Paper Mario: Paper Cut
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Paper Mario: Paper Cut is an RPG game developed by Intelligent Systems in the Paper Mario series.


Prologue: War of the Throne

Scissors lived with his older brother, Origami. Both of them had a special power. Scissors could cut objects, and Origami could fold anything into a 3D object. They were part of the royal family, and Origami was next in line for the king. When their father, Creation, died, Origami took the throne. Many years passed, and Scissors was jealous of his brother. Scissors fought with his brother, and eventually threw Origami off a cliff and became Lord Scissors. Little did he know that at the bottom of the cliff was a very convenient portal which let him to a different universe.

Merlantom (another one of Merlon's ancestors) is telling this story to Mario (similar to Madam Merlar, Luigi, the shopkeeper of Twilight Town, and Merlumina from previous games), who is actually asleep. Merlantom wakes him up, asking if he is listening and he nods, lying. Merlantom then flies away. Suddenly, a figure appears out of the sky next to Mario's house, yelling "OOF!" as he hits the ground. Mario walks outside to see what it is, and he discovers that he looks like a giant hand. The hand-like figure asks Mario tell help him. Mario directs the figure into his house and gives him a Super Mushroom.

The hand reveals to Mario that he is Origami, the brother of Scissors. He tells Mario that his brother pushed him off a cliff into a different universe to become king. Mario decides to help Origami get back to his own universe. Origami shares his ability with Mario, allowing Mario to go into a 3D mode like in Super Paper Mario, although it changes Mario's appearance into an origami version of himself. Origami tells Mario that, to make a portal back to his own universe, he needs to find the Multiverse Crystals. He explains that there are 20 of these crystals in each universe, and once joined together, they create a portal.

Soon, Parakarry comes by and gives Mario a letter that says that Mario has been invited to the University of Goom because they have found a suspicious object. Mario and Origami leave to go there, thinking they might find a Multiverse Crystal there. At the University of Goom, Mario meets Goombeatrice, Goombella's twin sister. Goombeatrice gives Mario a tour of the University, and suddenly, there is an explosion in the science lab. The dean comes to tell Mario that they have discovered an object that seems to be from a different universe, and they explain that it just fell from the sky. Origami requests to see the object.

They all go into the lab, and Origami looks at the object. Suddenly, the object projects an image of something. Origami tells them that it is his brother, Scissors. Scissors tells Origami that he knows where he is and what he is trying to do. He says that he is angry, and that he will come to that universe and that he will destroy it. The image then fades, and Origami grabs the object, saying that they will need it on their adventure in case Scissors tries to contact them again. Goombeatrice asks if he can join them on their journey, and Mario nods. Origami asks if there has been anything else suspicious in the university, and Goombeatrice tells them that she found a weird box. Origami requests to see the box, which she replies that it is in her dorm room.

Once they reach the dorm room, Yoshi Kid runs in, telling Mario that he has been looking for him and discovered that he was at the university. Yoshi Kid asks Mario if he is on another adventure, and Mario nods. Yoshi Kid asks if he can join them, to which Mario nods again. Inside the dorm room, Goombeatrice sees two Goombas guarding the box. Goombeatrice doesn't know who they are, so they fight the two of them. After defeating them, Origami grabs the box and tells them that the box is a Multiverse Crystal, explaining that they actually don't look like crystals. Goombeatrice questions Origami how he knows that it is, and Origami answers that he just knows.

The dean visits them, telling them that he just got a letter from the mayor of Medieval Village, a place that looks like a town from the Middle Ages, saying that they need to go there to stop a crazy bomber.


Playable Characters

Mario is the only playable character, but there are other characters that can't help Mario in battle, but can help him in the overworld.

Name Summary Overworld Ability

Mario is the main character of the story. He lives in the Mushroom Kingdom, and has gone on many adventures before. He can battle enemies and is the only playable character.

Playable, can battle enemies


Origami joins Mario after being banished from his universe by his evil brother. He was the king of his country up until then. He allows Mario to go into 3D mode by folding him.

Can fold Mario into 3D mode


Partners can help Mario in both battle and the overworld. In this game, there are now "Power Flower Points" that are used to launch a powerful attack. Also, few enemies have 6 attacks (including the PFP attack) instead of 5.

Name Summary Abilities Description



Goombeatrice is a tomboy Goomba who attends the University of Goom. She almost always carries around her skateboard. She is Goombella's twin sister. She loves to fight, but she does not fight very well. Similar to Goombella and Goombario, she can give enemies' stats using Tattle and has most of their basic attacks, but she also has some different abilities, one called "Strengthen" which allows her to become more powerful for the rest of the fight.

