Paper Mario: Galaxy Adventures is Poisonshot's second game. It will be a mix between Super Mario Galaxy and Paper Mario.


It all started when, once, Mario goes meet Peach just to see how it's going, but notices Peach's not here. He instantly thinks it must be Bowser. He looks outside...and he sees that the land is starting to be destroyed! In no time, Mario realizes he's doomed as the land breaks closer and closer to the castle, throwing everything far away in the sky. He then gets flinged in the sky by that! He hits a rock and becomes unconcious.

He wakes up on a grassy planet. He soon finds a Purple Luma. It introduces himself as Soluma. The luma then explains to Mario why he is here: His home planet was destroyed by a mysterious force, like many other planets. Mario then goes on to try finding out who is behind the mysterious force, Soluma joining him in the adventure as well.

They enter the Ancient Plains first. It used to be a peaceful land, but they soon find out the evil Grand Goombeetle has been there to do an invasion! A Topmini soon falls out of the sky. It seems to be broken, but still able to work. It "joins" Mario team(or, follow his orders precisely).


1:Ancient Plains Galaxy


  • Octoombas
  • Slurples
  • Flipbug(Rare)
  • Goombeetle
  • Winged Goombeetle(Rare)
  • Grand Goombeetle(Boss)


  • Tutorial Planet:The Tutorial Planet.
  • Goomba Planet:A grassy planet shaped like a Goomba.
  • Flying Rocks:A bunch of flying rocks appear around the planets.
  • Airship:An airship
  • More to come soon!

Stats and Moves

Each character has five base stats(numbers ranging from 1 to 5):

  1. FireflowerpaperAttack:Determinates attack power.
  2. Courage ShellDefense:Determinates attack resistance.
  3. Thunder BoltMagic: Determinates magic power.
  4. Shooting Star PaperAura: Determinates magic resistance.
  5. Life Shroom PMTMFLife: Determinates HP.(Life X 5 = HP)

When they level up, the player can choose what stat to upgrade.

Each character has three base moves. These moves get upgraded each five level, through you can still choose the un-upgraded version of the moves. They get two new moves at level 5 as well.




Curious Paper Mario
The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom is back for a new adventure! He can run, jump, etc, like how he was in his old appearances.

Base Stats:

  1. Fireflowerpaper3 Attack
  2. Courage Shell3 Defense
  3. Thunder Bolt2 Magic
  4. Shooting Star Paper2 Aura
  5. Life Shroom PMTMF3 Life


  • Jump-Super Jump-Rebound Jump-Super Rebound Jump
  • Hammer-Silver Hammer-Gold Hammer-Platinum Hammer
  • Punch-Power Punch-Power Smash-Omega Punch
  • (Level 5)Fireball-Triple Fireball-Fireball Storm-Volcano
  • (Level 5)Ice Ball-Triple Ice Ball-Ice Ball Storm-Avalanche


Tattle: I'm the first partner in the game, I sure am a expert in magic! Sadly, I'm nothing but dust for attacks and defense...I have a blue aura showing how pow-err, around me.

Ability: Tattle(Gives info on things)

Base Stats:

  1. Fireflowerpaper1 Attack
  2. Courage Shell1 Defense
  3. Thunder Bolt5 Magic
  4. Shooting Star Paper5 Aura
  5. Life Shroom PMTMF3 Life


  • Slap-Super Slap-Multi Slap-Multi Super Slap
  • Starball-Triple Starball-Star Beam-Triple Star Beam
  • Heal-Status Heal-Team Heal-Team Status Heal
  • (Level 5)Shield-Team Shield-Reflect-Team Reflect
  • (Level 5)Magic Shield-Magic Team Shield-Magic Reflect-Team Magic Reflect


Tattle:This Topmini was attacked by the Grand Goombeetle. He seems to be pretty ok, despite missing a gear and having a bunch of cracks. He can't talk, only responding with "Bops" and "Beeps".

Ability: Spin(Can destroy stuff like crates)

Base Stats:

  1. Fireflowerpaper4 Attack
  2. Courage Shell2 Defense
  3. Thunder Bolt1 Magic
  4. Shooting Star Paper2 Aura
  5. Life Shroom PMTMF3 Life


  • Spin-Super Spin-Spin Tornado-Super Spin Tornado
  • Paralyz-Zap-Thunder-Thunderstorm
  • Spike-Drill-Spin Drill-Triple Drill
  • (Level 5)Bullet-Homing Bullet-Cannon-TNT Cannon
  • (Level 5)Hack-Computer Virus-Computer Worm-Virus Worm

Antagonists and Bosses

Grand Goombeetle

Tattle: Grand Goombeetle is the king of the Goombeetle! Due to his strong armor, he is very resistant to attacks. Try finding a way to attack his eyes!

Appearance: Grand Goombeetle looks like a giant Goombeetle with armor and a samurai helmet. Only the eye area isn't protected.


  • 30 HP
  • 1 Attack
  • 100 Defense(Anywhere else than the eyes)/0(Eyes)