Paper Mario: Seal of The Seven Stars
The first Paper Mario game to be developed by STYX.
Developer(s) STYX Co.
Publisher(s) NintendoLogo
Platform(s) STYX PSi, Wii U
Genre(s) RPG
Series Paper Mario
Predecessor Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Paper Mario: Seal of The Seven Stars, also abbreviated as SoTSS, is the 5th installment in the Paper Mario series. It follows Mario and his newfound partners, on a quest to stop a man known as Tsar Star from sealing all the world into star seals, and awakening the doomsday of Mario's world. It is released for the Wii U and STYX PSi, with a rumored release for the STYX Omicron. It was developed by STYX Co..


Mario learns that Tsar Star and his group known as the Shooting Stars, plan to gain the power of the star seals, and trap the Kingdoms for eternity.

Prologue - Starry Night

It's an average evening, and Mario and Luigi are seen sleeping in their seperate beds, when suddenly it switches to Parakarry knocking on Mario's door prefusely. He wonders where they are, and finally barges in. He is suddenly wacked in teh head with a frying pan by Luigi, who looks to see it's Parakarry. Parakarry gets up with a slight bruise, and hands Luigi a letter from Princess Peach, he then goes to fly off and Luigi tries to wake Mario up.

Mario finally gets up, and is handed the letter, in which it says that Peach is inviting him to come to Koopington, where she was asked to take part in a private tour so they could become acquainted with the Mushroom Kingdom. It says that a Hot Air Balloon is scheduled to pick them up, when it arrives just outside their door. In it is Toadsworth and a Goomba. The Goomba says his name is Goombs, and as a member of Koopington's University (The University of Goom), and says that the mayor wanted a genius like him to show it off.

They finallyhop on, landing inside Koopington Square. They hear a scream for help, and Bowser is seen in his Koopa Clown Car about to kidnap Peach. He says that his minions can take him, until they all run away...only two Goombas staying. The Goombas say they are the "Goombros.", Bowser doesn't care and sends them to fight him. Mario easily beats them with the help of Goombs, and they run away to get "fixed up", before falling down a large ravine under where the Hot Air Balloon parked over. Bowser gets angry and finally says he'll take them down himself, when he turns to find Peach being sucked up into a strange tornado. Bowser is confused, and a star-like figure appears.

The man says his name Tsar Star, and that he'll be taking Peach now. Bowser says he's not going anywhere, and latches on, only for him to be sucked into it as well. Mario and Luigi start to threaten him, but are blasted away. He sends out a large figure who says his name is 'Stark', the top member of the "Shooting Star Gang". Mario and Goombs manage to beat him, but Tsar Star is fed up with it, and finally creates a Star Portal, where all of Koopington is sucked in.

Mario is knocked out, and awakes in a barren location. He sees Goombs, who says that all the other guys where sucked in. He offers to go back to the Mushroom Kingdom to find out what the heck is going on, and they head towards it...

Chapter 1 - Partner in Crime

An intermission sees Peach with Toadsworth in a strange starry dimension. Peach wonders where they are, and manages to break out of a cage she was in. Walking aorund, they come across a Toad, saying that most of the Toads in Koopington Square have been scattered everywhere. Peach goes on to find the others, coming across 3 toads, before Stark comes in and tries to take peach. A short battle is commenced, where Stark loses...but he manages to nab Toadsworth as he makes his escape. It cuts to Mario and Goombs, making it to the Mushroom Kingdom, which seems to be all bedazzled and flashy, with all of the Toad Houses now filled with strange men. They talk with some locals and it's revealed that a crimelord named 'Sly Wizz', who has a seemingly very valuable object, and they said that some star-looking guy passed by here. Goombs says it would be keen to check it out, and head to Peach's Castle (Now Sly Wizz Fort). They make it to the front plaza, and see a theif looking for treasures. He spots Mario and Goombs and tries to flee, but runs into a wall. He claims they hit him, and goes into battle with tem for his "honor".