In the overworld, she can read signs and allow Mario to go faster by using her skateboard.

0 FP
Hits the target twice.
0 FP
Reveals the target's stats, health, and weaknesses.
1 FP (goes up by one each time used)
Attacks become more powerful for the rest of the fight.
3 FP
Headbonks an enemy until the action command is missed.
4 FP
Skateboards, hitting each enemy twice.
1 PFP/40 FP + the amount of FP needed to use Strengthen
The skateboard turns into a hoverboard and it hits all enemies up to 10 times + 5 for each time Strengthen has been used.


Yoshi has been looking for Mario for a while after he helped him defeat the X-Nauts. He prefers on calling Mario "Gonzales," even though he now knows that his actual name is Mario. Yoshi attacks normally, and is one of the three returning partners from previous Paper Mario games. There is barely a difference between his appearance in The Thousand-Year Door and this game besides his Power Flower Point ability.

In the overworld, he can help Mario run faster and allows him to use a Flutter-Jump ability.

Ground Pound
0 FP
Bounces on a single enemy.
3 FP
Throws Yoshi eggs at all the enemies and shrinks them if successful.
4 FP
Swallows an enemy and spits it at another enemy.
6 FP
Summons a Yoshi herd to attack all enemies.
1 PFP/10 FP
Summons a bigger Yoshi herd to attack all enemies that spawns an earthquake to harm enemies over different turns.

Drynamite Bomber

Chapter 1

The Drynamite Bomber is crazy about bombs and he often bombs random places. The Drynamite Bomber reluctantly joins Mario's team when his hot air balloon is stolen by Lord Scissors' army. The Drynamite Bomber never speaks his real name, and the only thing he ever says is "BOMBS!" He is a powerful attacker, but he cannot target any specific enemy and his attacks occasionally backfire. He is also weaker than most. However, he can also come back to life after losing all his HP if he is not attacked 5 times after his "death."

In the overworld, he can throw dynamite to explode things, but he throws them randomly.

Bone Toss
0 FP
Slams his shell into one enemy.
3 FP
Throws a bomb at a random enemy, doing more damage than usual.
4 FP
Throws a stick of dynamite at one to three random enemies that explodes the next turn.
Time Bomb
4 FP
Throws a bomb at a random enemy, but does not explode until it is activated.
Nuclear Explosion
1 PFP/15 FP
Throws 3 sticks of dynamite at all enemies.


Chapter 2

Billizard is a Bill Blaster, but he's been frozen for three years. However, because of this, his bills can temporarily freeze enemies. He joins Mario's team when he discovers that Lord Scissors plans to melt all the ice in the world. He shoots bullet bills that are frozen so he can freeze enemies. He can also create snow storms that slow every enemy's attack, giving Mario more time to counterattack. He also has the ability to freeze Mario, making him temporarily invincible, but Mario cannot attack during the next three turns and he moves slower after being unfrozen.

In the overworld, he can freeze enemies as an attack.

Ice Fire
0 FP
Shoots a frozen Bullet Bill at a single enemy that freezes them for one turn.
Mario Freeze
2 FP
Makes Mario unable to move for three turns, but also makes him invincible. He is slower for three turns after being unfrozen.
3 FP
Creates a blizzard that makes all enemies slower for one turn, making their attacks easier to counterattack and they cannot counterattack.
Chill Blaster
5 FP
Shoots a frozen Bullet Bill at every enemy, but only slows them for one turn instead of freezing them.
Banzai Chill
1 PFP/10 FP
Summons a frozen Banzai Bill that freezes every enemy for three turns and does massive damage to each enemy. The enemies will be slowed after being unfrozen.

Chapter 3

Bootler is the butler of Lady Bow in Boo's Mansion. When Mario returns to the mansion, Lady Bow is kidnapped by the evil Lord Scissors, so he sets out to find her with Mario. He can throw his towel at enemies which does more damage for the more enemies it hits.

In the overworld, he can create a coin every ten seconds and turn Mario invisible.

0 FP
Throws his towel at an enemy. Every 3 times this attack is used, it gets stronger.
Outta Sight
2 FP
Turns Mario invisible, making him invincible to attacks.
3 FP
Scares enemies away from the battlefield.
First Aid
4 FP
Heals himself and Mario.
Towel Smack
5 FP
Smacks an enemy with his towel 5 times.
Wet Towel
1 PFP/55 FP
Throws the towel at all enemies 3 times, then smacks each enemy with his towel 10 times. Damaged enemies' health will be used to heal Mario and himself.


