Paper Mario: Star Hero
Developer(s) MysterE Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) RPG
Predecessor Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Successor none
Media Included 3ds card

Paper Mario: Star Hero is the 5th game in the Paper Mario series. It was made by MysterE Games and published by Nintendo. It is an RPG like most past installments. It will still feature the partner system, and it follows Mario and his new friend, Sorex, on a quest to stop a race of beings called The Galastars from collecting the legend gems, which will awaken The Guardian, a being that will grant anyone one wish. It will have 10 chapters, and will feature many cameos from previous installments of the series. It will also include inteludes from Peach, Bowser, and Luigi.

Nintendo Eshop Description

Mario is back in his newest Paper adventure! One day, when doing his normal duties, accidentally opens a portal to an other universe! Joined by his new friend, Sorex, Mario must stop an evil race of beings from another dimenson, but what else is new? Join Mario on the most paperistic adventure ever! Traverse new worlds with new partners, and new abilities to stop the greatest invasion of all time!


For a more detailed list, see Paper Mario: Star Hero/ Characters

Name Description Found in
Curious Paper MarioMario The famous plumber has returned! He and his new friend, Sorex the Dragon, are on a quest to stop Lord Slate from his conquest of the entire mushroom kingdom! With his hammer in hand, he'll stop this mysterious enemy! In Chapter 10, he's declared The Peacebringer by Supremo's spirit. Playable from beginning
Sorex A curious little dragon that was once the leader of the spectral beasts. He decides to help Mario stop Lord Slate's conquest. He seems to act strange around Supremos spirit. He is the tattle of the game. Prologue
Peach 3 SPMPrincess Peach The damsel in distress has been kidnapped by the evil lord Slate and his Galastars. She has her own interludes, and is assisted by Stareen, a galastar that gave up her evil ways. Chapter Interludes
Stareen This little galastar has gone against her former lord's orders, and has decided to assist Peach during the interludes. She has something of a dark secret, though. She slightly resembles a siren. Chapter Interludes
SPM MerlonMerlon The great wizard has returned, though, his old age got the best of him, and he is now a spirit. He can still help our heroes out though! He'll sell the player special magic items. Moontown
Paper LuigiLuigi Just when he thought he was to get some peace and quiet, Mario's little brother was caught up in the confusion, and was mistaken for a Galastar because he was dressed up for the festival of the moon. He now is stuck at Supernova Castle, and secretly goes off in his own interludes, collecting info. Chapter 10
SPMBowserLookUpBowser The king of the koopa troop has his own interludes too! He's tired of always getting left out, so he invented the Hexrex to attack the Mushroom Kingdom. To bad he forgot that everyone was at Moontown. He's on a rampage, and with the help of his troop, he'll try to defeat Mario and the Galastars, and finally get the girl! Chapter 8
Superemo The last guardian...ever!! He's the only one that surrvived the dark beast's assult, and went into an eternal sleep in the intergalactic crypt. His spirit guides Mario to the Supernova Castle's secret sanctum. He also declared Mario the peacebringer, someone who will decide the fate of the Mushroom World. In the Epilogue, Typhon goes to his resting place to destroy him once and for all. He is a bit strange... Chapter 10 (Spirit), Epilogue
Lord Slate The main villain of the game. He is the supreme commander of all of the galastar's forces and invasion. He's cruel and shows no remorse for those who defy him. He resides in Supernova Castle. He resembles a combination of a dragon and a vampire. Though he seems powerful, he's, in fact, the puppet of a much greater evil, one that has been trying to be free for centuries... Chapter 10
Professor E. Gadd The professor came to Moontown to study the stars, and then the Galastars attacked. He can be found in his lab. He helps repair Moontown after the attack. Moontown
Rosalina The mother of the lumas comes down every one-hundred years to take everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom to Moontown. She takes up the role of Merlon from previous games. Moontown


