Paper Mario: Summer Crystal is the 6th installment to the Paper Mario series, following the events of Paper Mario: Color Splash. This game is in the action-adventure and role-playing genre. Unlike its last three games, Paper Mario: Summer Crystal uses the original battle system, like Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

The story focuses on Mario and Peach vacationing to a tropical getaway island called Ultraviolet Island. The main goal of the game is to collect the seven shards of the Summer Crystal, the main power source of Ultraviolet Island. The island terror, Summer Phantom, wants the Summer Crystal for himself, so he can take the power and rule the Mushroom Kingdom. Meanwhile, Daisy gives Luigi his own quest to save Princess Eclair from the sinister Crepe.

Mario's Story

Prologue: Summer Getaway Gone Wrong Mario and Luigi are invited to an auction that Peach and Daisy are hosting at Mushroom Castle, and after all the items are sold, Peach invites Mario on a trip to Ultraviolet Island. Mario later learns that the island has a secret dark side, and someone is after one of Ultraviolet Island's prized possessions. A flower shop owner named Goombianca helps Mario out and joins him on his quest.

Chapter 1: When Paper Meets Yarn (Woven Wilds)

Mario travels around Woven Wilds for a while until someone attacks the city with a giant skyscraper. He finds a soccer player named Koop O. who can help him defeat the skyscraper mastermind.

Chapter 2: Picture Framed (Stitchcross Highway)

Mario witnesses a robbery at an art gallery, and a Bob-omb named Blazer accuses him for it and arrests him. After interrogating him, Blazer finds him innocent, and must defend him in court.

Chapter 3: Lights, Camera, Chill Action! (Lakiwood)

Mario enters Lakiwood and walks around Holland Berry Park when he notices a Lakitu who is holding auditions for a movie called Lakitu Quest. When he gets the role, mysterious things happen around set. Actors go missing, set crew members go missing, and objects turn into gold. A survivor of the disappearance, Deano, can help Mario with what's really going on behind the scenes.

Chapter 4: A Mountain With A Mystery (Mushboot Nightpath)

In a cave in the Soggy Snow Forest, lays a Luma trapped in ice. After melting the ice, the Luma, Frost, comes out with a map that shows secrets about Mushboot Nightpath and can help with the fourth shard of the Summer Crystal.

Chapter 5: Dinos and Dolls (Dolldale)

Dolldale takes place inside of a little girl's bedroom. Mario finds himself as small as the Dollas and the Dinos, toys who are abusively played with by the girl, Annie. The Dollas and Dinos have a rivalry, but with the help of a nice Dolla named Eva, Mario helps them end their differences and stand up to Annie.

Chapter 6: Seven Men, Seven Seas (Pikeport)

As easy as pie, Mario finds a group of Vikings called Vikins who has a moonstone on an amulet with a Summer Crystal shard inside. But when it is snatched by a gruesome bird called the Wingoway, Mario must help the six Vikins get their amulet back, and his Summer Crystal shard.

Chapter 7: To Appease An Empress (Gong Kong)

When Empress Mei finds Mario walking around Hindia without a passport, she called her guards to take him to her palace. Knowing that he is a nice man, she tells him that she has the final Summer Crystal shard. Only appeasing her in five game shows across Gong Kong will allow Mario to have the shard.

Chapter 8: The Summer Crystal (Summer Phantom Cruiser)

After finding all Summer Crystal shards, a prophecy tells Mario what to do with the amulet, and leads him to the secret lair of the Summer Phantom: the Summer Phantom Cruiser. The Phantom finds Mario, crushes the Summer Crystal, and shrinks him smaller than he was when he was in Dolldale. He must fight the Summer Phantom and his four minions to save Ultraviolet Island.

