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Thanks for reading Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions/Plot, <insert your name here>! Enjoy!

This is an in-depth coverage of PM:AD's storyline, including some dialogue. This will be long, so BEWARE!!!! :)

Backstory: The Legend of the Diamond Shards

Ahem! Today...

I will tell you a great legend.

A legend of treasure, evil, good, peace, and war.

This all started with the discovery...

...of the Diamond of Justice.

This great gem brought peace to much of the world.

It gave people inspiration and hope. But...

That hope was soon destroyed.

A group of evildoers came through a large portal and attempted to destroy the Diamond.

Many fought valiantly. Only six nobles survived that tragic war.

Those six seperated the Diamond into twelve segments. They were known as the Protectors.

They built a new city in memory of that war. They named it Diamond City.

The nobles then went into hiding and went as far from each other as possible.

They kept the Diamond Shards to give to the one...

who would someday come to save the world from destruction.

Prologue: A City of Glory

The game begins when Parakarry the mail Parakoopa flies up to Mario's mailbox, puts a letter insidde, and shouts "Mail call!" Mario walks outside and grabs the letter. He walks inside and reads it.

Hey, Bro!

My vacation's going great. I've been to a bunch of really cool places, like this small town called Decalberg, and this really neat city known as Moonview City. But my favorite is this place called Diamond City. All the citizens are obsessed with diamonds. I'm not sure why...Anyway, you should definitely come and visit this place. Apparently, you're pretty famous around here. Ride the Mushroom Express! It's literally the only way to get here from the Mushroom Kingdom. I included a ticket with this letter. I'll see you by the fountain, Mario!


Mario went over to the train station and climbed onboard. The train pulled into Diamond City a little while later. Mario stepped off the train. Right when he left the station, though, he noticed trouble. A group of evildoers were harassing a small purple Toad. Mario decided to check it out. The Toad ran behind Mario and asked him to fight their leader for him, and a mini-boss fight begins.

After they were defeated, the evil group retreated, and their leader shouted, "The name of Orzerers will be known!" The Toad thanked Mario and introduced himself as Purpla. He said that he was just on his way to visit Mayor Toaddio when he was ambushed. They were asking about the Diamond of but he hardly knew anything about that. Then Purpla asked Mario if he'd come with him. "Just in case," he said, "any more of those jerks are in town and need a beating."As they walked toward the plaza, Mario realized that Luigi was nowhere in sight! "Maybe those Orzerers got to him, too," Purpla said. "Well, let's get to Mayor Toaddio for now." 

When they arrived at Mayor Toaddio's home, he gave Purpla a very warm welcome, and ignored Mario for a while. Purpla told the mayor about the Orzerers,  and what they said about the Diamond of Justice. Toaddio told them the legend of the Diamond Shards, and said that HE is one of the Protectors. Then he said an old Diamond City saying: "One shard leads to another."  He then pulled a chest from under his desk, and took a Diamond Shard from it and handed it to Mario, saying, "I feel you are the hero destined to save us, for I believe that ancient evil is rising again in the form of these Orzerers." He also handed Mario an old gadget he has known as the ScannerPad 2.0. He explained how to work it, and that you can store shards you collect inside. They put the Shard inside, and on the Map function it showed Goomba Grounds. Toaddio said that is where he needs to go.

At the end of Toaddio's explanation, Purpla told them that he wanted to go with Mario to Goomba Grounds. He explained that he wanted to get stronger so he could protect Diamond City in case guys like Orzerers ever returned. Both Mario and Toaddio were fine with it. The mayor said that there is a road somewhere south of his home that leads to Goomba Grounds, so they headed that way.

Right before they could go down the road, though, two Goombas ran in, wanting a fight with Mario. Mario easily defeated them with Purpla's help, but then their boss ran in: a Giant Goomba, ready to brawl. The boss fight then began. Once he was defeated, he dropped a key that they would need later on. With no more threats, they went down the road to Goomba Grounds.