Name Description Met in Role Abilities
Sorex This small little Erie is Mario's main companion. He was once the leader of the Spectral Beasts created by the Guardians. He meets Mario in the Prologue when Mario was first fighting the Galastars. He can also fold up into a paper plane when required. He is somewhat commanding, but tries to control this, only for it to explode in his face at times. Prologue Being the tattle of the game Tattle- He'll use his infinite knowledge of the universe to give you an enemies stats and info. No SP required

Paper Cut- Sorex will turn into a paper plane, and cut all of the enemies. 1SP required

Earagon- He'll turn into a huge dragon and breath fire on every enemy on screen. 3SP

Goomblob An over weight goomba that wants to do something with his life. When he eats unhealthy food, he is surprisingly light as air. This makes him the hover of the game (Weird, huh?). Mario can grab onto his feet, and when he presses X, Goomblob hovers temporarily. He was formerly a member of the McDeath Brothers, but only to be made fun of. He betrays his former team mates and joins Mario. He loves eating, but this could be bad at times... Chapter 1 Being the Hover of the game Hover Bomb- he'll eat unhealthy foods, and hover up over one selected enemy. He'll then eat broccoli, and fall on them. No SP required

Cake o War- he'll eat strawberries, and he'll sink into the ground. He'll then surprise the enemy enough to make it run away. 1SP is required.

Super Blob- He'll eat healthy and unhealthy food and create a shockwave that causes huge damage to all enemies. 3SP is required.

Shayvbi This partner from Nevdershade Village is half-nimbi and half-shayde, so he can have light attacks or dark attacks. In the overworld, he can turn Mario invisible just as long as he stays still. He was cast out by the other citizens of Nevershade Village, so he joins Mario on his quest. He is adventurous, but this can prove to be a problem at times. Chapter 2 Having the ability to make Mario invisible. Soul Suck- He sucks out one of the enemies souls, though, it causes Mario and he to lose 5HP. No SP is required.

Heavenly Light- He uses his light powers to make a heavenly light come out of the heavens and suck an enemy up into the Overthere. The light causes the other enemies to be temporarily blinded, and (depending on the type of enemy) an item will drop out of the heavens. 2SP is required.

Yin-Yang Thunder- He'll use his mixed heritage to summon great thunder from the heavens, and afterwards: a huge hole will open up and swallow up all enemies, and rare items will appear as well. However, this will cut the amount of Star Points obtained at the end of the battle in half. 4SP is required

Bloopims An old blooper grandma that was left to collect food for The kraken (Who was once her son, but he stumbled upon the Leviathan gem, and turned into a monster). When she discovers that her son was corrupted by the jewel, she wants to help Mario free her son. In the overworld, she can shoot ink bombs at cracked walls, bizarrely making her the bomb of the game. She is charismatic and caring, but slightly naïve, making her one of the more caring characters of the game. Chapter 3 Being the bomb of the game. Ink Blast- She shoots ink at all enemies, making them unable to attack for 3 turns. No SP required.

Blooper March- She'll summons her five grandchildren, and throws them all at the enemies, they'll stick to the enemies face, and they'll take an enemies HP and add it to Mario's. 2SP required.

Release the Krakken!- She'll summon her son, who turns into the Krakken, and eats all enemies. 4SP required.

Steve A cooligan from the Pure Gold Arena. He was truly once a great eagle until he was cursed by the El Monstro Gem in Marzo's possession. He hates Marzo, but is forced to be his number two for most of his life. He joins Mario's party because he is grateful that Mario defeated his guard, Bowelitz. In the overworld, he can dive under ground and retrieve key or special items. He has a short temper, but learns to control it once joining Mario. Chapter 4 Being something new, the Drill. Have I seen you before?- Steve will pull down his glasses and put some of the enemies in a hypnotic trance, causing the enemies to give him items. No SP required

A Drill to the Crotch- Steve will drill under ground, and drill straight into an enemies crotch, causing them to loose 5HP. 1SP required.