Luigi's Story

Prologue: A Royal Request

Luigi goes through the same events as Mario until Princess Daisy asks him to come inside her room. In there, Daisy tells Luigi that Crepe has taken Princess Eclair and the Chestnut King to his personal dimension, and only he can save them both. Once he accepts, Daisy decides to join him on his quest. The chapters in Luigi's Story mock the ones in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Chapter 1: Tower and Monsters (Wafflecone)

Luigi and Daisy go to the country of Wafflecone to find the first clue of the Savory Compass. They learn quickly that a strange monster has taken over Wafflecone Castle and is terrorizing other citizens. They meet a strange Conian named Scoop, an energetic reporter who tries to solve the mystery of his brother who disappeared.

Chapter 2: The Mysterious St. Caramel (Toffee Town)

Luigi and Daisy learn that the second clue is in Toffee Town, a cheerful town known for its main attraction; the St. Caramel statue. But something inside the statue is causing Toffee Town to turn into ruin; while citizens are disappearing. With the help of the dashing Lady Creame, Luigi must solve the mystery of the vanishing town and citizens.

Chapter 3: Of Glaze and Glory (Mt. Raspberry)

A game show hosted on a mountain holds the third clue. The only problem is that the clue is at the very top of the mountain, and there's only one way to get there. Luigi and Daisy need to battle their way to the top, and find out what's going on behind everyone's back.

Chapter 4: For Fudge The Wheel Spins (Fudge Carnival)

Carnivals are no longer all fun and games. In Fudge Carnival, everytime the Ferris Wheel spins one full turn, someone turns into solid chocolate and is taken away. Luigi needs to find out why the "pandemic" is happening, but he gets turned to chocolate! Along with another chocolate victim, Cordial, Luigi must find Daisy and bring her to safety.

Chapter 5: The Key to Berried Treasure (Kiwi Key)

On Kiwi Key, the fifth clue's location, survival is the only option. Luigi and Daisy were on a ship sailing to a red-herring island, but it thankfully shipwrecked on the right one, Kiwi Key. They find a Froomba on the island, named Friar, who can help them find the clue.

Chapter 6: 3 Days Of Excess Chocolate (Purple Taffy Plaza)

Chapter 7: Luigi Shoots The Sky (Marshmint Fluff)

Chapter 8: The Savory Compass (Alla Mode)



Name Summary Abilities

A peaceful Goomba who runs the Sunflower Salutation shop in the outskirts of Ultraviolet Island. She is the first character to join Mario after he buys a Fire Flower from her. She embraces life and nature, some might call her a hippie, but she loses her "groovy side" when she talks about serious things.

In the overworld, Goombianca can uncover an enemy's stats in battle just like Goombario and Goombella.

Headbonk: 0 FP

Tattle: 0 FP
Multibonk: 3 FP
Serenade: 4 FP
Flower Dash: 6 FP
Koop. O

A Koopa Troopa who lives in his father's shack in Raybold City. He is a soccer player and is given the nickname, "The Savior of the Raybold Koopas." Off of the field, he is timid, and unlike the confident Koopa everyone thought he was. Until he meets Mario, he learns that he can accomplish anything.

In the overworld, Koop O. can sling his shell forward to hit switches, catch items, and attack enemies, just like Kooper and Koops.

Shell Toss: 0 FP
Power Shell: 3 FP
Soccer Kick: 2 FP
Shell Shield: 4 FP
Cleat Crash: 6 FP

A strict Bob-Omb police officer who lives in Stitchcross Highway. Her "sweet ride" is an antique motorcycle that she named Violet, after her deceased grandmother. When Mario crashes his rental car into Violet, she arrests him with a sassy attitude. After interrogating him though, she finds out that he is a sweet and innocent person, and helps him clear his name of a crime he didn't do.

In the overworld, Blazer can detonate, which can be used to break walls, activate objects, and attack enemies, just like Bombette and Bobbery.

Bomb: 0 FP
Bomb Squad: 3 FP
Cycle Dash: 5 FP
Lipstick Lock: 6 FP
Biker Gang: 4 FP

A brave Lakitu who works at the Lakitu Quest movie set. He is the first one to notice the suspicious disappearances, until he is a victim. He is the only one known to be alive, as well. Deano was so traumatized by the events, he quit the movie, until Mario talks him back into it. That was the only known time of him not being brave.

