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This page shows a list of the music heard in Paper Mario: The Ancient Book.

NOTE: I did NOT compose any of those songs and I do not claim them as mine. Credits to their respective composers.

Overworld Music

Location Chapter Music Composers
Moonside Central Prologue (main location) TBA
Moonside Sewers Prologue TBA
Mystic Temple Prologue
PMTAB MysticTemple
Jesse Penner
Everbloom Prairie Chapter 1 TBA
Everbloom Village Chapter 1
PMTAB EverbloomVillage
Brandon Fiechter
Goomba Fortress Chapter 1 TBA
Tower of Mallet Chapter 1 TBA
Maple Woodroad Chapter 2
PMTAB MapleWoodroad
Wooden Undergrounds Chapter 2
PMTAB WoodenUndergrounds
Shady Cicada
Blossom Fields Chapter 3
PMTAB BlossomFields
Derek Fiechter
Merrycherry Town Chapter 3 TBA
Merrycherry Peaks Chapter 3
PMTAB ForestofSpring
Brandon Fiechter
Phantomerb Chapter 4 TBA
Twisted Treeline Chapter 4
PMTAB TwistedTreelineNew
Somber Mansion Chapter 4
PMTAB SomberMansionNew
Verdozo Beach Chapter 5
PMTAB VerdozoBeachNew
Isle Verdozo Chapter 5
PMTAB IsleVerdozoNew
Rockster Caverns Chapter 5
PMTAB RocksterCaverns
Rockster Sea Chapter 5
PMTAB RocksterSea
S.S. Express Chapter 6 TBA
Neon Capitale Chapter 6 TBA
Neon Theatre Chapter 6 TBA
Dupli's Manor Chapter 6 TBA
Dupli's Manor (Time is Ticking) Chapter 6
TimeIsTicking PMTAB
Windvast Meadows Chapter 7
PMTAB WindvastMeadowsNew
Apricopolis Chapter 7
PMTAB ApricopolisNew
Gragor's Pagoda Chapter 7 TBA
Tumbleweed Gritsland Chapter 8
PMTAB TumbleweedGritslandNew
Tumbleweed Town Chapter 8 TBA
Rumblemore Ruins & Pharaoh Depths Chapter 8
PMTAB MysteryPyramid
Brandon Fiechter
Whiterock Frontier Chapter 9 TBA
Mt. Frostmist Chapter 9
PMTAB MtFrostmist
Crystal Sanctuary Chapter 9
PMTAB CrystalSanctuaryNew
Lunatic Empire (1st Part) Chapter 10
PMTAB LunaticEmpire
Shady Cicada
Lunatic Empire (2nd Part) Chapter 10
PMTAB LunaticEmpireInside
Colin Noga (Newer SMBWii Team)
??? Chapter 10
InterdimensionalRealm PMTAB
Shady Cicada

Battle Themes

Boss Chapter Music Composers
Battle Theme Various TBA
Mini Boss Battle Various
Shady Cicada
Bowser Jr. Various TBA
The Mooncrashers Various
PMTAB Mooncrashers
Shady Cicada
Big Bash Bro. Chapter 1
BigBashBro PMTAB
Shady Cicada
Wood Knight Chapter 2 TBA
Lady Karasa Chapter 3
PMTAB LadyKarasa
King Boo Chapter 4
Blue Magus Chapter 5
PMTAB BlueMagus
Square Enix / Nintendo
Duplinish Chapter 6 TBA
Gragor Chapter 7
PMTAB Gragor
Square Enix / Nintendo
King Dakarai Chapter 8
PMTAB KingDakarai
Merlunar Chapter 9 TBA
UFO-Bot Chapter 10
Square Enix / Nintendo
Bowser Chapter 10
Count Darkow (1st phase) Chapter 10
CountDarkow1stPhase PMTAB
Shady Cicada
Count Darkow (2nd phase) Chapter 10
PMTAB Darkow
Hideaki Kobayashi
??? Chapter 10
PMTAB FinaleShowdownNew
Koji Kondo
Earth Maiden Other TBA

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