A Cooligan Tale- Steve will unleash some of his eagle power, killing some of the stronger enemies. 3SP required.

Toadbilius A Toad Sapien Neandrothesis from the Yoshi Plains. He was the first toad to believe in not hunting the Yoshi, but make it their allies, thus stopping the extinction of both species. He was also the inventor of fire and the wheel. This revolotionary toad joins Mario's quest because his lover married a rival. He goes with Mario back to the present because of this. In the overworld, he can invent fire, and use it to light up a dark castle of cave temporarily. He is very weird and is open to new ideas. Chapter 5 Being able to light up dark caves. I See Fire!!- Toadbilius will use fire burn one enemy. No SP required.

A Wheel of Misfortune- Toadbilius will invent the wheel and run over enemies. 2SP required.

Club o' Yoshi- Toadbilius will bash all enemies with a club that has yoshies with spikey shells tied to it. 3SP required.

Legend Gems

Name Description Found in Guarded by Abilities
Wyvern Gem The gem that held Sorex. It resembles a lava rock encrusted with diamonds. It was said that Sorex was a benevolent leader, and always made the right move. It is found in the Prologue. Prologue No One Bless- Sorex comes forth and gives Mario the Spectral Bless, which heals Mario's HP by 10. 1SP required.
Basilisk Gem The gem that holds the Basilisk Spectral Beast. This gem resembles an emerald. It was said that the basilisk was peaceful, and avoided battle at all costs. It is found in Swampy Castle. Chapter 1 The Swampsnake Lazy Eye- A basilisk comes out, and gives the enemy the death eye, which paralyzes the enemy for the rest of the battle. 3SP is required.
The Van Meter Gem A gem that contained the Van Meter Spectral Beast. It resembles a opal. It was said that this beast was mysterious, and had a thick layer of skin, so it could defend its friends and they would never be hurt. It is found at the Night Pedastal. Chapter 2 Dark Sickle Van Meter Shield- the Van Meter Monster comes and shields the player for two turns. 5SP is required.
Leviathan Gem A gem that held the great Leviathan. It resembles a pearl. The Leviathan was a great ocean serpent that purged evil out of the sea. It is found at the Livid Trench. Bloopims son found it, and was turned into the Krakken. Chapter 3 The Krakken Mass Flood- The Leviathan comes out and causes a huge flood, causing all enemies to become wet for four turns. It requires 5SP.
El Monstro Gem The gems that holds the monstrous luchadore, El Monstro. It resembles a Garnet. It's said that El Monstro had once defended the weak with only his fists. It is found in The Final Arena Chapter 4 Super Marzo Ultra Fist- A huge fist comes from the Ether and punches all enemies. 6SP is required.
Tyranus Gem This gem contains the legendary giant dinosaur, Tyranus. It resembles Amber with a small dinosaur bone in the center. It was said that despite being the silent member of the spectral beasts, it was deadly, and always followed orders. It is found at the Deadstroke summit. Chapter 5 Bazil Prehistoric Fury- Many Dinosaur bones appear, and they all instantly turn into real dinosaurs, and attack the enemies. 7SP is required.
Ice Golem Gem This gem holds the legendary Ice Golem. It resembles an ice crystal. It was said that the Ice Golem was very powerful and lost his temper very easily. It is found at Hurricane Core. Chapter 6 Storm Dragon Frostbite- A snowstorm comes and freezes all enemies for three turns. 6SP is required.
E.T.R.(Extremely Tangible Robot) Gem This gem holds the E.T.R. It resembles a microchip. It was said that the E.T.R was not always a Spectral Beast, but was chosen for his judgment. It is found at the N.E.M.O command module. Chapter 7 Robo Guardian Virus- The E.T.R comes and uses his powers to cause all enemies to shut down.(don't ask me how.) It requires 8SP.
Yarn Gem A gem that held the legendary Yarn warrior, Stich. It resembles an amethyst. It was said that Stich was Sorex's second in command. It is found at Yarn Vortex. Chapter 8 Yarn Bowser Yarn of War- Stitch comes forth, and creates a huge Yarn Vortex, which (once Mario presses A to jump through it) causes Mario to go crazy with yarn power, and wraps every enemy in a yarn cocoon for 5 turns. 8SP required.
Elysium Gem A gem that held the great sky angel, Elysium. It resembles a quartz. It was said that while Elysium was the only female of the group, she was more ferocious in battle than the others! It is found at Sky Tower. Chapter 9 Rizo To the Skies!- Many angels come and take the enemies away, and then drops them! 9SP required
Singularity Gem The gem that held the traitorous dark beast, Typhon. It resembles a dark diamond. It was said that Typhon was mentally unstable, and always rebelling against orders. It is found at the Grand Hypernova Tower. Chapter 10 Lord Slate Chaos Definition- a black hole comes and sucks Mario up! He then must press appropriate buttons and he'll become powered up with awesome dark power! 10SP required.
Eternity Seal The combination of all of the gems. It resembles a great golden gem, and was made to seal away the evil in intergalactic crypt. It is found at the Intergalactic Crypt. Epilogue Delconda None