Mario and Goombs win, and the theif - called 'Zsasz' - starts squealing immediatley. He said he heard of this "Tsar Star" guy trying to seal of the worlds or something, with these "Bar Steels". Goombs says he studied this mythology, and says that these where "Star Seals" - barriers between worlds and dimensions, said to only be controlled by the Star Spirits. Goombs says that this might explain whats happening, and Tsar Star is trying to seal off Mario's World. They make it up to the third floor, where a ditzy Koopa Troopa is seen wandering, worrying about something. He sees Mairo and Goombs, who Goombs constantly corrects him on his grammar, where the Koopa (calling himself 'Koopward') attacks.

They beat Koopward, where his glasses crack and he falls down. He starts running around frantically, before the door opens. Sly Wizz steps out, who tells Koopward to scram, and wanted to face the two head on. He leads them to his chambers for an "honorable fight", before he traps them in the chambers and cowardly fills it with water to drown them, and retreats to the roof, saying "no one is getting his awesome treasure".

They manage to swim up in time, and face Sly Wizz on the roof. They knock him down, and he falls off the castle. They climb down the stairs, in which a bunch of Koopas and guards working for Sly Wizz are running away, and a bumping is heard form a locked door. It fianlly opens, where a bunch of Toads where cramped in a cage. They free them, before the Toads thank him and say they should start rebuilding. Koopward stands behind Mario, sheepishly apologizing for working for Wizz, syaing that his sister was kidnapped by him because he didn't have enough money when Sly Wizz forced the people to...suddenly, a female koopa runs up to Koopward. Koopward says that this is his sister, Koopalina. The two lead Mario to where Sly Wizz fell.

They see the Star Key on him, and Koopward says that theres some kind of "Big Seal" that will release chaos if Tsar Star manages to open the Seal of Seven Stars with the "Host of the Star Keys". They pick it up...

...An intermission with Bowser starts, where he is seemingly conked out. He wakes up, seeing that all his minions are gone. Walking along, he sees Kammy Koopa stuck in some vines. He breathes fire on them, and Kammy Koopa says that the rest of the troops must be somewhere too, and it fades out.

Chapter 2 - Liki Tiki Maze

It sees Koopward and Goombs arguing on where to go next, as Goombs says that he knows a guy to find it. Mario nods his head, and they head to a small hut just in a small tribe known as the Likeez. They go to it, and look around to find many strange looking people. A voice comes from a tent, and they go in to see a strange wizard. Goombs says this is Merlon, an old wizard from a sort of group of them. Merlon says that the Star Keys hold of a Magic Aura, and might be able to track down some...he senses a strong force of magic form the 'Liki Tiki Maze', and Goombs says only a Star Key could hold that amount of magic.

Merlon begs them not to go, saying that a terrible monster has lived there for decades, and scares all who enter it away. Koopward says it'll be no problem, while Goombs says he could take care of the monster. Merlon leads them to a large rusted stone brick gate, very broken. Goombs turns to Merlon to ask what the beast might be, but it looks like he had already ran away. They step into the Liki Tiki Maze and it cuts to a few minutes later, of the entire gang lost. Suddenly, they hear some rustling, and Zsasz is seen putting Koopward in a butterfly net. He says he thought they where the beast, and said he overheard the talk about the Star Key, which he says must be some "super valuable treasure".

They fight Zsasz, beating him, where he falls down and throws a fit. He says he'll get to the end of the maze before they do, and runs off. They travel the maze for a while, going through puzzles and such, and after a while they finish a puzzle, and hear a laugh coming form somewhere. Suddenly a bat appears, saying he is the great Monty Kristo. Goombs insults him, in which the bat gets mad. He uses his Shadow Curtain technique, wooshing them off into another part of the maze. Koopward questions what happened, but they go on, coming across a large ravine. They hear voices telling the other to hurry it up, when Koopward notices them as the Goombas they fought earlier. They two hear them, and are able to climb up with a rope. They said they've been wandering caves this entire time looking for them, but on their way built "The Goombinizer", and they combat the party.