Chapter 1: Catching the Cave Dragon

Mario and Purpla walk into Goomba Grounds, enjoying the view of perfect grasslands everywhere. They passed by a suspicious-looking rock formation which they paid no heed at the moment. They walked into Goomsville and asked around about Diamond Shards. The townsfolk didn't know about a diamond shard, but if anyone did, it would be Governor Gomm. Gomm told them of Flametail residing in Demon Cave, which they blocked off with loads of stone. Flametail has been flying around Goomsville, burning their buildings to a crisp, and they wanted to get rid of him once and for all. Mario offered to help, but Gomm said that they couldn't do it alone. After asking around, it seemed the strongest Goomba would be the cowboy, Goomster. After offering his help, though, he refused and a fight broke out.

After being defeated, Goomster still didn't want to help them destroy Flametail. After he said that, though, hundreds of little Draglets flew out of a cave and started breathing fire on them. Goomster then decided to help them, so he joined their party. With his ability to whip faraway objects, they got to the roof of Governor Gomm's home to fight the leaders of this Draglet pack. When they are defeated, they drop a torch. After getting info from the Goombas living there, they go to the entrance of Demon Cave (the odd rock formation) and place the torch above it. A keyhole appears, so they insert the key that the Giant Goomba dropped and enter.

Inside, they find fire everywhere and many Draglets and Gloombas roaming around. Towards the midway point, they meet a wizard named Merlarr, who teaches Mario the ability to fold perfectly flat, which he needs in the next room. The next room, however, has Red Bones and a swarm of Dull Bones attacking him. After a few more puzzles, they finally get to the deepest part of the cave. Flametail was there waiting for them, and after some dialogue, the boss fight begins.

When Flametail dies, he drops a key that he was clutching in his claw. They returned to the surface and asked about the key. Gov. Gomm took it and opened a room in his home. Inside was the Ruby Shard! Mario took it from Governor Gomm and the chapter then ends.

Chapter 1 Intermission: Peach

Peach's intermission begins with a meeting of the head Orzerer, who remains nameless at the moment, and Orzarius. Orzarius tells the king that there's a man in red overalls who could be a threat to the plan. The head tells Orzarius to take care of him in Sapphire City. Two Orzerers then walk in and ask him what to do with the princess they just took captive. The head tells them to take her straight to her cell.

Inside the cell, Peach looks around and discovered a device oddly similar to a familiar handheld in the real world. She turned it on and it introduced itself as the SplitScreen Scanner, an early model of Purpla's ScannerPad. It asked Peach some questions about the Mushroom Kingdom. She explained Mario and that he heard he was coming to Diamond City. Then he asked what happened with her and the Orzerers. She explained that she was just in her castle when the Orzerers came and took her away. They would not explain why. Then the device asked if she wanted to e-mail Mario about her situation, so she did. The intermission then ends.

Chapter 1 Intermission: Bowser

The second intermission begins with Bowser inside his castle when Kammy Koopa flies in and tells Bowser of the Diamond Shards. He decides to fly over to Diamond City to look for the first one. He was about to tell his son, Bowser Jr., to come with him, but then he remembered that he went on his own earlier to Diamond City.

On his arrival, the Toads living there were frightened of Bowser and fled. Kammy told Bowser that supposedly, Mayor Toaddio held the first Shard. They ran into Toaddio's office and demanded info about the Shards. Toaddio simply said that he didn't have it anymore. He said that he gave it to a man named Mario and his friend, Purpla. Bowser then stomped his feet in rage, while Kammy tried to stop him from destroying the whole building.

Chapter 1 Intermission: Luigi

Luigi's intermission begins with Bowser Jr.'s airship flying in the clouds. Inside one of the rooms was Luigi inside a cell. He was kidnapped by Bowser Jr. when he came into Diamond City and trapped in this cell. Luigi sighed, trying to find a way out, then he noticed a note. It read: "Solve this puzzle and the key will reveal itself." After solving the puzzle on the slip of paper below, a glowing came from the corner and he found a key. He let himself out and walked out of the room. When he walked onto the main level, Bowser Jr. spotted him and a fight began.