The game opens with a story book opening.

Ahem today, I will tell you of the beginning of time, and the ultimate battle of good and evil ...

It began at the beginning of time. A powerful race of beings called the Gaurdians created the universe. They were all powerful. Nothing could hurt them. For awhile, they were lonely, so they created mortals. They were weak and unitelligent. So they created Spectral Beasts to protect them. One betrayed his masters and sealed his brethren inside gems, and sent them down into the mortal universe, so that nothing could stop it's anarky. As a punishment, the gaurdians sealed him into another dimension, but not before the treacherous beast destroyed his masters. Only one remained, and this one sealed himself into a coma, hoping one day that a noble hero would awaken him, bringing forth a golden age of light...

Now, not far away, one day, nine pieces of the Mushroom World were lifted up into space. It was said to be a gift from the gods. So, every one hundred years, Rosalina and her Lumas would come and take everyone to the biggest piece, Moontown, so they could enjoy this magical place. Everyone would celebrate, and dress up like the spectral beasts to celebrate. On this day is when our story begins.

Prologue: The Festival of Moontown

It starts at Mario's house. He gets a letter from Parraky, and its from Peach. It says Dear Mario,

The celebration of Moontown is today. Rosalina will be here in a couple of hours. Maybe we could go together. Don't miss out!

From Peach The scene flashes to Bowser's Castle. Bowser is fresturated because he can never beat Mario. He plans to use his new weapon, the Hexrex, to blast Mario and the citizens of the Mushroom world into oblivion, so that he and Princess Peach could be together for all eternity. All of a sudden, Mario bursts into the castle! Bowser says  he's tired of Mario foiling his plans, and that Peach will be his! TUTORIAL BOSS BATTLE.Bowser has 10 hp in this battle. None of his attacks can actually hurt Mario.

After the battle, Bowser grabs the Hexrex and prepares to oblitorate the Mushroom kingdom, when Mario jumps on him. The Hexrex fires at the sky, and a jewel falls out of it. Bowser is even angrier. Then a portal opens. Bizarre monsters emerge from the portal. Then the biggest and most terrifying emerges. He says:

I am Slate, the grand overlord of the Galastars, and I have returned from worlds beyond your comprehension to purge this world with my dragon fire!.

