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Boxart of Paper Luigi Good Or evil.Note the inverted Wii symbol and Rating box.

Paper Luigi Good Or Evil is a Nintendo and PorpleCorp game for the Wii U and Nintendo 2DS. The storyline revolves around Mario and Luigi facing a new antagonist, the mysterious Mr.B ,and his partner (Mr.L). Main characters include Mario,Luigi,Peach, and Geno..


Paper Luigi Good Or Evil's gameplay is pretty much the same as its predecessors.Possible controls include the Wiimote on its side, the Gamecube controller, and the Wiimote/Nunchuck.


There are ten partners available, and all of them are optional.

- Yoshi

- Goomba

- Koopa Troopa

- Para Troopa

- Shy Guy

- Bungee Guy

- Hammer Bro

- Bowser

- Merlon

- Bleck


The game was recieved fairly well, being given a "B+" by most critics. it was criticized for its long and tedious chapters, but praized for its character development and gameplay.

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-Count Bleck


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