Paper Mario: Cosmic Conquest
Developer(s) Dude Co.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Wii U Disc

Paper Mario: Cosmic Conquest is an upcoming RPG game for the Wii U. It is the sequel to Paper Mario: Sticker Star and retains the gameplay from the first two Paper Mario games.


Prologue: Future Disaster

Chapter 1: Can't Beat the Heat!

Chapter 2: Friends and Fauxs

Chapter 3: Recipe for Disaster

Chapter 4: MechaTech Mayhem

Chapter 5: Wishful Thinking

Chapter 6: Honey Hive Havoc

Chapter 7: Two Ghouls for School

Chapter 8: Mario's Heavenly Conquest

Chapter 9: Blast Off!

Chapter 10: Stop the Apocalypse!

Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Mario Mario needs no introduction! The hero of the game and one great plumber!
Peach 3 SPM
Princess Peach

(Playable only in Chapter 5)

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom herself. Using her umbrella she can glide over long gaps.

(Playable in Interludes)

The feared Koopa King. Don't worry, he's helping Mario save the world in this adventure!

Mario's Partners

Name Summary Abilities Description


Questoad is the lone survivor of the apocalypse 10 years in the future. Mario finds him in a shelter when he travels to the future. His mother gave him a "Tattle Book" which has information about enemies. He travels back to the present with Mario to stop the apocalypse from happening. Tattle Book Toss
0 FP
Questoad throws his Tattle Book at all enemies on the field.
0 FP
Gives information about an enemy and reveals its HP bar. Also reveal their attack and defense stats and gives tips on defeating them.
3 FP
Questoad reads out of his Tattle Book, causing all enemies to fall asleep.
Role Call
7 FP
Questoad calls any enemy tattled on (minus mini-bosses and bosses) at random to attack the opponent.
Propeller Strike
5 FP
Using a Propeller Mushroom, Questoad strikes a single opponent after diving from the sky.

(Chapter 1)

Koopnyte is one of Bowser's esteemed Koopa guards. Bowser sends him to help Mario save the world. He is very skilled with his sword and his armor gives him good defense.

In the overworld Koopnyte can hit switches or grab items and badges across gaps that Mario couldn't reach otherwise.

Shell Toss
0 FP
Koopnyte throws a shell at a single enemy.
Sword Swipe
1 FP
Koopnyte strikes the enemy twice with is sword.
Shell Shield
3 FP
Koopnyte protects Mario from all attacks for two turns. Mario can't attack, but Koopnyte can during these two turns.
Power Shell
4 FP
Koopnyte throws a shell that hits all ground enemies.
Shell Catapult
7 FP
Koopnyte summons a catapult to launch spiked shells at every opponent on the ground and in the air.

(Chapter 2)

Waxpook is a Boo who is a citizen of Gloomsdale. Mario helps her escape from Gloomsdale Jail with the help of Boom. She then decides to join Mario in his quest to save the world.

In the overworld she can illuminate dark areas

0 FP
Waxpook sends hot embers at an enemy. Has a chance to burn.
1 FP
Waxpook uses the flame on her head to create a bright flash of light. Makes all enemies dizzy.
Lights Out
4 FP
Waxpook puts out the light on her head making the stage pitch black. Mario and his partners can attack enemies, but they can't see so they miss. Lasts 3 turns. Doesn't work during boss battles.
Burning Curse
3 FP
If an enemy makes contact with Mario or Waxpook they are burned. The curse lasts 3 turns.
Blaze of Glory
7 FP
Waxpook ignites all of the enemies. This boosts Mario's attack by one. (Mario's attack raising only happens once per battle.)

(Chapter 3)

Bob-Cake is an ignorant baking assitant of Chef Mac. Roon. She joins your team because you help her put out a fire she started in the bakory.

In the overworld she can use her bomb ability to blow things up.

Cherry Bomb
0 FP
Bob-Cake blows up to damage a single enemy.
Rolling Tackle
1 FP
Bob-Cake accelerates using her wheels and then tackles all enemies on the ground.
Dessert Time
5 FP
Mario and Bob-Cake eat a cupcake which heals 10 HP and 10 FP.
Sweet Theif
5 FP
Bob-Cake attacks an enemy and steals their item if they have one.
8 FP
Bob-Cake calls upon a squadron of bob-ombs to blow up and damage every enemy.

(Chapter 4)

BOT is a MechaTech that Mario saved from a sandstorm in the Deserted Desert. BOT then showed Mario Cyber City which only MechaTechs can see. He is sent by MegaTech to join Mario on his journey.

In the overworld, Mario hops on his back to get over brutal terrain like spikes, glass, thin ice, electrecuted ground, etc.

0 FP
BOT shoots a single enemy with a beam. May cause paralysis.
Zany Beam
2 FP
Confuses all foes.
Toxic Beam
2 FP
Poisons all foes.
Burning Beam
5 FP
Damages all enemies and burns them.
Battery Drain
7 FP
BOT drains an enemy's health replenishing Mario's.

