Paper Mario: Get Crafty! is the 5th installment to the Paper Mario series (6th if you think that Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam is the 5th installment for both the Paper Mario series and Mario and Luigi series). This game will be on the Wii U and 3DS.

Playable Characters

Here's a link to Paperexa

Character Image Name Description Abilities in the Field Abilities in Battles
4061 paper-mario-prev
Paper Mario He's one of the main characters who is on a journey to stop Paperexa from taking over the Paper World. He also finds a mushroom that he eats and gains the ability to make copies of himself! Mario can Jump to higher places with [A] and can swing his hammer with [B]. He can also use his copies to solve puzzles with [Y]. And he can use his new tool belt he also found with the Mushroom to create new things. To switch the [X] abilities, press the [R Trigger]. Mario can pop an action bubble to choose what he's gonna do next in battle. His options are Jump, Hammer, Copy Specials, Items, Team Attacks, and Run.
Paper Luigi Although he may be the underdog at times, he still shines! And this time is one of them! Happy to support Mario, he joins the quest to stop Paperexa! He can also Jump with [A] and can swing his Mallet with [B]. He doesn't, however, have the ability to use clones, but instead, he can use his High Jump ability with [Y], and his Mole ability with [X]. In battle, he can use Jump, Mallet, Luigi Specials, Items, Team Attacks, and Run.
Download (8)-1
Paper Peach Peach was kidnapped at Paperexa's Fortress for a while, but she escaped and tried to find Mario. When she finally does, she decides to go on the quest as well! Team Mario is now complete! She can also Jump with [A] and swing her Parasol with [B]. She can press [Y] in midair to Float to other places. The [X] button is used to use the Sneaky Parasol ability so she can sneak past enemies and progress through the game. In battle, she can choose to Jump, Swing, Peach Specials, Items, Team Attacks, and Run.


The gang have some cool partners. Here's the list:

Image Name Description Abilities

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