The Goombros. lose, adn try to retreat, before Goomly falls down the ravine. Gumbo says hes coming for him, but just jumps down the ravine as well. They carry on, and after lots of twists and turns, finally come across the end. They see the Star Key, but when Goombs tries to pick it up, Monty Kristo appears again and says that it's his treasure. They are all confused, when Monty reveals that he scared all of the people that went into the maze, and they thought he was a giant monster. They battle Monty, who loses, and drops the Star Key. He admires them for his strength, and says if they really want it he doesn't care. They go towards the Star Key, where Koopward says hes hungry, and sees a berry growing on a tree. He called it strange since the place was so rotten and barren, and tries to pluck it, until a large growl is heard.

The tree is revealed to be apart of a giant monster named "Big Liki Tiki", who had horded all of the fruit and plants underground while he slept, which made it barren and waste filled. He attacks the 3, and is beaten. He falls down and retreats, where Monty says that what they did was really cool. He says that maybe Liki Tiki Maze can become less feared without him and it able ot grow he joins Mario's party, and they pick up the Star Key, and the chapter ends.

Chapter 3 - Koopington Blues

It opens up on an intermission, with Luigi being guarded by Stark in "Ztar Castle". Suddenly, a Shooting Star Grunt says that the Princess escaped, in which he suddenly runs out of the room. Luigi says he has to find out whats going on, and he manages to jump over the bars. A small minigame plays out in which you must play as Luigi while avoiding sight from any enemies, Metal Gear Solid style. He then overhears Stark's conversation on Tsar Star finally getting a Star Key, and it fades out.

Mario, Goombs, Koopward, and Monty Kristo are seen travelling down a grassy road far away from Likeez. Monty constantly tries to look over at Mario's map, causng Goombs to shoo him away. Goombs says that Merlon detected some strong activity in Koopington, where he says that the University of Goom was located on Goombridge Cliff. It cuts to them arriving in Koopington, where Koopward said it looked messed up, clearly caused from Tsar Star's attack. They hear rustling in a singed bush nearby, and as Koopward walks up to it, a strange pink figure suddenly lunges out of him. Eventually she lets go, saying that she thought he was someone else. She then runs off, and Goombs says that thing didn't look like it was from Earth.

They walk along the place, fading to them at the University of Goom, where Professor Frankly and Goombella are seen. It appears that Goombs had just explained to the two what was happening, and Frankly says they could use his new scanner. All of a sudden, a "Gyarharhar" laugh is heard, when a figure blasts through the roof. He claims he is the "Viruz Vizard", speaking in a very heavy german accent. He says he has come to take the the "Hero Looking For The Star Keys" for Tsar Star, where he spots Goombella. He inspects her for a bit, as an explorer, with a high level IQ...suddenly Goombella is trapped in a strange star orb. He says that he has captured the hero, and flies off. He sends out a Shooting Soldier at them before he leaves, which Mairo and co. manage to defeat. Frankly says that his scanner went nuts with the Viruz Vizard, suggesting that they might have gotten the next Star Key. He sends Mario and co. to go out and find him, as they once again hear the same girl's voice form before. She pops out into the lab, and instantly recognizes the people from before. She says that 'he's not here either', and Goombs asks what she was even here for.

She says she is "Comette", and that she came from a vacation from a "far away planet", but that some weird star guy took her boyfriend, Cosmo, because he found some star thingy, and has been looking around in Koopington ever since. Koopward says that must've been the Star Key Viruz took, and they say if they manage to defeat Tsar Star with the Star Keys if they get it back. Comette says that the poeple of Mario's World are all untrustworthy, but says she's out of options, and joins the party. Frankly gives them the scanner to help them, and they travel around Koopington. Along the way they find many members of the Shooting Stars gathered all around, usually hostile towards them. Eventually after completing a puzzle of missing objects, they make it to the roof of a large building, where Viruz says they can have Goombella...if they can get through a quiz! Suddenly, the scenery changes to a gameshow, and a Shooting Soldier is seen in fancy attire. He asks them a bunch of questions, which Mario and co. all get right.

