Paper Mario: Arts & Crafts is a new Paper Mario game for the Wii U
PM Arts&Crafts - Title


The story is divided into 8 chapters (11 if you include the bonuses and prologue) but here I'll show the basic.

Directly after Sticker Star, Mario went back home and wanted to rest after all the adventuring, but that wouldn't happen, Bowser discovered a special artifact that turned the 2D paper characters into 3D cardboard characters, but the Star Guardians won't let that happen, so he scattered them across the world, now Mario has to save them and beat Bowser. (Yes, this is pretty much the original Paper Mario)


The overworld gameplay is the same as any other paper Mario RPG, but the battles are now slightly similar to Mario & Luigi, you and your partner are side by side and you can perform Team Strikes, which are basically Bros. Attacks, except each of the 8 partners has at least 3 unique Team Strikes, so there's a lot to do in battle. This game also brings back Giant Battles in the form of "Papercraft Battles" in which the Star Guardians help Mario defeat a big enemy by turning him into a giant cardboard statue thing.


Bold = Main Bosses

Italic = Mini-bosses

2 asterisks = Giant bosses


PM Arts&Crafts - Prologue


Bowser finds the Craft Scepter and transforms himself into a huge Papercraft figure, he then attacks Peach's Castle and defeats Mario

Partners: None


Papercraft Bowser** (you can't win)

Chapter 1: The Grasslands

PM Arts&Crafts - Chap 1


Mario's first stop to rescue the Star Guardians are the grasslands, lair to the great Canvascale

Partner(s): Goomber & Kobrey (Cobrat)


King Fuzzy

Giga Goomba**


Chapter 2:

A trip to the Wild West

PM Arts&Crafts - Chap 2


Mario's quest now takes him to the desert, to save a Guardian swallowed by a giant sand serpent.

Partner(s): Sheriff Koopser


Sheriff Koopser

Prince Spikey

Great Serpent**

Great Serpent Heart

Chapter 3:

The way of the Ninji

PM Arts&Crafts - Chap 3


mario goes to a corner of the world based on Japan and must sneak into the castle to rescue the royal treasure, which is a Star Guardian.

Partner(s): Hakkuni (Ninji)



General Hakin

Hakkun Castle**

Chapter 4:

1,000 Bloops under the sea


The next stop in Mario's adventure is under the ocean, where, again, the Star Guardian is held as a treasure at the castle.

This chapter has the smallest amount of bosses in the main chapters, being just one two-phase boss.

Partner(s): Bloobster


Lord Bloopon**

Lord Bloopon (normal size)

Chapter 8:

Bowser Valley


With all the Star Guardians saved, Mario breaks through Bowser's Castle gate and fights through the castle's defenses and guards.


Mega Whomp**

Giga Gold Goomba**

Mega Koopa**

Boss rush(**)

Papercraft Bowser**



  • Kobrey's glasses are identical to Kamina's glasses from Gurren Lagann.
  • Papercraft Mario is taken from the to-be-released Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, but switched up to fit more the Giant Battle mechanic.

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