Chapter 4

Cassee joins Mario's team after he helps her find her lost music notes. Her power is to sing to enemies, doing different effects such as hypnotism and stunning.

In the overworld, she can sing at an extremely high frequency to break objects. She can also shoot music notes as an attack.

Stunning Song
0 FP
Stuns an enemy by singing.
Healing Song
3 FP
Sings to heal herself and Mario.
Hypnotism Song
5 FP
Sings to hypnotize one enemy for one turn.
Loud Song
6 FP
Sings at a very high frequency, shattering armor and weapons and causes some unprotected enemies to run away. Also damages enemies.
Doom Song
1 PFP/14 FP
Sings every song in this order: Hypnotism, Loud, Stunning, and Healing. Health of damaged enemies is taken to heal herself and Mario.


Chapter 5

Cata-quack-pult joins Mario's team after Mario defeats Professor Cheepings. She is one of Professor Cheepings' creations, being a Cataquack combined with a catapult. Professor Cheepings erased her memory shortly before combining her with a catapult and she asks Mario to help her find her memory. She can throw rocks with her catapult and throw enemies into the sky as a Cataquack, stunning them.

In the overworld, she can throw rocks to break objects and throw enemies in the air to avoid them. She can also use her catapult as an attack.

0 FP
Throws a single enemy into the sky, stunning them.
1 FP
Throws a rock at a single enemy.
Skipping Stones
4 FP
Throws a rock at a single enemy, but the rock bounces on all enemies.
6 FP
Throws a boulder at a single enemy, doing more damage.
Bouncing Boulder
1 PFP/12 FP
Throws a gigantic boulder at a single enemy that bounces and does a lot of damage. Stuns all enemies after bouncing on all of them.


Chapter 6

When Draglette is surrounded by the Ink, Mario saves her by using Goombelina's skateboard to slide over it. Draglette thanks Mario, and tells him that she was injured by an object that came from the sky. Mario takes Draglette to the hospital where she is healed. She joins Mario's team and can fly again. She has the ability to breathe fire at enemies which leaves a burning effect.

In the overworld, she allows Mario to fly over objects. She can also shoot fire at anything, destroying it or using it as an attack, but she can also set Ink on fire which can be useful as an attack, but can also damage Mario.

0 FP
Flies high into the air and hits all enemies upon coming back down.
Fire Resistant
4 FP
Makes Mario and herself not able to be burnt by fire.
4 FP
Shoots a large flame at all enemies that does a lot of damage.
Fire Shield
7 FP
Creates a shield out of fire that most projectiles cannot pass through and damages enemies that go through it.
Napalm Shield
1 PFP/22 FP
Shoots a large napalm flame that does double the damage of a normal Flame attack to all enemies and the flame turns into a napalm shield that lasts 5 turns.

Barbeetle the Great

Chapter 9

Barbeetle the Great is a muscular, gigantic Buzzy Beetle who joins Mario after being defeated. He was previously the champion of the Glitz Pit until Mario returned and defeated him. He can crush enemies, stunning them for one turn, or throw them at other enemies. He also has the Strengthen ability like Goombelina and he can give the "Power" status effect to himself and Mario.

In the overworld, he can lift heavy objects and throw them at other objects or enemies if needed.

0 FP
Crushes an enemy, stunning them for one turn and dealing damage.
1 FP (goes up by one each time used)
Attacks become more powerful for the rest of the fight.
4 FP
Gives the "Power" status effect to Mario and himself.
4 FP
Tosses an enemy at another enemy.
Super Power
1 PFP/9 FP + amount of FP Strengthen is needed to use
Gives the "Power" status effect to himself and Mario, then crushes all enemies twice, then tosses the strongest enemy at all enemies.

Shakespear Guy

Chapter 10

Shakespear Guy is a play writer, famous for writing Romeowbot and Bulliet, Hamlet Bro., Dragbeth, and many more. He acts like he is always in a play. He attacks with his quill and he has magic paper that allows whatever he writes on it to come to life.

In the overworld, he can create six objects: A hammer, a mushroom (can only be created once every minute), a duplicate of Mario, a rock that does absolutely nothing, a shell, and a duplicate of another partner. His quill can also absorb the Ink.

0 FP
Throws his quill at an enemy.
1 FP
Dips his quill in ink, making it more powerful and allowing him to create objects.
Double Mario
7 FP
Creates a weak duplicate of Mario.
Double Partner
8 FP
Creates a weak duplicate of any partner that you have.
1 PFP/50 FP
Creates 4 duplicates of Mario with only a health difference of 5 and then creates a weak duplicate of four random partners, then takes a lot of ink and throws his quill at enemies. Also absorbs any ink from Inkfected enemies.