After Luigi defeated him, Luigi hopped into his Koopa Clown Car and flew off the airship. Bowser Jr. remained on the ship, screaming at Luigi. He then pulled out a phone and called two of his seven siblings, the Koopalings, and asked them to come to his airship to "take care of business."

After the intermissions, it returns to Mario's adventure as he exits Governor Gomm's home. All of the resident Goombas were oupside and thanked Mario and Goomster for defeating Flametail. Governor Gomm told them a little bit about Frosttail, who lives in Watery Pass, but he is not as much of a threat. The three went backtoo Diamond Ciy and decided to tell Mayor Toaddio about what happened with Flametail. Upon their arrival in Diamond City, though, the ScannerPad received an e-mail from Princess Peach. Her message explained her situation with the Orzerers, and about the SplitScreen Scanner, who was helping her communicate with him.

They went to Toaddio's office and showed him the Ruby Shard. He told them that they needed to go down to the Diamond Ruins to find out the other lcaionsns of the Shards. He showed them the way to the Alternate Portal. Once they got there, they held up the two shards that they currently had.

The portal started to glow, and they saw a small beam of light come out of the pedestal. They could hear a small voice, but could not make out any real words. A light also begun to shine on the ScannerPad, and the four looked at its screen. On the map, a city appeared across from Diamond City, and a blue Diamond Shard appeared above the city. Mayor Toaddio identified the city as Sapphire City, home of the Sapphire Shard. They found a blue pipe near the portal that led to Sapphire City, so Mario and his partners hopped into it.

Chapter 2: Showdown to Stardom

When the team arrived, they noticed a large colosseum and many voices coming out of it. They decided to check it out. When they entered, they noticed a large stage, with a small Buzzy Beetle holding a microphone. He announced a title match between the reigning champ, Brawk Hawk, and the challenger, a Thunder Lakitu named Rain of Terror. Mario watched the fight, and at the end, Brawk Hawk came out victorious. Purpla suggested that, since they didntt have any leads at the moment, they should see what that Buzzy Beetle has to say. They went out of the coloseumm, which they now knew was called the Sapphire Showdown Stadium, and weree ran into by a Waddlewing. He apologized and said that he wanted to go see the title match. Purpla explained that the title match already happened. He started throwing a fit, then ran off.

When Mario and co. got to the Buzzy Beetle's office, he welcomed them gladly and he asked what was up. Mario explained that he wanted to become a competitor. The Beetle wholeheartedly agreed and said that he had the looks of an excellent figterr. He decided that his stage name would be "the Red Baron." The promoter then introduced himself as Manager Beetle. Mario then went to the minor league room, where he was welcomed by some of his fellow fighters. One of the fighters told him that the champion gets a lot of cash when he wins a match or becomes the champion, and a part of that cash is the legendary Sapphire Shard.

After making their way through about six fighters, a mysterious fighter joins the minor league, whose stage name is the Hooded Hoodlum. They thought that he looked oddly familiar, but they paid him no heed at the moment. After one more fighter, they checked the rankings and found out that the Hooded Hoodlum was right below them! That meant that their next match would be against him! In the next match, the fighter revealed himself as none other than Orzarius, and an intensely unfair fight broke out, with Orzarius raising his defense after every move. Mario and co. eventually had to run or be defeated. Either way, Orzarius took their spot.

The team believed that all hope was lost of getting this shard with Orzarius in their way, and that he would surely get it first. Just then, though, they heard a familiar voice outside the room. They checked and it was the Waddlewing from before. He said that he watched all of Mario's matches, including the last one with Orzarius, and said that they may need some help. He said that his Acorn Toss move can cut through any defense, and that it would help them a lot. So Mario let him join their team, and the Waddlewing introduced himself as Squarrell. In the next match, they defeated Orzarius with Squarrell's help, and after that match were able to move to the major-league.

