Paper Mario: Origami Odyssey is a upcoming game coming for the 3DS in 2021 from Endgame Enterprises. It is the seventh installement of the Paper Mario series.


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The gameplay is similar to Super Paper Mario's gameplay, the character goes through a world in Super Mario Bros. platforming style. There will be mushrooms to make you grow bigger to get more defense, Shroom Shakes to regain health, and items to use during gameplay. There are a total of 20 bosses (21 if you count the secret boss) that you must fight. 10 are minor, 10 are major. If you get touch an enemy or obstacle, you take damage and shrink down to normal size. As you get 9000 points, you level up. As you reach at level 5, you can change yourself into an origami. At Level 5 you turn into a ninja star origami, at 10 you turn into a crane, at 20 you turn into a dragon and at 40 you turn into a giant sword. If you run out of health, it's Game Over. There is other ways to get Game Overs in this game. You can run out of time when you have to get the key from enemies in the Pit of 100 Trials, touch a Poison Mushroom, or fall into a pit. You don't get a Game Over if you touch lava or poison water, instead you lose one HP.


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TBA Mario is the main protagonist of the game, he is on a quest to find this so called "Shadowy Figure" that gave him these powers to shape shift into any weapon. Mario is an all around character who can be controlled easily.
TBA Luigi is Mario's shadow and twin brother and is the partner of Mario. He is unlocked after defeating a stack of crazy monkeys. Luigi can jump higher than any player, but his traction is terrible.
TBA Yvan is a yellow Toad who's traction is the best (means he skids the shortest) and the assistant of Mario. He is unlocked after defeating Jayson the Clown. Yvan's speed is terrible.
TBA Wolley is a blue Toad who is the assistant of Mario. He is unlocked after defeating Bowser Junior and Kamek. Wolley's speed is the best but his jumping is the worst and he falls quicker.
TBA Boolester is a lonely Boo who was fired by King Boo and appears when Mario first enters Messy Mansion. Boolester cannot turn into origami weapons, but can possess enemies into walking into aybasses. If Boolester gets hit, he'll disappear for a few seconds, thus making the character switch out into a random character. Like Mario, Boolester is easy to control.
TBA Yoshi is the last character that can be unlocked. It's opitional to unlock Yoshi as you don't need him to beat the game. Yoshi can flutter jump and run fast, but his sprinting is terrible. Yoshi can also eat enemies and turn them into eggs or spit them back out.


Some partners help the player get through each level by paying coins or points. They can be found in some Chapters.



Unlocked when

Bio Attacks



Chapter 0 (Proluge)

Goombrother is a Goomba who lives in Oriburg and is a scientist who developed the Shroom Scope for Mario. He also made the Hammer in Chapter ?. Goombrother attacks by not headbutting enemies, but using his created weapons (via Scraps).

Shroom Shake Toss: Goombrother tosses a Shroom Shake to Mario (Luigi, the Toads or Boolester), replenishing his health by 5. [100 points]

Goomba Gauntlet: Goombrother gets out his Goomba Gauntlet and shoots a Goomba from it to the enemies. It does weak damage. [20 coins]



Chapter 1









Bra balls, Goombas and Koopas will be possible enemies during the trailer video.






  • This game shows the comeback of Shadoo after the events of Super Paper Mario.
  • The Koopalings, Kersti, Starlow and Stuffwell make a cameo in the Mushroom Kingdom Portraits.