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An RPG version of Diaper Duty that plays like Paper Mario.


King Koopa has captured Baby Peach and Baby Daisy.

Toadsworth is babysitting Baby Mario and Baby Luigi and the twins sense something is wrong. They set out to look for the Princesses.

Kamek senses their presence. They send out their best troops to capture Mario, Luigi and all of the babies in Mushroom Kingdom and Sarasaland.


There are 4 commands in the game Attack, Team, Item and Run.




Attacks enemy


Team attacks enemy


Uses item


Runs away from battle

This is a list of attacks for each character.

Baby Mario

  • Jump
  • Hammer (requires Hammer)
  • Fireball (requires Fire Flower)

Baby Luigi

  • Jump
  • Hammer (requires Hammer)
  • Fireball (requires Fire Flower)


  • Jump
  • Throw Egg


  • Jump
  • Boomerang

Baby Donkey Kong

  • Jump
  • Barrel Throw

Team Attacks

  • Splash Bros (Baby Mario and Baby Luigi)
  • Bounce Bros. (Baby Luigi and Baby Mario)
  • Giant Egg Volley (Yoshi and Baby Mario)
  • Egg Barrage (Yoshi and Baby Luigi)
  • Toad Bounce (Toadsworth and Baby Mario)
  • Luigi Throw (Toadsworth and Baby Luigi)
  • Bounce and Slam (Baby DK and Baby Mario)
  • Barrel Kick (Baby DK and Baby Luigi)


1.Mushroom Kingdom

Boss: Baby Petey Pirrahna

2.Big City

Boss: King Boo

3.Dinosaur World

Yoshi joins the party

Fire Flower obtained

Boss: Robo-Koopa

4.Toad Town

Boss: Giant Goomba

Yoshi leaves the party

Toadsworth joins the party

5.Tropical Island

Hammer obtained

Boss: Wizenheimer the Koopa Wizard


Baby DK joins the party

Boss: Prince K. Rool


Boss: Rock Monster

Toadsworth leaves the party

8.Volcano Lair

Boss: Baby Bowser

9.Ship Hangar

Boss: Kamek

Baby DK leaves the party

10.Koopa Airship

Final Boss: King Koopa

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