Later, in the major-league, they were confronted by the Thunder Lakitu, Rain of Terror. He warned them that at the pace they were going, Brawk Hawk would be very mad when their title match came. He watched all of their matches and knows how formidable of opponents Mario and his team are. He decided that if they wanted, they could face off against him strictly for training, and not in the ring, thus posing himself as an optional mini-boss. Finally their title match came. Brawk Hawk was hard to defeat, but they eventually did it. He refused to give up his Sapphire Shard, though. He said that it was what gave him most of his power. Manager Beetle forced him into the major league room and Mario into the champ's. Purpla said that their new mission was to get the Shard from Brawk Hawk. Just then, though, Manager Beetle informed them that Brawk hawk wanted a rematch, and that if they won, they could take the Shard. They went back to the ring, but this time Brawk Hawk had the Shard with him and was glowing from it. The boss fight then began.

After Mario won, Brawk hawk finally calmed down and said that the Shard was too much power to handle. He decided that he wouldn't go back on his deal and just give it to Mario. The chapter then ended, with Manager Beetle saying that the team could come back to fight anytime they like.

Chapter 2 Intermission: Peach

Peach's second intermission begins with an Orzerer running up to the head Orzerer and telling him that Mario has three Diamond Shards, and that Orzarius was still in Sapphire City. The head Orzerer says that they must stop this, and to plan a strike force in the Forgotten Forest, as well as a rescue mission in Sapphire City.

Meanwhile, Peach decides to turn on the SplitScreen Scanner. The device tells her that he overheard the conversation in the head Orzerer's throne room. He said that he knew a way to delay their strike on the Forgotten Forest, but it would require assisancee. Peach then has to disguise herself as an Orzerer and gather the three materials that the device needs. She then needed to build the object, a Superbombomb, which she then gives to the device. He says that he will take it fomm there, and he sends the bomb to the database of the Orzerers, which blows up their plans so that the strike force will not be ready for another week or two.

Chapter 2 Intermission: Bowser

Bowser's intermission begins with Kammy Koopa telling Bowser that Governor Gomm was supposed to know about the Ruby Shard. After a sidescrollingg level in Goomba Grounds, they made it to Goomsville. Everyone was terrified of Bowser and ran off, as usual. Governor Gomm told Bowser that Red Bones, inside Demon Cave, held the Shard, which of course was a lie. They went to Demon Cave only to be attacked by Dull Bones, Draglets, and Gloombas, which threw him into the lava.

Chapter 2 Intermission: Luigi

Luigi's intermission began with him flying the Koopa Clown Car off of Bowser Jr.'s airship, as the last chapter's intermission ended. You then need to pilot the Koopa Clown Car properly so that you do not run into Parakoopas or Lakitus, causing you to start over. Luigi lands in Diamond City, where he learns that Mario was there rather recently. He should be coming sometime soon, so Luigi then waits by the fountain for Mario to come.

After Mario exits the Stadium, everyone is cheering for him. He was the first one to beat Brawk Hawk since he became champion! They made their way through the crowd and back to Diamond City. Upon return, he gets another surprise: Luigi is standing at the fountain! Luigi walked up and explained what happened with Bowser Jr, and then asked if he could join Mario on his journey. Mario accepted Luigi's offer and the five went to the Alternate Portal. This time, with three Shards, the beacon of light was much larger and focused. They could hear the voice even clearer now: "" They still had no way of identifying who the voice belonged to, but that didn't matter too much right now. They checked the map and it showed the Forgotten Forest. They all agreed that they should go there next. However, they had no clue where to look, so they went to Mayor Toaddio for advice.

The mayor told them that there should be a bridge connected to the roof of the arcade that leads to the Forgotten Forest. They went to the arcade, and used Luigi's new Spin Jump to get up to the bridge. However, on the roof, Bowser jumped down from his Koopa Klown Kar. He demanded a battle, then and there. Upon defeating Bowser, he jumped into his car and flew off. They decided that they should go down the bridge now with no interruptions.

