Belly Flop

(0 FP)

Belly flop on one enemy.


(2 FP)

Squirt an enemy.


(3 FP)

Swim around an enemy, making them dizzy.


(5 FP)

Hit all enemies with a giant tsunami.

Smash the Yoshi Kid


The cool dude of the group! He is a fire mage yoshi, and at such a young age! He is very brave and very powerful! Don't get in his way! After teaming up with Mario to save his tribe's Chief, he decided that adventuring with Mario would be fun, so now he's sticking with Mario until the end of this adventure.

Fire Burst

(0 FP)

Shoot a burst of fire at one enemy.


(2 FP)

Eat one enemy and spit him out at the enemy behind him/her.

Fire Rain

(3 FP)

Hit all enemies with fire. (Similiar to the fire flower)

Super Gulp

(5 FP)

Eat one enemy and spit him/her at all the other enemies.



A rare, blue shelled Lakitu. He is a coward, so he's adventuring with Mario to try to become braver!

Spike Toss

(0 FP)

Toss a spike at one enemy.

Multi Spike

(2 FP)

Toss a bunch of spikes at each enemy.


(3 FP)

Hit one enemy with lightning.


(5 FP)

Blow all enemies away with a hurricane.



A ninji of light, and a good friend of Ninju. He can sense things from over a mile away. He is very good at finding hidden goodies. He decided to join Mario after Mario proved his strength to him in combat.


(0 FP)

Hit one enemy with a shuriken.


(2 FP)

Steal an item or a badge from an enemy.


(3 FP)

Confuse an enemy.

Light Blast

(4 FP)

Hit all enemies with light.



Wingz tells the Mario Bros. that they need to collect the "Ancient Orbs." They are actually the ancients trapped inside of an orb by a demon's power. A thousand years ago, there were 8 Ancients. They ruled over the dimension with peace and justice. However, the Shadow King came out of nowhere and secretly trapped the ancients in orbs one by one. After a short time, the Shadow King had trapped all the Ancients in orbs besides one..... Merlar. I was the strongest of them all. I fought very bravely, but before long the Shadow King accidentally turned me into a Pixl, making me lose most of my power. However, I trapped the Shadow King using the power of love. This turned the Shadow King into the Chaos Heart. He was then sealed away. However, this angered the Shadow Queen, and this led to the events of Paper Mario TTYD. All seemed well and good, until years later. After the events of Super Paper Mario, the Chaos Heart was destroyed... but not the Shadow King. He was now free. He had started look all over for the Ancient Orbs, so he could finish the final step in his plan. He was going to harness the power of all the Ancients. This is when I sent you heroes here to help me. After they talk a bit, they decide that they should first go get the help of Wingz friend Koop.

Chapter 1 -Happy Hills

When the Mario gang arrive, they go to find Koop's home. Once they reach his house, they then explain everything to him. He then tells them that he actually HAD one of the ancient orbs, but then a giant piranha plant ate it then took it away. Koop joins them, and they head over to a big mossy fort covered with vines. They go inside, and find a bunch of Piranha Plants guarding the way to the top. After beating the Piranha Plants, and solving some puzzles, they finally reach the top. There, they battle the Deadly Piranha, and after the battle, they take the Orb. Wingz uses her powers to free Merlon, the ancient of wisdom. Merlon then leaves to the sacred palace and wishes the gang good luck. They go back to Wingz home and locate the next orb.

Chapter 2 -Bomb Factory

They arrive at a factory, which is home to many Bob-ombs. When they get there, they find an area of Bob-ombs being attacked by Chain Chomps. Just then the Chain Chomps fled to a different part of the factory. After talking to some Bob-ombs, they figure out that the Chain Chomps kidnapped some of the Bob-ombs. They also figured out that the Chain Chomps had one of the orbs. Wondering why the bad guys always have what they need, they ran off to find the Chain Chomps. Along the way, they found a big wall blocking their path. They decide to try and find a different route, and go in a different direction. They happen to stumble upon two chain chomps, and a little bob-omb. Apparently, that bob-omb was kidnapped, and he escaped, but then the chain chomps found him. They defeated the chain chomps, and the little bob-omb thanked them. He introduced himself as Super Bob-omb, aka Bob-boy. (He always wanted to be a superhero, so he always wears a cape.) He decided that since he's always wanted to be a hero, that he should go with the heroes. They then showed Super Bob-omb the wall blocking their path, and he blew the wall up like it was nothing. They move onward and eventually find the Chain Chomps and their leader, Chain Chunk. After a battle, they obtain the second orb. Once again, Wingz uses her powers, and out comes Merluvlee, the ancient of love. She then goes back to the sacred palace.