Viruz, who expected them to fail, gets mad and says they still can't have Goombella back. He puts her down, and gets in a readying stance, and the battle with Viruz Vizard commences. Viruz loses, and beaten and tattered, says he could use a rest in the employee lounge, as he goes, he drops the next Star Key and leaves. Comette says that he didn't have Cosmo, and says he must be with Tsar Star, and decides to join Mario and co. permanantley. Goombella thanks them, and says she'll go back to the University, and they pick up the Star Key...

It cuts to Bowser and Kammy Koopa still in the Star Feilds, as they seem lost. Kammy suggests looking for more of the troops, which Bowser says thats what they've been doing the entire time...they find a crack in the wall, and Bowser manages to punch it open, leading to a large Star-Like jungle. Bowser says this is the only route they got, and after a short platforming segment, they come across 2 Koopa Troopas and Kamek the Magikoopa, stuck in a pipe. Bowser tries tugging them out of it, before Stark suddenly appears in the sky, and says that it'd be good to finally get rid of them, and sucks them into a Star Portal, and the chapter ends.

Chapter 4 - Under The Aero

A short intermission shows Peach looking for Toadsworth, as Stark interveines once again. He takes her to Ztar Castle, where Luigi shows up to break her out. He succeeds by getting the three keys throughout the castle, once again while avoiding enemies, she is let out and they say that they should find a way out of here, before a voice is heard ordering them to halt, and it fades out.

It opens on Mario, Goombs, Koopward, Monty Kristo, and Comette, in a large house with Merlon. Merlon says that he rushed over to Koopington as soon as he heard about Viruz, saying that he's detected a moving signal of magic, most likely a Star Key. Goombs asks why it might be moving, and Merlon doesn't have an answer. Merlon says they might make it in the Aerozone, a large floating zone of the most richest people. Comette suggests entering through Purpath, a more rickety town underneath it. They head to it, when they see a bunch of distressed citizens with burnt houses, all of them saying a giant dragon came in and started destroying it. They walk along to see Bowser and Kammy, Bowser looking to have been hypnotized, while Kammy doesn't seem to catch on that he is. Bowser notices Mario and attacks him, with Kammy following close behind. They manage to beat him, and find he was carrying a Star Key. Goombs goes to pick it up, when Bowser gets up all wonky. He doesn't remember where he is, but when he sees Mario he gets angry, saying that he beat him up for no reason.

He tries to take the Star Key not even knowing what it is, when it suddenly dissapears. A voice says "NAB" when it is revealed to be a strange macician looking character. She says she is "Majincian", collecter of all things shiny and new, and teleports around the room putting on a show. She says that this would be the prized jewel to her collection, and flies off. Koopward says she headed off to the Aerozone, and Bowser finally wants to know whats going on. Goombs briefly tells him about the Star Keys and Tsar Star, where Bowser says no one captures peach but him...despite Kammy saying that it had happened a number of times. Bowser quickly does a quick fire on her, before saying that the wind-tube thingy is broken. Goombs says its the only way to get there. Mario and co. go to one side of Purpath while Bowser and Kammy go another one. After awhile, Mario and co. find half of the Aerotube, knocked off by Bowser's rampage.

They walk for a while, finidng a Chain Chomp knocked out. They use a Health Potion they found along the way, and she wakes up. She says her name is Miss Chomp, and doesn't exactly know what happened...until she examines her surroundings. She says she was just in the Aerozone with her owner, and doesn't know what happened. Goombs says it might've been Majincian's doing for whatever reason, and Koopward says they can get her up to the Aerozone once they find the Aerotube. She says she can't just let them do it, and joins their party. After going ot the depths of the forest, they find a missing chunk of the Aerotube. Monty goes to pick it up, when Zsasz appears, saying he got here first. He says it must be worth something, when Koopward says they can just kick him out again. Zsasz says not so fast, as he got some lackeys he found in a ravine, where he calls out the Goombros. They say they're the elite duo and challenge Mario, only to lose. They run off, and they take the missing chunk back, where Bowser and Kammy also say they found a chunk as well, adn repair the Aerotube.

