Paper Mario: Search For The Sages
Developer(s) SuperLuigiBros2013

Paper Mario: Search For The Sages is an RPG/Adventure game and happens between the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario. Mario is the main character, adventuring with his eight partners in his travels through the legendary 'Magical Storybook' in search of ten legendary sages.


Prologue-The Book Opens

It is the Festival Of The Stars and Mario, along with his brother Luigi have been invited to meet some of the Mushroom Kingdom's most famous celebrities in Toad Town. Among them is Professor E.Gadd, famed scientist and inventor and Tayce.T, the famous TV chef, author of 'Tayce.T Cooking' and presenter on 'Gourmet In Toad Town', who opened the festival with a short speech. Her speech is cut even shorter when Bowser and a fleet of airships 'politely' invited themselves to the party. Mario battles Bowser, with Toadsworth providing a battle tutorial. Mario wins, but from inside his shell Bowser pulls out a book, which sucks Mario, Peach, E.Gadd and himself inside.

Chapter 1-The Apple Bites Back

Mario lands in a forest clearing. He explores around and is surprised by Spearmint, a toad who lives in the nearby village of Appleville. He does not know who Mario is, referring to him as 'Mr. Mustache'. As a polite act, he escorts Mario along Crunchy Crossroads towards Appleville. Along the way, they fight Goombas, Koopas and Ant Troopers.

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