Chapter 11

Apoko is the ancient god of the Angry Sun. When the sun falls down, Mario finds him, discovering that the sun ran away. He joins Mario's team after Mario helps him find the Angry Sun Chariot. He can summon the Angry Sun Chariot and the Angry Sun itself during battle.

In the overworld, he can melt ice and summon the Angry Sun Chariot that allows them to fly for a short time.

0 FP
Pokes an enemy.
1 FP
Scorches all enemies.
6 FP
Summons an Angry Sun Horse herd to stomp on all enemies.
Angry Sun
10 FP
Summons the Angry Sun to burn enemies very badly.
Angry Sun Chariot
1 PFP/18 FP
Combined effect of Stampede and Angry Sun, but the horses are bigger and the sun is hotter.


Chapter 11

Artember is Apoko's twin sister. She is the ancient god of the moon. Similar to how Apoko drives the Angry Sun Chariot, she has the Moon Cleft Chariot, which she can also summon during battle. She is often exasperated with Apoko. She is also a very skilled huntress and can shoot arrows at enemies to attack.

In the overworld, she can summon the Moon Cleft Chariot to fly for a short time. She can also make it nighttime, making most enemies fall asleep.

0 FP
Shoots an arrow at an enemy.
Flaming Arrow
1 FP
Shoots a flaming arrow at an enemy.
Moon Cleft
6 FP
Summons the Moon Cleft, making most enemies fall asleep until they lose 30 health if performed correctly. Blinds enemies that are kept awake.
6 FP
Summons a herd of Moon Cleft Horses that run over enemies.
Moon Cleft Chariot
1 PFP/15 FP
A combined effect of Moon Cleft and Stampede. The Moon Cleft attack comes first, but it only blinds enemies. The Stampede attack comes second, and it makes the enemies fall asleep. After waking up, the enemies will be blinded.


Chapter 12

Mario found a blue shell in Chapter 4, but he couldn't return it to its owner until 8 chapters later. Kooper remembers Mario and thanks him, agreeing to help him once again. He uses his shell to attack. Kooper is one of the three returning partners from previous Paper Mario games. There is barely a difference between his appearance in the original Paper Mario and this game besides his Power Flower Point ability.

In the overworld, his shell can be used to hit enemies, grab objects, and flip switches.

0 FP
Hits an enemy with his shell.
Power Shell
3 FP
Attacks all grounded enemies.
Dizzy Shell
4 FP
Makes enemies dizzy.
Fire Shell
5 FP
A fiery attack that attacks all grounded enemies. Can kill a Dry Bones in one hit.
Super Shell
1 PFP/15 FP
A fiery attack that makes enemies dizzy and attacks all enemies, grounded or not.


Chapter 13

Whimp is a young Whomp who idolizes Mario. When he finally meets him, he believes that Mario can defeat the Ink and Lord Scissors. He can deflect attacks and block enemies from attacking Mario. He can also crush enemies, stunning them for one turn. However, he has low health and is a weak attacker.

In the overworld, he can flop on buttons and will protect Mario from falling off deep cliffs if he gets near them.

0 FP
Deflects an enemy's attack which hurts the enemy instead.
3 FP
Blocks Mario, making enemies be deflected off of Whimp.
3 FP
Crushes an enemy, dealing damage and stunning them for one turn.
4 FP
Runs into an enemy, making it hit another enemy.
1 PFP/12 FP
Turns into a full sized Whomp and uses every ability, then turns back.


Chapter 14

Tweegor is a scientist who was enslaved by the evil Dr. Frankenspiny and was freed by Mario. Tweegor is rather smart, but often sounds crazy and evil at times. He attacks by throwing enemies at other enemies and he can pull rocks into his twister.

In the overworld, he can solve puzzles, lift Mario high into the air, grab objects in his twister, and shoot Mario higher as if he were a cannon.

0 FP
Throws a rock at an enemy.
3 FP
Pulls an enemy into its twister and throws it at another enemy.
4 FP
Pulls Mario into its twister and shoots him at an enemy forcefully.
6 FP
Pulls all enemies into its twister.
1 PFP/15 FP
Grows gigantic, pulling all enemies into its twister, then throws them back, then shoots Mario out as if it were a cannon.

