Paper Mario: Portal to Parind (referred to as PMPTP for the rest of the article) is an upcoming game for the GalaxyCube. It introduces new features to Paper Mario such as Rift Doors , playable characters from other series, and The Stadium.



Mario (starter)

Luigi (beat Chapter 2-3)

Wario (fight Luigi as Mario once in the Stadium)

Mr. Game & Watch (play Chapter 3-2 as Luigi and hit the Star Block using Wario)

Dimentio (beat Chapter 3-2 as Luigi with 123 coins)

Pikachu (beat Chapter 3-2 as Mario with 10 coins or less)

Mewtwo (fight in the Pokémon Stadium stage 15 times in the Stadium as Pikachu)

Lucario (do the final battle as Mewtwo with Pikachu for the backup character)

Peach (beat Gackrail on your first try in Chapter 2-1)


Banzai (starter, ability: Ground Pound)

Shadozoo (found in Chapter 2-1, ability: Tattle)

Shadotwo (found in Chapter D2-1, ability: Turn an enemy into a random item)

Bantwo (After beating the game, if you unlock Lucario he will have this Pixl as a replacement for Banzai, who died in the battle. Ability: Ground Pound)

Frito (found in Chapter 5-3. Once the Snack Meter is full, he dispenses a health-restoring item.)

Fritwo (found in Chapter D5-3. Constantly dispenses damage-reducing items.)

Non-playable characters

Merlon - Once again, Merlon makes an appearance in a Paper Mario game. He guides you through things like the Stadium and Pixls.

Villagers - Citizens of Dimtop. They can talk to you, but it usually just wastes time.

Waluigi - Waluigi appears as the boss of World 4 and has some unique abilities, such as "Ikeame, Icesaw, Ikeonkurd" and "Gladiator Spring".


Chapter 0-0: Dimtop. This place acts as the main hub for the player and is similar to Flipside.

World 1: Foodland

Chapter 1-1: Mushroom Road (New enemy introduced: Goomba)

Chapter 1-2: Cookie Mountain (New enemy introduced: Koopa)

Chapter 1-3: Ginger Desert (Miniboss: Mega Goomba)

Chapter 1-4: Snickerdoodle Ruins (Boss: Normal Bowser)

[CUTSCENE: After Mario knocks Bowser into the lava, the lava drains and it is revealed that there is a warp pipe below! Bowser hops into the Warp Pipe and Mario follows.

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