Paper Mario: Erased World is a game for the Nintendo Wii U. It takes place a year after the events of Sticker Star. It is mostly based off of TTYD and Super Paper Mario. The game is being released on June 30, 2016.



The story starts with a cutscene with Wario and Waluigi being...well....Wario and Waluigi, sitting on a pile of money. A huge, light blue hand appears and grabs them. After they are grabbed, a pencil's eraser comes down and erases the money.

it then cuts to Parakarry delivering a letter to Mario and Luigi. Luigi reads it, and its from Daisy, saying that she is opening up a flower shop in the bayside town, Sunlight Bayside. When M&L arrive, A huge portion of it is erased, and meteors are falling. Luigi then mysteriously disappears. Mario finds Bowser and Peach. Bowser was in the middle of kidnapping Peach. but was rudely interrupted. Bowser tells the Mario and Peach to hop on his shell, and he uses whirling fortress to take them in the sky and onto a nearby building. The same blue hand comes down and throws Mario onto the ground, and Peach and Bowser away. Mario is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up, the meteors aren't falling. A young, female yellow toad and a Galoomba in soccer gear walk up to him, give them their names, Toadina and George Gal. Oomba. They explain the incident. Toadina's family had been erased from existence. The evildoer is doing it for fun (or as they thought)

Chapter 1- Once Upon A Time

Chapter 2- Iced Canyon

Chapter 3- Crystalized Cave

Chapter 4- Erased City

Chapter 5- Moonlight Missions

Chapter 6- Cosmic Wars

Chapter 7- Cloned

Chapter 9- L for Lost

Chapter 10- The Negative World

Chapter 11- Thrown Back in Time

Chapter 12- Ruins

Chapter 13- ??? =

Chapter 14- ??? =



The gameplay is quite similar to the original Paper Mario and Paper Mario: TTYD, using the RPG-style battle system, but the character concept is brought from Super Paper Mario. The Paper Forms return from TTYD. 3D effects return in a fashion, as you are able to go into 3D to find objects unavailable in 2D, but the game is already 3D, so this process is limited. Stickers return too, but in a different fashion. Instead of adding attacks themselves, they add effects to attacks, such as the Ice Flower sticker adding a "Freeze Effect" to the next used attack.








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