Paper Mario: Dimentio's Revenge
Developer(s) Omashu Rocks (tbc)
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG


In the recent past, Mario and his friends triumphed over the menacing Dimentio at the Battle of Castle Bleck - or so they thought. Not only had the master of tricks and dimensions survived but he now returns stronger than ever. Hungry for revenge, he scoured each dimension in search of the Mushroom Kingdom, and through the Gemstone Portal, he arrived. Dimentio quickly captured Mario's closest friends, Luigi and Princess Peach, and brought them with him into the portal to a dimension he calls the Chaos Palace. Before Mario could follow them, Dimentio quickly destroyed the portal and scattered the nine gemstones needed for its reconstruction across the kingdom using a dark spell. Now, Mario must recover each stone and travel to the Chaos Palace to save his friends, before it's too late.

Playable Characters


Players will play as Mario for the vast majority of the time.

  • Jump-2
  • Hammer-1
  • Ground-Pound-Double 2
  • Hammer Toss-Hold 1, Aim, Release 1


Players can play as Luigi during the interludes between chapters when he is captive at Dimentio's Chaos Palace.

  • Jump-2
  • Green Fireball-1
  • Super Jump-Hold 2, release
  • Ground-Pound-Double 2


Players can play as Peach during the interludes between chapters when she is captive at Dimentio's Chaos Palace.

  • Jump-2
  • Smack-1
  • Parasol Float-Hold 2
  • Parasol shield-Hold Down



Gizmo is a nerdy Toad who travels the world in search of information to add to his encyclopedia. Because of his experience, he contains knowledge of just about every person and every location in the Mushroom Kingdom. He meets Mario on his way into Toad Town for reasons yet to be revealed.


On his way to face "The Big One" atop Shroomy Hills, Mario bumps into this quirky explorer, a Monty Mole, and convinces him that joining his team would ensure the greatest adventure of his life.

Count von Spook

This wise and wealthy boo proves to be a great addition to Mario's team when he displays his vanishing abilities. Although it is difficult to convince him to join the party, Mario's efforts turn out to be worth it.

Other Partners Will Be Revealed As the Series Goes On.


No bosses have yet to be revealed

Other Characters

  • Chef Shimi: Cheep-cheep from The Thousand-Year Door
  • Hamma, Bamma, and Flare: This trio makes occasional appearances in the game


On Shroomy Hills, The Big One Waits

Mario embarks on the first flight of his journey to the lush, mountainous region of Shroomy Hills, inhabited by a few multi-cultural villages including several species, all living in fear of one monster.