Piranhasaurus Rex

Chapter 15

Piranhasaurus Rex is an old, Tyrannosaurus rex-like Piranha Plant who has been frozen in suspended animation for many years. She started following Mario after being unfrozen. Mario couldn't tell if she was going to try and help him as she didn't have the ability to speak, but he eventually decided to keep her. She can attack similar to Yoshi Kid, but she has more powerful attacks.

In the overworld, she can eat anything in Mario's way and can be ridden on like Yoshi Kid, only faster.

0 FP
Eats an enemy, then spits it at another enemy.
4 FP
Throws giant dinosaur eggs at enemies, but enlarges enemies if unsuccessful.
4 FP
Stomps on an enemy.
Ground Pound
5 FP
Jumps on top of all enemies.
Chomp and Stomp
1 PFP/7 FP
Eats an enemy, then eats another enemy, then spits the second enemy at another enemy, and then stomps on all enemies.

Dr. Ninjekyll

Optional (Chapter 14)

Dr. Ninjekyll is a Ninji who spent all his life creating potions and, one day, accidentally created one that would turn him into Mr. Hype. He is rather calm and can throw potions at enemies to attack them. He is unlocked if Mario chooses to battle Mr. Hype.

In the overworld, he can give Mario three different potions: A Speed Potion, A Strength Potion, and a Health Potion. He can also transform into Mr. Hype.

Blinding Potion
0 FP
Throws a potion at an enemy that blinds them for one turn.
Healing Potion
4 FP
Gives a healing potion to Mario and himself.
Transforming Potion
5 FP
Transforms into Mr. Hype.
Sleeping Potion
5 FP
Makes all enemies fall asleep using a potion for 3 turns.
Power Transformation
1 PFP/18 FP
Turns into Mr. Hype and howls at all enemies, then runs extremely fast, scratching and biting all enemies two times.

Mr. Hype

Optional (Chapter 14)

Mr. Hype is a more fearsome and powerful creature. He can run extremely fast, scratch and bite enemies, and howl to stun zombies. He cannot target any single enemy. After three turns, however, he turns back into Dr. Ninjekyll.

In the overworld, he can turn back into Dr. Ninjekyll, help Mario run faster and jump higher, and can scratch objects to break them.

0 FP
Scratches all enemies, doing weak damage.
3 FP
Bites all enemies, doing stronger damage.
6 FP
Attacks twice every turn.
8 FP
Howls, stunning every enemy.
Power Transformation
1 PFP/10 FP
Turns into Dr. Ninjekyll and throws every potion except the Transformation Potion.

Baby Scissors

Optional (Lord Scissors' Mind Trials)

After completing the 10th trial, Mario finds the baby version of Lord Scissors following him through Lord Scissors' memories. Baby Scissors eventually comes out of Lord Scissors' memories with Mario, and not knowing what to do with him, he allows Baby Scissors to be his partner. He seems to be a weaker version of Lord Scissors.

In the overworld, he can cut objects and can act as a drill.

0 FP
Cuts an enemy.
3 FP
Splits an enemy in half, turning it into two slightly weaker enemies.
4 FP
Drills into the ground, then pops up under an enemy.
7 FP
Gets a sword and swipes at all enemies. Loses the sword after the attack is done.
Sharp Attack
1 PFP/15 FP
Gets a sword and performs all moves using the sword. Loses the sword after the attack is done.

Koopa Trooptron

Optional (Lord Scissors' Dark Dungeon)

Koopa Trooptron is Dr. Frankenspiny's first creation ever since he got enslaved by Lord Scissors. He is given to Mario as a gift for saving Dr. Frankenspiny. He is a robotic Koopa Troopa who is a very powerful attacker. Most of his attacks cost 1 FP, but each attack lowers his health, and the more powerful the attack is, the more health he loses. He can be "recharged" by Tweegor, which restores his full health.

In the overworld, he can act like Kooper, except his shell is stronger so he can break most objects, and he can shoot lasers.

1 FP (-1 health)
Shoots a laser that hits one enemy.
Metal Shell
1 FP (-5 health)
Throws his robotic shell which hits all grounded enemies.
Jet Pack Shell
1 FP (-10 health)
Throws his robotic shell which hits all grounded enemies, then it flies up with a jet pack and hits all non-grounded enemies.
Electric Shell
1 FP (-50 health)
Electrifies his shell, which goes extremely fast and hits each grounded enemy 5 times.
Lightning Laser
1 PFP/5 FP (loses all health and can't be revived for 5 turns unless using PFP)
Electrifies his shell, which hits all enemies (including non-grounded ones) 5 times, then shoots his laser, which reflects off his shell and hits all enemies.

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