Chapter 3: Lost in the Forgotten Forest

Upon arrival, they noticed that they were above a large and maze-like forest. They continued crossing this oddly large bridge. When they reached they end, they noticed a small Whittle, running in fear from something. The Whittle said that the Piranha Plant Tribe was attacking again. Mario decided to investigate. The piranha plants turned his way and demanded coins from the team. They decided to fight the tribe. When they were defeated, the Piranha Plants jumped down from the tree and back into the forest. One remained, and she talked to Mario. She said that she was once a part of that gang, but when she watched Mario defeat them so easily, she thought that maybe she was on the wrong side. She introduced herself as Piranhetty and joined the party. 

Mario and co. asked around about the Diamond Shard. They said that the Piranha Plant Tribe had taken the Shard with them into the Forgotten Forest. Mario told the Whittle he met earlier that he needed to go find it, and the Whittle said that they would need a magical map that would direct them through the forest. He said that he needed some ivory from Piranha Plant's teeth to make it, so they killed a few Piranha Plants to get it. Finally the map was made. They held the map in front of them and it directed their way through the forest. However, on their way to the center of the forest, they ran into Bowser Jr. and two of his brothers, Iggy and Larry. They demanded revenge on Luigi for escaping and stealing his Koopa Clown Car, so a mini-boss fight began. When they were defeated, Bowser Jr. flew off, leaving his siblings behind. After a few more turns, they ran into Merlarr again, who taught Mario the Tube Mode ability, which he needs to get into the cavern. 

The team arrived at the center of the forest and went down a small staircase leading into a cave. Inside the cave, they found Petey Piranha, leader of the Piranha Plant tribe. They could see the Emerald Shard in his pile of treasure, so they demanded it back. Petey refused, and so their boss fight began. When Petey was defeated, all of the tribe scattered and he gave up the Shard. Mario remembered the Whittles saying it was stolen from them, and so he decided to go check in with them. The Whittles said that Mario could keep it, since now them and the Piranha Plants could live in harmony, and that the Shard was what was keeping the plants away. The chapter then ended, with Piranhetty saying that she wanted to continue traveling with Mario and remain on the good side.

Chapter 3 Intermission: Peach

Peach's intermission began with only the head Orzerer, saying, "He has the fourth Diamond Shard. I can feel it in this energy...He must be stopped at all costs." He called for an Orzerer, and told him to send a team of Orzerers at him on his way to the fifth Shard. He then called Orzarius in and told him to find a way into Egg Island, because he had an odd suspicion about that place.

Meanwhile, Peach was in her room with the Split-Screen Scanner. The device said that he intercepted some information about  her location, but it must be confirmed. She then needed to go to three different areas in the area where she was held and describe it properly. Despite whatever answers you give it, the device would say that they were in a floating castle above Lava City. Any escape from her current room would mean an instant Game Over, so she would have to wait for a little longer.

Chapter 3 Intermission: Bowser

Bowser's intermission began with him and Kammy arriving in Sapphire City. Kammy said that supposedly, Brawk Hawk held the Sapphire Shard. Upon confronting him, he assumed that Bowser wanted to fight him, so a fight broke out between them. In the end, Brawk Hawk got up and finally defeated Bowser, making him roar in misery.

Mario and co. returned to Diamond City and went to the Alternate Portal. The portal began to glow when Mario held up his fourth Diamond Shard. The beam of light grew larger than it had before. On Purpla's ScannerPad, they could see a small island appear on the map. They went to Mayor Toaddio to find a way to get to that island.

Toaddio told them of a sea captain somewhere in town that could help them, a Snifit named Captain Sniffarro. They found Sniffarro at the dock of Diamond City, and he said himself that he and his crew were going to Egg Island, the very island that appeared on the map. He agreed to let Mario and his team onto the boat, on one condition: They had to be look-out, meaning that they fought any monsters that should get onto the boat. Mario agreed, and the boat set off to Egg Island.

