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Thanks for reading Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions/Pit of 100 Trials, <insert your name here>! Enjoy!

Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions has 3 confirmed Pits of 100 Trials. There is one pit in Diamond Ruins, whihc the player can access after gaining Squarrell's flight ability, another in the Perilous Isle in the Forgotten Forest, which the player can access after getting the boat ability, and a final one in Watery Pass, which the player can visit after defeating Frosttail.

Pit 1: Diamond Ruins Enemies

Floors 1-9

Floor Enemy Possible Combos
1 Gloomba 1 Gloomba
1 Gloomba, 1 Dull Bones
2 Gloombas
2 Spinia 1 Spinia, 1 Gloomba
2 Spinia, 1 Dull Bones
3 Dull Bones 1 Dull Bones, 1 Gloomba
1 Dull Bones, 1 Fuzzy
3 Dull Bones
4 Fuzzy 2 Fuzzy
1 Fuzzy, 1 Spania, 1 Spinia
1 Fuzzy, 1 Gloomba
1 Fuzzy, 1 Dull Bones, 1 Spinia
5 Spania 1 Spania, 1 Spinia
1 Spania, 2 Dull Bones
2 Spania, 1 Gloomba

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