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Paper Luigi is a game that is for the Wii in 2007, and the DS in 2008. It is a long-awaited sequel to the Paper Mario series. In it, the Chestnut King wants to marry Princess Éclair. However King Boo kidnaps the Chestnut King and Princess Éclair and Princess Daisy askes Luigi to save them.
File:20090 paper luigi-v4.png


  1. Rogueport
  2. Waffle Way
  3. Rumblebump Volcano
  4. Plumpbelly Village
  5. Gloomy Town
  6. Circuit Break Island
  7. Jazzafrazz Town
  8. Rapturous Ruins
  9. Super Stronghold
  10. Hatesong Tower
  11. Creep Mansion
  12. Fortress of Horror
  13. Glitzville
  14. Riverside Station
  15. Poshley Heights
  16. Shroom Way
  17. Waffle Door
  18. Shroom Port
  19. Scot Island
  20. Scot Town
  21. Scot Path
  22. Snackhor'd Path
  23. Snackhor'd's Castle
  24. Snackhor'd Sewers
  25. Snackhor'd Tower
  26. Dizzy Desert
  27. Saheera City
  28. Hizza's Lair
  29. Robo-Town
  30. Androïde Route
  31. TEK Building
  32. TEK Hideout
  33. TEK Basement
  34. Dayzee Forest
  35. Dayzee Town
  36. Dayzee-Diamond Warp Zone
  37. Diamond City
  38. Vanessa's House
  39. Hawt House
  40. Clown Island
  41. Rudy's Hideout
  42. Mona's Shop
  43. Raptor Island
  44. Yoshi Town
  45. Yoshi-Kungfu Warp Zone
  46. Kungfu City
  47. Shogun Shop
  48. Shogun Path
  49. Shogun Factory
  50. Waffle Kingdom
  51. Allyoufight Way
  52. Chestnut Castle
  53. Crepe's Room
  54. Whaa Zone
  55. Boo Woods
  56. Luigi's Mansion
  57. Mansion Ball Room
  58. Mansion Bathroom
  59. Mansion Secret Altar
  60. King Boo's Room


  1. McGoomscotty
  2. Blooey
  3. Jerry
  4. Torque
  5. Hayzee
  6. Screamy
  7. Sir Trainy
  8. Clown Guy
  9. Slammer Guy (optional)
  10. Tumble (optional)
  11. Paulkachu (optional)
  12. Boomer


See Paper Luigi Bosses


Much of the gameplay is similar to titles in the Paper Mario series, however, some areas and fights are platformer-style. There are also Mini-games.


See Paper Luigi Chapters



  • It is Fantendo's first ever game.

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