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Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan 25px-Flag of Europe 25px-Flag of USA 25px-Flag of Australia 2018
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action Adventure, RPG
Media Included Disc / Digital Download

Paper Mario: The Star of Wishes (Japanese: ペーパーマリオ: スターオブウィシズ Pēpā Mario: Sutā obu Wishizu) is a Paper Mario game developed and published by Transparent Interactive.


Mario and Princess Peach are on vacation and visit the Star Valley which is known for its breath-taking nature. After a walk on a rural path they head off to their resting place in Estrellia, but before reaching the town they spot Bowser's airship at the sky. The airship is landing and Bowser and Kamek appear to kidnap the princess. Mario attempts to fight off Bowser, but for some reason Bowser knocks out Mario with surprising ease. Mario's unconscious body is then found by a mysterious individual who tries to wake him up, which succeeds after some time. When Mario wakes up after some time the mysterious person introduces himself as Sylvestar, a star spirit and also guardian of the Star of Wishes, an ancient artifact which has the power to fulfill the wishes of its possessor. Bowser stole it and made himself invincible, which explains why Bowser could beat Mario so easily. But it gets even worse, Bowser also developed plans to destroy the entire Star Valley. The only way to prevent Bowser from realizing his plans is to fight him with the power of the 6 Astral Gems which are scattered all over the region. Sylvestar decides to join Mario on his adventure, so they set off for a journey to retrieve the 6 Astral Gems and prevent Bowser's evil plans.

As Mario and Sylvestar follow the dusty road they can spot Estrellia in the distance. After a while Mario spots his hammer hanging in the bushes, he must have lost it during Bowser's surprise attack. Moments later Mario gets attacked by two Goombas. Sylvestar uses this opportunity to give Mario the card album and a card. Following this, he explains Mario how the combat system works and Mario defeats the Goombas.




Image Name Description


Mario Our heroic plumber, Mario heads off to a new adventure along with Sylvestar to search for the 6 Astral Gems to prevent Bowser from destroying the entire kingdom with his newly acquired power. TBA


Sylvestar TBA

Battle System

Battles take place on a stage whose scenery is depending on the location. To win a battle, the player must eliminate all opponents, either by defeating them or by making them run away.

Mario's main methods of attacking are jump and hammer attacks. Hammer attacks have a limited range and can only attack enemies on the ground while jump attacks on the other hand can reach past enemies standing in the way, or attack enemies flying out of reach, but jumping on a spiked enemy cancels the attack and makes Mario take 1 HP of damage. Both jump and hammer attacks can be customized by using cards and require a certain amount of Flower Points (FP) and cannot be used if the required amount is not available.


While Mario is battling enemies, he can attack enemies with extra power using Action Commands.

  • Countdown: Tilt and hold the Glassbox-l-control-stick Left Control Stick left, then release when the red light flashes.
  • Tricky Timing: Press the Glassbox-a-button A Button just before landing on Mario's opponent.
  • Aiming: Use the Glassbox-touchscreen Touchscreen to align a cursor in the center of the targeting reticule.
  • Button Mania: Hold on to or repeatedly tap a button or input an entire sequence.



Name Description Sub-Locations


Estrellia is the biggest town in Star Valley and also the central hub town whereto Mario and Sylvestar will return over and over again. It is known for its busy town square and the SVR central station is also located here.
  • Super Bell Tower
  • Town Square
  • Inn
  • Shop
  • SVR Central Station




Cards are important objects similar to Badges and can be found scattered all over the Star Valley or can be bought from a shop. Cards can be used to customize Mario's attacks, increase his stats or provide unusual abilities. Each card requires a certain amount of Card Points (CP) to be enabled.

Card CP Needed Effect Found In
FP Auto-Refill
5 Mario regains 2 FP every turn. TBA
HP Auto-Refill
5 Mario regains 2 HP every turn. TBA
Iron Jump
1 Allows Mario to use Iron Jump, a jump attack allowing him to jump on spiked enemies effortlessly, for 2 FP. TBA
Money Rain
3 After a battle Mario wins twice the amount of coins he usually does. TBA

Astral Gems





  • The orginal game was called Paper Mario: Legend of the Star Gate and its development began in 2014, but was never completed. In 2016 the project has been revived with a new name, Paper Mario: The Star of Wishes.