The one called Slate then orders his beasts to destroy Bowser's Castle, and the beasts obey. The koopa troop flees, and Mario is left to fight these beasts on his own. Mario is at Slate's mercy, when a small jewel falls from the portal. Then, a small dragon emerges from the jewel, and starts helping Mario defeat the Galastars. He says that his name is Sorex, and that he was once the leader of the spectral guardians that defended the universe. A big monster then steps forward, and a mini-boss fight ensues. Sorex explains the basics of battling, and afterwords, Slate orders the Galastars to head toward Moontown, where everyone is celebrating. Mario doesn't know how he's going to get up there, but Sorex demonstrates one of his powers, to fold up into a paper plane! Mario jumps on, and they fly to Moontown! When they get there, they see Toads in monster costumes and Lumas running everywhere. Slate is at the Lighthouse. Mario takes out his hammer, and prepares to charge Slate, but Slate grabs Princess Peach from the ensuing chaos. He says to Mario that he has what he needs, but before he could get away, Sorex bites him, and Slate falls to the ground. Slate says he's had enough. MINI-BOSS BATTLE. Slate has 20 hp in this battle.

Once beaten, he warns Mario that the Spectral Jewels were scattered by Bowser's Hexrex, and soon, an invasion will come, and his Master will be freed. He then flies off, taking Peach with him. The other Galastars follow their master, and Moontown is left in disaster. Professor E. Gadd comes, and says that Slate appeared to have a large purple jewel. Sorex believes that this is the Singularity Jewel, a jewel that contains the evil spectral beast. Then, more islands appear, and E. Gadd syas that large energy signals are coming from them, and thus, it must be the Legend Jewels. Sorex explains the legend to Mario. E. Gadd says that repairs will begin immediately, and they should go to the first isle, Evermore Swamp. So, Mario and Sorex go off to the isle. A new adventure has begun.

Chapter 1: The Beast of Evermore Swamp

To go to Everomore Swamp, the two heroes must head North of Moontown to the Obsidian path. They will find such enemies as Goombas, Paragoombas, and a new enemy, the Galastar Chump. Sorex comically comments on these little guys, saying that They must be the only ones unimportant enough to be stuck stalking a few Goombas or jabbing a few heroes. When they are almost there, they find three Chumps with a small but powerful bomb. They see the bros, and summon their boss, or what at least qualifies as a boss among these chumps, Salty. guys! he says. He pulls out a crude stick-figure drawing, and concludes that they are the ones that the boss man told them to blow up. Then, Salty jumps down and the other three chumps charge into battle! MINI-BOSS BATTLE!!! Salty's HP is 20 while the chumps have 5HP. After Salty's humiliating defeat, he vows the vengeance thingy... and runs off. The Chumps set off the bomb, and run off a cliff, something that Sorex decides is Brutal. The bomb blows up the heroes path, and blows them away. JUST KIDDING!!! They are stunned that they were so gosh darn close!!! Sorex begins to panic, saying that Mario must have encountered this sort of thing before. Mario begins to think, and then snaps his fingers, because he's got an idea. Sorex translates. So we must find some way to get some sort of piece of paper....hmmm Sorex ponders this, and realizes that he can fold into a paper plane, and fly them across! He does so, and Mario jumps on, and they fly across. Now that they're at the Evermore Swamp, they begin to walk into it, unaware that a great beast awaited them.... BEGIN CHAPTER 1 The two heroes go into the swamp, and find some giant lily pads that lead further into the swamp. But, they are to far out for Mario to jump, and Sorex is exhausted from the flight, plus the fact that the water is toxic. Their path is blocked... again! Sorex begins to sniff the air, and says he smells Crucial supplies. Probably from Moontown. Smells like spring boots. Sorex says that they must head west, and find these supplies. The enemies from here to the destination are Galastar Chumps and Gala-toads, as well as Piranha Plants, and Hyper Goombas. After heading west for awhile, they find a box with the boot symbol on it. Mario must find a way to break this box. Suddenly, three weird looking Goombas appear from nowhere. One has a bandana, skull tattoos, and an eye patch. The second one is a Choomba. The third is an extremely fat goomba that looks depressed. The bandana one introduces the group. Why hello there. In case you haven't noticed, this is OUR swamp. he snickers. The Choomba behind me is my half-brother, Tracker. That waist of flesh over there is Goomblob, my other brother. I am the sinister, the powerful, the devishly handsome, and the leader; Billy. Together, we are the McDeath Brothers! Sorex laughs at this, and Billy takes offense. So smart are we? I see you need these boots. He takes out a hammer, smashes the box, and grabs the boots! If your so smart, then come and get em! He and his brothers run off, (Goomblob waddles.). Mario and Sorex begin hot pursuit.

