Paper Mario: A Tear in Time is a fanmade game for the WiiU. In it, Mario uses the Time Pipe to find the 12 Time Pendants to prevent Lord Tempore from causing the apocalypse. Inspiration is credited to Soupy.


Prologue: A Tear in Time

Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toadsworth travel to Clockwork City to see the unveiling of a time machine called the Time Pipe. At the airport, a strange person named Fortis is holding people hostage. Mario beats him, and a hyperactive Toad named Clara T. joins the party. The next day, Mario and co. go to Shroomford University where Prof. Boolliannt is finishing up the Time Pipe. Another mysterious fellow named Veloc appears and hijacks the machine. In response, Mario and Clara fight him. After beating him, Boolliannt thanks Mario and asks him to find a Magno Battery in the college's basement. Because Clockwork City runs on cogs and steam, the Professor's nerdy intern Hamilton the Hammer Brother volunteers to help and joins the party. After solving some puzzles in the basement, the team brings a Magno Battery as the Time Pipe begins to work. A dark fog appears as Peach is pulled into the pipe. A strange noise orders Mario to bring it the eleven Time Pendants or he will destroy the universe. After that, the Professor tells Mario there are massive energy readings in Mushroomshire(the plains surrounding Toad Town) about 600 years ago. Despite their reluctance, the group enters the Time Pipe to go back 6 centuries.

Chapter 1: A Tale of Three Kingdoms

Mario and his party reach Mushroomshire.

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