This is the Tattle Log for Paper Mario: Shards of Hope, told by Goombini.

Regular Enemies

Image Name Tattle First Appearance
Paper Goomba Goomba Oh look, a Goomba! These guys are the most basic underlings, being very weak. Of course, these wild Goombas are weaker than city Goombas. Goombas are basically the lowest of the low, weakest of the weak. Wait... I'm a Goomba! Twirupia Past
Paper Paragoomba Paragoomba That's a Paragoomba, just like me! They're just Goombas with wings, but you can knock off those wings with a simple Jump attack. What? Why don't my wings fall off? I use magic, that's how. Twirupia Past
Paper Spiky Goomba Spiky Goomba This is a Spiky Goomba, a Goomba with a cool hat. Don't be fooled though, that spike is razor sharp! It'll seriously hurt, so I don't recommend jumping on him. Better use your Hammer or some other special power. I'm pretty sure Goombini had a hat like this. Twirupia Past
Paper Hyper Goomba Hyper Goomba Woah! A Hyper Goomba! I haven't seen one of these in forever! They're way faster than regular Goombas and can charge up their attacks. Yikes! My former magic tutor could charge, even though he wasn't a Hyper Goomba. Jailhouse
Hyper Paragoomba It's a Hyper Paragoomba! Check it out! They've got wings and can charge up their attacks. They're pretty tough. We better get rid of his wings quickly! Jailhouse
Hyper Spiky Goomba These Hyper Goombas have sharp hats! I guess that's why they're called Hyper Spiky Goombas, huh. Well, that hat doesn't stop them from charging. Granted, it takes them a bit longer to charge. That hat is dangerous, though! Jailhouse
Gloomba Hey, it's a Gloomba. These guys roam dark places, which has made them stronger. With the odd consequence of a blue colour. My former magic tutor, Gloombini, was a Gloomba... Twirupia Past
Paragloomba This, good Mario, is a Paragloomba. How do they even have wings? They live underground, so it's kinda pointless. Still, they're stronger than their sunny counterparts, but the wings can still be knocked off! Twirupia Past
Spiky Gloomba Look at this Spiky Gloomba! These guys are pretty cool, if I do say so myself. The hat really works well with the blue skin. Anyway, they're strong and, well, spiky. Let's be careful here, Mario... Twirupia Past
Koopa Troopa This Koopa Troopa sports a green shell. They're basic Koopas, weaker than most of the Koopa family. If we simply hit him once, he'll fall onto his back and be unable to attack! It's pretty funny, too... Twirupia Past
Koopa Paratroopa Ah, the Koopa Paratroopa, more commonly known as a Paratroopa. These guys are to Koopa Troopas as Paragoombas are to Goombas. Cool, winged versions, that is. Just hit those wings off and we'll be flyin' it! Heh heh. Twirupia Past
Shady Koopa Wow, a Shady Koopa! These guys are really cool. Not just because of their awesome glasses, but they're pretty strong! If we knock 'em down, they can still attack. Even stronger, at that! Jailhouse
Shady Paratroopa Does everything need a "Para" version? Paragoombas, Paratroopas, now this!? Well, we better be really careful! They're like Shady Koopas, but winged. Yikes! Jailhouse




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