(Chapter 5)

Bloopsie is a blooper who is a resident of Oceanside City. She instantly falls in love with Mario and joins his party so he would date her and not Peach.

In the overworld, she can swim over waterways.

Ink Squirt
0 FP
Squirts an enemy with ink.
2 FP
Bloopsie makes the enemy immobolized by love, forcing them to hand over an item and stay immobolized for 2 turns.
Body Slam
3 FP
Bloopsie body slams an enemy, causing them to crumple.
5 FP
Bloopsie sucks an enemy into her mouth and spits them out onto any other present enemy(s).
Water Jet
6 FP
Using jet propulsion, Bloopsie shoots herself at all enemies.

(Chapter 7)

Hocus is wizard and freshmen to Alakazam Academy. He helps Mario find the Alakazam Express in the Scientopia Train Station by going through a secret wall. He decides to help Mario on his quest when Mario helps him win the Freshman Wizard Cup.

In the overworld, he can reveal hidden rooms, objects and items.

0 FP
Hocus uses a spell to zap a single enemy. Causes a random status condition.
2 FP
Using his ability to communicate with snakes, Hocus calls upon many of them to bite all opponents on the ground.
5 FP
Using magic, Hocus will transform Mario into a Paper Airplane, (Mario swoops down, causing damage to all enemies) a Paper Dragon (Mario breathes fire on all enemies, possibility of burning.) or a Paper Snake. (Mario swallows an enemy whole to replenish HP, doesn't work on bosses).
Static Spell
5 FP
Hocus recites a spell that electricutes all enemies, may paralyze.
Broomstick Swoop
6 FP
Hocus hops on his broomstick and swoops down on an enemy.
Agent Z

(Chapter 9)

Agent Z is a rebel Grogan agent. She once worked with Agents X and Y, but quit when she wanted all worlds to live together in peace. She joins Mario when she realizes their intentions are the same.

In the overworld, using her mini space shuttle, she allows Mario to travel through space.

Comet Punch
0 FP
Agent Z throws a punch at the speed of a comet. Damages a single enemy.
Battle Cry
2 FP
Raises Mario's Attack and Defense by 1.
Freeze Ray
4 FP
Agent Z shoots her freeze ray at all enemies, high chance of freezing.
Galactic Boomerang
6 FP
Agent Z throws a boomerang that damages all ground enemies twice.
8 FP
Using her enrager, Agent Z makes one enemy attack other enemies for two turns

Bowser's Partners


Star Shield Pieces


Yellow signifies Chapter Bosses


Chapter Name HP ATK DEF Attacks Location
1: Can't Beat the Heat! Bowser 20 1 0 Fire Breath (3) Bowser's Castle
Molten Martin 25 1 1 Eruption (4)

Stomp (3)

Magma Caverns
2: Friends and Fauxs ??? 20 1 0 Shuriken Throw (2x2) Gloomsdale Sewers
Dario? 10 1 0 Jump (3x2)

Hammer (4)

Wailing Woods
Valerie 35 2 0 Skull Bash (6) Wailing Woods
3: Recipie for Disaster Furiosi T.'s Cake-Bot 30 1 1 Candle Missile (6) Sherbet Caves
Agents X and Y 15 (each) 1 0 Tackle (3) Chef Mac. Roon's Bakery
Chef Mac. Roon 40 1 1 Rolling Pin Slam (5)

Body Slam (4)

Chef Mac. Roon's Bakery
4: MechaTech Mayhem X and Y Bots 20 (each) 1 1 Missile Launch (6) MechaTech Temple Entrance
Computer Virus in MegaTech 50 2 1 Zap Beam (6)

Saw Slice (8)

MechaTech Temple Top Floor
5: Wishful Thinking Djadal's Army (Mario, Agents X and Y, Mayor Cheeper, Blooper) 10 (each) 1 0 Attacks Vary Between Characters Oceanside Warehouse
Djadal 60 3 0 Various Magic Djadal's Bottle
6: Honey Hive Havoc The Giga Enrager 45 0 2 Laser Beams (5) The Honey Hive
Queen Bee 65 2 1 Attack Order (7)

Defend Order (0)

The Honey Hive
7: Two Ghouls for School Darko Maldoy 50 2 0 Various Magic Freshman Wizard Cup
Proffesor Wandston 60 3 0 Various Magic Chamber of Questions
Ghoul King 75 4 0 Various Magic Chamber of Questions
8: Mario's Heavenly Conquest The Giga Enrager 2.0 60 1 2 Laser Beams (7)

Enrage Pulse (0)

Cloud Castle Tower
Angelina 85 3 1 Banshee Screech (10)

Heal (0) Storm Throw (5)

Cloud Castle

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