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Fantendo Paper Mario Logo
Developer(s) Yveltal717
Publisher(s) Yveltal717
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure/RPG
Series Paper Mario
 Paper Mario: Legend of the Celestial Spire is the 6th installment to the Paper Mario Series, after Paper Mario: Color Splash, which takes place after the events of Thousand Year Door. It is an upcoming game coming out for the Nintendo Wii U. 


Hello there, may I present a story to you?? It won't be long, I promise. Okay, be sure to pay attention. Long ago there was a creature known as the Andragoon, who watched over the universe with a careful eye to prevent any conflict from distrupting it's balance. An ancient tribe of people only known as the Centaurions revered it as a god, and provided offerings upon their most spiritual monument. The Celestial Spire. Every 100 moons, the Androgoon would arrive at the spire to recieve the offerings, however something went wrong....A member of the tribe, known as Fenrir  tried to take the beast's power for himself, and in doing so destroyed it's physical form. Fenrir was banished to the void of the astral plane, and the Celestial Spire was destroyed. The pieces of the Andragoon that were left,  represented in the form of Shards, were then sent to a place where they couldn't be disturbed, the Mushroom World. Now, as Fenrir returns to find the last pieces of the Andragoon, his power grows stronger, will there be a hero for us? Will there be a happy ending? or, will the entire universe fall into disarray.

Hope is in his hands now....

Mario's Story

Prolouge- The Heavens are Falling

Chapter 1- Celestial Confrontation

Chapter 2- Koope Diem

Chapter 3- Royal Pain In The Horn

Chapter 4- Will This Be The Last Time Heaven Sings?

Chapter 5- Djinn there, Done That

Chapter 6- Gambit

Chapter 7- Fenrir's Fright

Chapter 8- GAME ON!!!

Chapter 9- Shard's Ahoy!!

Chapter 10- Sweet Sunny Sunny Happiness

Chapter 11- Noki Noki Panic

Chapter 12- Like A Fish Outta Water

Chapter 13- A Forest Of Illusion??

Chapter 14- May The Stars Guide Us!!

Chapter 15- Celestial Spire Here We Come!!

Chapter 16- Fenrir's Lament- Corruption of a Celestial Child.


Like previous Paper Mario Installments, during the course of the game, Mario will meet partners who will agree to aid him on his quest to retrieve the Dragoon Shards. Every partner has a use, in battle and in the overworld, to specific tasks that Mario can't do. Every Partner has 2 moves to start, but learn more as they level up, having a total of 5 moves if they are leveled up to the max. 

Partner Summary Abilities Description

Blitz Complete


0 FP
Rams into the opponent with a lot of force
0 FP
Scans the enemy and tells their statistics
Bill Bash
3 FP

Rockets into the opponents head on.

(This could confuse the opponent)

4 FP
Damages and burns the enemy using the flame from her backside
Twister Rush
5 FP
Blitz travels at supersonic speeds and creates a force so strong it damages and make the opponents dizzy

Toffee Complete

Chapter 2

0 FP
Toffee runs into the enemy aimlessly
Hammer Toss
0 FP
Toffee throws a hammer, at the enemy
Hammer Time
3 FP

Toffee throws a chain of hammers at the enemy.

5 FP
Toffee pulls out a giant mallet, that damages, and possibly paralyzes the foe
8 FP
A storm of hammers rains down upon the enemy

Hefty Complete

Chapter 3

0 FP
Hefty tackles the enemy
0 FP
Hefty strikes a menacing glare at the opponent, leaving them paralyzed sometimes
Horn Dash
3 FP

Hefty tackles the enemy  with a little more horn.

Skull Bash
4 FP
Hefty runs at max speed and bashes the opponent head on. This makes the opponent dizzy, but recoils on Hefty
Royal Guard
7 FP
Using his royal status, Hefty can use his guards to attack for him.

Demeji Complete

Chapter 5

0 FP
Demeji punches the enemy
0 FP
Demeji's hair extends and whips the enemy
3 FP

Hefty guards Mario with a magic barrier

Hocus Pocus
5 FP
Hefty uses magic to attack the enemy, this can either Burn, Paralyze or Freeze the enemy.
Sahara Wrath
8 FP
Cause a massive storm of sand, and magic. The angry sun also comes to help in this attack

Wasabi Transparent

Chapter ???


There are many odd and Peculiar Creatures that Mario, and company may encounter on their journey. This is an encyclopedia that documents all the freaks and weirdos, you may face off with.

Normal Goomba Spiked Goomba Paragoomba -( Y&#039;s Paper) Pyro Goomba Tesla Goomba
Cryo Goomba


Boss Summary

Crusher Complete

Chapter 3


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