Chapter 2: The Secret of Nevershade Village

Chapter 3: Deep in the Livid Trench

Chapter 4: The Luchadore and the Cooligan

Chapter 5: The Land Before Toad

Chapter 6: Braving Ice

Chapter 7: N.E.M.O Rising

Chapter 8: Bowser and the Power of Yarn

Chapter 9: Thunder Storm

Chapter 10: Into the Supernova

Epilogue: Darkness' Domain



The partner system returns, and the gameplay is almost identical to that of the original Paper Mario and it's sequel. It is an RPG, like most installments, and features a dark and thick storyline (unlike Sticker Star). There is also a pit of 100 trials, like PMTTYD and SPM. It also features a massive overworld, and in it, one partner can follow Mario around. Stickers also return, but they are used as special attack items. You can also combine stickers by going to Creativ T.'s stand (in the far outskirts of Moontown, the game's hub) to create even more powerful attacks. As far as the battle system goes, the classic jump and hammer icons return. The special attacks are Gem Powers this time. At the end of every world, the player collects a legend gem, which contains the spirit of a legendary animal. Once collected, it gives you a specific power, for instance: Chapter 4's gem contains a legendary monstrous luchadore, so using SP, Mario can use the Ultra Punch, where a huge fist comes from the ether, and punches all enemies. As far as partners go, in the overworld, every partner has one overworld ability. In battle, the partner starts out with only one attack, but if one uses shine sprites, they can increase the strength of their attacks, and unlock new abilities. There is a total of ten partners in the game: eight are required, while two are optional.


  • Bowser's Castle- Bowsers military stronghold.
  • Moontown-The main hub of the game.
  • Moontown Sewers-The sewers of moontown
  • Evermore Swamp- the setting of chapter 1. This is the lurking place of the Swampsnake, a mysterious beast that resides below.
  • Swampy Castle- a castle in Evermore Swamp where the McDeath Brothers lurk.
  • Lossolus Woods- a place where many boos and ghosts lurk. This place is where the Griffin disappeared...
  • Nevershade Village- a place that seems normal, but the citizens have a dark secret


  • The Great Livid Reef- a huge reef that Mario explores in chapter 3.
  • The Pure Gold Arena- the setting of Chapter 4, where Mario is forced to fight 80 great warriors.
  • Fossil Crater- a huge crater where Mario travels back in time.
  • Yoshi Plains-A place where Yoshi's and other dinosaurs reside in peace.
  • Mount Deadstroke- a volcano where only the most violent of dinosaurs hang out. The dungeon of Chapter 5.
  • The Lost Ice Cavern- a lost cavern that holds the Semurv jewel.
  • Hurricane Core- the core of the lost cavern.
  • N.E.M.O- The mother ship of the galastar invasion.
  • Yin-Yarn Fortress- Bowser's ultimate stronghold.
  • Yin-Yarn Gate- The gate into Yin-Yarn castle.
  • The Yarn Vortex- The source of all yarn in the universe.
  • Skynight- The only isle where you can see the Mushroom World.
  • Sky Tower- The place where Rizo is fought.
  • Supernova Castle- Lord Slate's personal castle, where Peach is kept, and Slate holds the final gem, the Singularity gem, here.
  • Alternate Dimension- The place where Typhon was held for centuries.
  • Sorcerer's Crypt- The ancient resting place of Delconda.
  • The Glade Portal- the main setting of the aftergame.
  • The Pit of 100 Trials- a place built by he ancients to hold monsters.


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