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Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan 25px-Flag of Europe 25px-Flag of USA 25px-Flag of Australia Q4 2016/Q1 2017
Age Rating(s)
ESRB Rating Pending
USK Einstufung ausstehend
PEGI Rating Pending
Media Included Disc & Digital Download

Paper Mario: Legend of the Star Gate (Japanese: ペーパーマリオ:伝説のゲート Paper Mario: The Legendary Gate) is a Paper Mario game developed and published by Transparent Interactive.


Prologue: Bowser Strikes Back (Again)!

Parakarry delivers a letter to Mario's house. Luigi takes the letter and reads it for Mario:

Dear Mario,
Please come to my castle. I’m planning to celebrate Bowser's latest defeat. You and Luigi are my special guests for this evening (and of course I've baked a cake). I’m waiting for you.
Yours truly,
Princess Peach

Mario and Luigi immediately leave their house to head for Peach's Castle with no time to waste. On their way they pass through Toad Town, the capital of the Mushroom Kingdom.

After arriving at the Castle, they go inside to meet Peach. In the Main Hall, Peach welcomes Mario and Luigi, leading them to their chairs at the large dining table. As Peach wanted to speak to the guests, they heard an evil laughing from outside. The noise gradually gets louder, so Mario and Peach head to the balcony to look if there is something outside.

To their misfortune they learn the laughing was coming from Bowser, who is approaching with the Koopa Troop and several airships. Bowser gets closer and closer, eventually he and the Koopa Troop reach the castle.

Bowser's minions storm the Castle and arrest the guests, meanwhile Bowser is trapping Peach in her room. Mario tries to protect Peach and fights Bowser, but Bowser seems to be much stronger since their last fight, and Mario is knocked out by Bowser.

When Mario awakes he finds himself in a town he's never seen before...



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