Suddenly, Stark appears in a bolt of lightning, offering them a 'peace offering'. He pulls out Luigi, who is almost unconscious, and he falls to the ground. He then strikes him with some kind of lightning, turning him into some kind of strange hybrid. Stark dissapears again, causing the new "Luigistar" to start trying ot break the Aerotube. They attack him, and win, as Luigi turns back to normal, still knocked out. He wakes up a bit, and pulls out s Star Key. He said he faked being unconscious back in Ztar Castle and took it, as Mario goes to pick it up, ending the chapter...

Chapter 5 - A Windy Welcome

It starts with an intermission of Peach, below a feild of spikes in a hanging cage. Toadsworth is seen next to her, and they both seem worried. Peach manages to swing the cage, freeing her and Toadsworth...they go back in Ztar Castle and hear a disgruntled voice. They see a cowardly Boo trapped in vines, who says his name is Boohou. He said that some Shooting Soldiers ambushed him after he was sucked up in Koopington. Peach manages to free him, and they start to escape Ztar Castle. They sneak past the guards and make it out, where Peach says they're gonna find a way back home...

It cuts back to Mario, Goombs, Koopward, Monty Kristo, Comette, and Miss Chomp all near the newly fixed Aerotube. Goombs says they should head up it, when Bowser cuts in and goes first. Kammy follows behind, before the rest of them follow as well. They are taken to the floating paradise, the Aerozone. Miss Chomp says that some of the richest people managed to live here, and that her owner lived up on Skie Boulevard. Mario and co. say they'll all go help search in Skie, which is on a very steep hill, when Bowser says there's no way he's letting a Chain Chomp's problem interfere with stopping Tsar Star. Him and Kammy leave, while they all go up to Skie. They walk along, finding it infested with some creatures summoned by Majincian. They make it up to the fanciest one, where Miss Chomp says she lives. They go inside to see a Tornado-like woman, who Miss Chomp runs up to. She thanks them for returning her, and introduces herself as Windell, more interested in showing off her riches than anything. Miss Chomp says that these people where on some sort of quest for "Star Keys" to save the planet. Windell says she must repay them, and joins their party.

Windell says that she saw Majincian go towards Vapor Theater, where they all go to. majincian is seen in the pitch black room, where she brings light to a play. She makes the theater gigantic, and says that Mario and co. are apart of her new play - "Paper Story", and they are all taken to a place resembling the original Paper Mario. It shows a recap of the original Paper Mario, mocking the heroes all the way, before cutting to the final boss. The actual Bowser is connected to strings as well, and seems to have been taken by Majincian. They fight Bowser in his pseudo-final boss form, and beat him, where they cut to the 'next chapter'. It shows a recap of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, where they are forced to track through a smaller version of The Palace of Shadow, and after cuts to a Shadow Queen cut-out, which Mario and co. once again beat (again easier than the original). They are finally taken to a recap of Super Paper Mario, where they are taken to a smaller maze of Bleck's Castle, until recapping some events, and fighting a Super Dimentio cut-out, this time in platforming form. They beat it, and start to gain control. Majincian says they weren't supposed to complete it, and the play falls apart.

She gets angry, and finally says shes had enough of this. She turns Vapor Theater into a giant cloud and engages in combat. Mario and co. manage to beat her, and she drops the Star Key as she 'vanishes' into thin air. Bowser and Kammy fall, released form the grip as well. They all go to pick up the Star Key, and the chapter ends.

Chapter 6 - Over The Mountain And Through The Woods

An intermission sees Peach, Boohou, and Toadsworth in a strange place, where Boohou says they've been simply wandering aimlessly...Peach says there has to be something here, when all of a sudden Stark appears. He takes Boohou and Toadsworth, while putting up a Star Portal, sucking Peach in as she tries to hold back... Mario, Goombs, Koopward, Monty Kristo, Comette, Miss Chomp, and Windell are seen in the Aerozone where Merlon seemingly is as well. He says that Mt. U has detected large amounts of magic...though, be it, very unstable. Windell says that a small town called U-Side rests under it, and they could get to it form there. They head out, seeing U-Side to be mostly deserted, however. Windell says this doesn't make sense, as it was a thriving town of Bob-Ombs when she last visited...suddenly they hear a large rustling, when a Bob-Omb appears out of the bushes. He looks to be sickly green, talking in a scottish accent. They are attacked by it, and are able to drive it off. The Bob-Omb looks to regain his color, where he says that he is Bombart, a brilliant scottish bagpipe player. He then plays a tune, causing everyone to cover their ears. He becomes blatentley offended, when Koopward tries to explain whats happening.