Chapter 4: A Sniff of Sea Air

The voyage began with the ship setting sail off the shore of Diamond City. Mario defeated a few fish that climbed onto the boat. Captain Sniffarro told him to collect six Cheep-Cheep Meats that the crew would have for dinner, not including Mario and co. At the end of the day, aka after Mario collected 6 Cheep-Cheep Meats, the crew had dinner and Sniffarro told everyone to go to their cabins.

The next day, the crew ran into a bit of trouble. Captain Koopez, Sniffarro's rival, and his fleet of ships came up to their boat. Sniffarro demanded to know why Koopez was following them. The rival captain said that he was sailing to Egg Island on Bowser's orders. He believes that the Yoshi's living there would be a good addition to his army. Sniffarro would not stand for that, so he told his lookout (Mario) to use the cannons to get the fleet away from Egg Island. An action minigame then began.

Upon being defeated, Koopez was the last man standing on his boat. He and his crew of Koopas sailed back to where they came from. After that, Mario was tasked with collecting Inky Soup from Bloopers. At the end of the day, everyone retired to their cabins, but everyone could hear Sniffarro screaming. Everyone ran to the deck, and Sniffarro said that they were entering a desolate part of the Mushroom Sea, where no fish lived except for Bonefish and Mecha-Cheeps, which you can't eat of course. They needed to stop at a remote and uncharted island to gather food to last them the voyage.

The next morning, Captain Sniffarro said to Mario their resident wizard, Merlarr, would teach Mario a new power before venturing into the island. Mario then gained the Paper Rocket, which he would need later. Mario and co. went into the island searching for three Keel Mangoes and three Coconuts to last everyone the day's trip. In the jungle, they met a young Bumpity who was sitting alone on a pile of leaves. He said that he had been stranded there accidentally by his ship, and that he didn't know where they had gone. He said that he knew how to swim, but he didn't know where to swim to. Mario suggested coming onto Sniffarro's boat with him, and he agreed. They needed to get an extra Keel Mango to have food for the Bumpity. When they returned to the ship, they saw that it was raised by a sudden geyser in the water, and thatMario would need to use the Rocket panel beneath the shpp to get back up.

Upon getting on the ship, the geyser stopped and the ship returned to the normal sea level. The Bumpity asked Sniffarro if he could sail with them. Sniffarro told him to be a deckhand, cleaning up and stuff like that. The Bumpity introduced himself as Penguar and went over to his spot as deckhand. At the end of the day, Sniffarro said to Penguar that there was a mess in the lower cellar, and he asked Mario to go with him. In the cellar, they noticed dozens of cages with Fuzzies inside, andonee lone cage that held a Gold Fuzzy. They cleaned up the mess and asked Sniffarro about the Fuzzies. He explained that he could sell the Fuzzies to BowsEr to make loads of coins, and that after the trip to Egg Island, he was going to sell them.

The next day, Mario thought that it was oddly quiet. He went out to the deck and saw half the ship in ruins, and the entire horde of Fuzzies clutching the entire crew aside from Sniffarro and Penguar. Sniffarro told Mario to take care of the catastrophe while he figured out how they escaped from the cellar. Penguar told Mario that he was overly grateful for Mario saving him, so he was going to help him fight the Fuzzy Horde. The boss fight then began.

When the Gold Fuzzy and his Horde were defeated, he commanded them to destroy the ship for good. They smashed around the ship, knocking Mario out. When he awoke, he was on a piece of wood next to Luigi and the rest of his team. Sniffarro said that the Fuzzies destroyed every last bit of his beautiful S.S. Sniffot. However, Egg Island was very close by then so they waited for the currents to push them there. On the way, Sniffarro asked to himself about how the Fuzzies could have escaped. Penguar, of all people, confessed and said that they looked so sad sitting alone in their cages, so he set them free. Sniffarro then yelled "YOU'RE FIRED, YE SCALLYWAG!" only for his crew to remind him that there was no point in firing him now, since there was no ship left.

