Paper Mario: Curse Of The Milliox is an upcoming fictional Paper Mario Game.


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A young Goomba who studies at Goombella's university, and is her roomate. she, like all the other Goombas in the PM Series, can tattle to get info on enemies and locations. [Skills: Tattle - 0SP = Tattle On The Enemy. ## Headbonk - 0SP = Bounce On the opponent. ## Spinbonk - 5SP = does 15-50 more damage than normal headbonk. ## Gigantoscarf - 20SP = Makes her and mario take only 68% damage for 10 turns.] On The Field, she can tell you about people and remind you of where to go next.



Chapter 1

A Teenaged Koopa who attends a college due to his IQ of 205. he spends a lot of time drawing as well. [Skills: Shellspin - 0SP = Spin into the enemy. ## Shellshield - 10SP = Makes him and Mario only take 45% damage. ## Stompshowdown - 40SP = Lets you stomp the enemy up to 9999 times, as long as you follow a steady beat.] On the field, he can spin his way forward, and can stay there, like Koops.

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