Bombart sees their desperate quest, and says that I guess they could use some REAL muscle on the team...unfortunatley, some weird guy turned all of U-Side into a 'Zomboon' abyss. Monty asks what this is, and Bombart says Zomboons are mindless drones who can only destroy. He claims that all of U-Side was affected, and now the Bob-Ombs start blowing up a random...he says that if Big Bob-Omb, the biggest and drowsiest Bob-Omb, explodes, it will trigger Mt. U to unleash an avalanche upon U-Side. They see to it that the Zomboons will be cured, and try to make their way through U-Side. THey are suddenly stopped at the foot of Mt. U by a familiar "Gyarharhar" laugh, when Viruz Vizard appears again. he says he has lived up to his name of Viruz, by infecting them all with Zomboons. Bombart quickly tries to attack, where Viruz steals him. He says that he came here for the Star Key hidden about, but it'd be much more fun to infect them...Bombart says he better not blow up Big Bob-Omb, where Viruz decides he will!

Viruz takes off with Bombart, and Mario and co. start climbing up the mountain. They reach halfway when they are assaulted by the Goombros. again. They look tired, covered in sticks and bruises, saying they've been trying to keep up with them all this time, and that Zsasz and them went their seperate ways...they get in an attacking stance, when a large rumbling is heard. It cuts to Big Bob-Omb shaking the ground, with a worried Viruz. Bombart says he warned him, and jumps out and runs away. Big Bob-Omb jumps on the mountain, blasting away Viruz. The Goombros. run as well, as Big Bob-Omb creates an avalanche. Miss Chomp says to hop on her, and a minigame is done of them running away from the rubble. The Goombros. are seen covered in snow and rubble from the avalanche, as they finally attack Mario's party. They don't get the chance to fight, as mid-fight Big Bob-Omb pops in, smashing both of the Goombros. Big Bob-Omb starts destroying the city, as Mario and co. engage in combat. They manage to beat him, as he explodes. They wake up, seeing many of the Bob-Ombs coming out of hiding. Apparently the blast was enough to knock them all unconscious, removing its effects. Miss Chomp notices the Star Key, as they all go to pick it up, ending the chapter... 

An intermission comes, showing Luigi, Bowser, and Kammy back in Purpath under the Aerozone. Luigi seems to be carrying vast amounts of luggage, Bowser seemingly making him carry it. He says that he's going to get back to that Star Place where Peach is, kidnap her, and get out. Luigi says that he'll get there first under his breath, as they board a train to U-Side, where Mario and co. are, hoping to see if they know a way there. On the train however, the sky grows dark and a lughtning flash is seen, wehre Tsar Star himself appears with Peach in hand. Bowser notices on the train, as a portal appears, sucking them all in. He says that he has everything prepared, and that all he needs are the Star Keys...

Chapter 7 - Lions, Witches, and Hares

Chapter 8 - Seal of The Seven Stars


Name Picture Desc.
File:Paper Mario2.png
The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, who else? Mario is out to stop Tsar Star from sealing the universes apart, and trapping the kingdoms inside Star Seals.
Paper luigi
The greeny sidekick to Mario, the Green 'Stache! Luigi was sucked up by Tsar Star's attack on Koopington, short intermissions with him traversing through Ztar Castle.
Paper Bowser sprite
The King of Koopas returns! Bowser has many segments of him looking for his minions after his castle was transported by Tsar Star.
Kammy Koopa
Paper Kammy sprite
Kammy returns, as one of the first minions Bowser finds...she takes her personality from The Thousand Year Door, making Bowser almost fed up with her. She helps with the rejoining of Bowser's minions, however.