Chapter 3 -White Woods

They have located an ancient orb deep in the white woods. They go in, although Luigi is a little reluctant about it. They travel through, and eventually reach an abandoned mansion. They go inside and find a bunch of boos everywhere. Luigi freaks out, although Wingz calms Luigi down by telling him that these Boos are friendly, and that this is their "town." They find an item shop, and decide to buy some items. However, they notice that the owner of the shop is really sad. They ask him what is wrong, and he tells him that his family was kidnapped by a gang of dry bones. They tell him that they would help him, and hearing this, Business Boo decided to tag along with them. They went deeper into the woods, and found a swamp. When they took a few steps close, a bunch of dry bones rised out of the swamp and started attacking the heroes. They fought off the dry bones and dove into the swamp, finding a cave at the bottom of the swamp. They go in the cave and find a Dark Bones, a cage with Business Boo's family in it, and an ancient orb. They fight off the dark bones, and then they free Business Boo's family. Then, Wingz uses her powers to free Merlee, the Ancient of Beauty. They go back home and find out where the next orb is... Shy Guy Maze.

Chapter 4 -Shy Guy Maze

The heroes make their way to the start of a long maze, which is home to many shy guys. They find out that the red shy guys are peaceful, while the black ones are not. They venture through the maze and eventually find a shy guy cornered by a bunch of Bad Guys. They help the shy guy fight off the Bad Guys, and then the shy guy introduces himself. He is Sword Guy, the brave leader of the shy guys. The heroes tell him about their adventure, and Sword Guy seems happy to join them. They venture through the rest of the long maze, and find themselves at the end, where the evil Dark Guy is. They fight him off, and obtain another orb. Wingz uses her power to reveal Merlow, the Ancient of Bravery. They go back home and find out the next orb is at Cheep Cheep Island.

Chapter 5 -Cheep Cheep Island

The heroes buy themselves a boat in a local store and sail off to Cheep Cheep Island. They arrive at the island and get greeted by Yoshis and Cheep Cheeps. The residents give them some shelter for the night. After a good night sleep, the heroes wake up to see the town in havoc! It turns out their Chief was kidnapped by Buzzy Beetles and Spike Tops! In the midst of the town panicking, a certain Yoshi Kid decides to go and save the Chief. The yoshi kid runs off, and the heroes follow him. Along the way, the heroes found a cheep cheep being attacked by bloopers. They fought off the bloopers, and the Cheep Cheep (named Cheepina) offered to tag along as thanks. They go off to the volcano and find the yoshi kid in front of it. Apparently, there is a big gap between the volcano and the island. The yoshi kid (named Smash) tells the heroes that if they can help him get across, then he would help them with their adventure. Smash then joins the group, and the heroes use Smash's hover ability to get across. Smash then feels a bit stupid after this. They journey into the volcano and fight their way past a bunch of buzzy beetles and spike tops. They eventually reach Big Top, the leader of them all. After defeating Spike Top, they free the chief and obtain another orb. This orb reveals Merlumina, the Ancient of the stars. The heroes then figure out the next orb is at Cloud Castle.

Chapter 6 -Kloud Kingdom

The heroes then try to think of a way to get up to Kloud Kingdom. They then come up with a solution. After doing som research, they find out about a beanstalk that could take them up there. They find this beanstalk and climb up to Kloud Kingdom, which is being raided by Ruff Puffs. They eventually end up saving a lakitu named Lacky, and even though he isn't that brave, he decides to join them anyway, so he could become courageous. They eventually make it to Cloud Castle, and in there they find King Lakitu being attacked by Tuff Puff. They defeat Tuff Puff and get another orb, which reveals Merloo, the Ancient of Darkness. However, right when they free the ancient, Tuff Puff blows them away right before dying. The heroes get blown onto Silver Summit, home of the Silver Ninjis.

Chapter 7 -Silver Summit

Once the heroes land on the summit, the silver ninjis help the heroes recover. Once they have recovered, the leader of the Silver Ninjis, Ninju, tells them that they need training. If they succeed in their training, then they will be given an orb. After a bit of training, the heroes must defeat 4 Ninjis. The fire ninji, the water ninji, the stone ninji, and the nature ninji. Then, they must go to Ninju's dojo and defeat Ninjason, Ninju's apprentice. Once they beat Ninjason, then they must beat Ninju to obtain the orb. Once they obtain the orb, then it reveals Merlight, the ancient of light. They then teleport to the sacred dimension. (Note: In this chapter, one may unlock Ninjo as a partner if they find him and defeat him in combat.)


Once they arrive at the sacred dimension, the heroes set off for the sacred palace. Once they get to the palace, they speak with the Ancients. The Ancients then give them a little star. They ask the ancients what it is, but the Ancients only say "Use this in your darkest hour." The Ancients then teleport them to the Dimension of Shadow.

