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Paper Mario: The Act of Illusionongi is an upcoming RPG game for the Wii U and B.D.S developed by Intelligent Systems and Boulder Games Inc. It is the fifth game in the Paper Mario Series.

Confirmed Characters





  • A Goombe with glasses (confirmed to be named Goombearl)
  • A Hammer Bro. that has a racing outfit (Confirmed to be named Raymond)
  • A Yellow Monty Mole with red hair


  • Hypnotized Toads
  • Hypnotized Big Bob-ombs

Confirmed Location

  • A racing area similar to Mute City from F-Zero
  • A cemetary area
  • A forest area
  • A town area
  • A mountainous region
  • A fortress
  • A stage (not the battle stage)


Character Art


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