Kamek is back - this time seen as the general of Bowser's army! He launches the attack on Tsar Star's base in the final chapter, most notebly.

The Goombros.
The Goombros, consisting of Goomly and Gumbo. Probably the most weak of Bowser's army...they managed to stay on Mario's world, not being in the castle when Tsar Star made it vanish. With all their troops gone, they try to stop Mario as well...but do help out in the final stretch. (Goomly Left, Gumbo Right)
Princess Peach
Paper Peach
Peach is back...short intermissions see her attempting to escape from a Star Seal she was trapped in, with Toadsworth (at first, until he is kidnapped).
Zsasz TBA A low-scale theif, seemingly everywhere in Mario's way to (fail) on getting priceless objects, usually not even there. In the end, however, he sneaks into the Seal of The Seven Stars and tries to take the Stargg, only to be controlled and then possesed by Starcifer.
Tsar Star TBA At first the main antagonist, Tsar Star wants to seal all kingdoms within Star Seals, and attempts to open the Seal of The Seven Stars to open the Stargg, said to hold something that can awaken the apocolypse. Its learned, however, he came from the Star Tribe - where he was the leader, that told of a prophecy where someone would hatch the Stargg, revealing Starcifer - who will obliterate Mario's world. He went to seal Mario's World from the danger, and undo the prophecy with the Stargg.
Viruz Vizard TBA A high-ranking wizard of the Shooting Stars, with a very thick german accent. He is first seen taking Goombella, thinking she was the hero, and later ____. In the endgame, it is revealed he ended up marrying the female magician 'Majincian'.


Name Picture Desc. Ablitities Chapter
Goombs TBA "Though still being a kid, Goombs is a pratical scientist, having gotten perfect grades in his college of the University of Goom, where Goombella went as well. He seems to idolize Professor Frankly for his genius, but also admired Mario for his courage. He tends to be picky about the small things, however, and due to this is usually quarreling with the dim Koopa Koopward." TBA Prologue - Starry Night
"A not to bright Koopa, barely knowing left from right, Mairo encountered him as apart of Sly Wizz's gang - although they at first saw him as a mindless goon, it was revealed later that he had been working for Sly Wizz because he had kidnapped his sister Koopalina due to unpaid debts. After Sly Wizz's mob is taken down, Koopward joins Mario and co. to repay him for all he's done, and is revealed to be a little adventurous. Due to his quite dim nature, in contrast to Goombs, they seem to fight a lot." TBA Chapter 1 - Partner in Crime
Monty Kristo TBA "A mischievous bat-like cloud creature, born in the depths of Liki Tiki Maze. He mostly grew up impatient and bored, causing his parents to leave him, and his entertainment was provided by scaring people away form the maze with his illusions. Because of this, people thought he was a terrifying monster, and Mario and co. went to go and beat him...until Monty decided to join him, giving him the 3rd Star Key. He's mischievous and usually rude, but actually cares for humanity, and just wants a friend." TBA Chapter 2 - Liki Tiki Maze
Comette TBA "An optomistic and incredibly outgoing person, Comette is seemingly apart of an alien species, Comette is one of the few inhabitants of Mario's world, apparently only going there on a vacation of sorts. She apparently has no regard for the world Mario lives in, but tags along to rescue her boyfriend Cosmo who was captured by Tsar Star due to him finding one in Koopington. She warms up to Mario's World, however, after seeing the nice people in it, and helps him beat Starcifer even after Cosmo is rescued." TBA Chapter 3 - Koopington Blues
Miss Chomp TBA "A female Chain Chomp, though once very pampered by her owner Windell, was stranded from her, causing Mario and co. to help out. Even after being united with her owner, however, she joined Mario and friends. She's shown to be very naive and insecure, but wants to help out in every way possible. She also is shown to have a slight cursh on Mario in the final chapter of the story." TBA Chapter 4 - Under The Aero
Windell TBA "A rich woman living in Skie Boulevard, with her beloved pet Miss Chomp. She joins Mario's quest after Miss Chomp is returned, but is shown to be very egotistical...she is some sort of tornado-like spirit, but enjoys all of the finer things in life. She is also shown to be hopelessly unaware of any danger, but still is keen on helping the poor and 'unbeautiful'." TBA Chapter 5 - A Windy Welcome
Bombart TBA "A brash and somewhat rude Scottish Bombart, mostly known for his bagpipe playing, which he was once known around his small town of U-Side for (although horrid to Mario and co.). He usually pesters the bunch, thinking of himself to be not only the highest ranking member, but the most intelligent...he's very thankful to Mario near the end, however, even inviting him to his concert...yay." TBA Chapter 6 -  Over The Mountain And Through The Woods



