Paper Mario: Cardboard Keepers is a new Paper Mario game.


Mario is on a plane, traveling to the land of Penville. The plane wrecks in a world, giving Mario a hard landing. However, there are statue-like Toads that can't quite get in the paper land. The Cardboard Toads greet Mario, and say that this is Penville. He decides to read a cardboard newspaper (must paperize before doing so) and throws it in the water, hearing somebody say, "YELP! OW! GET THIS OFF!" And meets Flotter the fish, who can fly and swim. She also has the power to paperize not only the world, but cardboard as well. He un-paperizes the newspaper, which says that Bowser is trying to take over 6 worlds near Penville by turning everything to cardboard. Mario goes out to find and defeat Bowser, also finding the eight "Cardboard Keepers", which keep things cardboard.


Hub Worlds

  • Penville
  • Island of Luigi
  • Bowser's Stakeout

World 1

  • World 1-1: Plane Crash Siting
  • World 1-2: Goomba's Village
  • World 1-3: Toadtown Gone Bad
  • World 1-4: Mario's House
  • World 1-5: Wiggler Forest
  • World 1-A: Explosion Mountains
  • World 1-Bowser: Shine Giant Wiggler
  • World 1-Secret Door: Find the Pixl Challenge

World 2

  • World 2-1: Flower Caverns
  • World 2-2: Megabat Monster Cave
  • World 2-3: Lickety-Split Mitt Koopa's Raceway
  • World 2-4: Megabat's Revenge
  • World 2-5: Underground Tornado Town
  • World 2-A: Megabat Mansion
  • World 2-Bowser: Megamitt Koopabat
  • World 2-Secret Door: Find the Royal Sticker Challenge

World 3

  • World 3-1: Damp Dump
  • World 3-2: Crash and Burn
  • World 3-3: Don't Waste Paper
  • World 3-4: Brothers and Scissors
  • World 3-5: Stick to It
  • World 3-6: Cardboard Journey
  • World 3-A: Flot's Adventure
  • World 3-Bowser: Paper Bowser

World 4

  • World 4-1: Leaf Village
  • World 4-2: Wiggler's Problem
  • World 4-3: Cardboardizing
  • World 4-4: Wario Beware
  • World 4-5: He Soots, He Spores!
  • World 4-A: Volcano Town of Sharp Rocks
  • World 4-B: General Podoblue's Army
  • World 4-Bowser: Grabbit
  • World 4-Secret Door: Find the Thousand-Year Door

World 5

  • World 5-1: Blank Paper
  • World 5-2: Cardboard Curse No More
  • World 5-3: Macho Erasso
  • World 5-4: Board and Exciting
  • World 5-5: Runaway Friend
  • World 5-Bowser: Sketch Bowser

World 6

  • World 6-1: Boat Drawing
  • World 6-Mid: What's The Maps?
  • World 6-2: Iceberg?
  • World 6-3: Crash on Crystal Palace
  • World 6-4: Stormy Days on Ice Island
  • World 6-Bowser: Crystal King
  • World 6-Secret Door: Find the Star Rod

World Bowser

  • World Bowser-1: Eraser Obstacle
  • World Bowser-2: Shine Giant Wiggler, Megamitt, and Paper Bowser
  • World Bowser-3: Grabbit, Sketch, and Crystal King
  • World Bowser-4: Bowser Jr's Magic
  • World Bowser-5: Ghost of Kamek
  • World Bowser-Bowser: Cardboard Bowser and Everyone
  • World Bowser-Secret Door: Find the Final Cardboard Keeper

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