In the overworld, Deano can use his cloud to guide Mario over hazardous areas, and in doing so, provides more speed than walking, but less speed than Arvid's speed.

Spiny Toss: 0 FP
Breeze: 2 FP
Spotlight: 4 FP
Cloud Nine:  5 FP
Flash: 7 FP

A Luma who was trapped in ice for 1,000 years. She is a messenger of the first generation of the residents on Ultraviolet Island. She was trusted with major secrets about Mushboot Nightpath, Mt. Aura, and the map that was frozen with her. As she journeys with Mario, she starts to take a liking to him, and starts to have a crush on him.

In the overworld, Frost can take Mario up to new heights and platforms.

Star Bit Force: 0 FP
Icicle Cloud: 3 FP
Cosmic Shield: 5 FP
Supernova: 6 FP
Cooldown: 7 FP 

A young, smart Dolla girl who is not in the war against Dinos. She is the only Dolla who does not want to fight the Dinos, and wants to make peace instead. Mario helps her end their rivalry, but as close as friends they are, Eva does not know if she likes him.

In the overworld, Eva can use a knitting needle to unweave knitted doors to get to new places.

Needle Poke: 0 FP
Sneak: 3 FP
Threadlock: 5 FP
Weave Wonder: 4 FP
Stitch Freeze: 8 FP

The fierce leader of the Vikins, who loses his amulet to a giant, mythical bird called the Wingoway. The amulet was made of moonstone, and had a shard of the Summer Crystal inside of it, representing Frost frozen inside of the ice.

In the overworld, Arvid can dash forward and break brick blocks that Koop O. and Eva cannot break. He can use this to damage enemies, too.

Pike Attack: 0 FP
Cannon: 2 FP
Swordfight: 4 FP
Dragon Dash: 9 FP
Hercules Might: 7 FP

The bratty daughter of Empress Keiko, who plans to kill Mario at first, like her mother. Being the princess of Gong Kong, she hates seeing her mother in power, and wants the throne for herself. But after seeing Mario overcome the challenges sent to him, she starts to question if she wants to follow her mom's footsteps or join Mario.

In the overworld, she can locate hidden objects, like doors, switches, etc.

Book Slam: 0 FP
Karate Chop: 3 FP
Gong Force: 7 FP
Blossom: 5 FP
Dao Duel: 6 FP

A sharp-tongued Boo who was trapped inside of a lantern. He was shrunk by the Summer Phantom too when he was kicked out of his army. He was then left to rot in the lantern, leaving his light behind. When Mario saves him, B'light joins him, and makes his life goal to defeat the Summer Phantom.

In the overworld, B'light can light up dark rooms, like Watt.

Spook: 0 FP
Bright Light: 2 FP
Scary Spawn: 4 FP
Lantern Cannon: 9 FP
Blind: 6 FP

An Amazy Dayzee who cannot speak, but can only speak in musical notes. She can be found in the Infrared Beach outskirts, sleeping in the Dayzee Fields. The only way to wake her up is to use Mitzu's gong.

In the overworld, Lula can sing to enemies, making them fall asleep.

Lullaby: 0 FP
Pillow Punch: 2 FP
Yawn: 5 FP
Melody: 4 FP
Allegro: 7 FP

A buff Hammer Bro who is can be found in a hidden area in the Summer Phantom Cruiser. He tells of his lost love, Irene, who traveled across the world, but never returned. He wishes to join Mario, and find his Irene.

In the overworld, Ivan can throw hammers at enemies and damage them.

Hammer Throw: 0 FP
Flex: 3 FP
Mega Hammer: 6 FP
Hammer-rang: 8 FP
Triple Hop: 9 FP

The kind daughter of Vivian, who can be found in the Yarnlap Factory locked inside of a cage. She says that the eight keys to unlock the cage are in each world, hidden somewhere.

In the overworld, Naomi can pull Mario into the shadows, just like her mother, Vivian.

Shade Fist: 0 FP
Veil: 2 FP
Shadow Scare: 4 FP
Thorn Cage: 6 FP
Shadow Siren: 10 FP

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