Goombros. - Goomly and Gumbo are the Goombros., two utter failures of Bowser's army - they try to fend against mario, but once again fail, and fall down a ravine.

Stark - The top guy of Tsar Star's "Shooting Star" Gang, although he's a bit rusty.


Stark - Tsar Star's top guns again, this time battling Peach. (Fought by Peach only).

Zsasz - A low time theif, looking to steal from Sly Wizz...and failing.

Koopward - Not the smartest tool in the shed, but still determined and pretty strong. He joins Mario at the end of the Chapter.

Sly Wizz - The big bad gangster, who had taken over the Mushroom Kingdom after Tsar Star left it in ruin, and turned it into a metropolized mob place.


Zsasz - It's Zsasz again, this time in for the so-called "treasure" (star key) at the end of the maze, who runs away after being beaten by Mario and co.

Goombros. - Goomly and Gumbo are back! This time, they have a shabbily made dual-vehicle called "The Goombinizer"...after losing the machine and the battle, they try to run, only once again falling down the same ravine.

Monty Kristo - The mischeivous bat and so-called "big bad monster" that had been pranking Mario and co. on the way, reveals to be the holder of the next Star Key! He loses and joins Mario after they beat Big Liki Tiki.

Big Liki Tiki - A giant monster that was sleeping under the maze, he apparently hordes all of the food form the once forest, causing it to turn barren and lifeless. Koopward accidentally wakes him up by picking a single berry from the tree, which happens to be his antenna.


Shooting Soldier - The top guards of the Shooting Stars, this one a bit beefed up than the usual ones.

Shooting Soldier Super Star's Gameshow SPECTACULAR! - A gameshow/quiz hosted by Shooting Soldier Super Star, possibly the Shooting Soldier that was fought before.

Viruz Vizard - The heavy german accented "Vizard" of the Shooting Stars, seemingly of very high rank considering he was tasked with capturing the person looking for the Star Keys...despite mistaking Goombella for the hero.


Bowser & Kammy Koopa - Bowser has been hypnotized by Stark, most likely to lead Mario there so he could get rid of them...despite the not noticing of Kammy.

Zsasz & Goombros. - Sigh...looks like it's Zsasz again. At least he got support however, Goomly and Gumbo (The Goombros.) are on his side!

Luigistar - A strange, gigafied Luigi formed by Stark. He managed to fake being unconscious and nab his Star Key, however.


Puppet Bowser - A flashback from the original Paper Mario, it's Bowser's final boss form (of course easier), while looking for Majincian with Kammy, he was as well turned into a puppet.

Shadow Queen Cut-Out - Simalar to the Shadow Queen from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, she comes back in cut-out form, as apart of Majincian's play.

Super Dimentio Cut-Out - Dimentio's final form, be it much easier, from Super Paper Mario. Another one of Majincian's illusions in her play.

Majincian - The lover of all things shiny and brilliant magician herself, Majincian! She came to steal the Star Key for her own, declaring all precious jewels her's.


Bomboon - The Zomboon-ified version of the brash scottish bagpipe player, Bombart. He joins Mario's party after being defeated.

Goombros. - The Goombros - again! Of course, the fight doesn't last for long...

Big Bob-Omb - The giant Bob-Omb on Mt. U, Viruz distrubted him and now he's ready to blow!


  • The name 'Monty Kristo" for the bat is a reference to the french adventure book "The Count of Monte Cristo".
  • Zsasz's name may be a reference to the batman villain "Victor Zsasz".