Finally they arrived at Egg Island. Mario thanked Sniffarro for the journey, and then went exploring Egg Island. The locals said that the Diamond Shard should be at the base of the mountain, so they went there. However, before they could get to it, Orzarius flew in and demanded that Sniffarro explain why he was with Mario. Sniffarro explained that he was going to take the Shard for himself right after he defeated him. Orzarius decided that they fight together to take the Shard, which Mario held in his hands. After the stubborn Orzerer and the double-crossing Snifit were defeated, the chapter ended.

Chapter 4 Intermission: Peach

Peach's chapter began with Sniffarro and Orzarius in front of the head Orzerer. They said that Mario had bested them yet again. Orzarius was commanded to go down to the Alternate Portal and check its status. Sniffarro was commanded to take his ship to Seaside Town, where he suspected a Diamond Shard.

In Peach's room, she turned on the SplitScreen Scanner and the Scanner said that it wanted to ask Peach some questions. The questions were ones that the Scanner already knew, but it wanted to see if Peach knew them. The questions were 1. What are the Orzerer's intentions? 2. Why do they need the Diamond of Justice? 3. How many more Diamond Shards do the Orzerers need to continue their plans? and 4. Is there any chance of escape? After answering the questions, the Scanner shuts itself off.

Chapter 4 Intermission: Bowser=

Bowser and Kammy Koopa were flying in the sky to the Forgotten Forest, where a Diamond Shard is said to be held. However, Bowser's Koopa Klown Kar ran out of fuel right above the Perillous Isle's lake surrounding it, where he landed in the water. After an underwater sidescrolling level, Bowser finally got to the surface, which he discovered was Perillous Isle. There, he noticed the monsters, who were originally his minions, starting to gang up on him like they did at Demon Cave, and he was curious why. Kammy then flew in and said that Mignight Mountain was said to have a Diamond Shard, so they flew off.

After the intermissions, it returned to Mario's adventure. The team was worried about how they would return to Diamond City. Suddenly, they saw Captain Koopez's ship come up. He said that all the stuff from earlier was a mere misunderstanding, and that they could have a ride to and from Egg Island whenever they wished. They sailed back to Diamond City on Koopez's ship, following the same journey they took with Sniffarro.

Mario and co. went down to the Alternate Portal. However, on the way, they ran into Orzarius again and an elderly Bob-Omb. Orzarius was questioning him as to why he was down this far. Mario decided to battle Orzarius again. Upon being defeated, he teleported away. The Bob-Omb thanked Mario and introduced himself as Bombarrium, who was visiting the ruins of Diamond City. He decided to travel with Mario, since he believed that his "fuse was growing short, so he should finish his life with a bang." They went to the pedestal and held up the shards.

The ScannerPad showed a large and ominous-looking mountain. They asked Toaddio about it, who clarified it as Midnight Mountain. He said that a warp pipe outside of town could get you there quickly. They found the warp pipe, which they needed both Penguar and Bombarrium's abilities to get to. They entered the pipe and continued their adventure.

Chapter 5: The Mystery of Midnight Mountain

When they arrived, they realized that they were in a pitch-black city, and could not see anything. They wandered a bit aimlessly until the team found a Duplighost who was somehow entirely lit up. The Duplighost was curious about Mario and his strange-dressed friends, who introduced themselves. The Duplighost explained that this town was forever cast into darkness by an unstoppable gigantic Boo that lives up in Midnight Mountain. Mario explained that they needed to get to that very mountain, but they did not know the way or had no means of light. The Duplighost said that he would take them to the mayor and see what he thought of their predicament.

Upon Mario and co. entering the mayor's home, Bowser and Kammy Koopa flew into the city. Bowser marveled at the darkness while Kammy tried to remind him that they were here for the Diamond Shard. They walked around the city of darkness but found nothing worthwhile. Kammy said they should just wait.


Chapter 5 Intermission: Peach

Chapter 6: An Arctic Adventure

Chapter 6 Intermission: Peach

Chapter 7: Attack on the Orzerers

Chapter 8: The Alternate Dimension 

Epilogue: Finally Finished!

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