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This article is a list of memorable quotes made by major characters in the game, Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions. They are sorted by character.


  • "Whoa, guys! Easy! Nice cloaks, by the way."
  • "Hey, Mr. Mustache! Mind giving me a hand?"
  • "Just jump on him or whack him with that hammer of yours."
  • "Bullies!"
  • "You know, I might want to go adventuring with you, Mario."
  • "Just in case those guys ever come back to Dismond City, you know?"
  • "Wow. So this is Goomba Grounds. It's...gren."
  • "Whoa, we don't want to fight you. us kill a dragon."


  • "Y'all best be goin' back to wheres you came from."
  • "Fine, then, pardner. Let's duel."
  • "If y'all win, I'll help ya out on yer venture."
  • "If I win, though, y'all gotta give me all yer coins. I, uh, have a few debts to pay."
  • "Hmph! You won! But I still ain't helpin' low-life's like you."
  • "All right, all right, varmints, I'll help!"
  • "I know this Demon Cave like the back o' my...foot?"
  • "Well, if it ain't the infamous Flametail at last."
  • "Wowzers. I guess you two arentt as big o' wimps as I thought."



  • "Haha! Bowser's back, baby!"
  • "Hmm, castle's looking great today. Nice and terrifying."
  • "Haggy, calm down! Stop yelling!"
  • "Whoa, some magical power diamond? Awesome!"
  • "Diamond City's where it's at? Never would've guessed..."
  • "Ha ha! Haggy! Come on! We've got a diamond to steal!"
  • "What?! Mario beat me to it? AGAIN?!"
  • "Geez, that man gets on my nerves EVERY DAY!"
  • "Huh, Goomba Grounds. Wonder what we'll find here..."
  • "You there! Goomba! Where's the diamond?"
  • "Wow, that seems easy enough. Stupid Goombas."
  • "WHAT?! You idiots are supposed to be working for me!! Not some other careless overlord!"

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