Chapter 8 -Dimension of Shadow

Once the heroes arrive, they go through tons of dark and dangerous trials. After a bunch of puzzles and fights, they finally reach The Shadow King. The Shadow King then throws the world into darkness. The heroes then engage him in combat. The Shadow King, knowing he doesn't stand a chance, brings out something the heroes would never expect. The Chaos Heart! The Shadow King restored it to give him infinite power, and to destroy all worlds! The Shadow King absorbs the Chaos Heart and becomes invincible! The heroes start freaking out, all except Mario. Mario pulls out the star the Ancients gave them earlier. The Shadow King laughs at him, thinking that he can't beat him with a little star. However, the star shines very brightly, and splits into multiple parts. Each part goes to each place they have been to and gathered the cheers of every person they have saved. It all seemed very familiar. The parts then come back and form the star again, and, with the Star's new power, the heroes absorb it, and become super! Now, the real final battle begins! After a long and hard battle, the heroes eventually beat the Shadow King. They then go back to Wingz hometown.


Wingz opens up a portal for Mario and Luigi. After saying their good byes, the Mario Bros jump into the portal. The next scene shows the Bros in their house, talking to each other. Suddenly, Mario gets an email. Mario opens the email, and it's a video of Wingz. Wingz then shows Mario and Luigi what everybody is doing. Koop is now training to become a great hero. Super Bob-omb is trying to be the best kid he can for his Mom and Dad. Business Boo is still running his thriving shop, and whenever he has free time, he goes and spends time with his family. Sword Guy went back to being a wise and strong ruler of the shy guys. Cheepina started swimming lessons for Yoshis and Little Cheep Cheeps. Smash has started giving fighting lessons, and Koop is one of his students. Lacky has become the bravest Lakitu of them all, making his family proud. Ninjo has become a master ninji, and watches over the Silver Summit. Then, Wingz tells them that they are welcome to come back anytime. The Mario Bros wonder how they can get back, but then they hear the doorbell ring. They answer to Parakarry, who gives them a package. Mario opens the package to find a remote. He then presses the button on the remote, and it reveals a portal. The Bros look at each other, and then the credits play.

Tattle Log (Enemies and Bosses)

  • Bosses are italicized!
Picture Name HP Attack Defense Moves Tattle Location
Paper Goomba Goomba 2 1 0 Headbonk These are the underlings of underlings. They're power is OVER 9000!!!! Just kidding. They have 2 HP, 1 Attack , and 0 Defense. These guys should be a snap to defeat! Various
Paper Paragoomba Paragoomba 2 1 0 Headbonk The underlings of underlings, now with wings! They have 2 HP, 1 Attack, and 0 Defense. They are just as easy to defeat as Goombas, but now ground attacks won't work. Sorry Koop! Various
Paper Spiky Goomba Spiky Goomba 2 2 0 Headbonk Man, now these little shrooms have spikes too!?! How much do they want to defeat us anyways? They have 2 HP, 2 Attack, and 0 Defense. Maybe wacking them with your hammer will help! Various
Paper Gloomba Gloomba 4 2 3


These Goombas are back but wait its blue but if you don't why its blue because it appears in the dark. Pit of 100 Trials
Paragloomba Paragloomba These guys now Wings come on but there easy as the Gloomba but some times dodges your attacks. Pit of 100 Trials
Paper Spiky Gloomba Spiky Gloomba Oh man they have Spiky Helmet on them now but there the same as the Gloomba but more defense. Pit of 100 Trials
Paper Hyper Goomba Hyper Goomba Scary Swamp
Hyper paragoomba Hyper Paragoomba Scary Swamp
Hyper Spiky Goomba Hyper Spiky Goomba Scary Swamp
Paper Golden Goomba Golden Goomba Sacred Dimension
Golden Paragoomba Golden Paragoomba Sacred Dimension
Golden Spiky Goomba Golden Spiky Goomba Sacred Dimension
Paper Koopa Koopa Troopa 4 2 1 Shell Toss A Mario classic, the Koopa. These guys have been around for a long time! Max HP is 4, Attack Power is 2, and Defense is 1. You can knock them over by jumping on them, and then their defense will shrink to 0. Happy Hills
Parakoopa Koopa Paratroopa 4 2 1 Shell Swoop The familiar flying foe! Max HP is 4, Attack Power is 2, and Defense is 1. Jump on them and they will lose their wings and plummet to the ground. Happy Hills
Red Koopa Red Koopa Troopa 5 3 1 Shell Toss These guys are tougher than your average koopa! Well, not by much. Max HP is 5, Attack Power is 3, and Defense is 1. Beat them the same way you beat a regular koopa! Piranha Fort
Red Parakoopa Red Koopa Paratroopa 5 3 1 Shell Swoop Red turtles on wings? That's a first for me, although I doubt it's a first for you guys. Max HP is 5, Attack Power is 3, and Defense is 1. You would have a better chance at beating them if you got rid of their wings. Piranha Fort
Paper Piranha Plant Piranha Plant 5 4 0 Bite Those teeth look sharp! Better not jump on them! Max HP is 5, Attack Power is 4, and Defense is 0. These guys look tough, but their bark is worse than their bite. At least, I think. Piranha Fort
Deadly Piranha Deadly Piranha 20 5 0

Bite, Black Breath

The boss of the Piranhas. Max HP is 20, Attack Power is 5, and Defense is 0. This guy looks tough, but we gotta beat him to get the orb. CHARGE! Piranha Fort

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